Saturday, May 27, 2017

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #132

Hmmm. Could be a good time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag? Maybe. We'll see.

Yes, it's definitely time. Welcome to yet another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

According to the latest Anti-Ganking propaganda, it's bad to gank mining ships because they could be piloted by children. And do you know how you can tell when a miner you've ganked is a young child?

They cry less in local.

Most of the time, our Agents see miners exploiting their children to deflect blame for Code violations, as in, "I was only AFK because I was feeding my baby." On this occasion, however, we find a parent whose heart is in the right place--she bought her child a mining permit.

When the previous message was forwarded to me, I gave the parent some important information about the Code, along with some words of caution about the potential dangers of highsec mining. Parent and child were both willing to accept the risks. It's always nice to see good family values still being practiced out there.

...On the other hand, not everyone had the advantage of being raised by loving, Code-compliant parents.

As was reported on Lawrence Lawton's blog, a miner named Quizblap accused our Agents of ruining the game.

Does the name Quizblap sound familiar? Well, I'll give you a hint. He's not exactly a "new player".

Quizblap is one of the alts of Quizblog, who was featured on the Kills of the Week for losing a 10 billion isk pod. Yes, he seriously tried to make our Agent feel bad for popping a 10 billion isk pod. Good luck.

You can tell how much this guy didn't care about losing his mining barge.

In a place like EVE--and especially in highsec--there are a lot of conflicting claims of authority. Profane gestures in ASCII generally aren't a hallmark of legitimacy.

I'm not sure who shortround corsa is, but I'm guessing that somewhere down the line, somebody lost a Retriever.

Probably yield-fit.

It's refreshing to see a sincere apology from time to time. Yes, there's some excuse-making in there, and a few plays for sympathy. Still, you can tell that this miner is genuinely humbled and embarrassed. We need a lot more of that attitude in highsec.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Over One Trillion One Hundred Seventy-Seven Billion in Shares Sold

Another big win for the New Order this week:

Black Pedro courageously increased his holdings of New Order stock by 1,000 shares, which brought us to another milestone: The 1,175 billion isk mark. Pedro earned a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ for this bold move.

Bing Bangboom also purchased a bunch of shares and, as he usually does, wrote a nice essay about it:

Well said.

Bing's 2,000 additional shares made him our #7 shareholder of all time and earned Bing a Double Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ for sending us over the 1,176 and 1,177 billion isk marks.

And the Anti-Gankers trembled in fear and anger.


Sasha Nemtsov is back at it with a second episode of the Internet's favorite new web series, Ye Chronicles of Evonya.

Despite our transparency, a lot of people outside the Order are very curious about the way our organization works. Sasha's latest video is as close to a documentary as you're gonna get, I think.

If you somehow managed to miss the first episode, you can hunt down a link on our Links page.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Attack on Poinen, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Luna Nightblood and bot-aspirant hauler Seth Anzomi faced off in the Poinen system. Seth's rage and Luna's calm, reasonable demeanor resulted in a propaganda victory for the mighty CODE. alliance. But Seth had an ace up his sleeve: A fleet of hired mercenaries that could arrive in Poinen at any moment.

Seth argued that haulers are exempt from ganks under the Code. All of the Agents in the system disagreed. As always, the Agents were right and the carebear was wrong.

In his anger, Seth repeatedly linked the Code in local. In fact, linking the Code in local multiple times is a pretty good idea; it was the smartest thing the miner had done so far.

Since Seth wouldn't accept the Agents' interpretation of the Code, he was invited to file a petition with the Saviour of Highsec. But Seth was more interested in winning the argument than getting reimbursement.

If Seth had filed a claim for reimbursement, it likely would've been denied. There's some precedent for Agents ganking haulers.

The difference between gankers and carebears: Gankers deal in reality, carebears deal in fantasy. Carebears assume their ships will never explode; gankers know their ships will explode and make the best of it.

After half an hour of intense conversation, Seth left the Poinen system. However, Agent Luna soon received an invitation to a private convo.

Seth gave up arguing and began negotiating. The terms were simple: Luna would either reimburse Seth's loss or face an endless army of mercenaries.

After his first offer was rejected, Seth terminated negotiations. Now there would be war!

While Seth prepared to organize his mercs, a last-minute peace negotiation was held in a TeamSpeak channel hosted by one of our Agents. The conference went poorly. A recording soon made its way to Reddit by way of an anonymous leaker. The ensuing controversy resulted in Agent Lawrence Lawton adding Seth's name to the Red Pen list.

Seth was infuriated by the leak and threatened to prosecute. Agent Lawrence urged Seth to reconsider. Mining permits are much less expensive than hiring an attorney.

The miner was done playing space lawyer; he intended to hire a terrestrial lawyer. In the meantime, the matter was debated on the Reddit thread, though most of the replies have since been deleted.

Of all the instructions our Agents gave Seth, the only one he was willing to follow was to send the Saviour of Highsec a personal apology. Protip: If you're going to send me an apology mail, make it short, sweet, and sincere. Don't water it down with excuses and blame-shifting.

The next day, Seth "officially" rescinded his apology, such as it was. Though he changed his mind about filing a lawsuit, he maintained his defiant attitude about mining permits. Seth's army of mercenaries has not yet been seen--though some speculate that they are still gathering strength, somewhere in wormhole space.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Attack on Poinen, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Luna Nightblood stood up for the integrity of the Poinen system--and the Code--when she stopped Seth Anzomi's hauler dead in its tracks. As a self-proclaimed wormhole dweller, Seth declared himself immune from highsec laws. When he couldn't persuade our Agent, Seth threatened to hire mercenaries.

After one brief mention of the dreaded mercenaries, Seth went back to complaining that Agent Luna hadn't followed her own Code.

The Iteron wreck had gone cold, but Seth's anger was still piping hot. The longer his ranting and raving in Poinen local went on, though, the more enemies he made.

What a difference a few years of the Code can make. In the old days, at least somebody would've taken Seth's side. The Code's been around for so long now that it's accepted as an integral part of the game.

Seth insisted that the mighty CODE. alliance was dying--a claim almost as cliché as "EVE is dying". Strangely, Seth asserted that CODE. was being undermined by Agents who perform too many ganks.

More Poinen residents were losing their patience with the salty carebear. Why didn't Seth stop? Was it possible that he was stalling for time until his mercenaries arrived?

The bot-aspirant hauler lectured our Agents about the Code. Agent Luna was intrigued.

Though unintentional, Seth's actions promoted the New Order and its Code. Seth even began linking the Code in local, just like an Agent would.

Luna played the Saviour card, linking my name in local. Would this pacify the miner at last?

The mention of my name led to Seth taking a very temporary break from using all caps. But then he returned to capital letters and fake news.

Luna had tried everything she could think of to help the miner calm down. Now the only option was to wait for Seth's anger to burn out on its own.

Agent Dom Arkaral heard there was trouble brewing in Poinen. Indeed, the system was attracting a growing number of EVE players, both affiliated and unaffiliated with the Code.

Seth was fully committed to the space lawyer approach. Our Agents were confident that this strategy wouldn't defeat them.

After a certain period of time, an Agent must consider whether a miner's rage will ever subside. Usually it does. Patience is a powerful tool in an Agent's toolkit.

The Poinen community has witnessed carebear tears many times. But even they were impressed by the severity of Seth's downpour.

The other shoe dropped: Seth claimed to be deliberately wasting our Agents' time. Was there a mercenary fleet incoming, after all?

To be continued...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Attack on Poinen, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Seth Anzomi committed multiple crimes in Poinen. While piloting an unlicensed, anti-tanked hauler through the system, he had the temerity to leave a recruitment ad for his corporation in local chat. In less than a minute, Agent Luna Nightblood punished Seth with a righteous gank. First Seth's hauler exploded, and then he exploded in anger himself.

Poinen residents and on-duty Agents of the New Order watched the spectacle in local chat. There was a real potential for the situation to escalate; Seth had no intention of calming down, despite being repeatedly instructed to do so.

Agents of the New Order aren't the type to write people off. EVE players--even carebears--are presumed to be redeemable. Besides, our wallets are filled with the isk of people who said they would "never pay".

Because the incident was occurring in the local channel of a busy system, a crowd gathered. Would they side with the carebear or with CODE.?

Over the years, there have been thousands of misunderstandings that have led to many EVE players having a low opinion of the mighty CODE. alliance. However, everyone in Poinen took our Agent's side in her conflict with Seth. This is consistent with the pattern of increasing pro-Code sentiment that we've been seeing lately.

When passersby inquired about what was going on, Luna linked the killmail in local. That explained it all.

Seth tried to defend himself, arguing that he wasn't piloting illegal mining equipment--he was merely smuggling it.

In addition to being an admitted Code violator, the miner's unique writing style didn't endear him to the public.

Seth then made another admission: He had previously read the Code in its entirety. He announced that he didn't think there was much value in the Code. But Seth was not exactly bursting with credibility.

In his anger, Seth didn't realize that he was helping the New Order win hearts and minds.

Nevertheless, our Agents weren't content to sit back and rest on their laurels. They awaited an opportunity to get Seth interested in buying a mining permit.

With calmness comes rationality. Calm miners tend to be far more interested in buying permits. Seth wasn't there yet, but surely his rage couldn't go on forever.

No longer interested in rallying allies to his anti-Code cause, Seth picked fights with everyone around him. Agent Luna quietly observed Seth's behavior and considered that perhaps it would be better to speak with the miner another day, after he'd had sufficient time to calm down.

But the fight was only beginning. If Seth couldn't win allies through persuasion, he'd use his money to hire mercenaries.

To be continued...