Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The B-1 F-Bomber

Christmas can be a special day, but it can also be a lot like every other day: A terribly-fit Retriever got popped in the 0.5 security system known as Uedama. Xcalybur1 didn't know to fit a tank, but at least he had the excuse of being a new player.

Xcalybur1 has only been playing EVE for about six and a half years. He hasn't moved out of the highesc mining phase of his career just yet. The carebear apologists will tell you that every new player needs at least a few years of absolute safety to grind isk in highsec, otherwise they'll quit the game and CCP will go out of business. This would be terrible, since EVE would be shut down and nobody could grind isk in highsec anymore.

Agent Nu'adu performed the gank because the Code is more important than CCP's business model. Luckily, after six and a half years in EVE, Xcalybur1 knew not to take it to heart. Nu'adu would get no tears from this carebear.

Actually, Xcalybur1 wasn't filled with the Christmas spirit this year. Nu'adu sent him a follow-up EVEmail just to make sure he was okay.

According to some versions of the legend, King Arthur pulled the Excalibur out of a stone, where it had lain for centuries. Xcalybur1 is the kind of guy who would be more interested in the stone. But surely he couldn't have meant what he said about Nu'adu's mother.

...On the other hand, Xcalybur1 missed his Retriever very much. The only silver lining was that Nu'adu's mother's corpse would rest in a grassy plain rather than a desert. Xcalybur1 was softening.

For someone who had decided to play a multiplayer PvP game as a pacifist miner, Xcalybur1 was rather fixated on death and violence. Regardless of his psychological issues, Xcalybur1 was still responsible for his crime of mining without a permit. There is no insanity defense under the Code.

Incredibly, the guy who spent six and a half years mining in highsec questioned the value of Agent Nu'adu's EVE career. Nu'adu was quick to defend his record.

By the way, anyone who enforces the Code can put me down as a reference when applying for a job. Just have the employer contact me by EVEmail.

Xcalybur1 revealed that he considered himself a hero because he protected Nu'adu's freedom by repairing airplanes. I'm not sure if he assumed Nu'adu is an American, or at least a member of a NATO country. Regardless, this formed the basis of common ground between the two heroes. Nu'adu concluded his next reply, "I thank you for your service. Isn't it about time you thanked me for mine?"

Xcalybur1 seemed determined to remain on the Red Pen list--not what you would expect from a "hero" in the U.S. Air Force.

Now Agent Nu'adu was blocked. Apparently freedom of speech wasn't one of the freedoms that Xcalybur1 protects for us all. The evidence was clear. Xcalybur1 was guilty of conduct unbecoming of a miner.

A little more than an hour later, Xcalybur1 decided to upgrade the Retriever fit that had failed to protect him before: He now had a tech II inertia stabilizer. To add an extra layer of protection, he moved his operations an entire jump away. But somehow, Nu'adu caught up with the miner. Nu'adu's helpful EVEmails were blocked, but not his antimatter.

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Little Raskils, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Nitetime Video joined Raskil Tribe and attended one of their ice-mining ops. When he witnessed them violating the Code, he resolved to set things right. He tackled their mining ships, demanded a ransom, and started killing them.
Nitetime Video > now... no more tricks, Castill Amelana
Nitetime Video > lets just finish this and then you are free to go
Castill Amelana > ok, I will be right back
Nitetime Video > your orca is still floating here tho
Nitetime Video > you may want to come back
Nitetime Video > where did you go?
Castill Amelana > someone just poded me
Orca pilot Castill Amelana had used an alt to attack Nitetime with a Hurricane Fleet Issue, but it was no match for our hero. The Orca remained tackled, so Castill ejected. Nitetime podded him.
Nitetime Video > this awox has been brought to you by: The New Order of Hisec
Nitetime Video > Next time you should all purchase mining permits
Nitetime Video > and avoid bot-aspirant behavior
Calum Aldurald > lol fuck ur permits
Nitetime Video > http://www.minerbumping.com/p/the-code.html
Nitetime Video > for just 10 mil. ISK per player per year.. you can avoid such losses
As an awoxer, Nitetime was instantly transformed from a newbie recruit into the most important, powerful member of the corp. Fearing what he would do next, they hung on his every word. Nitetime recognized this as a teachable moment. The New Order and its Code were given their proper due.
Castill Amelana > hmmm, sounds like u are now my fuck toy. such dumbassness by u
Nitetime Video > not sure what that means...
Nitetime Video > Kill: Scar Madeveda (Hurricane Fleet Issue)
Nitetime Video > Kill: Castill Amelana (Capsule)
Nitetime Video > Kill: Maximilian III (Hulk)
Castill Amelana > So much for your word
Nitetime Video > Your ship is safe
Castill had paid Nitetime a ransom of 400 million for the safety of the Orca. Nitetime was true to his word. The Orca remained intact. Castill's pod hadn't been part of the deal, so it was popped when he ejected.
Castill Amelana > ya, but you sent me back 10 jumps or so
Castill Amelana > I doubt it will be there when I get there
Nitetime Video > That is for brining in Scar Madeveda in his failfit cane
Castill Amelana > oooo, look at that, I have kill rights on u Nitetime Video
Castill Amelana > I wonder how many people I can sell that too?
Nitetime Video > yeah... that's not exactly how killrights work, son
Nitetime Video > and Scar Madeveda .. wtf us up with that cane fit?!
Nitetime Video > Armor shield mix meta soup sandwich is what it is
When Castill's alt tried and failed to kill Nitetime with the Hurricane, he broke the agreement. Nitetime kept his promise anyway, and he kept the Orca safe--by passing it to a friend. Some people let power go to their head. Nitetime did not. He began teaching his corpmates about kill rights and proper combat fittings. For free.
Sobal Raskil > Hey guys
Nitetime Video > o/ Sobal Raskil
Nitetime Video > how's things?
Sobal Raskil > it's the holidays
Nitetime Video > it is
Nitetime Video > i just got an orca for christmas
Sobal Raskil > NICE
Suddenly, Sobal Raskil, the CEO of Raskil Tribe, logged on. Nitetime greeted him.
Nitetime Video > Castill Amelana kindly donated it to me
Nitetime Video > +400 mil. ISK
Castill Amelana > Hey Sobal, Have u met the new guy that is sucking James315's dick
Nitetime Video > Kind of early.. but still a nice gift
Castill Amelana > I am sure so was James's gift in your mouth
Nitetime Video > btw pls dont talk about James 315 that way..
Nitetime Video > he is the saviour of Hisec
Nitetime Video > Founder of The Code
Nitetime Video > Doer of all that is Good and Right in the Universe
Sobal Raskil > really...
Nitetime spoke of the New Order and the Code, but hadn't yet mentioned me by name. Apparently Castill had heard of me already, even if in a negative light. Highsec is learning.
Nitetime Video > Sobal Raskil can I be a director?
Nitetime Video > I think I have proven my trustworthiness well in this corp
Sobal Raskil > That's quite the infiltration... either they bought you out or you're with them from the start and created this toon specifically for that purpose... In both case it means we're doin' things right to get such notice / dedication to grief.
Nitetime Video > AFK mining, gluttony, bot-aspirancy
Nitetime Video > Speaking negatively and in harsh terms to agent's of the New Order
Nitetime Video > and mining without permits
Nitetime Video > Disgusting
Sobal Raskil > hehe you sound like an Integrist Muslim.
The CEO of Raskil Tribe was amazed to hear that his corp had been "infiltrated". Nitetime could have bragged and boasted. Instead, he spent his time teaching the CEO about the Code. If he could win him over, perhaps the entire Raskil Tribe could change its ways.
Nitetime Video > It's not a religion
Nitetime Video > it is law
Nitetime Video > and I hate criminals
Sobal Raskil > it's extortion.
Sobal Raskil > even if it were 1 ISK per year
Sobal Raskil > I'm not payin'.
Sobal Raskil > if my members want to, individually, fold to your rules... I don't care
Nitetime Video > If you continue on that path it can only lead to the dark side
Sobal already bought into the "extortion" meme. However, he was willing to make an important concession: He would not persecute members of his corp if they followed the Code.
Nitetime Video > For the good of Hisec
Nitetime Video > To fight bot-aspirancy
Sobal Raskil > see that's where you sound like a religious zealot
Sobal Raskil > that's complete bullshit
Nitetime Video > Religious.. no. Just patriotic
Sobal Raskil > it's an "ism"... it's cancer
Nitetime Video > Botting and AFK mining is cancer
Nitetime Video > We are the cure
Nitetime Video > Open your eyes
Sobal Raskil > (if they weren't opened I couldn't read dumbass)
Personally, Sobal remained in opposition to the Code. Perhaps Raskil Tribe would need additional Code enforcement to make him see the light.
Castill Amelana > And I was doing none of that. so again, you are just pirates
Nitetime Video > You didn't respond to my test (the point/web) for a full minute
Nitetime Video > Thus you were AFK
Nitetime Video > so I attacked as was my right as a Knight and Agent of the New Order
Castill Amelana > I wasn't afk. I was thinking you were goofing around
Nitetime Video > That is how it starts.. goofing around
Nitetime Video > Next thing you are getting up to answer the door
Nitetime Video > Or on the phone
Nitetime Video > Or putting your kids to bed
Nitetime Video > all the time you are AFK
Castill pretended he never violated the Code. Nitetime knew better. He knew the signs.
Sobal Raskil > so ?
Sobal Raskil > what's the problem with that
Sobal Raskil > if he was in Null sec, ok, he was careless, he got killed
Castill Amelana > I don't subscribe to your law.
Nitetime Video > Jack Guns's Impairor is a glutonous fit for an Orca. All available slots should be used for tank
Castill Amelana > Here is the new law. anyone found to be holding a permit from Code has forfited his ship
Nitetime Video > that is dangerous talk, Castill Amelana
Castill Amelana > anyone who talks to me about code. is toast
Sobal didn't understand why it's a bad idea to go AFK in highsec. In nullsec, you can lose your ship that way, but in highsec? Newsflash, Sobal: Your corp just got killed for going AFK in highsec. Nitetime reviewed the fitting of the confiscated Orca and found evidence of further Code violations.
Nitetime Video > why did none of you congratulate me in local?
Nitetime Video > as in "gf"
Sobal Raskil > caus It's not a good fight
Sobal Raskil > an Orca doesn't fire back
Nitetime Video > The Hurricane fought back.. sort of
Sobal Raskil > Corpmates aren't supposed to kill each other.
Another Code violation took the form of Raskil Tribe's refusal to congratulate Nitetime on his combat prowess. Clearly, this corp needed the Order badly.
Nitetime Video > I did not want to kill corpmates
Nitetime Video > but I cannot ignore violations of the Code
Nitetime Video > I just wanted to be your friends
Sobal Raskil > bullshit you're an infiltrated agent. That fact is agression
Nitetime Video > You are the ones who betrayed me
Nitetime Video > By forcing my to enforce the Code on pilots whom I thought were my friends
Nitetime Video > It is with a heavy heart that I must tender my resignation. I can no longer affiliate with such people who would willfully turn on their greatest friend and break the law
Sobal Raskil > It was a pleasure having you. Now fuck off.
Nitetime decided it was time to move on. He had done all he could. Did he make an impact? I think so. But as with other rebel corps, the mission continues. Agents pass the torch to other Agents. I'm confident that Raskil Tribe will, in time, find their way.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kills of the Week

Many a merry Christmas was had in highsec last week. But the New Order spreads holiday cheer all year. Here's a sample of the bliss shared by our Agents during the week of December 22nd @ 00:00 EVEtime through December 28th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

DiaRosCris wasn't fooling anyone with her souped-up shield tank. Remember, carebears, faction shield mods sitting atop a cargo-fit Orca just means more stuff for our Knights to loot after they kill you. Agents Quinn Barviainen, D400, Dillon Hawk, Sophia Soprano, loyalanon, I Bigfoot Ikkala, Nu'adu, Cholo Dejesus, Rick Therapist, Brutal Anna, Johnny O'Donald, and Rip Thy Jacker killed this lovely 1.2 billion isk Orca.

But wait. Does the name DiaRosCris sound familiar? Maybe? Here, let me help you:

There's that thousand-yard stare again. Yes, DiaRosCris was the pilot who managed to lose a freighter by taking it through lowsec just to haul a single shuttle. The horrors of her life haven't ended, it seems.

If you thought this was a Minmatar Shuttle, look again. Bianca Bardot lost her special Leopard shuttle almost immediately after receiving it from CCP. Agent D400 won the race for the first Leopard kill.

We've killed several more Leopards since then, and they're well on their way to becoming extinct. They have special warp speeds--as fast as a leopard. But how fast can the Code be enforced? Faster than a leopard!

Soon after Agent Nu'adu returned to highsec to enforce the Code, he came across Kelvin Nolen's 641 million isk Retriever. That's a pretty pricey Retriever--the PLEX in the cargo probably has something to do with it. But at least Kelvin tried to tank his Retriever.

...Or not. Mining in an untanked Retriever with a PLEX in the cargo, in Uedama system of all places. Sigh. So much work still to be done in highsec.

Abe Rubenowitz was a bit peeved when he saw Agent Orions Lord killing a Retriever. So he stepped up to the plate in his Raven, prepared to play the role of the rebel defender. It ended exactly as you'd expect: He went boom.

I was intrigued by Tul Breetai's EVEmail about a rebel uprising in the Yoma system:

As best as I can tell, when the rebels tried to pile on a ganker's Talos, a bunch of kill rights were earned and all hell broke loose. The Insurance Fraud. alliance, including Dynomyte Saraki, Tul Breetai, Korben Kurvora, Kanninto Medicci, and The Rabbitman put the carebears in their place. Why did the carebears lose this battle without inflicting a single loss, you ask? Decadence:

Anyone flying a battlecruiser worth 581 million isk obviously doesn't expect to lose it. So much for that idea.

Johnny Laue was autopiloting on Christmas Day with a pod worth 2.9 billion isk. He might call Agent D400 a grinch for popping him. Actually, D400 was playing the role of Santa Claus. Johnny's dead pod was a gift to everyone else in highsec!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Taming of Alakgur, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alyth Nerun was minding his own business, minding the miners' business in the Alakgur system. After a mad rebel named condoir made a failed attempt on his life, Alyth transferred the kill right and condoir's Mackinaw got nuked. Then rebel RENEGADE SOLARIS made his own failed suicide gank attempt in a Maller.

Fifteen minutes after the brutal attack, RENEGADE SOLARIS showed up again, this time in a mighty Armageddon Navy Issue. But this time he was not willing to shoot first. He was counting on me to use the kill right I got from his attempt to murder me, which I had already made available to my corp.

He just placed himself near the belt and watched me bumping his corp buddy. He also tried to show off with his micro jump drive and bragged about the range of his battleship. It was time to bring in Karak on the case. Alyth left the battlefield but not without bookmarking the last location of the Navy Armageddon. Agent Karak Terrel was two jumps out and burned to Alakgur as fast as he could. The race was on!

Karak warped to the bookmark Alyth left for him but landed 80km away from the Armageddon. So he started to sneak up on him in plain sight in the hope that RENEGADE would not recognize the Sleipnir as a threat. At 8km Karak scrammed the mighty battleship and started to peel off his shields. No reaction from the battleship. The shields where completely gone when RENEGADE SOLARIS finally returned to his keyboard and started to shoot back. But the mighty battleship had no chance, his big guns could not hit Karak and it went down quickly.

RENEGADE was not really happy about that. Obviously he had a problem with the fact that we avenge attempted murder. Not sure where he is from, but from where I come from that is a serious crime. (Killmail)

He was curious where the New Order headquarters is and whether it was in this station. I tried to educate the man.

He went silent after that and the locals where amazed by the acts of justice. They had become eye witnesses to the birth of civilization in their small corner of the galaxy, so they started to praise your name.

Alyth's glorious victory left a lasting impression on the rebels and onlookers alike. I was later convo'ed by B Careful, who had a few pointed suggestions to make about my "comic book".

Although Alyth/Karak deserves heaps of credit for his quick thinking, courage, and commitment to the Code, we mustn't forget how bad the rebels are. Imagine using an Armageddon Navy Issue to protect an asteroid belt, and then going AFK so an Agent of the New Order can stop by and kill you. That's classic bot-aspirancy, gussied up in a cheap rebel fa├žade. Whether our enemies fit ice harvesters or combat lasers, they're all the same. This isn't something that can be fixed overnight. Highsec needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Do you have what it takes?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #48

Eggnog? Forget it. The beverage of choice this holiday season is carebear tears. These are traditionally drunk from a bag--a Grab Bag, that is.

Carebear tears aren't the only things that can be carried in bags, it would seem.

So many EVE players misspell the word "harassment". Even more don't know the meaning of the word. Here's a handy little poem to help people remember:

"Harassment" has one "R",
"Carebear" has two,
The New Order is here to help,
We would
never harass you!

Bloodblister has been in the same corp for nearly a decade. Or at least, he was, until he biomassed himself just a few days ago. I guess that means the New Order was clean?

As an EVE rock star, I get a hero's welcome almost everywhere I go in highsec. I typically travel unescorted. There have been some assassination attempts here or there, but I don't judge the good people of highsec by the actions of a few lunatics.

They say that a million monkeys with a million typewriters would eventually produce the works of Shakespeare, but I'm inclined to doubt it. Shakespeare's plays don't use the words "extortion" or "harassment" nearly often enough.

Ning Bersama breathlessly informed me of the laws against shooting at spaceships in highsec. I have to give Ning and the previous EVEmailer some credit, though: "Reimburse me or I'll get you banned" is an interesting tactic. There's a word for it, but it escapes me at the moment.

J Quillin is another miner who really puts the monkey typewriter theory to the test. The spacing he uses is a little confusing, though. Is he saying "fuck you" repeatedly, or is he saying "you fuck" repeatedly?

At least some carebears "own" their limited vocabularies.

Jean Pelletier has been an ornery rebel for a very long time. These days, he shares with other rebels the tales of his victories. Unfortunately, the lack of rebel victories makes this difficult. For example, I didn't gank during the Memorial Day weekend, or move supplies or stock markets during that time period. In fact, by the previous December, New Order gankers were already using corps like New Order Logistics for the sole purpose of corp contracts to keep supplies off-market. Apparently, Jean's victory consisted of buying random stuff in random systems one weekend. It's such a fond memory for him that he still brags about it several months later.

...Then again, he's an "Alliance Fleet Commander" in a one-man corp with no alliance. If that makes him happy, who are we to judge?

aurora zirud wasn't too bothered by the loss of her Mackinaw. The New Order won't last long anyway.

Experimental Fun Times Corp RELOADED rarely gets applications. When it does, they're scrutinized very carefully. Chi Tawate didn't quite make the cut. However, I wish him the best of luck and I'm sure he will be successful in his future endeavors, whatever they may be.

On behalf of the entire New Order family I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Little Raskils, Part 1

It isn't always easy to be a member of a highsec mining corp. Sure, the work is simple and the isk rewards are out of proportion to the risk. But there are other challenges involved, ones that come in the form of difficult questions of ethics and morality. Every member of a highsec mining corp must decide whether to kill his or her corpmates.

Nitetime Video joined a highsec mining corporation called the Raskil Tribe. Nitetime was lucky. He was very familiar with the teachings of the New Order and its Code. So before he set foot in the corp, he decided what lines he would cross, and which ones he wouldn't cross. If he saw miners doing unethical things, he knew how he would respond. When the time came to make a difficult decision, he would be ready.
EVE System > Channel MOTD: Welcome to the private chat channel for Raskil Tribe. Please remember to observe OP SEC - no saying what ops are going on where. Spies are everywhere.
Nitetime Video > o/
Castill Amelana > Hiya
Nitetime Video > I still don't have exhumer but I can run security to watch for gankers on the op
Castill Amelana > we are going to try a new zone where there isn't gankers, but you are always welcome to rat and protect
Castill Amelana > Abudban
Raskil Tribe is an industrial corp. Judging by the first few lines of their channel log, they were in the business of mass-producing facepalms. Despite the MOTD, Castill Amelana announced his intention to run a mining op in Abudban system. It's a safe, quiet, distant place--an entire 1 jump from Rens.
Castill Amelana > I am working on moving my big old Orca out there right now. It takes awhile to move his ass
Dan Pator > hi sec
Castill Amelana > well, the last one was in high sec too. and got Maxes Hulk ganked. concord was too slow for 4 gankers
Castill Amelana > wow, 25 guys in this ice belt
Nitetime Video > will there still be ice there when we start? we will def. want the orca then
Castill Amelana > I don't know. I have started so I can get some ice before it is all gone
To Castill's surprise, lots of other miners also had the idea of mining next door to one of the busiest systems in EVE. Nitetime urged Castill to bring an Orca to the mining op. The Orca's presence would be essential to the op's success.
Calum Aldurald > no ice?
Castill Amelana > nope, I got here in time to mine 2 of them
Calum Aldurald > gah
Castill Amelana > there is a system called Barkrik that is 8 jumps away that has ice
Xer0 Zexeroth > Get to the system!!!!!! (choppa)
Nitetime Video > otw
Nitetime Video > or are we staying here?
Castill Amelana > no, you are faster, go check it out and see if any ice there
Unfortunately, the ice was mined out even before the other corp members could arrive. So Castill chose another system, further away from the action: Barkrik, two jumps from Hek.
Calum Aldurald > Nitetime Video r u sussing out Barkrik ?
Nitetime Video > almost there
Nitetime Video > ice belt is still here
Nitetime Video > sweet.. full of ice and no miners
Castill Amelana > thanks for the recon Nitetime Video
Nitetime Video > any time
Nitetime Video > wanted to do something useful
Nitetime Video > i really want to catch one of those ganking fuckers
Nitetime was entrusted with scouting for the mining op. His ship was much faster than the miners', since he was in a Gnosis. The fact that he wanted to "guard" a highsec mining op in a combat ship aroused no suspicion. He would be needed if CONCORD wasn't powerful enough to stop ganks.
Castill Amelana > I am 1 jump out now
Maximilian III > sooooo much ice here good ness
Xer0 Zexeroth > Nice!
Nitetime Video > ikr
Nitetime's recon was accurate; there was plenty of ice in Barkrik. If Nitetime did as he was told, he could have a successful career in the highsec mining corp. He'd have a comfortable life. But Nitetime had decided long ago that his life would not be ruled by considerations of wealth and comfort. Nitetime became a warrior, an Agent of the New Order. He would put the Code first, no matter what the cost.
Nitetime Video > Castill Amelana would you like to save your ship?
Nitetime Video > Maximilian III you too
Castill Amelana > what r u doing
Nitetime Video > This is a ransom
Nitetime Video > 400 mil for the orca
Nitetime Video > 150 mil for the hulk
Xer0 Zexeroth > ??? betrayal? O_O
Nitetime's Gnosis tackled Castill's Orca and another corp member's Hulk. He judged these miners guilty of violating the Code. By this point, Nitetime had been in the corp for over a month, and had gotten to know the carebears well. He took pity on them, and offered to release their ships if they paid him a fair ransom.
Castill Amelana > ah, why??
Xer0 Zexeroth > Why man?
Xer0 Zexeroth > Why?
Xer0 Zexeroth > Thought you were cool.
Nitetime Video > i am cool
The other members of Raskil Tribe began to persecute Nitetime by putting peer pressure on him to act in a manner inconsistent with his values. But Nitetime was strong. Fearless. He would not yield.
Nitetime Video > Castill Amelana lets go
Xer0 Zexeroth > But seriously.
Nitetime Video > 400 mil for the orca, 200 for the hulk and a rookieship killmail for each
Nitetime Video > It is a simple request
Castill Amelana > I guess it is simple
Castill Amelana > I just don't understand u
Nitetime's actions were confusing to Castill and his fellow carebears. They couldn't imagine why someone would torpedo a promising career in a mining corp. His actions were jeopardizing his chances of promotion.
Xer0 Zexeroth > Is this holdup for real cas?
Castill Amelana > Ok, I sent it
Nitetime Video > got ISK for orca
Nitetime Video > just need it from max now
Castill Amelana > let go the orca first
Nitetime Video > both at once
Nitetime Video > this is a ransom, not a negotiation
Xer0 Zexeroth > Damn he's smarter than he looks.
Castill sent 400 million isk to Nitetime. However, Nitetime would not release the Orca until the Hulk pilot had also paid. But the Hulk pilot had other plans.

...Not very good plans, as it turned out. The Hulk pilot somehow managed to get himself CONCORDed. As near as I can tell, he suspected some other players in the ice anomaly were repping Nitetime, so he attacked them with his Hulk's drones.
Nitetime Video > that was not very smart, scar
Nitetime Video > now you pay as well
Nitetime Video > 90 mil for the cane
Nitetime Video > better hurry, scar
Nitetime Video > last chance
Nitetime Video > sad
Suddenly, Scar Madeveda of Raskil Tribe appeared in a Hurricane Fleet Issue. He was determined to rescue the still-tackled Orca by destroying Nitetime's ship. But Nitetime was an Agent of the New Order. Destroying his ship proved impossible.

The Hurricane Fleet Issue died instead. Now nothing could save the Orca but full payment on behalf of the Hulk pilot. Nitetime hoped to get fully paid, but there was so much more he wanted to accomplish. Now that he had the full attention of Raskil Tribe, he had a golden opportunity to share the Code with them. Would they listen to reason? Raskil Tribe's future was at stake.

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Highsec Christmas Carol

It's hard to believe that it was over a century and a half ago that Charles Dickens penned his classic novella, "A Highsec Christmas Carol". Even more impressive is how relevant the themes he wrote about remain today. Arguably, the tale makes even more sense to a modern audience: Now that EVE Online exists, the references in the tale to EVE and its game mechanics carry some meaning. They mystified earlier readers.

It has become a tradition for many publications to print "A Highsec Christmas Carol" during the holiday season. MinerBumping certainly fits the description of a "publication", so it seems appropriate for us to do the same.

Gather your family and enjoy this timeless, heart-warming story.

- The Editor

by Charles Dickens, 1843


Marley quit EVE, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. He didn't "quit" the way some do, keeping their assets and still logging in occasionally to update their skill queues. Marley really quit. He biomassed all of his characters and gave away all of his possessions.

Scrooge knew Marley quit. Of course he did. How could it be otherwise? Scrooge and Marley had been partners in a highsec mining corp for years. When Marley told Scrooge he planned to quit, Scrooge asked if he could have his stuff. Marley didn't know anyone else to give it to, so he granted Scrooge's request. No one else noticed that Marley left the game, and even Scrooge was not so dreadfully cut up by the sad event. Accepting the contract for all of Marley's assets, Scrooge's isk/hr ratio was improved for the day.

This brings me back to the point I started from. There is no doubt that Marley quit EVE. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I am going to relate.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Taming of Alakgur, Part 1

Allow me to introduce you to Agent Alyth Nerun. He is a respected highsec professional, skilled in the art of PvP. He strongly believes that the Code is the only answer to the problems facing highsec today.

Alyth felt that the Alakgur system was in urgent need of Code enforcement. He wasn't wrong. But this is Alyth's story, and it will be told in the man's own words.

I had just begun introducing myself to the locals when a young miner with the name of condoir was not happy about me preaching the CODE, and accused me of begging.

(Alyth bumped condoir, but his attitude didn't improve. Not immediately, at least.)

Alakgur local is usually a dead, unfriendly place, but suddenly it came alive and the miners had many questions. So I taught them that there is a difference between an Agent that bumps ships and Knights that terminate them. condoir, however, went silent. Then suddenly condoir warped in with a Catalyst and tried to incinerate my Stabber.

My Stabber is tanked however, and his mixed charges only scratched the shields. He died to CONCORD and I managed to sneak on the kill mail.

(Later, noticing condoir's Catalyst on our killboard, I notified the miner of his responsibilities under the Code. He still showed some reluctance to get Code-compliant. I now return you to Alth's story.)

In the Foundation (my corp) we have each a specific set of skills. While I enjoy the work in the field and spread the CODE, Karak Terrel finds pleasure in hunting down the people who are so stupid as to attack an agent of the New Order. So early next morning Karak went after codoir who had relocated a few jumps down the route to Hek in the system Onga. Karak avenged the attempt murder of an New Order agent and incinerated condoir's Mackinaw.

(So much for the alleged safety of a 1.0 security system!)

Later the same day I went out into the belt again and found the miner had returned to their AFK habits. I immediately started to bump ships to enforce the CODE.

Not long after I started, the miner Plumb Blood showed up in system. She is like a creepy ex-girlfriend that follows me around since I had to terminate her mining vessel. So I told the locals the story about why she has to mine in a Venture these days.

(Plumb declined to speak during this conversation.)

Around the same time I found an illegal miner of the name Olliey Dallocort and asked him why he was mining without a permit.

Not long after the first bump, his corpmate RENEGADE SOLARIS showed up in a Maller and told me to "leave or die".

The choice was an easy one. Someone forgot to tell him that New Order issue Stabbers are in fact invincible.

Another baffling rebel suicide gank fit tested negative against the New Order. But Alyth's work wasn't yet done. It was time to show the miners of Alakgur the true might of the Code.

To be continued...