Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miner Bingo Reloaded

Miner Bingo receives its long-awaited facelift today! The old board held up surprisingly well over the last three months, despite our travels to many exotic mining locations across highsec. Nevertheless, it's time for an update. The old board may be found at this link, just in case you ever get nostalgic for it.

Without further ado, here's the revamped board, followed by the brief list of changes:

The following squares were retired, but will forever be in our hearts:

- I'm a disabled war veteran
- Why do you hide in an NPC corp?
- I only mine when I'm bored
- Leave bots alone, just report them
- I wasn't AFK, I was just...
- I'm making BILLIONS right now with my alt

The six retired squares made way for the following new ones:

- I was FULL anyway
- You're like HITLER
- I don't need this ice anyway
- You'd make more isk if you...
- You're not following your own CODE!
- I'm doing important things on my alt

In addition to the replacements, the squares of the board were shuffled a bit to modestly improve the odds of achieving bingo. There you have it! Let's get crackin'.


  1. Woopty doo.

  2. ^_^ They suck so bad at having a resistance movement. It really is disappointing...

  3. Oh! And maybe consider throwing in "Falcon don't know shit!" considering the past week's events. :)

  4. So Anslo please tell us how exactly do you expect AFK miners to even read your site when they are AFK?

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