Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Orcas of Nakugard, Part 7

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alt 00 brought justice to the Nakugard system by slaughtering its Orca bots and scattering the survivors. The remaining miners acknowledged her ability to destroy any of them at any time she chose. At first, this led to peace and order. But eventually, the miners' pesky emotions began to reassert themselves.

Haze Tveskoeg wanted answers for the battlecruiser he'd lost months earlier. As he grew more agitated, Alt 00 offered him some calming words. It seemed to work--so far.

No sooner had Haze simmered down than another rebel popped up in his place.

Young Ok Kim wasn't satisfied with the way Alt 00 handled the Haze case. She identified with Haze because she, too, was an unlicensed miner. A classic case of bias. If the Haze matter had been taken care of more privately, perhaps Young wouldn't have been provoked. Transparency comes at a price.

Like a jaded old prisoner who meets a new inmate and tells him the score, Haze cautioned his fellow miner. Alt 00 had enough DPS at her disposal to kill any carebear, no matter how tanked.

Alt 00 eyed the self-destructive miner with compassion. She wondered what her beef was.

Just then, Haze went back for another good wallow in self-pity. Was Young Ok Kim's defiance stirring him up?

The miners grew more uppity. As Alt 00 suspected, they were feeding off of each other.

Our Agent uncorked her italics and quoted the Code, but even this was not enough to subdue the unruly pair.

Alt 00 sighed and drew five Catalysts from her deck of gank alts.

Despite using a semi-tanked Procurer (the kind that rebels say can't be ganked), Young Ok Kim was utterly destroyed. Alt 00 podded her, removing the miner's toxic influence from the system.

Haze still wasn't satisfied. Alt 00 had killed a miner before his very eyes, but the act hadn't won Haze's heart or mind.

Young remained defiant, too--though now she had to share her troubling thoughts by EVEmail.

Alt 00 was genuinely puzzled. She'd brought so much death and destruction to Nakugard, yet it didn't make the miners love the Code. Was it possible that she was going about this all wrong? Then Alt 00 had a realization: She obviously hadn't killed enough miners yet.

To be continued...


  1. Often the first gank is not enough to convince a miner of the potency of The Code. Some miners must be ganked to the brink of poverty before experience their ephiphany. A few will still come back in T1-fit Ventures out of sheer ornery obstinacy. But that's OK. The Code Always Wins, thanks to the perseverance of fine Agents like Alt 00.

    1. A billion+ in ISK so far this month, happily mining away in various high sec systems. None of Jamey's CHODE. slaves to be seen. It's clear that outside of this blog they are entirely inconsequential to the world of EO.

  2. If I had a dime for every rebel miner...

  3. I tend to forget how deeply and utterly miserable creatures are the miners. When such a fine article reminds me of it, I feel a great awe towards the dedicated agents who descend to gently teach the miners some of the magnificent, revealing truths that The Code holds so many of.

    Keep up the good work agents!
    Praise James!

  4. I get Young's defiance but not the venom. Sometimes it's better to let actions speak louder than words. I don't use the F word on other players or insult them. If my ship gets blown up, I get another one and hop right into the thick of things. Such is the way to play EvE online.

    1. The way to play is with a subscription, all you are doing is freeloading. Nice try enieepoo but your alpha opinion is invalid.

      You should calm down miner, and grab a subscription. Why do you refuse to help the game? Or are you actually RPing a worthless little ghetto leech? Everything else is provided for you via welfare, why not your mmo as well huh? What a wretched existence.

      Get a permit and a sub, or get rekt shitters!


    2. Hey Ehnea. Fuck you.

  5. That miner had no idea about setting home stations? If he did then he wouldn't have to jump at all.

  6. "Like a jaded old prisoner who meets a new inmate and tells him the score, Haze cautioned his fellow miner."



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