Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Hard Man, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Everyone in the Isanamo system witnessed the awesome power of the Code when newly minted Agent Layalina Kasyanenkova took down Adrianne Cortanna's unlicensed vessel. Yet the carebears of Isanamo were prepared to persist in their old way of life.

Stubbornness is a common character flaw among the rebels. It's like a mirror universe version of our Agents' legendary endurance.

A new challenger entered the ring. fizzy Oriki maintained open defiance against the New Order. Apparently fizzy hadn't learned anything from watching Adrianne go down in flames.

fizzy confirmed that he was a bot-aspirant: Ignorance of the Code is a violation of it. It would be like someone in nullsec asking, "Goons? Who are those guys?"

It was clear that fizzy's demonstration was inspiring a rebellious attitude among other miners in the system. Agent Layalina grew concerned for them.

fizzy was supremely confident in his safety. Though Layalina was a new Agent, she knew that fizzy's attitude could only have one outcome.

The miner seemed to delight in tempting fate. What was he thinking?

Throwing any remaining caution to the wind, fizzy announced his location to everyone in the system. Was there any chance that his ship would survive the night?

Our Agent could only shake her head. She was embarrassed for the carebear--he was flirting with disaster.

Seraph Essael spoke in local for the first time. His words were wise.

...And at that very moment, he was killing fizzy Oriki.

fizzy wasn't suicide ganked; the hapless carebear had engaged in combat willingly. The result, of course, was his total destruction. It was inevitable from the moment he spoke--nay, thought--against the Code.


  1. Wow just wow. ANOTHER day of failure from antiganking. They really need to stop killing people over a video game. Literally!

  2. On the bright side, he lost a fail fit combat Rokh instead of a mining one

  3. The Code always wins!


    There's nothing sweeter in EVE than killing a mouthy shitter. It's the sole reaaon highsec ganking still exists; everyone likes killing ignorant shitters.

    Let me put it this way: if all the highsec carebear miners were to leave highsec then the gankers would follow. We are not ganking in highsec because it's easy, we do it to punish people who don't really belong in EVE.

    Highsec is for new players ONLY! Any character over 30 days old that engages in PVE in highsec is a priority target. That kind of risk aversion does not belong in EVE.

    1. No one more mouthy than a code agent who dislikes the rules of the game, go be an AN HERO like your agent shardani.

  4. fizzi Oriki has surprised me, most miners don't actually put their money where their mouth is but he did. Too bad he's a noob and lost.

  5. So much for the 'cunning ambush'. At least it had guns and not mining lssers....

    1. Shame that little johnnie pedo is still a pedo. ag don't seem to mind, but they were the home of that rl ag shitter shardani.

  6. Hail Satan. Still devil worshipping I see.

  7. Layalina KasyanenkovaJanuary 5, 2018 at 2:09 AM

    I tried really hard to save them both but it was to no avail :(

    Hopefully they will learn from this for the future!


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