Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Shocker, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Havoc5124 lost a fail-fit Mackinaw in the Hek system when Agent Tisiphone Dira ganked him. The miner went to the "Why am I dead?" channel to discuss the matter with Tisiphone and Dom Arkaral. He then revealed his true identity: An elite nullsec capital pilot!
Havoc5124 > your boys jump me again they r in for a shocker
Havoc5124 > im not mad just trying to get you here
Havoc5124 > duel free from concord and after i blow ur ship up ill take 50mil and an apology from you
Havoc5124 > you should be paying me for my time because newbie trash like you is just wasting my time
Freed from the shackles of his anti-tanked exhumer, Havoc5124 was ready to unleash his full fury on the New Order.
Tisiphone Dira > So is the dreaded wormhole cap fleet coming for me then, or am I safe to go about my bussiness?
Havoc5124 > u can bring ur business here and ill shut you down, hows that sound
Dom Arkaral > you are one lazy bear, no wonder you got ganked hahah
Havoc5124 > not lazy just dont really give a shit about you loosers
Havoc5124 > im laughing at you not crying
Havoc5124 > come back when u can fly a carrier and i might pay enough attention to you to listen
The miner was secretly in command of an empire in wormhole space, one which was patrolled by a fleet of his fellow capital pilots.
Havoc5124 > good for them so let me guess that means you are to much of a weak ass biatch to handle a carrier
Havoc5124 > thats why ur boys are flying destroyers and nothing bigger
Havoc5124 > freaking newbies
Dom Arkaral > I can tank a carrier in my bs anyday
Havoc5124 > lol ill believe u can fly a bs when u show up with one
The miner was so busy with his empire that he had barely any time to exact vengeance against the Agent who popped his Mackinaw.
Dom Arkaral > you still haven't noticed that I'm not even in the CODE. alliance haven't you?
Havoc5124 > ive noticed in fact im talking to my guys about dropping a war dec on all of your aliances
Dom Arkaral > "your guys" lmao
Havoc5124 > laugh now
Havoc5124 > have fun flying your pos destroyers
The other shoe dropped: Havoc5124 was only engaging in conversation with our Agents to keep them distracted while he made preparations for a full-scale war against CODE. and any affiliated alliances.
Dom Arkaral > whew XD
Havoc5124 > lol u r fool and ur stupidity is making me laugh harder so please stop making me laugh
Havoc5124 > u just dont get it do you
Havoc5124 > were r u
Dom Arkaral > Uedama same as an hour ago
Havoc5124 > hmm 14 jumps away...........
Tisiphone could only shake her head. Havoc5124 was about to destroy the New Order, leaving her with only a small chance of selling him a mining permit.
Havoc5124 > what r ur terms
Havoc5124 > as in restrictions
Dom Arkaral > none? this is EVE lmao
Havoc5124 > ok works for me
Dom Arkaral > oh welp
Dom Arkaral > guess he isn't coming after all XD
The miner offered to duel Dom Arkaral, but then he went silent. The miner disappeared, which is typical of carebears who vow revenge but actually do nothing. What our Agents didn't know is that Havoc5124 had every intention of delivering them the shock he'd promised.

The next day in the "Why am I dead?" channel...
Lament von Gankenheim > 2017.01.05 23:14:20 Player Donation 10,000,000 ISK 250,050,990 ISK [r] Havoc5124 deposited cash into Lament von Gankenheim's account
Dom Arkaral > holy mammoth how did you manage that?
Lament von Gankenheim > he ended our convo with a "it was my pleasure meeting you"
Dom Arkaral > how? he went to "fuck CODE." to "let me suck your tralala.. ummm your ding-ding-dong"?!
The news from Agent Lament von Gankenheim indeed shocked everyone. Their amazement only grew as Lament showed them the logs of his convo with Havoc5124 earlier that day:
Lament von Gankenheim > \o
Havoc5124 > greetings
Havoc5124 > i was reading over the chat log and saw you also offer services in assisting players in building proper tanks is that correct
Lament von Gankenheim > absolutely
Havoc5124 > good, im a returning vet of the game and would greatly appreciate assistance in getting back ontop of my game including PVP.
Lament had been contacted by Havoc5124, who saw him talking to other miners in the "Why am I dead?" channel. His attitude was completely different now. For the first time, he recognized that he was just a highsec miner in need of a permit.
Havoc5124 > i will pay the 10mil isk to you
Havoc5124 > for a 1 yr permit
Havoc5124 > is this permit good in all high sec
Lament von Gankenheim > every system 0.5-1.0
Havoc5124 > roger that.
Lament didn't even need to sell him on the idea. He simply collected the miner's isk.
Havoc5124 > isk inbound
Havoc5124 > 10mil transfered
Havoc5124 > awaiting your evemail
Havoc5124 > pleasure doing business
Lament von Gankenheim > my pleasure as well
Havoc5124 > do i need to leave my current corp to be one of ur agents
As I've often said, our wallets are filled with the isk of those who say they'll never pay.

Rebel carebears of highsec, you see that permit up there? That's going to be in your bio one day. And probably a lot sooner than you think.

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Shocker, Part 1

The rebel miner says, "Leave me alone." Yet he needs our help--desperately.

Havoc5124's anti-tanked Mackinaw was basically a 202 million isk distress signal beamed directly to our Agents. Luckily, our Agents are never far from the asteroid belts of Hek, so they were able to reach out to Havoc5124 soon after he began his transmission.
EVE System > Channel MOTD: Persons found in breach of the Law of Highsec will henceforth have their equipment decomissioned. This communications frequency should be utilized to discuss said punitive actions and to determine a preventative plan of action to ensure future compliance.
Tisiphone Dira > Not at all. I don't gloat.
Havoc5124 > in not new to pvp
Havoc5124 > u 2 were on me before i could finish realing in my drones
Upon receiving an informative EVEmail from Agent Tisiphone Dira, the miner reported to the "Why am I dead?" channel.
Tisiphone Dira > Oh, as this isn't your first rodeo, you are familiar with common courtesy and etiquette? Where then is the 'gf' or 'good fight' in local?
Havoc5124 > it would have been a good fight if i actually fought back
Tisiphone Dira > You just admitted that you were attempting to make an escape, pulling in your drones and warping your pod out.
Tisiphone Dira > I foiled your attempts to escape, it was a good fight
Havoc5124 > blah blah blah
Like many miners, Havoc5124 believed a battle doesn't count as PvP unless both ships are firing at each other. He didn't understand the predator-prey dynamic or the PvP food chain.
Havoc5124 > now that i know your creeping around here maybe ill turn u into my new play toy
Tisiphone Dira > Woah, calm down friend. The Code commands that miners such as yourself treat all Code agents with respect and deference
Havoc5124 > you wanna square up the kill right thats fine by me
Havoc5124 > lol you hpnor ur code ill pull the trigger
Before Tisiphone could give him another chance to buy a permit, Havoc5124 suddenly transformed. The hunted had become the hunter.
Havoc5124 > makes no difference to me, i got my corp heading this way and they will camp gates looking for you
Dom Arkaral > https://zkillboard.com/character/1905312871/ "I'll pull the trigger" come on now, don't lie to yourself
Havoc5124 > lol lol roflmao
Havoc5124 > you think this is my pvp toon, wow dude u r such a newbie
Dom Arkaral > you have a titan pilot in nullsec? ohemgee
Fellow Agent Dom Arkaral joined the conversation already in progress. He was deeply skeptical of the miner's claim to be wolf in sheep's clothing.
Havoc5124 > close but it is a cap pilot
Dom Arkaral > yet you're in highsec, mining
Havoc5124 > thats were this toon was left
Dom Arkaral > just another excuse lol
Havoc5124 > look you think you know something and yet u know nothing about me. all ill say is watch out because i will come at you sideways
Havoc5124 explained that he normally conducts impressive PvP operations in nullsec using his capital pilot. The only reason he was AFK mining in highsec was because he'd left his character in Hek. See? It all makes sense.
Dom Arkaral > if you did have a toon in null, you'd be running havens all day long in a couple of carriers
Havoc5124 > not many of our cap team is on right now
Dom Arkaral > another awful excuse
Havoc5124 > lol say all u want but when i pod you maybe u will think again
Havoc5124 > and we r in wh space so be carefull jumping in holes. you might jump in the wrong one and find me with my carrier drilling your hole
Another reason Havoc5124 was spending his days mining in highsec was the inactivity of his fellow nullsec warriors. But once they logged on, he'd unleash them upon our Agents.
Tisiphone Dira > Havoc5124 i think you need to calm down. All we need is 10m and an apology
Havoc5124 > 10 mil and apology, and what will you do if i tell you to "go fuck yourself"
Havoc5124 > now that i know u target miners maybe ill camp out the belts and wait for you to show
Havoc5124 > and dont say there are kids in this room, this online games interaction isnt rated so stuff that shite
Tisiphone encouraged the miner to put aside fantasy in favor of reality. The best way of doing that, if you're a carebear, is to buy a mining permit and obey the Code. Havoc5124 became hostile instead. He wasn't ready to abandon his fantasy just yet.
Dom Arkaral > do you talk like that to your kids? such a filthy mouth
Havoc5124 > i dont have kids
Dom Arkaral > ok then, do you talk like that to your family and friends?
Havoc5124 > ah yes i do
Havoc5124 > got anymore quick comments
Dom Arkaral > miner, calm down
It was clear that the negotiations were getting nowhere. How could Havoc5124 buy a permit, if he was still doing his "elite nullsec PvP'er" routine?
Havoc5124 > couple newbies arent going to upset me
Dom Arkaral > who's your "all-powerful" nullsec alt with?
Havoc5124 > u will find out when it kills you, lol thats when u will know
Havoc5124 > im done with you newbies come on back to hek and ill give u a real fight
Havoc5124 > lol this toon aint no whimp
The miner challenged our heroes to a rematch in the Hek system. It was time to settle this conflict, once and for all.
Havoc5124 > so Dom Arkaral u like hiding out in high sec
Dom Arkaral > I'm in plain sight lol
Havoc5124 > yeah head in the dirt
Dom Arkaral > if you say so lol
Havoc5124 > i do because thats were newbies belong, rolling around in the dirt
Havoc5124 > have fun playing in the dirt
Havoc5124 > your boys jump me again they r in for a shocker
Descending deeper into his nullsec PvP'er persona, the miner sneered at the New Order of Highsec for being in highsec. It was as if Havoc5124 had forgotten that he'd been mining with a triple-cargo-expanded Mackinaw in Hek only moments before. He promised to shock our Agents. A lot of miners promise the same. But Havoc5124 was about to deliver.

To be continued...

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Kills of the Week

"CODE. is dead!" cries the carebear, "Someone said so in Anti-Ganking!"

As you might imagine, any week when zKillboard declares The Conference Elite to be the #1 corporation in the entire game... Well, that's a bad week for non-compliant carebears. It also must be said that during the week of January 22nd @ 00:00 EVEtime through January 28th @ 23:59 EVEtime...

...it was a dangerous thing to be a non-compliant freighter pilot.

Let's begin with a bang. Inseno's 29 billion isk jump freighter went BANG! when it was attacked by Agents Fabulous Andy, Ricki Lake Show, BAE B PEW, The O'Reilly Factor, Hermann Fizzleblade, Unfit ForDoody, Morrigan Laima, BoneyTooth Thompkins ISK-Chip, Jayson Kusion, Jake Kusion, Lawrence Lawton, Justin Kusion, Jack Fizzleblade, Jayden Kusion, Elite Highsec PvP, Eugenie Brazier, Joel Kusion, Franz Fizzleblade, Johnathan Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Wylde Ranger, Turkey Baster, Joshua Kusion, Lich Terminus, BAE B BLUE, Zoe Worclaw, Knackered Old Goat, Jackson Kusion, Archibald Fizzleblade, Joseph Kusion, Gottfried Fizzleblade, Hagen Fizzleblade, Dano Luvoe, Lilly Kusoni, Karl Friedrich Fizzleblade, Mitch Tortuga, and Etriza.

Yes, the jump freighter had plenty of jump fuel, but Iseno chose not to escape. The Loot Fairy withheld her blessing, but the blessing of the Code was definitely upon highsec in that moment. And as any ganker will tell you, that's far more valuable.

Protip: If you have an "ORE" module on your ship, you're doing it wrong. Inevitable Alabel used three illegal ORE Expanded Cargoholds on her ship, and she lost 22.8 billion isk in the process. Letters of congratulation may be sent to Agents Liz Cadelanne, Darnoth, Norrec Lafisques, Archibald Fizzleblade, Jack Fizzleblade, Flamboyant Surprise, Franz Fizzleblade, Skiff Poddington, Schizz Popinov, Selina Love, Hulk Poddington, Psy Nose Up, Hermann Fizzleblade, Knackered Old Goat, Git Guud Nurd, Ricki Lake Show, Fabulous Andy, Unfit ForDoody, Dragalis Miraxim, Unwarranted Assumption, Mack Poddington, Yvain Bluewater, Jayson Kusion, Logical Fallacy, The O'Reilly Factor, Heisenberg Hemah, Jake Kusion, Miner Compliance Officer, Mr Cellophane, Gottfried Fizzleblade, James Poddington, Hayley, big brutor three, Karl Friedrich Fizzleblade, Lawrence Lawton, Prixm Wind, Logical Fatality, Nin Rin, Jayden Kusion, Hagen Fizzleblade, Joel Kusion, Turkey Baster, Justin Kusion, Masrok VII, Johnathan Kusion, Joseph Kusion, big brutor four, Sorrento 655321, Jeremiah Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Basic Black Bitch, Joshua Kusion, Sorg-frae, and Dross Kusoni.

Sakhr Al-Djinni knew better than to anti-tank his freighter. In fact, he bulkheaded up. The result was simply that more gankers got in on the kill: Agents Darnoth, BoneyTooth Thompkins ISK-Chip, Fabulous Andy, Logical Fallacy, Yvain Bluewater, The O'Reilly Factor, Hulk Poddington, Randy McSoggybotto, Jake Kusion, Flamboyant Surprise, Lawrence Lawton, James Poddington, Mack Poddington, Jayson Kusion, Miner Compliance Officer, Prixm Wind, Nin Rin, Justin Kusion, Mr Cellophane, ZAKURELL0 LINDA, eC Cade, Pure Whyte, Shazna Solta, Dragalis Miraxim, Johanthan Kusion, Joseph Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Joshua Kusion, Joel Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Another ShadeOf Whyte, Heisenberg Hemah, Dewzer Eyre, Ricki Lake Show, Skiff Poddington, Hayley, Logical Fatality, Unwarranted Assumption, Zoe Worclaw, big brutor three, big brutor four, Selina Love, Psy Nose Up, Kill-Chan, Basic Black Bitch, and HSM Captain.

Our Agents take very seriously the Code's prohibition against autopiloting shuttles, even shuttles being carried by other autopiloting vessels. And if our Agents must confiscate 18 billion isk worth of loot in the process, they'll shoulder that burden, too.

Our Agents are elite PvP'ers. They're capable of executing double Hulk kills, triple Hulk kills--even quadruple Hulk kills. Poisen Evey gave our heroes a very special opportunity: She had 20 Hulks in her freighter. The result was a memorable gank for Agents Lawrence Lawton, Bint Bint, Mack Poddington, Ruby Dubes, Ralliana, Skiff Poddington, Hulk Poddington, Sheenah Ash-carrier, Hayley, James Poddington, Vudu Mama Juju, Logical Fallacy, Yvain Bluewater, Archibald Fizzleblade, Logical Fatality, Miner Compliance Officer, Kieren Avent, Yasahi konma, Nin Rin, Valelianjais, Prixm Wind, Unwarranted Assumption, Luna Nightblood, and big brutor four.

An amazing postscript to this gank: After the gank fleet reduced the freighter to 10% structure, apparently necessitating a follow-up attempt, Agents Ralliana and Luna Nightblood appeared out of nowhere in Tornadoes and finished off the target. The CODE always wins!

The rebels and skeptics will find any reason not to take joy in an obviously joyful time. They'll gripe and they'll grouse and they'll snarl, "Why all the freighter kills? Aren't you lot supposed to kill miners?" Perhaps they'll be happy to hear about the destruction of Connie Crow's blingy Skiff with ORE Ice Harvesters. It even had a "Syndicate Damage Control". No permit, though. Agents Jayson Kusion, Justin Kusion, Jake Kusion, Joel Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Turkey Baster, Joseph Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Johnathan Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, and Joshua Kusion shocked miners everywhere by entering an ice anomaly to gank a miner. Non-compliant Skiffs, beware!

margie d vito either didn't pay attention to the tens of thousands of pods ganked over the last few years, or she just didn't care. She got her pod to the Niarja gate, but no further. Agent ST0NER SMURF was on patrol.

Her snaked-up pod's speed tank wasn't enough to dodge our Agent's bullets. There's no outrunning the Code.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #124

Really, miners? You'd rather cry for one hundred twenty-four editions (and counting) of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag--instead of simply obeying the Code?

Helli Trevelyan brought disturbing news of two unnamed individuals being murdered IRL by unnamed Agents of the New Order. Luckily, unnamed ex-employees of CCP are on the case. I'll update everyone if I hear more about this situation. And if necessary, I'll request further information by sending a petition to an ex-GM.

The freighter gankers have gotten quite good at destroying jump freighters before they activate their covops cloaks. The Anti-Gankers, on the other hand, fail regardless of the game's actual mechanics.

Ulv Brandt refused to buy a permit, citing Agent Bing Bangboom's inability to live up to the Code...

...But judging by Ulv's decision to give up mining, it seems Agent Bing is doing precisely what the Code requires.

In the post-gank afterglow, an unusually candid miner admitted that he doesn't care--not about the Code, and certainly not about the game. These are the "players" whose interests EVE should be designed to serve? I think not!

Remember, parents: When you break the law of highsec, you're setting an example for your children to follow. If you want your children to obey your rules and the laws of society, obey the Code!

A few days ago, Agent Ralliana inadvertently brought about the end of the New Order...

The merc army is still mobilizing, I understand.

Agent Snigie Audanie got mixed signals from the Russian miner he ganked. On the one hand, the miner seemed to admit to botting. On the other hand, he suggested Snigie should watch his bank account. Ten million isk incoming?

Maybe the miner will be paying by cash.

Our Agents have become so effective that they can shut down illegal mining operations without even entering the system!

Slowly but surely, highsec miners are learning to show proper respect to their rulers. Things are changing for the better.

Friday, January 27, 2017

A Bucket of Joy

Dear reader, how would you like a bucket? "Okay," you say, "That's pretty decent." Now then, how would you like a bucket of joy? Yeah, now we're talkin'.

First item on the agenda: New Order stock. Everyone loves it, everyone wants to purchase it for all sorts of reasons. In fact, that's one of the best things about New Order stock--its versatility.

shootyou longtyme's purchase of New Order stock on behalf of his alliance might trigger some people out there with unexplained grudges against the Tactical Narcotics Team.

The appropriately named Toombs lost a 1.2 billion isk Stratios and a 750 million isk pod to our Agents. Then a bunch of his stuff was sold to buy New Order stock. You might say Toombs helped fund the ganking of the next carebear. It's the circle of life--or death, in this case.

Next up, we have the latest installment of highsec's equivalent of the James Bond franchise: The Code Is Forever series.

It's really impressive that each sequel is even better than the one before it. After thirty-two editions, that's no mean feat.

Even more joy!

At the risk of spoiling the outcome of the negotiations, I'll just say that the carebear in question was a really poor negotiator.

After losing his Mackinaw...

...he also lost his billion isk Orca. Later, I received an EVEmail from an interested party:

This all sounds very complicated, but as always, the Code allows us to cut right to the heart of the matter. The ships in question were insufficiently tanked and neither pilot had a mining permit. No permit, no ship. Ness 64 bought a couple permits the day after the ganks, which is excellent--but too late to save those dead ships.

Remember everyone, the time to purchase a mining permit is now, not after your Orca gets tackled.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Everyone Means Everyone

Important people get heckled all the time. Our Agents are accustomed to dealing with hecklers. Agent Aaaarrgg was helping some people play EVE correctly when a miner suddenly began disrupting local chat.

The villain in question was Dentevard, who'd held a grudge against CODE. ever since he'd been ganked in a fail-fit Covetor months earlier. Dentevard was the CEO of his own mining corporation. Look at that Covetor again, dear reader: This is what he was teaching new players.

Dentevard was convinced that Aaaarrgg was some sort of scoundrel--simply because he was affiliated with CODE. and happened to be selling mining permits!

Agent Aaaarrgg had a positive, inclusive vision for highsec's future. Dentevard couldn't believe it; he had more of a zero-sum view of things.

The Code really is universal in nature. Everyone who plays EVE can benefit from complying with the Code. Dentevard was too suspicious and cynical to accept this truth.

Ever since the New Order first came to highsec, miners have accused us of being bullies. After all this time, they still have failed to produce even a shred of evidence to support their claim. And no, miner, shooting spaceships in a spaceship-shooting game does not constitute bullying. You may as well say that using a mining laser on a piece of rock is bullying.

Though he hadn't quit the game yet, Dentevard was obviously unhappy with his EVE experience. One can only imagine the drudgery of mining in highsec month after month, year after year. Aaaarrgg offered him a way out.

Dentevard reacted badly to hearing my name. This raised a red flag.

The miner grew increasingly upset as Aaaarrgg explained the Code to him. Although the prospect of not being ganked anymore must have appealed to Dentevard, the thought of parting with 10 million isk made him sick to his stomach.

The miner's stubbornness proved costly. He now owed Aaaarrgg the sum of 30 million isk. Dentevard had a negative isk/hour ratio for the day.

The situation escalated: Dentevard declared himself the leader of a new rebellion against CODE. His attempt to mobilize the local miners failed when he discovered they were AFK.

In just a few minutes, Dentevard changed his strategy entirely. He would now become a miner ganker--the most deadly miner ganker in highsec's history. All permit-owning miners would be targeted for destruction.

After doing some light research into the mechanics of ganking, Dentevard abandoned his plan to become a ganker. The threat had passed, but those were certainly a tense few minutes.

Bitter and dripping with sarcasm, the former rebel leader could do nothing but sulk. Dentevard had an extra 10 million isk sitting in his wallet, but there was no joy in his heart. Stingy carebears, there's a lesson to be learned here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Twilight of the Pods, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... CODE. corporation Vrix Nation took a fearless stand against a truly insidious enemy: People who autopilot in pods through New Order territory.

According to zKillboard, CODE. has terminated more than 66,000 pods. Apparently we need to work harder to get the word out.

In addition to the ban on autopiloting, the Code forbids carebears from slinking through highsec in insufficiently tanked ships. Pods are somewhat notorious for being light on tank.

Vrix Nation's enforcement actions took many carebears by surprise. Their shock and disbelief proved their ignorance--itself a Code violation.

Judging by the decline in autopilot usage (especially among shuttles and pods), most carebears are quick to learn their lesson. Not all, though.

The great transformation of highsec has come at the cost of my inconspicuousness. I am now the second-most famous EVE player. That's one of the reasons I strive to be a good representative of the game and act in a manner consistent with EVE's values. And highsec's values are the Code's values now.

Thus, I have become a living litmus test. If you're against me, you're against EVE. Don't be against me and EVE. CCP will lose subscribers!

Manually slow-boating your pod to a stargate is almost as dangerous as autopiloting. Curiously, these "active" pod pilots never choose to warp away when a red flashy Thrasher begins locking them.

Trying in vain to maintain their dignity, some podded carebears thank a ganker for delivering them to their destination more quickly. It's a front, obviously, or else they would've self-destructed.

Nevertheless, a podded carebear should thank his ganker for sending him on the Pod Express. But with sincerity, not in a spiteful, sour-grapes kinda way.

At first, Nill Ashess seemed to be an unusually whimsical Russian. Then he descended into that whole "ships that shoot back" nonsense. Our heroes' search for potential Gallants continued.

Yet another example of carebear hypocrisy: They say there's no law in highsec, but they act like we're doing something wrong by ganking them. What standards are they applying to our conduct, if there's no law?

Case in point, Jalden Gardner's rant. On the one hand, Jalden says EVE is a sandbox and players can do as they wish. On the other hand, you're a "sociopathic bully" if you shoot a spaceship in highsec. By what measure? With no law to guide us, maybe it's sociopathic to move from one station to another while making supper for the kids.

Oh, and note how Jalden throws his kids under the bus. Like he wasn't gonna eat some of that supper himself.

A beam of light cut across the darkness. No one can deny that the New Order is reshaping highsec in the image of the Code. There are many who have yet to be illuminated. In time, we'll win them all, one heart and mind at a time. No matter how many dead pods it takes.