Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Orcas of Nakugard, Part 6

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alt 00 unleashed her righteous fury against the Orca miner bots in the Nakugard system. Despite the bots' tanked-up Orca EHP, Alt was powerful enough to destroy them one by one--using her newly assembled fleet of Talos pilots.

After several Orcas were ganked, the rest of the bots fled in a panic. But apparently Nate Bolmara didn't get the memo. He warped into the ice anomaly, apparently unconcerned by the fact that he was the only Orca there. Alt immediately launched a strike against Nate.

Nate was AFK; he made no effort to save his pod. But just how AFK was he?

...His pod was ganked by a Talos. Clearly this was not a matter of poor reflexes on the miner's part.

In all of this talk about Nate's egregious mistakes--and there were many--let's not miss the big picture: Orca ganks are a wonderful thing to behold. The beauty you see here was given to us by the Code.

Nakugard was rocked by the latest explosion. Why did so many Orcas have to die?

Our Agent didn't sugarcoat the truth--she didn't need to. The truths of the Code are sweet enough on their own.

Alt 00's repeated demonstrations of force bolstered the pro-Code contingent in Nakugard. They had no doubt that they were on the right side of history. The bot-aspirants didn't like it, but they couldn't argue with the killmails. For the next few days, Nakugard remained an Orca-free zone.

By the next time an Orca did show up, Alt was eager to release her restless Taloses.

There's no need for cargo expanders on an Orca. Your ship will explode before you can fill it with ice.

When miners recognize that the New Order controls highsec, they whine to us instead of CCP. Nakugard bowed to Alt 00, and then they presented her with petitions. On-again off-again permit holder Haze Tveskoeg was still sore about a loss from months earlier.

Having thoroughly enjoyed setting an Orca ablaze, Alt 00 sat back to relax and hold court. She knew she'd earned lots of political capital from killing all those Orcas.

Alt reviewed Haze's case and objectively determined that her fellow Agent did the right thing in killing him.

Miners, if you're going to argue with an Agent of the New Order, you had better make sure you know the Code, like, really well.

Haze ignored Alt 00's wisdom and worked himself up into a frenzy. Before long, it was a full-on protest. Now there was a danger that Haze's protest could spiral into a system-wide rebellion. Our Agent had won the war, but could she keep the peace?

To be continued...


  1. Haze has some real nerve to call "bullshit" to an agent. He clearly was AFK and got podded. Get rekt for not reading the code, that's what happens when you buy a permit and don't actually follow the code.

  2. Wait a moment... lv 5 ice mining implants yet he complains about hurricane loss being costly? Those implants are more expensive than most fits for 'cane! That poor miner... he had only a couple hundred million worth of implants (and likely is hiding orca somewhere)

  3. Truly a mighty victory for the New Order! Great work Alt00, Praise James!

  4. Did anyone else notice that he called it a Neighbothood?
    Seems suspicious...

  5. C'mon it's not racism when it concerns a miner. They are known to be inferior in roughly every imaginable way.

  6. Yet if you cared to increase your reading comprehension you would have understood the exchange.

    I will simplify for you miner.

    Haze was the racist illegal who exploded.

    Alt 00 the new order agent.

  7. Shardani. Did he ever do anything aside from stuff envelopes and failed to have fun in a pvp game?

    Oh yeah I remember, he got into a fight with his wife over Eve and MURDERED his child and then killed himself.

    AG needs to go away, they are so hell bent on not cooperating with each other that they are doomed to fail, non-stop, 24-7.

  8. It's great that you share with us.


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