Saturday, January 20, 2018

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #149

Her freighter died two minutes later. But then, carebears never were good at predicting the future of their ships. Welcome to another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

You can tell the New Order's grip on highsec is tightening when players get ganked the very first time they try to mine. (Maybe they can get advice from one of those anonymous commenters who claim to have mined for years without ever seeing an Agent?)

This exchange followed the destruction of Great Zeus's 328 million isk Mackinaw. Zeus wasn't done yet:

Zeus should've taken the hint, paid his money, and turned away from bot-aspirancy. He didn't. In fact, he was busy getting another exhumer ready.

The miner didn't even bother changing systems. Zeus lost a 343 million isk Hulk and a 2.2 billion isk pod. His alt/corpmate, bigdaddad, remained in the system to lose a 388 million isk Mackinaw and a 3.4 billion isk pod shortly thereafter. Tears are getting expensive these days!

A shocking EVEmail: Some guy named branrex came out of nowhere and casually suggested that I make "modifications" to our sacred Code, the most transformative document in EVE's history. His first request revealed his ignorance: Only a few months ago, I wrote a deep-dive post all about the "appearance of botting" clause. Does branrex not read MinerBumping? And it only gets worse:

Some people would have me change the Code to meet branrex's demands. "We need to broaden the tent," they say. Luckily, none of these so-called "moderates" are the Saviour of Highsec--I am. And I say, hold fast to the Code. Never let it go. Never compromise, for to compromise when it comes to the truth of the Code is to lie.

As for the tent, burn it down. Sleep under the stars, basking in the glory of creation. We can reach 100% by eradicating everyone who disagrees with us. Victory is in sight.

I believe that answers your questions, branrex.

This is why you need to be careful when you seek intel from the in-game hauler channel.

...And this is why you need to be careful when taking a jump freighter through highsec. The destruction is accelerating: The mighty CODE. alliance has terminated a few dozen jump freighters in just the past month.

More fake news from the hauler channel. Our Agents treat freighters from every alliance exactly the same: No permit, no ship. We've proven time and time again that we'll gank our allies if they disobey the Code.

If you really want to "get" me, read the Code and all the MinerBumping posts.

In case you were wondering, those are hard line breaks. It's rare to receive an EVEmail written by someone who doesn't use word-wrap. Dimenieve Maulerant continues,

I'm sorry, Dimenieve, I really want to care about your concerns, but I can't get past the formatting issue. Please fix and resubmit. Thanks.

If Vexalia Nalaar had read the Code, he'd know that a mining permit costs 10 million isk. It's true what they say: You can't cheat an honest miner.

Hey, no problem. I'm always happy to make someone's life better.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Over One Trillion Five Hundred Seventy-One Billion in Shares Sold

You can't always be in EVE, but you can always keep your presence felt in EVE by contributing to the New Order of Highsec. Our Agents are everywhere in highsec at all times. Reid Hershel purchased 315 shares, which took us past the 1,571 billion isk mark and earned him a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

Another responsible corporation, yes, but there's more to the story here. This purchase of 231 shares would've been exactly enough to earn a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™--key word, "would've"--if not for Reid getting there first. Timing is everything in the game of Supreme Protector's Tips of the Hat™.

I received the 50 million isk biscuits and credited this shareholder with additional stock. We also accept Bitcoin. (As with isk biscuits, it's one million per share).

I think we have time to take some questions.

I'll take the second part first for some reason. Look through some MinerBumping posts and you'll see a template in someone's bio.

As for the shares, you are correct--they're virtual virtual. The New Order's stock program transcends the EVE game mechanics, with their fiat shares and CCP middlemen.


Have you ever wondered how kill rights work? Carebears are always using them incorrectly, so I thought I'd let an Agent demonstrate how it's done.

Riumo Tekitsu was excited when he saw Agent Bob Pointer hanging around in a Venture. There was a kill right available on Bob, so Riumo went on the attack with his drones (so much for Mackinaws being ships that can't shoot back!). However, Riumo completely forgot to actually activate the kill right. So the miner got himself CONCORDed.

Now, because of the foiled gank attempt on Bob, Bob had a kill right on Riumo. A few days later, Riumo was AFK mining in the same system. Bob activated the kill right (such an important step!) and killed the miner.

Remember when the carebears thought kill rights would put an end to bumping and/or ganking? Remember how the safety button was supposed to protect carebears from CONCORDing themselves? There's no substitute for the wisdom of the Code.


Well done, Agent Eva Mavas. As I've said before, the Code has been responsible for creating far more content in EVE over the past several years than all of the CCP devs combined. Granted, there aren't as many CCP devs as there used to be, but it's still really impressive.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Orcas of Nakugard, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... The Nakugard system was rocked by a series of Orca explosions, courtesy of Agent Alt 00. Our heroine's gank fleet was able to chase a Russian mining corporation out of the system, but the local bots proved to be more stubborn. How many would need to die before they got the message?

Serg Lion had been the first Orca bot to experience the wrath of Alt's Taloses. In addition, Alt's smartbombing cruiser destroyed Serg's implants. The miner was podded right out of the system.

...But four hours later, Serg returned to the very same asteroid belt in a brand new Orca. What a Goofus! The new Orca's fit was almost identical; a slight improvement to the shield tank was the only evidence that Serg had noticed a problem with his operation. Importantly, Serg still lacked a mining permit. So Alt killed the new Orca.

Bots are good for one thing, at least--they make pretty explosions when they die.

Alt 00 proudly announced the destruction of the fourth mining Orca in just a few hours. Interestingly, she seemed to be winning over some of the locals.

...Khelty Zaph was not one of them. Serg Lion himself remained silent, as is typical of a miner-bot. But you can always count on a rebel carebear like Khelty to side with bots.

Bot-aspirants are bot sympathizers, too. When bots die, the bot-aspirant miners know they could be next, since there's so little difference between the two groups.

The miners of Nakugard had watched as Alt 00 repeatedly dropped Talos fleets on any miner she didn't like. The carebears knew that they were completely at the mercy of the New Order Agent. They could no longer pretend otherwise.

Khelty struggled to explain why she was speaking in defense of a credibly accused botter. When Alt 00 spoke my name, the miner fell silent.

Just then, another mouthy miner spoke up. She identified herself as a member of the resistance.

EDISON CLONE attempted to provide an intel report to the miners. It was about as useful as you'd expect from "miner intelligence".

In any event, it wasn't like Alt 00 was trying to be subtle. Her Orca ganks were quite a spectacle, to say the least.

More Nakugard locals sided with the winning team. The death of Serg Lion's second Orca seemed to be the tipping point. The rebel miners evacuated, fleeing for their lives. Nakugard was at peace.

But... for how long?

To be continued...

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Orcas of Nakugard, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alt 00 launched a crusade against the Orca miners infesting Nakugard's asteroid belts and ice anomalies. Alt's fleet of Catalysts successfully attacked a Russian Orca. Following a heated discussion in the their private channel, the Russian corporation withdrew from Nakugard.

Nevertheless, Nakugard was still plagued by a swarm of Russian-owned bots mining in heavily tanked Orcas. It was time, at last, for Alt 00 to unleash the power of the Talos fleet. (It's not gratuitous to repeatedly use a screenshot when it looks this good.)

Only an hour after Alt's Catalyst fleet ganked the previous Orca, the Taloses were dropped on Serg Lion's Orca. Maybe two dead Orcas would be enough to get these miners' attention.

Nine Taloses were used in this gank. Because Serg Lion was tanking some NPCs, Alt was able to hold a ganker in reserve...

...To eliminate the miner's pod. Serg Lion's implants were no more.

To ensure that the Orca's pod would be eliminated, Alt Izanami used a special smartbombing cruiser fit. An Agent after my own heart!

The wreck of Serg Lion's Orca was an extraordinary sight. In barely more than an hour, two Orca miners had been killed in Nakugard. Yet the fleet of Orca bots did not flinch. They remained in the system, mining away like it was business as usual.

But this was no ordinary day. The heroic Taloses rode again.

In the very heart of the Nakugard ice anomaly arose a terrific explosion. A flash of light shone forth--the light of the Code.

Roz Ice's Orca had quite a tank, but it could not withstand the gank fleet's firepower--or Alt 00's determination.

Now, with three dead Orcas in Nakugard, something marvelous took place:

The bot speaks.

They say that nothing succeeds like success. Having witnessed three times what Alt 00 was capable of, the Nakugard locals started to warm up to her. Though the bots remained cold.

Alt 00 enabled Google Translate to ensure that Roz Ice was not, in fact, asking to buy a mining permit from her.

The rebellious Orca botters were stubborn. Alt 00 anticipated this. She never intended to win a quick victory. Our Agent's plan, all along, was to settle in for a long war. She knew it would be a test of wills. And no one has more willpower than an Agent of the New Order of Highsec.

To be continued...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Orcas of Nakugard, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alt 00 deployed a fleet of Catalysts against Djsky, a Russian Orca miner. In the aftermath of Alt's victory, one of Djsky's comrades, Ilya Shcagin, accidentally invited Alt 0 to join the Russian miners' private channel. With the help of Google Translate, Alt sought to uncover the miners' secrets.
Ilya Shcagin > this is a gaming fiasco
Tikho Selchy > all that is not forbidden, eve is such a thing that it is allowed very much))
WOLK Zwezdnii > damn .. if they continue to do this .. then someone pays?!?!
Ilya Shcagin > how much does the orc donate cost?
Ilya Shcagin > after losing two or three, the person probably will think to pay
The miners were horrified to realize that EVE allows ganks and ransoms. Would the Russians pay for blue status?
WOLK Zwezdnii > Ilya Shcagin well, L ..... the main rule is never negotiate with terrorists !!
WOLK Zwezdnii > there will be no payments sooner or later themselves will be blamed!
Xovin fosa > all the same who will help
Xovin fosa > you are lazy
The Russians engaged in a heated discussion about the matter. Apparently the Hollywood cliché about not negotiating with terrorists has had an impact on Russian culture.
Alt 0 > Settle down, friends
Alt 0 > Buy a mining permit! Only 10,000,000 ISK each
Djsky > faku
Ilya Shcagin > the norms of the pancake.
Our Agent interjected some Code-based advice. This inspired Djsky to break his silence. For the most part, he'd been too embarrassed by the loss of his Orca to play much of a role in the conversation.
Ilya Shcagin > the only thing I do not understand is how to remove it from the chat room)
Iliaas fgnghm > it was not necessary to add
WOLK Zwezdnii > yes hammer on it .. it will fall off
Ilya Shcagin > well, yes
Tikho Selchy > I will list him 0,01 of the lawsuit
Ilya still couldn't figure out how to boot Alt 0 from the channel. For now, the miners would have to accept the fact that she could spy on their deliberations.
Iliaas fgnghm > Declare war on them
Tikho Selchy > they are just waiting for it, then even their concord will not touch
Iliaas fgnghm > Let them wait
Iliaas fgnghm > The wife has the right to kill them
Xovin fosa > there is no food
Slowly but surely, the miners fell into a familiar pattern. They considered one EVE game mechanic after another. How could they stop the New Order?
Djsky > yes I have and I will kill
Ilya Shcagin > not what kind of war
Iliaas fgnghm > Let's Cooperate
Iliaas fgnghm > who wants to fight?
Djsky > with capsules?
Djsky > and this is a large-scale well-designed operation
Iliaas fgnghm > It's better for us to start hunting for them ourselves
The miners couldn't come up with any good options. But they knew they wanted revenge for Djsky's Orca.
Ilya Shcagin > o fucked by the people
Djsky > Eostella (Dawn), which shines on everything that is on earth and on the most immortal gods who live in the widest sky.
Djsky > the bitch
Iliaas fgnghm > Where are they?
Ilya Shcagin > they are on the thorns
Djsky > 10 people
Alt 0 was watching the convo, but the miners were watching our Agent, too. They knew she had at least ten gank alts at her command.
Ilya Shcagin > flew away from them fucking from there
Ilya Shcagin > and I'm such, right now his shaman
Ilya Shcagin > if you open fire all 10 thorns will open for you
Ilya Shcagin > as I understand it
WOLK Zwezdnii > people, yes hammer on them !! they want to attract attention! there will be no reaction to them will become uninteresting and will be swindled!
WOLK Zwezdnii > who can not wait to fly away to another place and there dig!
Given enough time, every carebear organization will come up with the idea of trying to bore their opponents to death. WOLK Zwezdnii advised his fellow miners to keep quiet and starve our Agent of content. Maybe then she'd go away. The proposal of this strategy is a sure sign of defeat on the part of the carebears.
Ilya Shcagin > but alas
Ilya Shcagin > we are helpless
Ilya Shcagin > and how they so quickly sat on their spikes
Ilya Shcagin > do they keep them here?)
Iliaas fgnghm > They had them here)
Ilya Shcagin > cleverly
Tikho Selchy > Then are you worry about for them, worry for yourself, understand one thing you are not yet opponents to them
Eventually, the Russian miners procured a moderator capable of booting Alt 0 from the channel. They were then able to resume the norms of the pancake, as the old Russian proverb goes.

Luckily, Alt 00 was still able to communicate with the miners in Nakugard local chat.

Though Djsky's comments haven't been translated, I assume they're a bunch of empty threats. If I'm right, my Russian is getting better--or the Russian miners are getting worse.

After some parting words in local, the Russians associated with this corp evacuated from Nakugard. However, there was another ring of Russian miners still using fleets of Orcas to mine in the system. Unlike the group Alt 00 had just chased away, these Orca pilots were silent. They were bots, and heavily tanked ones at that. Even a fleet of Alt's Catalysts would be ineffective against them.

Our Agent issued a warning: Winter is coming. CCP may allow botting, but we do not.

To be continued...