Monday, April 24, 2017

Thrasher for Your Thoughts, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... The Agents of Vrix Nation corp rounded up a bunch of Code violators who'd been caught in the act of autopiloting. Interrogations by correspondence followed.

Some autopiloters are candid about their AFK autopiloting ways. Unnecessarily candid, even.

Others make excuses, as in the classic miner cliché, "I wasn't AFK, I was just [AFK]."

The more a carebear talks, the more obvious his guilt becomes. Take Jankormar Amatin1, for instance. He came up with an excuse about his screen going blank at the moment he was ganked. Extremely unlikely, but still an excuse. Then he violated the Code by expressing bot-aspirant attitudes about highsec--negating any value his excuse might've had.

Carebears tangle themselves in knots when they try to play space lawyer. Commander Hamilton quoted something not in the Code, and then accidentally admitted that he was AFK. Oops!

A cleverer carebear simply declares his innocence and doesn't get bogged down in the details. However, a clever Goofus is still a Goofus, and Goofuses are not eligible for reimbursement.

And if all else fails, throw a family member (and/or pet) under the bus.

Not all autopiloters attempt to justify themselves--some aren't calm enough.

New Order scientists speculate that the anger directed by carebears against our Agents actually originates from the carebear's anger at himself. Regardless of the source, it is a violation of the Code and has no place in EVE.

Luckily for the autopiloters, our Agents are a forgiving bunch and only deploy the Red Pen in extreme cases.

Davidd Olacar belongs to the class of carebear that claims to be unaffected by his loss but declares a vendetta against the ganker anyway. As the old saying goes, when you seek revenge against an Agent of the New Order, dig one grave--for yourself. Our Agent will be fine.

Even when an autopiloter tries to do nothing more than insult our Agent, he may still manage to incriminate himself. Magnum'PI admitted that he wasn't a newbie. He should've known better!

In contrast to the always-anonymous commenters who claim that they've never been ganked, anna radu admitted she'd lost at least three pods. She then sought sympathy, as if being a repeat offender doesn't make matters worse.

Have you noticed that EVE players with proper attitudes and beliefs about highsec are more likely to be retained? Perhaps CCP should seek out players with such attitudes in their marketing campaigns--and foster it in the game's tutorial. (Assuming they still do marketing for EVE, that is.)

Angry carebears, take note: Some of your fellow autopiloters offer words of praise and encouragement to our Agents, which helps keep them going. If our Agents are going to keep on ganking anyway, maybe you should do likewise?

To be continued...

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kills of the Week

Among the many outstanding characteristics of our Agents: Intelligence. New Order Agents are just really, really, really, really smart. Skeptical? Take a look at a handful of examples of times our Agents managed to outsmart the carebears during the week of April 16th @ 00:00 EVEtime through April 22nd @ 23:59 EVEtime:

XR4T3D bet big: He took his his 11 billion isk jump freighter into Uedama while AFK autopiloting. Protip: Never bet against the Code. A massive gank fleet, including 31 members of the mighty CODE. alliance, went into action and defeated XRT3D. Agents Sex K1tten, Jake Kusion, Jayson Kusion, Justin Kusion, uninstall 01, Joseph Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Joshua Kusion, Johnathan Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Joel Kusion, Jayden Kusion, uninstall 05, uninstall 02, uninstall 07, uninstall 09, uninstall 04, uninstall 03, uninstall 08, uninstall 06, Subotai Hyrkanian, Jason Kusion, Crom Cimmeria, uninstall 10, Ruby Rozei, Giselle Rozei, Milkmypigeon, Christine Rozei, Shanade Rozei, Trump The King, Zane Arnolles, and Tawny Rozei proved yet again that the CODE always wins. Always!

MiningMike was a bot-aspirant from the moment he chose his character name. MiningMike's triple anti-tanked freighter, worth 25 billion isk, was nothing more than a "gank me" sign. Agents Ren Sano, Ampelius Loukianos, Gea Stormbound, Flamboyant Surprise, Lawrence Lawton, Heisenberg Hemah, Bint Bint, Yojiro, Micky Maken, Bratok Srayona, Amanantian, Miros Homar, SynthiaGreey, Unfit ForDoody, Darnoth, Ivana Freemam, ThunderTits, Dean Wong, Mack Poddington, James Poddington, and Bubba Ohaya saw the sign and acted accordingly.

Talon Malthus must've heard about the New Order's rules against ORE Strip Miners. He took care to mine only in 1.0 security systems, where CONCORD's reaction time is insultingly fast. What Talon didn't count on was the skill and determination of our Agents. Skiff Poddington, James Poddington, Mack Poddington, Hulk Poddington, and Lawrence Lawton took the fight into 1.0 security and won.

Hey, remember when Bowheads were a thing? Stanly Wigglignton wishes you didn't. He threw caution to the wind and stumbled into Uedama. By a lucky coincidence, the Kusions were having a family reunion at that very moment. Stanly's appearance offered a wonderful opportunity for the Kusions to take part in one of their famous traditions: Agent Jayson Kusion, Jake Kusion, Justin Kusion, Joshua Kusion, Jason Kusion, Joel Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Joseph Kusion, and Johnathan Kusion ganked the Bowhead as only they can.

MrDifer had a powerful weapon at his disposal, but without the Code, he had no way to effectively wield it. Agents Tax Collector Kittens, Tax Collector Richard, Tax Collector Aruka, Australian Excellence, Tax Collector Max, Tax Collector Stroheim, Tax Collector BokChoy, Tax Collector KarlMarx, Tax Collector HongMei, Taxman Daniel, and Tax Collector Hill targeted the bling boat for destruction and had a memorable fight...

In fact, two other "Agents" took part in the battle: CONCORD Police Commander and Caldari Sentry Gun I. Some of these carebears are so crazy that they're almost safer when they're AFK.

The carebears of highsec were beaten into submission this week; they were too afraid of our Agents to use any expensive implant sets. Nevertheless, their bot-aspirancy manifested itself in other kinds of bad behavior. StandaK's Bestower was anti-tanked almost to the point of exploding when it undocked. Agent Narl' Amhar hardly needed to do more than shout my name at StandaK to destroy his ship.

Ah, you know what they say: A Goofus and his PLEX are soon parted.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fallen Idol, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Rusell. What can one say about Rusell?

For years, he's been a sworn enemy of the New Order. Rusell opposes ganking--and everything else good and wholesome about highsec, really.

But Rusell is no ordinary rebel, and he never intended to be. He always had ambitions to become a great leader of the Anti-Gankers.

From the beginning, Rusell has done everything he could to rise in prominence and stature among his fellow rebels, to become the face of the anti-Code resistance.

Since he never had any particular talent for stopping ganks, Rusell's activities primarily focused on ranting against Goons in the Anti-Ganking channel and begging CCP for more nerfs to ganking.

...And sending the occasional complaint EVEmail to people who purchased too many shares of New Order stock.

But on the heels of his 8.8 billion isk freighter loss, Rusell found his reputation threatened by a new breed of Anti-Gankers, who shouted him down and blamed him for losing the freighter--rather than cursing Goons and CCP for it.
Rusell > and admit that goons are deciding everything in this game
Alexander Kaan > I only said you didn't take the necessary measures to protect yourself and should not blame CCP for your faults, I never insulted anyone
Rusell > what FAULTS Alexander Kaan ?
Aldorien > I assure you all decisions of consquence are made by the management of CCP, not the CSM, not the developers themsevles
Rusell was amazed and disheartened by his chief critic, Alexander Kaan. To hear Alexander tell it, a hauler shouldn't carry too expensive a load in an untanked, unescorted freighter and jump blindly into a gatecamp.
Alexander Kaan > are you implying you did every possible thing right, mr. Rus?
Rusell > every FAULT that you mention can be counter measured for me
Rusell > Alexander Kaan you are funny
Alexander Kaan > I'm glad to give you a smile
Rusell > ive realiced now that i should never been an anti ganker that is the best measure
Rusell > now i cannot do anything
After an hour of being picked apart by critics in the Anti-Ganking channel, Rusell became even more bitter about EVE. He regretted ever joining the resistance.
Alexander Kaan > circle-jerking was never in AG's goals
Alexander Kaan > I always strive to tell people the harsh truth even if they don't like it. There's no way to improve if you get hugboxed
Brad Neece > Rusell at what point did you realize you may have needed help finishing that courier contract?
Rusell > Brad Neece yes and recover the collateral but doesnt matter anymore
Alexander Kaan > I don't think "at what point?" question is best answered with "yes"
Rusell did his best to deflect difficult questions, but his fellow Anti-Gankers hounded their leader, demanding answers.
Rusell > Alexander Kaan your harsh truth have destroyed real antigankers
Rusell > i have seen it
Rusell > Alexander Kaan do not mention me if it is not necessary
Rusell > Alexander Kaan you have destroyed anti gankers
Rusell perceived that he'd been toppled from his throne. He warned of the consequences of Alexander-style criticisms of Anti-Gankers. The anti-Code movement would be shattered from within.
Alexander Kaan > care to mention a few, mr.?
Rusell > are you trying to reprimand me?
Rusell > dont tell me mr my mother still alive
Alexander Kaan > I am having an harder and harder time understanding you, however you want to be called. I guess I'll try to stop here. Try to not mess the channel too much ;)
Aldorien > don't stop now, things were just getting interesting
Rusell > Alexander Kaan you are a bully
Suddenly, Rusell had a revelation: Critics like Alexander were just as dangerous to his ambitions as the gankers who'd killed his freighter.
Rusell > not very distant from the gankers
Rusell > you love it Alexander Kaan
Aleff Knoll > I can't believe this guy is still going. This is embarassing.
Alexander Kaan > honest feedback can't be handled by everyone but this is what AG is for
Alexander Kaan > it's not a way to share the hate towards some entity while telling each other they did nothing wrong
In fact, everyone who critiqued his bot-aspirant tendencies was the enemy. He'd realized too late that the Anti-Gankers themselves were controlled and influenced by the Goons, just like CCP.
Dorothy I > TIL antiganking is destroyed. Here me thinking it was an activity focused on prevention instead of some singular entity.
Rusell > tell me dumb but do not insult the people who has helped me
Dorothy I > He's not. People help for a challenge.
Aldorien > life too short to sweat internet insults
Aldorien > New Eden is a silly place
Rusell quit the channel in disgust. He'd spent years giving everything he had--which, admittedly, wasn't much--to the movement. Now that movement had betrayed him.
cynoalt x vonalt > russell still here? Just wanted to let him now he's one special retard
Alexander Kaan > not quite in AG spirit though
Aleff Knoll > Nah, I don't think the namecalling is necessary. I don't think I want to keep reading that all day.
Cynorella with thelongHair > quick on the bans these days
Sarah Flynt > yep
A few hours later, more prowling wolves entered the channel. The scent of blood was in the air.
ReallyProud Cyno Character > wanna hear the full story how he got caught?
Sarah Flynt > no
Aleff Knoll > I read about him earlier on you-know-where. As soon as I saw his name I knew I was in for a facepalm.
Aleff Knoll > That ranting earlier was made ridiculous because he refused to do what I did: look at what went wrong, try to find a way to mitigate the risk in the future. I hang out in this channel for that precise purpose.
And so it was that life in the Anti-Ganking channel returned to normal--with one difference. The legacy of Rusell, everything that that he'd worked for, was tarnished forever. His fellow carebears may laugh at him freely now, but Rusell's fate awaits them--and anyone--who would dare to disobey the Code.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Ye Chronicles of Evonya

Agent Sasha Nemtsov has a special treat for all the Code-compliant people of highsec--and all the rebel miners who read MinerBumping.

As Sasha describes it, Ye Chronicles of Evonya is a "MediEVEal Farce". Unlike all those depressing YouTube videos out there, Ye Chronicles of Evonya is a fantastical journey filled with wonders and delights.

Treasures await those with a discerning eye. Though Sasha's story may be farcical, if one looks very closely, there are actually some interesting parallels between the fictional realm of Evonya and the world of EVE Online. And there are some valuable lessons to be drawn from those parallels.


In keeping with the outlandishness of Sasha's video, we're doing today's post upside down.

I have a feeling Agent Hero Of HiSec would feel right at home in Evonya.

But the shareholder-related honours today go to Black Pedro, whose purchase of 1,000 additional shares sent us just past the 1,172 billion isk mark and earned him a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

Onward, gallant Knights of the Code!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fallen Idol, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Rusell didn't think his day could get any worse after losing an 8.8 billion isk freighter. But soon he found himself under attack from his fellow Anti-Gankers, who were enraged by his claim that he only lost his freighter because Goons control CCP.
Rusell > i hope dont see you in any freighter
Alexander Kaan > you threatening me about something?
Rusell > i will blame you as a guilty if you are caught
Alexander Kaan > I will be the first one to say that
Alexander Kaan > if I die in a freighter it'll be cause I fucked up
Alexander Kaan > plain and simple
Rusell cautioned Alexander Kaan against doling out criticism. He, too, could wind up as an expensive killmail.
Alexander Kaan > I know it's hard to admit one own's faults and it's easier to blame the game but hey
Dorothy I > Rusell You'll have to fly extra carefully, because CODE has put their crosshairs on you because they know they can get a reaction out of you. Switch to an alt for a while and dedicate this character for purposes less susceptible to CODE intervention.
Rusell > Alexander Kaan if you die in a freighter is because goons are more than 50% of customers in this game
Despite taking flak from everyone around him, Rusell couldn't read the room. He again blamed all freighter losses on Goon influence at CCP headquarters.
Rusell > goons are powerful and you will perish if they want
Rusell > for those that they want me
Rusell > here i am
Rusell > and goons are the real power
Rusell's critics were stunned into silence as he launched into another sermon.
Rusell > the vision of 315 could be achieved but the result wont be as he wants
Rusell > my vission is a game ruined sooner or later without miners and industrialist
Rusell > because
Rusell > why mining or produce if you can steal is more profitable
Rusell's sermon was decidedly of the fire and brimstone variety. He painted a picture of a post-apocalyptic EVE, a hellscape ruled by a triumphant James 315.
Dorothy I > Rusell Some of the gankers are industrialists and traders.
Alexander Kaan > do you realize Eve is going on since 2003?
Alexander Kaan > and dying since then
Aldorien > was just going to say
Aldorien > this debate has been ongoing since that time
Rusell > even is everytime worse and worse
Normally, Rusell's dire warnings of the consequences of New Order victory would be enough to scare the Anti-Gankers straight. But they were tired of listening to Rusell now.
Alexander Kaan > in your mind, perhaps
Alexander Kaan > in your pessimistic and "I'm useless and vulnerable" attitude
Rusell > Alexander Kaan CODE existis since 2013
Rusell > when i started the game was sold like a living economy where players could decide politics
Rusell > this is going too far
As the Anti-Gankers pointed out, people have been saying "EVE is dying" forever. Rusell countered this argument by noting that CODE. was formed more recently, and that it has been steadily growing in power ever since.
Alexander Kaan > I think you need a course in self-esteem and eve machanics, you will then realize how much you can do apart from saying goons are the power and you can do nothing about it
Rusell > and moderators of the situation that are CCP dont want to do anything
Aldorien > CCP like conflict
Aldorien > drama is what fuels eve
Rusell > Alexander Kaan do not tell anything about my self esteem seriously
Rusell > and eve mechanism is a shit
Rusell railed against EVE's game mechanics--a common prelude to a rage-quit. Was he getting ready to leave the game?
Alexander Kaan > if you feel so powerless in Eve, I don't know what to think
Rusell > dont need anymore
Alexander Kaan > well, if you don't like it, what makes you feel obliged to play?
Alexander Kaan > so many people would take your stuff
Rusell > i feel well in EvE is in your mind that you think that im powerless
Alexander suggested that maybe Rusell should transfer his assets to a more enthusiastic EVE player. He didn't have the temerity to ask if he could have his stuff, though.
Dorothy I > Rusell The best way to not feel powerless is to try to learn the mechanics gankers use so you can avoid them. Watch a ganker's stream, read about their tactics.
Rusell > i love this game and im not going to leave it because you want Alexander Kaan
Rusell > the mechanisms are made for ganking
Alexander Kaan > yeah, so?
Alexander Kaan > eve without piracy would be dea
Alexander Kaan > dead for real
Rusell wasn't ready to leave. He still loved EVE, even though he was unhappy while playing it, hated its mechanics, suspected Goons of controlling it, and foresaw a dismal future for it.
Rusell > no Alexander Kaan i wont leave eve
Alexander Kaan > then accept the mechanics
Alexander Kaan > and accept the fact Eve thrives on conflict
Rusell > im only suggesting changes
Rusell > fines for ganking is soo good i cant understand why you dont want
Rusell's motive for staying in EVE was the remote possibility that he could get CCP to see reason. For instance, they might adopt his idea to fine gankers a billion isk or whatever.
Dorothy I > Suggesting changes is meaningless in this chat.
Alexander Kaan > you believe your ideas are better than everyone else's? then run for CSM
Rusell > my ideas are the worst Alexander Kaan
Rusell > i never do the things right Alexander Kaan
Rusell > just lossing billions for others its ok Alexander Kaan
Alexander Kaan > can you link my name once again?
The sniping in the Anti-Ganking channel became more passive-aggressive and poisonous than usual. What a toxic place.
Rusell > just listening people like you makes me worst Alexander Kaan
Rusell > i want changes and they are possible you dont want them it is because you have any kind of interest that the things still like they are
Dorothy I > If you really wanted changes, you'd go post them in the Suggestion forum. You just want to vent here.
Aleff Knoll > Oh, this guy. Swell.
Rusell questioned the loyalty of anyone who thought his ideas were bad. He saw himself surrounded by enemies.
Alexander Kaan > if you want changes, suggest these in the forums or on reddit or run for CSM, whatever. Anti-ganking is not the place to mention how you think Eve should be
Rusell > right Alexander Kaan i have never been serious for you please try to do not accuse me of anything and try to be respectful for the people that even have lost their ships for helping me
Rusell > and admit that goons are deciding everything in this game
The only way to distinguish friend from foe was a loyalty test: Rusell demanded that Alexander admit that Goons control EVE.

To be continued...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fallen Idol, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Rusell's prized position as a mentor and leader of the Anti-Gankers was jeopardized when he carelessly lost an 8.8 billion isk freighter. At first, life seemed to go on as before, but Rusell outraged his fellow Anti-Gankers when he blamed his losses on the Goons' influence over CCP.
Rusell > it is guilty a freighter who is ganked?
Alexander Kaan > if you can take measures to prevent yourself from getting ganked and you didn't take these measures, you did a mistake, yes
Rusell > Alexander Kaan i dont trust you anymore
Rusell > thats is absolutely false
Rusell > no measures if they decide go for you you cannot do anything
Rusell was sharply criticized by Alexander Kaan, who blamed him for hauling expensive cargo without taking any precautions. But Rusell responded that there is no way to avoid being killed by determined gankers--a claim that called into question the purpose of Anti-Ganking.
Gate Gate Gate > Its a pvp game, you thinking flying a 9bil freighter isnt going to get other players to want to kill it? you filled it with your greed and lost it, completely your fault
Dorothy I > Rusell, the best thing you can do is become informed and inform other people about preventive action. As it is, you are only financing CODE with your losses and giving them content for their sad website.
Alexander Kaan > Rusell, we know how eve works, don't we? If I go out there and get ganked, that was my fault, unless it was due to some bug in the eve client
To Rusell's great surprise, the younger generation of Anti-Gankers did not passively accept his wisdom on the subject. Instead, the old man was subjected to a blistering series of critiques from multiple Anti-Gankers.
Rusell > Alexander Kaan you are insulting all the people who has helped me you are not good person
Alexander Kaan > yeah okay
Rusell > Alexander Kaan you are untrustfull and a goon
Rusell > i want to finish with your business
Rusell attempted to rally support by denouncing his chief critic as a Goon and a "not good person".
Alexander Kaan > Rusell, you still didn't learn how Eve works I see
Alexander Kaan > if you lose a ship in Eve, it means you screwed up something
Gate Gate Gate > Rusell You're the type of person whod drive into the hood with a audi convertable, leave the hood off and the keys in the ignition then go have a nap in a nearby motel and wonder why your car got stolen
Rusell failed to discredit Alexander. In fact, the attacks only seemed to embolden him.
Rusell > eve works as you want but there is only common sense for the gankers
Rusell > Alexander Kaan do not mention my name anymore
Rusell > and do not insult the people with good willing
Alexander Kaan > I can still answer without mentioning your name, right? :P
Alexander Kaan > I missed the part where I insulted people
Next, Rusell argued that by blaming the victim, Alexander was insulting all of the Anti-Gankers who try to interfere with ganks.
Alexander Kaan > I didn't even insult you, I told you you did not protect your hauling op with enough measures
Rusell > telling that a freighter is guilty because is ganked is absolutely unfair like you are
Rusell > you are unfair person
Alexander Kaan > well, that's the truth, though. I am always willing to tell people how to fix the error but there's no hiding from the fact that anyone losing a ship has screwed up something
On another day, perhaps Rusell's strategy would have succeeded. Alexander might have been banned from the channel on suspicion of harboring Goon sympathies. But the loss of an 8.8 billion isk freighter had severely undermined Rusell's credibility.
Dorothy I > That's the point, Eve doesn't work as you want. You have to adapt for Eve and keep adapting depending on how other people adapt to it. Sure, there could be a different approach to ganking, but there isn't.
Gate Gate Gate > whats the point of this game if your safe to do whatever you want, you want a single player game
Rusell > telling me that im guilty because they have decide to harass me all the weekend makes me guilty?
Rusell > if you are caught you are caught
Rusell couldn't believe what he was hearing. It was as if the Anti-Ganking channel had been taken over by a bunch of Code supporters.
Alexander Kaan > step1: don't get caught
Alexander Kaan > step2: don't haul too much collateral to make the gank worth it
Alexander Kaan > step3: try to avoid accepting trap courier contracts
Gate Gate Gate > step1 is more like dont fly a freighter with 8bil inside
With a chorus of supporters backing him up, Alexander went on to tell Rusell all the things he'd done wrong. Now it was Rusell's turn to lose his patience:
Rusell > where
Rusell > where do you want that i go
Rusell > they controll 24 hours per day perimeter urlen sivala uedama and niarja kaap and madirmilire
Rusell > you pass by if they want if not you wont pass by
The Anti-Ganking leader exploded at his critics, declaring that the gankers had total control of all the highsec trade routes. It was a stunning admission; the New Order's enemies sometimes question our relevance. Rusell had gone dangerously off-message.
Gate Gate Gate > then he should take the huge risk like a man
Alexander Kaan > I don't care where you go, my point is that I've lost my share of ships too. I once lost a Retriever to CODE because I was mining Ice while taking a dump away from computer and it was my goddamn fault ;)
Dorothy I > Archeage handled it differently. You can get sent to prison and then to trial, you can get expelled from your nation, you can't swing back with reputation as easily. But that isn't EVE, and this isn't the suggestion forum.
If Rusell hoped that his fellow Anti-Gankers would join him in complaining about the unfairness of EVE's game mechanics, his hopes were disappointed.
Alexander Kaan > ever heard about webbing alts?
Alexander Kaan > or scouts, even
Alexander Kaan > or not hauling the courier with the same pilot you accept the contract from
Gate Gate Gate > hed rather be lazy and blame the game for him being stupid
Rusell > are you calling stupid to jennifer?
Rusell > jennifer was webbing me Alexander Kaan
Desperate, Rusell tried to invoke the name of Jennifer en Marland, another celebrated Anti-Ganker. Jennifer also happened to be a channel moderator. If Alexander criticized her, he might be banned as a CODE. spy.
Alexander Kaan > something clearly went wrong and I don't know what because I wasn't there. Doesn't change the fact that you could have taken measures to avoid the gank but you didn't
Rusell > what measures
Rusell > its funny read you
Alexander Kaan > that's the problem, you aren't taking advice seriously
Alexander stepped around the trap set by Rusell and continued to press his attack.
Rusell > you dont realize Alexander Kaan that you are playing a game for the goons
Rusell > advice me lets see you
Rusell > i hope dont see you in any freighter
Alexander Kaan > you threatening me about something?
Rusell only grew angrier. He now believed that Alexander was attempting to usurp his role as a leader of the Anti-Gankers. But Rusell wouldn't give up without a fight. If his opponents wanted an Anti-Ganking civil war, he was more than happy to give them one.

To be continued...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fallen Idol, Part 1

For years now, the notorious Rusell has been one of the most prominent members of the Anti-Ganking "community".

From the beginning, Rusell was a firebrand. Though some of his fellow rebels were appalled by his attitude, his passion for the cause won him the admiration of most Anti-Gankers. Over the years, he became one of their respected leaders.

But Rusell's followers could not save him from his inevitable destruction. Rusell's fate was sealed when he refused to obey the Code. Days after being highlighted in a MinerBumping post, Rusell lost an 8.8 billion isk freighter and got featured on Kills of the Week.
Fragger Sparks > Kill: Rusell's Fenrir so anyone else see this big failing of the legendary antigankers?
Fragger Sparks > not to mention the providence i saw him autopiloting
msagro artemist > Fragger Sparks was obviously not breast fed as a child... seems to have not fully mentally developed.
Fragger Sparks > insulting my intelligence apparently now
After Rusell lost his freighter, a well-wisher reported to the Anti-Ganking channel and gave Rusell some good-natured teasing.
msagro artemist > your the one who purchased a permit...for what the rest of us do for free...
Fragger Sparks > Purchased it to support a fellow ganker dude
EVE System > Fragger Sparks was kicked from the channel by Sarah Flynt Reason: "CODE monkey"
msagro artemist > thanks
Cochise DCVI > Sarah Flynt absolutely, TY & ^5
However, Rusell was AFK at the time and did not see the mockery.
Rusell > where is the lad who has lost his logi ship this morning?
Rusell > i have a debt with him
Rusell > give me his name
Jennifer en Marland > Rusell o/
Rusell > o7 jenni
A few hours later, Rusell returned to the Anti-Ganking channel. Moderator Jennifer en Marland put to rest any fears Rusell may have had about suffering a loss of face. In keeping with Rusell's position as an Anti-Ganking elder statesman, Jennifer went out of her way to greet him.
Rusell > i have my debt with a good person who lose his ship together with mine one
Rusell > thank you very much Crendraven Patrouette
Rusell > you tried to save me
Rusell > double thanks
Rusell > you are a brave man
Crendraven Patrouette > yah I only got one mail from that, I think for it to count I actually have to jam them
Rusell had several hours to think over how he should handle his disastrous freighter loss. How would he manage to keep his fellow rebels' respect? He began by giving thanks and isk to those who had tried to rescue his freighter.
Rusell > Providence Coalition
Rusell > you are the only fair future in this game
Rusell > please
Rusell > guide the fair
Rusell > defend the more innocent
Rusell > make justice
Rusell > eerybody borns innocent
Rusell > fear
Rusell > bring us to be unfair with ourselves
Rusell > and with each other
There was no sign that Rusell's status had been diminished in any way. He slipped back into his familiar habits, giving a sermon to his fellow Anti-Gankers.
Sarah Flynt > PSA regarding Fragger Sparks who was banned from AG earlier: he sends his regards and would like to apologize to you for what he said earlier, especially about what he said about PTSD, cal navy antimatter and loss of ships
Rusell > he has been forgiven
Rusell > admit him again if you want sarah
Sarah Flynt > not sure, yet as he seems to be closely affiliated with CODE. I'll discuss it with the other mods
Rusell's relief gave way to magnanimity: He granted forgiveness to the person who had mocked him earlier. For the time being, Rusell's generosity was superseded by moderator Sarah Flynt's paranoia.
Rusell > it is possible that CONCORD as an autorithy
Rusell > punish the gankes
Rusell > but it is enough?
Rusell > should be finned
Rusell > with the double of the cost of the ship ganked
As with most of Rusell's sermons, the topic shifted to a proposal for One More Nerf™ to ganking.
Rusell > there are rational things to do in this "sandbox"
Rusell > but CCP seems that dont want to disturb some people
Rusell > it is sandbox but it is responsability of CCP putting a limit and dont get soo far in this
Rusell > at the moment they dont
Rusell then criticized CCP for failing to add his requested nerf(s) to the game.
Rusell > they are happy with the fanfest
Rusell > in Amesterdam
Rusell > and in Las Vegas
Rusell > but dont want to fix this game because is make for the goons, the game has shown his own limits
Rusell > and now will start to perish
But then Rusell made a critical error. Even in front of this most sympathetic of audiences, his criticism of CCP went one step too far.
Alexander Kaan > Rusell tinfoil much?
Dorothy I > Complaining about the game in this channel won't do anything.
Rusell > i have lost 2 freighters in one weekend let me do it
Alexander Kaan > that was your only fault though
Gate Gate Gate > It's not ccps fault you decide to fill a freighter up the brim with no bulkheads and autopilot when you know goons are scanning perim gates, idiots like you deserve to get ganked
For years, the rebels had listened to Rusell's sermons and lectures. Rusell humiliated himself with an outrageous freighter loss that undermined all of his proclamations of expertise in the field of Anti-Ganking. Rather than admitting his mistakes, Rusell blamed it all on the Goons' influence over CCP. At last, the built-up frustration of Rusell's fellow Anti-Gankers could be contained no longer. They'd finally had enough.
Rusell > my fault?
Rusell > it is guilty a freighter who is ganked?
Alexander Kaan > if you can take measures to prevent yourself from getting ganked and you didn't take these measures, you did a mistake, yes
Rusell > Alexander Kaan i dont trust you anymore
The patriarch of the Anti-Ganking channel would now be forced to answer for his failures.

To be continued...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Thrasher for Your Thoughts, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Vrix Nation decided to pick the brains of autopiloters and get their candid opinions about the state of highsec. The results were illuminating.

The advantage to striking up a conversation with a carebear mid-autopilot should be obvious. Surprise inspections tend to be the most effective ones.

Some EVE players slack off by doing homework when they should be focused on their video games.

Our Agents managed to pod Davidd Olacar, the richest player in EVE. He makes over 360 trillion isk per year and is the game's only quadrillionaire. Chribba carries his luggage.

Sadly, our Agents also podded Harat Nabor, the most important business contact for CODE. that you've never heard of.

Flying under the CODE. banner is sort of a force multiplier. When a player from Vrix Nation pods people, they look at the CODE. alliance ticker and instantly get a sense of whom they're dealing with.

On the other hand, Vrix Nation's activities can earn CODE. new enemies. For example, Seldon Vestrit has an idea of how to destroy us--if only he can keep his nose out of his browser!

Rumors can be deadly. Helen Helenius read something on Reddit and thought it was safe to autopilot again. She was wrong.

Carebears may not consciously like being podded while autopiloting, but do they respect it? Probably most do.

The temporary bump in player numbers from EVE's "free to play" initiative has mostly subsided. The problem was that the new players weren't invested enough in the game. Also, the tutorial lacked Code-related content.

Thanos Zanjoahir had an excuse for autopiloting that was so confusing that our Agents are still trying to figure it out. In the meantime, his reimbursement request must remain on hold.

You can file this one under, "I AM CALM!!!"

The phrase "constructive criticism" is a tricky one; a lot of people gloss over the word "constructive", and you end up with stuff like this.

Bot-aspirants are in a daze when forcibly unplugged. They're like sleepwalkers; experts say you shouldn't wake them unless it's urgent. Well, the Code says it's urgent.

Every Agent is a professor, and every bot-aspirant is a student. Some pass, others fail.

To be continued...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kills of the Week

EVE's famous "learning cliff" presents a challenge to new players and casuals alike. Luckily, there's a shortcut, and it comes in the form of a simple piece of advice: Never bet against the Code. If you bet against the Code, you'll go bust in a hurry. For example, from the week of April 9th @ 00:00 EVEtime through April 15th @ 23:59 EVEtime:

Notorious Anti-Ganking leader Rusell practices what he preaches. Unfortunately, he doesn't preach anything good. Rusell packed up an 8.8 billion isk freighter and set sail across highsec. This report from Agent Firnen Bakru describes what happened next:

I'm assuming BIP stands for "bump in progress".

Could the Anti-Gankers be getting organized at long last?

Rusell's freighter proved helpless in the face of true heroism and bravery from the likes of Agents Arobaz, SynthiaGreey, BAE B BLUE, Yojiro, Emergent Gameplay, Bint Bint, Unfit ForDoody, Flamboyant Surprise, Chris Sabre Archon, ZAKURELL0 LINDA, Shazna Solta, Sophie Whyte, Eugenie Brazier, Urziel TheGunner, Hermann Fizzleblade, Jack Fizzleblade, Another ShadeOf Whyte, Gea Stormbound, Karl Friedrich Fizzleblade, Heisenberg Hemah, Hagen Fizzleblade, Pure Whyte, Elite Highsec PvP, BAE B PEW, Archibald Fizzleblade, Franz Fizzleblade, Gottfried Fizzleblade, Ivana Freemam, Ciek Ciekawski, and Dixie Lot.

But where was that big Anti-Ganking fleet? How did the AG'ers react to the calamitous loss of their mentor's freighter? That's a story for another day, dear reader.

Agent Arden Elenduil is something of a mysterious figure in the New Order. He typically prefers to keep his kills off of zKillboard, and carebears are baffled by his methods. How does he induce people like Aleks Shuxov1 to fight him in their expensive ships? That's not important. What matters is that when a fight does take place, Arden always wins.

Norady entered the "Deep Space Transport" sweepstakes and reported to Poinen, where she was received by Agents Pod Destroyer Molly, Tax Collector Richard, Taxman Daniel, and Tax Collector HongMei. They presented her prize, a complimentary tax audit. She lost her 6.1 billion isk ship and cargo, but she didn't have to pay for the service.

Nobody told Lincoln Hawkz that it's rude to bring ORE cargo expanders to Uedama. That's no excuse, though; Lincoln should've read MinerBumping. His faux pas resulted in the loss of his 9.5 billion isk freighter when he came under attack from Agents Jet Set Milly, Braggs Seyllin, Nitetime Video, Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri, Subotai Hyrkanian, Crom Cimmeria, Milkmypigeon, Perlo Tissant, Sex K1tten, Jake Kusion, dAbOsSlAdY77, Skiff Poddington, Jayson Kusion, Urban Worrier, Zane Arnolles, 007 JBond, Jason Kusion, Collateralized Contracts, Mack Poddington, Justin Kusion, James Poddington, Joel Kusion, Trump The King, Tawny Rozei, Hulk Poddington, Jayden Kusion, uninstall 03, uninstall 01, Lawrence Lawton, uninstall 02, Jackson Kusion, uninstall 07, uninstall 04, uninstall 06, Kon Xanithex, uninstall 05, Joseph Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, uninstall 09, uninstall 08, Joshua Kusion, Mark Ormerant, Harletta Quinn, and Roby Rozei.

Lincoln's cargo consisted of 7.4 billion isk worth of Hydrogen Isotopes, which are used to fuel jump drives, among other things. Maybe he was planning to supply some jump freighters. As we've seen, however, jump freighters rarely make use of their jump drives while being ganked.

Case in point: Mining Forman, whose jump drive remained inactive as he patiently waited for his demise. He, too, equipped a pair of ORE cargo expanders, in addition to ORE Reinforced Bulkheads. Is it permissible to fit an ORE module, if it technically adds tank to your ship? I'm gonna say no, stay away from ORE modules. Mining Forman was punished for his crimes by a sizable fleet with a variety of weapons: Agents Sex K1tten, Milkmypigeon, Jason Kusion, James Poddington, Mack Poddington, Justin Kusion, Joel Kusion, Jake Kusion, Jayson Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Joseph Kusion, Lawrence Lawton, Johnathan Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Joshua Kusion, Skiff Poddington, Hulk Poddington, Booka Shade, Tawny Rozei, Trump The King, Giselle Rozei, Christine Rozei, Ruby Rozei, Shanade Rozei, and Harletta Quinn.

Willrich Emporos met Agent Fate and Destiny in an asteroid belt. His pod was unleashed upon the destruction of his 550 million isk Hulk. He was either too distraught or too AFK to escape.

As you can see, there are still some Michi's Excavation Augmentors hiding among the miners of highsec. Stay alert!