Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Orcas of Nakugard, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alt 00's herald warned the Nakugard system of the imminent destruction of the Orcas mining there illegally. In particular, Alt 00's gaze had fallen upon a ring of Russian bot miners. Despite the herald's speeches and fireworks, the miners failed to heed her call.

A majestic fleet of gank Taloses stood at the ready. A single word from Alt 00 and they would be unleashed upon the Orca botters.

If the miners thought our Agent was bluffing, that notion was quickly dispelled. The first of the Orcas fell in Nakugard.

Alt 00 had chosen to start by killing Djsky, an Orca pilot who wasn't part of the bot ring. It was a masterful strategy that allowed Alt 00 to preserve her Talos fleet and use Catalysts instead: The bots were all heavily tanked, while the bot-aspirant Djsky was anti-tanked.

Nevertheless, the death of the Orca made quite an impression--and news of its destruction went much further than Djsky himself.

Though Djsky wasn't part of the bot ring, he was a member of a Russian Orca mining operation, Anti-Terraformer-Force.

Anti-Terraformer-Force had its own private chat channel. For some reason, Agent Alt 0 was invited to join it. An intense conversation was already underway.

Alt 0 didn't get the sense that this was a hospitable bunch. They didn't welcome her into the channel, so she announced her presence.

Since our Agent was unable to understand the Russian miners, she activated Google Translate.
Djsky > Alt 0
Ilya Shcagin > o I dragged him here))
Iliaas fgnghm > Why
Ilya Shcagin > by chance
Tikho Selchy > fucked away
Djsky > write that the cocks will answer
Alt 0 had been invited to the channel by Ilya Shcagin. Apparently this invite was given out by accident. Now Alt 0 was privy to the inner sanctum of a Russian mining group--a sight never intended for a New Order Agent's eyes.
Alt 0 > You have invited me here, at least have the courtesy to speak English
Ilya Shcagin > Alt 0 go away
Alt 0 > You need to buy a mining permit, friend
Ilya Shcagin > Alt 0)) no thx
Alt 0 > Then we will destroy your next Orca
Alt 0 > No permit = no Orca
For reasons not yet clear, Ilya didn't kick Alt 0 from the channel. But he clearly didn't want her there.
Xovin fosa > do not touch russia
Ilya Shcagin > there is a bandit grouping
Ilya Shcagin > all who with the prefix alt
Xovin fosa > you need to kill them
Ilya Shcagin > how this fucker to take away the happiness
Ilya Shcagin > Alt 0 pls go out of this chat)
Alt 0 > Alt 0 is here to help
Despite Alt 0's presence, the Russian miners openly plotted against her and her fellow gank alts.
Ilya Shcagin > Alt 0 can i help you too?
Alt 0 > Yes. Purchase a Code mining permit.
Alt 0 > Or we will continue to destroy your Orcas
Ilya Shcagin > read this code: "fuck you"
Ilya Shcagin > Alt 0 ok?
The successful gank of Djsky's Orca was not enough to convince the Russians that they needed to obey the Code. Now Alt 0 realized that many more Orcas might need to die in Nakugard. A sobering thought.
Ilya Shcagin > how to remove it)
Ilya Shcagin > I can only block it
Ilya Shcagin > cool, they are engaged in money extortion
Ilya Shcagin > buy a code word and they do not touch our miners
Ilya Shcagin > throw a complaint on them a game currency gambler
Ilya was a security risk for the Russians. He'd unintentionally invited Alt 0 into the private channel and apparently didn't even know how to operate it. Ilya hadn't booted our Agent from the channel because he was unable to find the right button. Even worse, he told his fellow Russians to file frivolous petitions against Alt 0 for isk spamming.
Ilya Shcagin > what did they pile up your thorns?
Djsky > Dear capsuleer, Highsec New Order Agents thank you very much for your interest in the New Code of Halaim, the first and only Constitution of Highsec and the main - after the End User Agreement - the document regulating interacting
Iliaas fgnghm > I just need to fuck them
Iliaas fgnghm > I need fat
Ilya Shcagin > this is a gaming fiasco
Alt 0 concluded that she'd stumbled upon a collection of Goofuses. And there was still the bot ring to deal with. Yes, there would indeed be more slaughter in Nakugard. It was the only way.

To be continued...


  1. Ah I see the terrorist robots under Jamey's control are still doin the exact same things. So robotic, so programmed so bot like.

  2. Ah Wolf still worshipping your favorite child killer and code agent. It reminds us of how bot like you always will be.

  3. Ah Anonymous poster still whining on our blog. It reminds me how dumb you are crying about us while generating traffic for the blog XD XD

  4. It is funny how perma-banned, I think twice Wolf Soprano and his alts are still trying to relive past glories through others. He is the biggest Code has been ever.

    Killed him and his alts so many times, without concord help and he would rage so much...and quit.

  5. Proof or gtfo lying highsec ag 406shitter.

  6. Miners getting rekt yet again.

  7. Its funny you dont have any proof of anything you just said. But keep being salty we - we thrive off your tears XDXD

  8. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    I Am the lord God Almighty I am Alpha, I am Omega, I Am,
    Thou shalt have No other Gods before me Nor after me. I Am The One True God. Because Thou hast Forsaken me and poured your Greed upon this universe. I shall pour my Wrath out upon you and your souls To lay waste upon all that you have and all that you seek. Your misery shall follow you all the days of your life Death shall be your only virtue. Even so thou shalt rend thy sack cloth to no end. And so it shall be from this day forward until all shall be but a memory within


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