Thursday, January 4, 2018

Humility in Greatness

Agent Aaaarrgg is one of highsec's great problem solvers. He's always troubleshooting.

Aaaarrgg has earned a reputation for extreme helpfulness. People come to him for advice, support--and sometimes simply to vent about their personal problems.

Though he's accessible to everyone, Agent Aaaarrgg makes no bones about where he stands on the issues. That is to say, the issue: The Code. He's in favor of it.

The Code influences everything. If you lack the Code, you'll end up looking (and smelling) like war child233.

...And you'll stay that way until you embrace the Code.

Dzipas's alt, sidas 31, lost a Retriever. Instead of wondering what was deficient about the Retriever, he assumed there was something wrong with the guy who won the battle.

This is where Codelessness gets you.

Some miners wouldn't recognize common sense even if it came right up to them and detonated their mining barge.

Dzipas finally conceded that maybe Aaaarrgg knew what he was doing. The miner rationalized the incident by deciding that it's rude or immoral to win at EVE.

Despite Aaaarrgg's rock star status, he's extraordinarily humble and down-to-earth. He never fails to remind the miners that he gets his inspiration from the Saviour of Highsec. After all, Aaaarrgg didn't just wake up one morning and decide to be awesome; I told him to do it.

You'd think the shining light of the Code would give miners a reason to smile. Yet there are still plenty of carebears who remain crusty and cynical. ImperialAcademy ReliReclaim falls into that category.

Everyone who's interacted with me knows about my humility. I'm famous for it. If you've ever wondered how the New Order's nigh-omnipotent Agents keep their egos in check, they learned it from me.

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're willing to put your ego aside in favor of a great cause. Highsec miners would do well to think less of themselves.


  1. That Jamey and his CHODE. slaves hate children was never really up for debate. And this insipid blog entry proves it.

    1. All this blog proves is that CODE. And James are essentially a NBSI alliance and they are protecting the territory. This has nothing to do with hating children. Now I don't care for the condescending tone towards the miners but for the price of 10 mil a year, I'll live with it. It's not any worse than being called a carebear

    2. Code hate children?

      No my friend. it wasn't our moderator that killed his infant child and then himself over a video game - try antiganking

    3. It's not CODE.'s fault that bad parents are getting blapped in a spaceship blapping game instead of caring for their children properly.


    4. There's nothing worse than being called a carebear.

      Just sayin.


    5. Never forget shardani

    6. [07:19:19] Kalynn Shardani > I am currently about to list Kalynn Shardani 's toon for sale if there is any interest please contact Rosaria Cosmos
      [07:19:31] Shelley Tortuga > o7
      [07:23:55] Shelley Tortuga > Sorry to hear that you will be leaving us permanetly.
      [07:25:35] Admiral Demona Black > Hayley Logical Fallacy Nin Rin Prixm Wind Yvain Bluewater ^M Kamio VI - Moon 7 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant
      [07:26:11] Kalynn Shardani > Shelley Tortuga the person who owned this toon passed away this past July
      [07:27:18] Shelley Tortuga > My condolences.
      [07:28:01] MRxX7XxMONKEY > oh, damn, my condolences
      [07:28:39] Kalynn Shardani > i'm sure he would appreciate that , thank you
      [07:29:00] Shelley Tortuga > The player behind Kalynn Shardani was always very encouriging and nice
      [07:29:01] Symphony-Angel > very sad , send the same
      [07:34:50] Tempus Halley > how is Uedama and Niarja?
      [07:35:16] Symphony-Angel > 5 reds docked in Uedama VII - Lai Dai Corporation Factory
      [07:36:03] Kalynn Shardani > I am happy to hear he was like that in game and glad he made so many friends not much like that outta game i'm affraid
      [07:36:28] Kalynn Shardani > i was hoping to inform Sarah Flynt so she may remove him from the moderator list etc
      [07:36:56] Astecus > I'll take care of that
      [07:38:31] Symphony-Angel > sad story
      [07:40:18] Astecus > Kalynn Shardani has been removed as moderator now
      [07:40:45] Astecus > Sad story indeed...
      [07:41:00] MRxX7XxMONKEY > i had to relog, could someone send me the story?
      [07:41:27] Symphony-Angel >
      [07:42:13] Kantar Vilorious > Hello Kalynn and everyone. Guess who?
      [07:42:43] MRxX7XxMONKEY > oh the 54yo man was the owner of that character?
      [07:42:59] Kantar Vilorious > alittle younger
      [07:43:02] Admiral Demona Black > Hayley Logical Fallacy Nin Rin Prixm Wind Yvain Bluewater IN Kamio VI - Moon 7 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant JUST HAD A SCOUT COME IN ICE FIELD openwind
      [07:43:29] Symphony-Angel > MRxX7XxMONKEY i believe so
      [07:43:35] MRxX7XxMONKEY > damn
      [07:44:51] Kalynn Shardani > so hence why im trying to get rid of his toon - (wife)
      [07:45:15] Symphony-Angel > very sorry for your loss
      [07:45:43] Kalynn Shardani > i appreciate that
      [07:45:53] Astecus > Kalynn Shardani so you played EVE together?
      [07:46:24] Kalynn Shardani > yes / I am Rosaria Cosmos in game
      [07:46:50] Kantar Vilorious > Hi Kalynn
      [07:48:15] Apple Ottig > Dragon Knights Inc still around? :)
      [07:48:44] Symphony-Angel > cool name for alliance
      [07:52:34] Kalynn Shardani > yes it is
      [07:53:04] Kalynn Shardani > I run the DKI alliance. Kalynn didn't just gave intel
      [07:53:04] Astecus > Must admit Kalynn seemed like the least likely to do something like this...
      [07:54:24] Kalynn Shardani > i don't know how he was in game but out of game he wasn't ,.. very kind
      [07:54:35] Astecus > But then again, this is a roleplaying game
      [07:54:42] Kalynn Shardani > it is
      [07:57:12] Astecus > So how familiar are you with anti-ganking and his activities with it?
      [07:57:33] Kalynn Shardani > extremely
      [07:57:49] Kalynn Shardani > i helped him with a lot of his intel for the code alliance
      [07:58:00] Kalynn Shardani > however we kept our ingame characters disconnected
      [07:59:56] Rosaria Cosmos > this is better

      Looks like your Shardani was your agent. Who would have thought?

    7. Looks like little johnnie child rapist still loves copypasta

      Here's the real shardani story. You'll notice little johnnie throws shardani's rl wife under the bus with his forgery.

      Hopefully little johnnie pedo will get help before he follows suit. I fear for his family.

  2. Shame that these people haven't had the opportunity to understand null sec mechanics and renter corps. 10 mil per toon for a year of essentially blue status for all high sec is a really good deal. I remember buying into HBC many years ago and our Corp of 7 toons had to pay 1.5 bil a month. James has definitely made being "blue" in his space very affordable.

    1. Your first mistake was "toon", go back to wow.

    2. Hard to go back to a game I have never played. :'( lol

    3. I never saw a "toon creator" page when I created my characters.

      Even this most recent one I made to infiltrate the ag super secret comms. :D

    4. Eh, I'll keep calling them toons. It's like the word tomato to me.

    5. Never saw a Nazi creator either but yet here they are killing kids as art of their "code".

    6. Call 'em toons if you want, just know that in EVE it makes you sound like some window licker from pandaville. i.e. "the go back to wow" comment.

      Or call 'em tomatoes, we still hear the same thing: "blah blah I can't be assed to learn the game I'm playing wah wah"

      Lol toon!

  3. Im just here to say antiganking is full of failures.

  4. A lot of folks would be reluctant to extoll their own humility. That's why James 315 (pbuh) is the Saviour--he's not shy to tell it how it is.

    1. Your savior, glad to know people are still dumb enough to sell their souls to the devil. Have fun with your damnation you child killer supporter.

  5. "Granite"?

    Just kill him till he goes back to school.

    1. Yea you seem kinda thick johnnie, mad about this still?

      Your lover shardani left you all alone huh? Poor piddles.

    2. Nazzianon seems to be anti-education now. What a shitter.

  6. "Aaaarrgg didn't just wake up one morning and decide to be awesome; I told him to do it."

    Man I love this site. How could a carebear ever win against that?!?!

    1. Because you love murder lovers is why you have already lost.

    2. Only your ag shitter idol shardani loves murder, here's proof.

  7. Little Johnny Piddles has returned I see. Did he finally get back from his anger management course? It's hard to understand how someone could be so upset about people playing a video game differently to him, that he would spend hours of his life posting rubbish all over a blog.

    Keep inflating those comment counters, Piddles.

    1. Is simple, he's a shitter in RL as well as in game. Such a shitter that he is unable to seperate the game from RL.

      He's probably a catholic priest; he's usually absent from here on holidays and Sundays, and likes to fantasize about child rape.

      Little johnnie pedo, never forget your idol and ag scum shardani!

  8. Little johnnie pedo tears. They're delectable after he gets a good nerfing. He's impotent here, allowed to cry at James' discretion, and it eats him up inside. Not even a tragic character, just a ignorant fool that's deserving of everything that befalls him. ag lackey.

  9. Little johnnie pedophile sheds a lot of tears on this site. It's funny watching him tryhard.

    The truth behind kalynn.

  10. 'Basement dwelling low IQ pedophile shitter' is not an occupation.

    little johnnie pedo is just another dickless coward with a grudge and a crush on teenage boys.

  11. Miners failing at the game and real life yet again.

  12. I'm still stuck on the guy who doesn't know we call pilots toons. Must be a carebear.


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