Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Orcas of Nakugard, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... The Nakugard system was rocked by a series of Orca explosions, courtesy of Agent Alt 00. Our heroine's gank fleet was able to chase a Russian mining corporation out of the system, but the local bots proved to be more stubborn. How many would need to die before they got the message?

Serg Lion had been the first Orca bot to experience the wrath of Alt's Taloses. In addition, Alt's smartbombing cruiser destroyed Serg's implants. The miner was podded right out of the system.

...But four hours later, Serg returned to the very same asteroid belt in a brand new Orca. What a Goofus! The new Orca's fit was almost identical; a slight improvement to the shield tank was the only evidence that Serg had noticed a problem with his operation. Importantly, Serg still lacked a mining permit. So Alt killed the new Orca.

Bots are good for one thing, at least--they make pretty explosions when they die.

Alt 00 proudly announced the destruction of the fourth mining Orca in just a few hours. Interestingly, she seemed to be winning over some of the locals.

...Khelty Zaph was not one of them. Serg Lion himself remained silent, as is typical of a miner-bot. But you can always count on a rebel carebear like Khelty to side with bots.

Bot-aspirants are bot sympathizers, too. When bots die, the bot-aspirant miners know they could be next, since there's so little difference between the two groups.

The miners of Nakugard had watched as Alt 00 repeatedly dropped Talos fleets on any miner she didn't like. The carebears knew that they were completely at the mercy of the New Order Agent. They could no longer pretend otherwise.

Khelty struggled to explain why she was speaking in defense of a credibly accused botter. When Alt 00 spoke my name, the miner fell silent.

Just then, another mouthy miner spoke up. She identified herself as a member of the resistance.

EDISON CLONE attempted to provide an intel report to the miners. It was about as useful as you'd expect from "miner intelligence".

In any event, it wasn't like Alt 00 was trying to be subtle. Her Orca ganks were quite a spectacle, to say the least.

More Nakugard locals sided with the winning team. The death of Serg Lion's second Orca seemed to be the tipping point. The rebel miners evacuated, fleeing for their lives. Nakugard was at peace.

But... for how long?

To be continued...


  1. Fuck Alt 00 and the rest of the CHODE. slaves.

    Mining peacefully in a high security system as I type this. Watching YouTube videos as well. Life is good..........

    1. Proof?

      Yea, thought not. What you ment to say was you are currently in station, too scared to undock because you are a highsec crybear and a coward.

      We understand that you are unable to tell the truth because you are too mad.

    2. As if I'm stupid enough to post my EO player name on Jamey's blog so you CHODE. slaves can engage in even more hunting and harassment.

      No, the more you pretend to squeeze your fists the more smart miners like myself slip through your fingers.

  2. "It's nice to see a complete end to illegal mining activity in Nakugard."

    Maybe reduced but certainly not a complete end. I have a few secured bins floating in the first two belts full of ore as proof

    1. Sure you do. Left them there all day and nobody even saw an agent too I bet. Blah blah blah blah.

      ehnemapoo it was spoken in the moment, days or maybe weeks ago, you fail at even the simplest of arguments. Still got that EBT blog? alphawhatever

      Do you even subscribe bro?

    2. Anon724 if I said no, would you ragequit?


    3. bragging about 2mil of ore in a can in some random back end system is a sure thing to be proud of.

    4. "ehnema"

      Enough said.

    5. Lol that's one retarded alpha shitter. Nothing quite like a waterhead with an elevated sense of self. Unwarranted as it is.

      Why not a sub? Are you a poor or are you just a poor? #nopoors #alphaiswelfare #getsubbedorgetrekt

    6. ehnee, what is your goal/reason for posting here? Did someone do something to you that causes an emotional response? Do you feel vindicated when you post lies and tears here in a community that you claim to be against somehow?

      You spend a lot of time concerned with a game that you don't even care enough about to supoort with a subscription. I sesne conflict in you. Broadcast 4 reps if you feel confused, don't pull a kalynn.

      Also, you can sub up or get rekt friend.

    7. How big are your boobs girlie

  3. Carebears are the most violent players.

  4. Layalina KasyanenkovaJanuary 19, 2018 at 6:41 AM

    The Code always wins, always!

  5. I love seeing russians explode. You can attribute the blue flash of the explosion to potato vodka.

    Get rekt ukrainians.

    1. Not to me your not, i only see a corpse after i meet a russian.

      Free ukrain.


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