Friday, January 5, 2018

Over One Trillion Five Hundred Sixty-Eight Billion in Shares Sold

The word for today: Legacy. How will you be remembered? If at all?

Those who have a positive impact on the lives of others, live on in them. The Agents of the New Order--and all New Order shareholders--can take satisfaction in knowing that their legacy will continue forever. A thousand years from now, people will still be talking about the unique, revolutionary movement powered by the Code. It's a fair bet that we'll be remembered long after people forget about EVE itself. To future generations, it won't matter so much what game we came from; what matters is that the New Order inspires everyone to greatness.

The bots and bot-aspirants, on the other hand...

...They don't value life quite so much as we do. After all, bots aren't really alive.

Speaking of life...

Though the New Order is famous for boosting player retention, what some people may not realize is that we're also an extraordinary draw for new players. We've brought more newbies into the game that anything CCP has come up with in years.

Florian Foxheart was one of the countless EVE subscribers who signed up because of the Code. He grew up, learned the game, and is now a shareholder. Well done! Florian's purchase of 1,315 shares took us past the 1,568 billion isk mark and earned him a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. Talk about endgame content.

I'm feeling generous today. I'll allow it.


  1. I made over a billion ISK mining in Aclan last month. Never saw any of Jamey's CHODE. slaves.

    1. I'm usually all for enforcing the Code with bumping and ganking but, in your case, the time you spent staring at a mining laser long enough to make a billion ISK in one month is punishment enough.

      Nothing I can do would be worse for your spirit.

      Still, come out from behind the Anonymous cloak and I'll be glad to free you, body and soul.

    2. Guess its time to start hanging out around Aclan and ask some questions. I'll send you what I find out, Bing.

      *sharpens knife*


    3. Who says I'm going to be in Aclan this month? Got another billion ISK to make.

    4. Staring at rocks for an entire month to make 1bil? Damn thats low

    5. I've never met a CHODE. slave either, for all the talk. Plenty of fine Agents though. Keep up the great work! I saw some Mackinaws in Everyshore last month.

    6. Wow, you're poor.

    7. Mining the lowest form of existence.

  2. The Code always sucks cock and rapes kids! ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Little johnnie pedo sure likes to dream about child molestation. I wonder how long he was an alter boy before becoming a priest?


  3. Hisec shitters have never made isk in hisec. That's what makes them shitters, just the act of bragging about making isk in hisec (that we all know is a lie) means you're a shitter. No annount of isk claimed will ever make you anything but a hisec sperg 'playing' the game incorrectly.

    Now tell us about the billions you made last month on your lowsec faction welfare grinding. Jeezus, you shitters think people will believe anything.

    If you are doing anything other than killing carebears while in hisec you are doing it wrong. It don't matter how much t1 pi you hauled last month like a street beggar grabbing at pennies, you will never be successful at EVE as a hisec pve-er.

    It should be against the TOS to act bot-aspirant or carebear in hisec.

    There are so many other games out there that let you act like a shitterbot, why try to shit up the one real sandbox, the one that let's others punish you for it? And then whine about it and act like a child by posting tears about "nazzies/murder/child abuse"? Such ignorance is very telling.

    If you're in EvE shitting it up "just because you feel like it" then that should be reason enough for CCP to boot you. We'll all support them.

    Your genetics are not needed friend, so see what you can do about that. Vasectomy or whatever, just don't have kids rl please. shardani should have taught you that. He did future generations of EVE players a big favor when he quit.

    You should all quit.


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