Monday, November 30, 2015

Crazy Like a Foxbolt, Part 10

Previously, on MinerBumping... The saga of Admiral Foxbolt continued, as continue it must. Foxbolt was down, but not out. Though permabanned on his primary account, he used an alt to disseminate extensive logs of his petitions to CCP. He claimed that the logs contained evidence that he was given the authority to conduct "player retention and human relations" services on CCP's behalf. Indeed, the petitions show that Foxbolt presented his plans to CCP. But so far, without an encouraging word in reply. Without waiting for approval, Foxbolt simply announced he was going ahead with his project.
On a side note..... if you will recall a cyber-bullying incident back in 2012 regarding Goons Alliance leader "The Mittani" in which he gave out the personal information of another player... which resulted in the player being harassed in real life. His name was "The Wis".... I am the CEO of this corp, and I was "The Wis" first CEO....

How your company didn't take a massive legal hit over this injustice is beyond me, and why "The Mittani" is still being allow to harass EVE players after his stunt... allowed by CCP is beyond me. But I'm going to look past all of this "fowl behavior" and I'm going to focus on helping CCP do some good in people's lives by helping CCP maintain their player retention hold, so you can keep more access to income to make this game better as the years go by...... I'm a good guy, I mean well....
The petition in which Foxbolt announced his intention to move forward with his plans took a sharp detour. Our hero took a moment to banish the shadow of his memories of dreaded cyber-bully The Mittani. Foxbolt was willing to help CCP, even though CCP hadn't banned The Mittani yet.
Good Morning to the Wonderful Staff of CCP,

Today is my first official working business day within my new LLC created purely as a third party to support your product "EVE ONLINE". I would like to remind your staff that I am in no way making personal income off your company in a vindictive, shady, and or corrupt manner as I am fully hoping and expecting for my business to be supported by my corp members who willingly give of their own accord.
Still no word from CCP. Foxbolt filed yet another follow-up petition to formally announce the grand opening of his business. Though Foxbolt intended to make personal income off of his project, he clarified that it wouldn't be in a vindictive, shady, or corrupt manner. His corp members would give him real-life money, but only because they wanted to.
Any money received through the monthly support of corp members will be put towards the monthly salary of my staff. Staff that will be working for my company either full-time or part-time being fully committed to helping new players that enter your product, and my prediction is your player-retention level will improve over time, thus CCP company's income wallet will improve over time.
Foxbolt promised that his corp would be run with a level of transparency that would make even the New Order of Highsec blush with envy. All donations would go to his staff, which at present consisted of himself.
Other funds will also go towards corp based real-world events that will help improve the social and emotional connection of corp members. Funds will also be directed towards creating fan based items such as flight-jackets for members that take part in our leadership team whom have taken part in helping "Battlestar Gaming, LLC" with recruiting within EVE, and whom have also assisted with the retention levels, thus in return again... help CCP income wallet.
After giving all money to his staff, the leftover money(?!) would also be put to good use. Be honest, dear reader: You wish you had a New Order flight jacket, don't you?
Why am I doing this some of you may ask??? Because I want to give back..... In the giving back to CCP,..... (tears form in my eyes from my emotional expression at this time)..... Seven years ago I stumble into EVE ONLINE within a Best Buy store, and my life forever changed. I found a platform, a virtual world unlike any other with the tools needed to create a world in which I could help people, and building meaningful and lasting, meaningful, and sustainable friendships. So for the past 7-years I have been pushing and fighting through the emotional process of failures and moments of success in learning the art of being an EVE CEO......
Not to gloss over the powerful story about Foxbolt's emotional journey or anything, but--you can get EVE Online from Best Buy?
No one has responded to my tickets as of yet..... my guess is you guys are talking it over and or your waiting to see what happens. I'll say this.... if given the full blessing of CCP, verses living in the fears that my accounts will be banned..... if given a chance to succeed by CCP..... I will not let this company down if my corp members find me worthy enough to support my company that supports my family being able to support the CCP company and their product that can truly help a hurting world all around them.
Foxbolt's correspondence with CCP was growing increasingly one-sided.
Our corp relaunched two days ago...... We already have 5-members saying that if we didn't find them and recruit them, they wouldn't have played past the 14-day trail. That's $75 my company just helped CCP earn.... One guy even paid for a 6-month installment. I asked one guy why he joined our corp, and he said that he struggled with depression... our "Mission Statement" on our website drew him in, thus we again... helped CCP with retention and money flow.

I know I'm a nobody to CCP right now... but I'm a dreamer. here's to hoping for great things to happen between our two companies.
Foxbolt's latest report was encouraging. He claimed to have retained several players by recruiting them to the latest version of his corporation, BATTLESTAR FEDERATION. Not to say he didn't, but EveWho contains no records of anyone joining the corp besides Foxbolt.
NOTE: This was created on support ticket (56269). I'm trying to keep both updated with my company's progress while consistently seeking CCP's approval and blessing to keep going. Once again, please be advised that all of this should be combined with support ticket (54517).
Another day, another petition. In case you were wondering, no, not all 56,269 petitions were created by Foxbolt.
Yesterday while working as a 3rd party employee from "Battlestar Gaming, LLC" (that helps CCP with their retention efforts) in which I am assigned as a full-time EVE ONLINE "Corp Commander" as a full-time job, I recruited 10 New Players. I believe 6 of them paid for subscriptions. That's another $90 I just encouraged and directed towards CCP's wallet. Here's the kicker... that was just me by myself. I don't even have a recruitment team up that I put through a recruiting training course that took me 2-years to design. Not only do I know how to recruit effectively, how to convince people to stay in EVE after the 14-day trail. but I know how to inspire and encourage people to want to bring others into the fold.
Already, Foxbolt's enterprise was showing results. One imagines it was almost enough to make CCP wish they'd authorized it. But Foxbolt's true potential would only be unleashed once his initial recruits made it through a training course that took two years to design. Alas, Foxbolt never made public the harrowing details of that program.
I just did the math and I ran around 6-years worth of payments along with around $1000 in plexs over the years... I have invested well over $2,000 into the "BLANK" toon. I have deleted many toons, but "BLANK" is the only one I am requesting back for business related purposes that involve doing my part to help CCP with their product "EVE ONLINE".
Now that Foxbolt had done something for CCP, it was time for them to do a little something for him. Admiral Foxbolt wasn't the only character that Foxbolt had biomassed. His main character had been biomassed (repeatedly), and he wanted it back, since it contained a staggering amount of PLEXed isk. Though Foxbolt redacted the name of his main from these logs, we later learn that the character referred to was Joseph Grafton.
That money investment over the years doesn't even involve the unseen emotional and mental involvement that has been invested in learning the role and art of virtual leadership in the role of CEO in EVE. Do any of you have any idea the toll it plays on a person who is determined to chase a dream and to get up after each failure, after each time he unintentionally let people down because of the stress in being a law enforcement officer in real life, while coming home at the end of the day trying to run an EVE corp.... trying to meet the emotional and mental needs of people who desperately desire love and care as human beings..... do you hear the emotions in my voice.... my corp members will support my business that can support a powerful cause for CCP, and feed my family.
Interestingly, though Foxbolt repeatedly stressed the importance of the character, he apparently never used it as part of this business, and attempted to conceal its identity by redacting it from the logs he'd made public.
This is the 5th relaunch of "Battlestar Federation" and on day 3 I have already recruited 20 people, and 10 have already cleared our corp created training, and they are excited about being in a virtual community with a leader who actually gives a shit about them as a human being behind the keyboard. My toon "BLANK" has been apart of my process in becoming an asset for CCP that is driven to do my part to helping CCP keep EVE on top of the market....... (fuck Star Citizen...serious fuck them)
Mentions of Star Citizen occur with surprising frequency in Foxbolt's petitions to CCP. Don't be surprised if a player-retention specialist eventually appears in that game, too.
Last time I was in EVE when I was trying to find a way to do this as a full-time job, and I offered up an idea to create a full-time team to run the corp.... and someone decides to go to and stain my name..... I was pissed!!! Fuck Yeah I quit... I said FUCK EVE and these assholes.... and I determined to never come back. I lite a match to a 200-man corp, and said "Fuck It".... 2-months later I got a member contacting me through facebook asking me to come back and rethink my ideas.... so here I am... "I'm BACK!!!" Supporting CCP and their fucking rollercoster-emotional-nut-job product called EVE ONLINE!!! ......... (calming down for a moment).....
Say what you will about Foxbolt, the man knows how to keep his emotions in check. He calmed down without needing an Agent of the New Order to tell him to.
I am an honest person.... I get so much hell for it. But I'm not going to change the good in me to appease the evil in others. I know big wigs in other alliances steal and harass other players (your customers base) and they rob people of billions in isk. I know they use this isk to make personal income by selling it for lower prices on websites behind scenes. And you know what, more power to them if they wanta do stupid and shady shit behind CCP's back. They'll get what they deserve in the end....... HOWEVER..... You've got this guy (me) who is determined to fight through all the red-tape, driven by love to fulfill a passion to help others on a social and emotional level through your product. (EVE)

I'm not joking.... I literally wish I could hug every CCP designer who plays an active role in keeping EVE alive.
Foxbolt sent more love CCP's way. But even after all this, CCP maintained its silence. Would the elusive CCP Cid ever appear? Would CCP finally grant Foxbolt's corp the legitimacy it so richly deserved?

To be continued...

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kills of the Week

Suppose your friend owes you money and he splurges on some frivolous and expensive purchase instead of paying you back. Not a good situation. That's how our Agents feel when they see a carebear flashing bling in highsec when he still owes 10 million isk for a permit! With your sense of right and wrong newly refreshed, review the kills of these decadent carebears from the week of November 22nd @ 00:00 EVEtime through November 28th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

There are a lot of ways to haul faction gear through Uedama. japoke72 was too clever to use a freighter. He opted for an exceedingly fail-fit faction battleship. Our Agents love to shoot ships that can shoot back, so they thought they would have a go at PvP'ing this battleship. Unfortunately, it was AFK. Agents Sasha Cohenberg, BAE B BLUE, Aaaarrgg, Yabba Dabba Do, Zappi, Sophia Soprano, loyalanon, Talon Calais, Pod-Goo RepoWoman, Zapper, BAE B PEW, KBKspawnwrath666, Nuclear Fusion Caution, Nelli Alariel, Pod-Goo Repairman, Schizz Popinov, and SynthiaGreey enjoyed PvP'ing with him anyway. To the carebear's 4 billion isk Nightmare loss, they generously added half a billion isk in implants.

Among the more cautious haulers, cloaky blockade runners are all the rage. Vedasa had 3.5 billion isk of cargo to move, so she bought a Viator. Unfortunately, she was too lazy to fit it with a covert ops cloak, opting for a prototype cloak instead. That might sound like a terrible mistake, but you needn't worry about Vedasa: She was on autopilot and unable to activate her cloak anyway. Agent Tisiphone Dira put an end to her adventure.

I've heard it said that wars in EVE are all about inertia, but this is ridiculous. Steven Gary Riraille had over five and a half billion isk in compressed ore. Fate brought him to the Inaro system, which has acted like some sort of Bermuda Triangle of bot-aspirancy these days. Agent HotShotX Warcastle had no trouble piercing the industrial's less-than-robust defenses.

There's always someone who wants to test the theory that our Agents can't bring down a Skiff. Gallateya Zagluschko fit his Skiff so that it boasted far more hitpoints than most other mining vessels. Yet he, like so many bot-aspirants, couldn't resist using his lowslots for yield instead of tank. In hindsight, equipping billions of isk worth of ice harvesting upgrades was probably a mistake. Agents Aaaarrgg, Zappi, Zula Terra, loyalanon, Talon Calais, Sophia Soprano, BAE B BLUE, Pod-Goo Repairman, Pod-Goo RepoWoman, BAE B PEW, and Zapper offered the miner some timely and pointed advice. They also popped the his 2 billion isk pod.

D YOLO's philosophy: You Only Live Once. If so, why would someone jeopardize his life by taking unnecessary risks? For example, neglecting to buy a mining permit? Agent Street Urchin of Proper Mining Etiquette corp destroyed D YOLO's grotesque mining industrial. Unlike the other ships we've seen today, it wasn't expensive. On the other hand, can you put a price on dignity?

Just when you thought the highsec carebears might be exercising more restraint in their implant purchases, ALEXEY Jaynara contributed the Pod of the Week. His 3.7 billion isk crystal set and miscellaneous hardwirings were dissolved in a bath of antimatter, courtesy of Agent BAE B BLUE. ALEXEY, too, was caught flying an unlicensed Skiff.

By all means, miners, tank your ships. It's required. But don't forget your permit tank. Without it, the rest of your defenses are only for show.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Crazy Like a Foxbolt, Part 9

Previously, on MinerBumping... Rarely since the denunciation of Sejanus has a man suffered so great a reversal of fortune as Admiral Foxbolt. The duly appointed sheriff of the EVE community was master of all that he surveyed until his sudden and unexpected permaban. What could explain such a thing, he asked, other than CCP Falcon working as an undercover Goon to protect cyber-bully The Mittani? Yet skeptics questioned whether CCP Cid had ever actually given Foxbolt the keys to the kingdom. To prove his case, Foxbolt rolled a new account and mailed petition logs to everyone in Jita.
* I am requesting the approval of CCP to allow me to use EVE ONLINE as the primary gaming platform to support my LLC. My LLC supports human relations within the gaming community. My LLC wishes to use EVE for this mission, thus my LLC helps EVE maintain player-retention, thus CCP maintains monthly income.

Allowing the gaming community within EVE to give on their own accord will help my LLC support your company wallet. I am simply seeking CCP's blessing's on this project, and I can produce results that show CCP that I mean well if given a chance. (I mean, I'm here exposing exactly what I'm trying to do... not doing it behind CCP's back.) Please take a look at my site, and let me know what CCP thinks of the idea please.
It began in October. Foxbolt was full of enthusiasm for his new idea. He knew, however, that he needed CCP to bless it.
CCP, Please disregard my LLC idea. I have decided to go get a real world job and no to go forward with this project. I do not want to be viewed as going against EULA rules in anyway. Please close this support ticket at this time.
But barely more than an hour later, Foxbolt changed his mind and scrapped the whole project. The story might have ended there, were it not for GM Gamayur's response. It was, shall we say, somewhat flippant. Although I can't print the text of Garmayur's reply, you can use your imagination.
Good Morning GM Gamayur and CCP,

Someone do me a favor and send this reply to anyone you think would be interested in reading it, because I'm going to make it interesting to read.
Admiral Foxbolt was not pleased.
First..... I have been an EVE supporter long enough to suspect a bit of "SmartAssness" in GM Gamayur's manner regarding his mention of "being able to get a job within an hour and an a half". I don't take kindly to this, because it would seem that the GM assumes I'm playing games with my LLC idea to help CCP improve their product "EVE ONLINE". Because yes..... though your product is amazing in graphic design and structure, you're people-relations and monthly retention does remain in poor condition. This has not changed in all the years I've supported EVE, however I do have a plan to change this for the good of everyone even while mostly assholes behind keyboards rule most of EVE.
Foxbolt's sales pitch to CCP turned sour. He had no illusions about the EVE community, its leadership, or even its GMs.
I remember coming into EVE trying so badly to be in a corp that wasn't full of pricks that could be sustainable... I had a dream of meeting and knowing people through EVE for years, but over time your basic game features of mining, missions, and PVP would always hit the walls of boredom...

What does EVE have going for it's self??? Something amazing I think.... it is the perfect platform for improving human relations through gaming that can truly help people in real life. CCP has created a platform (EVE) that has all of the tools to improve humanity as a whole. But someone within the CCP team seems to not caught on to exactly how to deploy these tools.... but it's ok, I have the idea within me that is driven by "Love for my fellow man."
In fact, Foxbolt really didn't think much of EVE the game. He found it boring, really. Even so, Foxbolt saw potential. The game's true worth could be unlocked by the power of his love.
So what have I been doing since 2009 when I started supporting EVE??? I have been training, learning, failing, getting back up.... applying one learned lesson after another in learning the art of an EVE CEO, and somehow I learned the art of "Player Retention".

I HAD hoped that I'd receive the support and blessings of CCP with this project, but I keep getting EULA regs thrown at me from smartass and could give less a shit GM's.... and all of the fucking bullshit EULA red-tape is completely cock-blocking people that truly want to make a positive difference for others in EVE.
We only have access to the petition logs that Foxbolt made available to us. Reading between the lines here, it seems there was a much longer history of Foxbolt unsuccessfully pestering CCP to authorize his project.
So I've decided to not allow myself to be put into a position of having my accounts banned.... but my vision hasn't changed. I am going to improve human relations within EVE, and I suspect CCP will contact me one day asking me how I am able to maintain player retention so well with a product that does get boring overtime without the proper care and treatment of players as "Human Beings".

I love this product.... I love EVE.... I love the team within CCP that maintains and keeps EVE going..... (Besides smartass GM's) So "NO" GM Gamayur... I don't have a job at this time... but I still have a vision to help people through EVE, which will then help CCP maintain their player retention, which will then play a big part in insuring you still get a paycheck.
Foxbolt concluded his response. He foresaw a bright future for his enterprise: CCP would thank him one day, amazed by his success in keeping people subscribed to such a boring game. This time, Gamayur spared him the sarcasm and promised that the proposal would be reviewed.
GM Gamayur & CCP,

Thank you for well rounded and kind reply. Look, I am willing to come to any of your office's, even to Iceland if provided a round-trip ticket (Though I hate flying.) to present my idea's better in person.
Foxbolt then extended an incredibly generous offer: He'd let CCP give him a free trip to Iceland so he could explain his plan at CCP HQ. Thus saving Foxbolt the bother of winning a seat on the CSM.

(Perhaps this is what CCP Fozzie intended?)
I know I don't have everything figured out yet, but I do know the restrictions concerning EULA rules to allow a EVE CEO to run a personal business in real life in which the gaming community is allowed to support the personal business through heart-felt funding (not mandatory funding).... this red-tape is restricting people who wish to become full-time EVE CEO's. Thus this is restricting a EVE CEO from truly maintaining the care and treatment of the player community within EVE on a daily routine as a full-time job.
As long as he had CCP's attention, Foxbolt judged it a good time to discuss the money issue. Months earlier, his mandatory real-life corp fees had made him notorious on Reddit. Foxbolt still felt it was important to get paid, but he'd no longer make the fees mandatory.
Imagine if you could, ..... Those that truly wished to be full-time EVE ONLINE Virtual CEO's in physical reality. These virtual CEO's being allowed to be funded directly from their corp mates .... corp mates that give on their own accord freely to support a virtual leader that is able to support their virtual community.... their virtual family. People need this.
In the past, Foxbolt's corp members faced the problem of having insufficient time with Foxbolt. If he could run his corp as a full-time job, there would be enough Foxbolt to go around. People needed this.
I have met hundreds of people who do not have families, who do not have friends, or human relations support systems in physical reality. I have succeeded many times over in building up a corp that meant something to people... really meant something to them... and every time, because I had to work full-time in physical reality, I could not maintain the care of my people... and I have been forced many times over to see people hurt emotionally over the corp not being able to remain sustainable... all because I couldn't be what they truly needed.. a full-time EVE ONLINE Virtual CEO supported by my virtual community.
Like JTClone Ares, TDD Dominaters, and countless other highsec CEOs, Foxbolt's attempts to run carebear corps had always met with failure. It was because his corp members didn't pay him.
I can do this if given the proper permissions, the proper support, and the blessings of CCP.... I can truly make this work if given the chance. I can solve CCP's and EVE's retention issues.. I can help CCP save money, and grow far more then they ever thought was possible. One idea driven by the passion and love of one person can change the lives of millions..... I am that person. Please consider hearing me out further.
Listening to Foxbolt, it sounds like he thinks he's the Saviour of Highsec or something. What an ego.
Dear CCP,
As a follow up and being a man who believes in "Integrity" and not doing shady shit behind your company's back, I am updating you on the following. I have decided to go forward with my "LLC" passion to help the gaming community with regard to human relations which will in return assist gaming platforms such as "EVE" with their monthly retention levels...

I get to be a full-time community leader supported by willing supporters, and you win on the side of having a full-time EVE virtual CEO taking care of people from a human relations aspect. As far as I know, I am well within the EULA rules in a positive light as I am not actively soliciting, and I am also not making anything mandatory. More so, this helps CCP.
So far, Foxbolt hadn't gotten an official endorsement from CCP Cid or anyone else. Instead, as CCP's best people were busy reviewing his business plan, Foxbolt announced he was going ahead with his business plan. There was no time to waste.

To be continued...

Friday, November 27, 2015

Two Things About New Order PvP

If there's one thing people have learned about the New Order's style of PvP over the years, it's that our PvP is elite. If there's two things, it's that, again, our PvP is elite, and that the New Order loves shooting ships that can shoot back.

Agent 412nv Yaken created a video to highlight a pleasant stroll through lowsec. Our pilots frequently use unwitting lowsec pilots for target practice so they can stay sharp for their more demanding duties in highsec.

As you can see, lowsec is frequently humbled by our elite PvP warriors.


Agent Kalorned and the Gamis family have reached an incredible milestone. Twenty "Code Is Forever" videos! What a franchise.

Kalorned has built an impressive list of blues. People can't buy permits fast enough.

Impressive flying--do you have what it takes to join the New Order?

As always, our Links page is an excellent resource.


Our outreach never ends. One day, every man, woman, and child in highsec will have read the Code, preferably in a language he can understand. Thanks to Gunther Cucs, you can now read the Code in Spanish:

¡El C√≥digo!

Per Kalorned's suggestion, links to the different translations can be found on The Code page. Contact Kalorned if you're interested in translating the Code into French for 100 million isk!

Over Seven Hundred Seventy-Four Billion in Shares Sold

In the long history of EVE, there's never been a better time to buy shares of the New Order of Highsec. They can be purchased at a low, low price of only 1 million isk each!

The New Order plays a vital role in the highsec economy. Nisanthro knows that EVE has no future without the Code. If you're against the Code, you're against EVE and CCP. Accordingly, Nisanthro purchased 1,000 additional shares and earned a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ for sending us over the 774 billion isk mark. A very logical decision.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Crazy Like a Foxbolt, Part 8

Previously, on MinerBumping... Admiral Foxbolt had it all: A thriving player-retention corp, a license from CCP to ban gankers and/or cyber-bullies, and $500 worth of PLEX. But before he knew it, that world came crashing down. CCP Falcon warned Foxbolt that he was at risk of getting his own accounts banned. A flurry of petitions followed.
To go against me is and the good I am attempting to do for your product simply foolish at this point. ( I would not be surprised if you yourself were a supporter of "The Mittani" and his corruption... It's how you are painting the picture at this time.)

I have tried to be nice to you CCP Falcon.... You need to get out of my face... My company only deals with CCP Cid. You have been informed.
Foxbolt lost faith in his ability to win Falcon over to his side. The only person he could rely on was CCP Cid, who allegedly authorized Foxbolt's player-retention enterprise. As time went on, Foxbolt began to wonder if Falcon was committed to opposing players like The Mittani at all.

Horror! Between petitions, Foxbolt took some time to investigate Falcon. He was shocked to discover that CCP Falcon appeared on an interview show with The Mittani. The show was hosted by, which was run by none other than The Mittani himself!
It's very plainly clear that CCP Falcon is a promotor of the "The Mittani" and his cyber-bullying tactics of other players... Found this little out take of CCP Falcon helping "The Mittani" promoting his income base...
Foxbolt was aghast. This entire time, he'd been sending petitions to Falcon that contained rants against The Mittani. Could it be that all his efforts had been wasted? Not willing to take chances, Foxbolt requested that someone other than Falcon handle his case.
SOMEONE keep CCP Falcon away from me.... It's VERY clear CCP Falcon is attempting to put back up red tape that my company has clearly already went through the proper channels to clear in gaining CCP's permission to help with "Retention Efforts & Human Relations"...

CCP Falcon... You are clearly trying to sabotage business relations and you need to be investigated for supporting someone who promotes cyber-bullying and harassment of EVE players.
The world of petitions is a mysterious one. Foxbolt had no idea if his words were being read by anyone other than Falcon. He could only cry out into the darkness and hope that his cries would reach a friendly ear.
Within a week after attempting to stand up for another EVE player, I've got a "CCP Falcon" attempting to sabotage business relations. I then look CP Falcon up and see very clearly that he supports the business affairs of "The Mittani". This incompetent individual (CCP Falcon) is attempting to throw EULA tape at us AFTER my company already cleared all of the red tape in a proper manner that reflects the highest level of integrity from one company towards another company. CCP Falcon is even attempting to use double standards regarding the EULA in trying to degrade business relations with Battlestar Gaming, LLC", but he's perfectly fine with supporting the business affairs of "The Mittani" who is clearly known as someone who told his 10,000+ to go and harass a man in real life. CCP Falcon clearly has a hidden agenda, and has no right in his attempts to make CCP look unprofessional in his attempts to sabotage business relations that have already been agreed upon properly.

Someone please look into this matter. My company is moving forward with helping CCP and the EVE Community based on our agreement with CCP through "Senior GM Cid" aka "CCP Cid".
Foxbolt concluded his missive with additional complaints about Falcon. Foxbolt's eloquence was undeniable, except perhaps by The Mittani and his army of cyber-bullies. Yet danger lurked in the shadows of the petition realm. For if Falcon was the only person reading the petitions, going with an anti-Falcon strategy could prove to be fatal to his cause.
OK then..... If you're going to ban my accounts, you very well need to return my $500 spent on PLEXS. Money that was spent under the understand from CCP Cid that we were cleared to conduct business relations with CCP.
Yeah, it was kinda fatal. Admiral Foxbolt, the "sheriff" of the community, was officially permabanned. What a turn of events.

The wily player-retention specialist still had a few tricks up his sleeve, however. He didn't call himself a "Political & Legal Chess Master" for nothing! Foxbolt created a new account. His new character, DuckGoons, began broadcasting a message to everyone in Jita who would listen. He soon attracted the attention of Reddit.
Well... it would seem the Goons have control of everything and CCP has no real interest in protecting people from harassment and cyber-bullying. They also like to retract on business agreements when a undercover Goon supporter in CCP Games (CCP Falcon) hears that someone is taking a stand against Goons having complete control of EVE.

Yes... We found a legal loop-hole in which our corp members wanted to support the corp in a real money value way, and we found a way for the player base to make income legally that could also support CCP Games even more.... CCP agreed to it because our player base wanted it, ... CCP Falcon got involved and shut the whole thing down.
Foxbolt took his case to the people. If he gained enough support from the Jita crowd, maybe he could get the leverage needed to unban his accounts. Then he could get back to work trying to ban CODEdot from the game.
A week later, CCP Falcon got involved and has of right now sabotaged the business deal.... And just when you were making room to do some good in EVE.... Goons get to take control all over again..... THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!! Proof below....

NOTE: They will most likely try to make this go away. SAVE AND READ PEOPLE.

They have failed to return my $500 spent in plexs as of yet.... while banning the accounts.
A keen observer of human nature, Foxbolt understood that few Jita residents would believe his incredible story of a CCP/Goon cyber-bully alliance unless he had proof. He compiled a series of documents and posted them on his website, which he linked. He encouraged everyone to save the information, since CCP might force him to delete it later. This treasure trove was the source of Foxbolt's previous petitions, as well as additional information we'll review in a moment.
CCP Falcon is a Goon and a fucking prick. CCP supports harassment and cyber-bullying of players... That's just fucking great. CCP Games is really trying to cover this horseshit up.. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!!!!



I supported EVE for 7-years and this is the bullshit I get for trying to help.

Admiral Foxbolt

Foxbolt wrapped up his message to Jita. It was a distress signal, really. He'd taken the first step, giving the EVE community what he believed to be the truth. What they chose to do with it was up to them.

Smartly labeled "EVIDENCE", Foxbolt's website became a window into the secret origin of his player-retention corp. It enabled EVE players to look back at its founding in October, just weeks before CODEdot ganked a Hulk and sent everything spiraling out of control. One vital question remained: Did Foxbolt's evidence actually support his claims that CCP approved his business? Or would it only make him appear more ridiculous?
Look... I'm trying to go about this the correct way. I'm trying to keep CCP in the loop regarding an idea that I've had for a long time. I want to help human relations within the gaming community. EVE ONLINE is the perfect platform for doing this. This is what I'm trying to do..... and I'm letting you know because I want to go about this correctly with the support of CCP....

* I have created a LLC that will be supported off of "Gifts" and or "Donations" later down the line. This purpose of this LLC is to promote the well being of "Human Relations" within the gaming community.

* I have been involved in EVE since 2009. You guys have an awesome product, but your retention honestly sucks. If people don't feel like they are cared for as human beings, they leave your product, and move on to the next biggest thing.... CCP losses monthly support. People need human relations to keep them attached..... this helps CCP with their player-retention, thus your wallet.
In a petition in mid-October, Foxbolt began making his pitch to CCP.

To be continued...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Crazy Like a Foxbolt, Part 7

Previously, on MinerBumping... Admiral Foxbolt was on the precipice of achieving something that no other enemy of the New Order has been able to do: Getting the entire CODEdot alliance banned from the game. As Foxbolt's moment of triumph approached, he was blindsided by the opening of another front in the war. Attacked on EVE-O, Foxbolt counter-attacked with his own thread, which was unexpectedly locked by the ISD. Now Foxbolt had to embark upon his greatest challenge yet, against the very people whose support he'd taken for granted all along: CCP.
CCP Falcon,
Please kindly observe the following. Everything in life is up to ones determined interpretation. You claim that I have breached multiple rules, however I could write a book to counter how I have NOT broken any rules, and or I can justify why I have broken said rules to exercise my God given right of freedom of speech and or exposing the truth as it is. I spoke the truth... and someone didn't like it... that's how the game of life usally goes.
CCP Falcon replied to Foxbolt's petition. Although I am not permitted to post the contents of CCP employees' responses, you can probably tell from Foxbolt's follow-up petitions that Falcon was not in 100% agreement with him. All ellipses in the original.
(Did you suppose that I did not predict that you would appear in your attempts to counter me, or even yourself attempting to restrict my freedom of speech in a truly unmorale manner.) If I was vindictivly attempting to harm someone in a fowl manner, your "warning" as a member of CCP would move me towards fear -HOWEVER- I am fully aware that I am defending myself against unwarranted politically motivated attacks towards those that are attempting to suppress the truth.

So to you CCP Falcon.... I would strongly advise you to step back and observe the situation as is. Warning someone who is attacking you in a fowl manner is not a "threat" nor can it be observed as "harassing" if I was the one attacked.
Foxbolt's plan to improve EVE player retention had seemed, from the outset, to be perfect. It accounted for every variable. Every variable, that is, except one.
It's called going on the "defensive" and it is human nature, and it is warrant by the law. Strange thing how these emails can be used as proof in court to expose possible corrupt CCP Members attempting to use scare tactics to make a person go silent........ CCP Falcon, as a business owner who is operating a full-time business to assist CCP Games with their "Retention Efforts & Human Relations".... do I honestly come across as someone who is scared of you and your tactics??? My business is for CCP and it would be in your company's best interest to stay in good relations with mine if you wish to maintain my support for your product.
The idealistic Admiral Foxbolt had never considered that he might face opposition from CCP. But as he was fond of saying, "Lions don't run."
Are you aware that life is like a board of chess, and that a wise "Political & Legal Chess Master" does not make a move unless he can predict the next set of moves...... You ISD was dealt with in the manner that was warrant..... He was not threated, harassed,... he was "WARNED", and I am ALLOWED to defend myself and you sir (CCP Falcon) have no legal right to restrict me from defending myself on this issue.
Each new rebel leader that the New Order encounters is more sophisticated and intelligent than the previous ones. Before, there was the "Fisherman Spider". Now, the Political & Legal Chess Master. And this was a game that the Political & Legal Chess Master intended to win.
Lastly.... I'm done with ISD. I have nothing else to say to them. I also don't give a shit about your forums anymore at this time for how I have been treated for being open and honest about real events that have occured... and if you'll notice, I spoke highly of CCP, so quiet honestly Sir.... you mail to me did not present the CCP I have known for the past 7-years. Either way... I have a business to build that is trying to help CCP keep EVE ONLINE at the top of the list. So please leave me in peace to enjoy a product I enjoy supporting.
Foxbolt concluded his petition by dismissing the ISD entirely. Same with EVE-O. He had bigger fish to fry.
CCP Falcon....
Even better, I'll send you a direct link in which I have insured the entire ticket was placed in order from start to finish during business talks with GM's and "Senior GM Cid" in order to get my business off the ground to support CCP with their "Retention Efforts & Human Relations".... because honestly if someone doesn't help CCP, "Star Citizen" is going to kick CCP's ass when it becomes fully operational.

I care about this comapny that runs EVE..... EVE ONLINE and everything I learned about humans relations saved my life in real life.... You people have no clue the power and the potential this virtual platform offers to the world apart from gaming..... CCP saved my life and I owe my life to this company. (Long Story)

I've attached the CEO of CCP... he needs to be aware of this.....
As was becoming his habit, Foxbolt didn't wait for a reply from Falcon before sending another petition. Sensing that this was a matter of the gravest importance, Foxbolt looped in CCP's CEO and awaited Falcon's answer. However, it became apparent that Falcon and Foxbolt still weren't on the same page.
Dear CCP Falcon,
Respectfully... if you are a moral human being behind that keyboard, and you'd like to work this out as moral men who both care about the best interest of CCP Games and their product "EVE ONLINE"..... then I tip my hat to you in the utter most respect as my way of saying "Hey, my bad."

The events within that support ticket are what lead to the tread.... CODE started broadcasting vindictive information about myself and the client I am attempting to help, while my company "Battlestar Gaming, LLC" is attempting to maintain the client's account and his monthly payments to CCP's business account, which in the end results in you receiving a paycheck as a CCP employee... so in reality I work for my clients, which involves me working for CCP, which results in me working for you.......
It was seriously past time for Foxbolt to get Falcon up to speed. The whole mess, Foxbolt explained, was caused by CODEdot. It's a refrain Falcon has doubtless heard on more than one occasion from more than one rebel leader. However, Foxbolt was a new breed. Falcon practically worked for him!
In other words, I'm on your side here, and myself knowing this... I didn't take kindly to being warned in having my accounts banned which are at this point business tools for my company to help CCP Games with "Retention Efforts & Human Relations". man, I don't know every rule in CCP's book. I didn't know anything about forum rules. Honestly you guys have so much content that even after 7-years I still don't know everything.... All I knew at the point of writing in the forums is I needed to do my job and help CCP and my company keep a paying customer..... and at times, that will involve standing up for them infront of the sharks.
Foxbolt explained that BATTLESTAR FEDERATION and CCP were on the same side. They shouldn't be wasting time fighting each other. They should be fighting CODEdot and all those jerks on the forums!
But honestly after this new learned experience with the forums (for which I've never really been involved with), I no longer have any interest in dealing with the forums..... My business office is being setup next week, I've already got paying customers, I've got staff coming on board... all supporters of EVE ONLINE. All of us are driven on pushing back against a lot of the crap that is being done to new players that is killing CCP's maximum income profit, and harming a product we have all been very proud supporters of. We are literally striving to turn the tide for EVE ONLINE so that this awesome, one of a kind virtual platform's can actually do more good in people's lives rather then just being another everyday video game.

Anyways, I simply want you to know that we're both on the same side, and that I'm not you're everyday player.
As we've seen over the last few years, carebears have been fixated on CCP's profits. It's not that they want risk-free AFK isk, you understand--they simply want ganking removed to help an Icelandic computer company make more money. Foxbolt's player-retention services were just about the only thing standing between CCP and bankruptcy.
CCP Falcon,
Well then.....Respectfully, let me make myself perfectly clear. I am trying to do something good here.... Something that I have been attempting to do for a very long time. I am trying to help CCP Games, the EVE community, and I want to do this for a living. I do not have time to write a book expressing how everything I have learned in EVE ONLINE for the past 7-years literally saved my life in real life. Maybe if we can get past this "red tape" (that YOU seem to be trying to put back in place) which is attempting to prevent a person (myself) from doing something good for humanity in the virtual world... maybe then I can tell you my story in person.

Kindly Sir, you need to be corrected on a couple of things, because you have misplaced wording and how events have indeed occurred. I did seek permission (all of it is recorded) CCP Cid did indeed give me the go ahead for fulfilling my vision on what I'm doing with my company to help your company, (All of it is recorded) -AND- this is the VERY REASON why he reinstated the toon as a "Business Tool"...(It was not reinstated as per policy in which you stated). He reinstated the toon right after I requested the toon back as a "Business Tool" (It's all recorded.).
Once again, Foxbolt directed Falcon's attention to CCP Cid, the man Foxbolt claimed had officially endorsed his player-retention services. For some reason, Cid hadn't informed Falcon of Foxbolt's importance. It's like when the CIA doesn't share information with the FBI--the terrorists win.
This is how I feel in the manner you come across CCP Falcon.... Please, don't sit there and try to reword things to back track after I HAVE received proper permission to do everything I'm doing. Don't sit there and attempt to manipulate a former federal law enforcement officer. I have supported your product for many years and went about how I am doing everything in the VERY best way I know how......I have maintained my integrity in the light of overwhelming harassment from all the haters (Other Gamers) who never want to see something good get off the ground.

After the bullshit stunt the "The Mittani" pulled in 2012 and how CCP took absolutely no real effort in making it clear that players would not be treated that way.... By allowing him and all his accounts to remain in game... CCP Games condoned such criminal behavior. AND you want to sit there and give me a hard time for attempting to do something good?!? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!
Foxbolt reflected on his own origin story. He'd seen what people like The Mittani were capable of. He'd seen the true face of evil.
Look on "THE WIS" employment history in game.... his first corp is "BATTLESTAR FEDERATION"..... and "ADMIRAL FOXBOLT" (Myself) was the first CEO of this player... the same "THE WIS" that was harassed in real life by that fucking ass and his 10,000 or so followers....... and instead of going after you're company in a legal manner.... I have instead decided to help with solutions......

Here's the difference between me and "The Mittani"...... He knew what he was doing when he did it, and he knew that his player support would help him get away with it. I have instead come to CCP and went through the proper channels to help the player community build a wall of protection against such cyber-bullying practices that CCP currently does nothing to prevent.
CCP Falcon.... I have the email documents proving that I have CCP's permission to conduct my company's business in a manner that helps CCP Games... We're already locked in.

The question you have to ask yourself is, do you really want to give me a hard time when I'm not trying to give you a hard time..... When I'm trying to help CCP, the EVE Community, or do you wanta be the one that stands between me and "The Mittani" and his kind???
The truth is, the EVE community is a fragile one. There's a thin blue line that separates the subscription-paying carebear masses from the cyber-bullies and other malevolent forces. Right now, Foxbolt was the only Lion willing to stand between the peaceful highsec miners and total chaos.
Because I do have CCP's permission (per documents recorded) regardless of how you have attempted to backtrack, I am moving forward with what you and everyone else can clearly see is a good cause.... the courts will see it this way as well (Do you really want "The Mittani" incident brought back to light.) To go against me is and the good I am attempting to do for your product simply foolish at this point. ( I would not be surprised if you yourself were a supporter of "The Mittani" and his corruption... It's how you are painting the picture at this time.)

I have tried to be nice to you CCP Falcon.... You need to get out of my face... My company only deals with CCP Cid. You have been informed.
Foxbolt had spent enough time dealing with Falcon. From this point forward, he would need to rely entirely on CCP Cid, the man he claimed had appointed him sheriff of the EVE community. Everything depended on Cid. With the looming possibility of having his accounts permabanned, the Political & Legal Chess Master moved all his chips into the center of the table. He was all-in.

To be continued...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Crazy Like a Foxbolt, Part 6

Previously, on MinerBumping... The secret origin story of Admiral Foxbolt, an (allegedly) CCP-approved player retention specialist, was revealed. The first CEO of The Wis, Foxbolt had been outraged by watching the video of a memorable presentation at Fanfest. Foxbolt vowed to put a stop to the cyber-bullying that takes place in EVE.

Foxbolt had been mocked in a previously closed thread on EVE-O. But Foxbolt continued to take the fight to the enemy in his own thread. His connection to The Wis wasn't the only thing that made him distinct from the rest of the Ganking Is Bullying crowd: He also boasted an endorsement from CCP.

(A fine attitude, if the "good cause" he referred to was enforcement of the Code.)

As Foxbolt reached the conclusion of his speech, he sent forth a call to action. Foxbolt knew he couldn't succeed in his quest alone. He needed help from the other people who still read EVE-O.

One more word of appreciation to his colleagues at CCP, and Foxbolt was ready for the reaction from the EVE community, come what may.

The community reaction was decidedly hostile. Last time, the mockery had taken place in a thread he hadn't discovered until it was already locked. Now Foxbolt was in a position to reply to each and every post that criticized him. He flaunted his CCP-approved status.

"Lions don't run."

...Yet even lions can't post in a locked thread. Reacting swiftly--more swiftly, perhaps, than usual--the ISD closed Foxbolt's thread. Notably, ISD Buldath cited nine separate grounds for the lock. (That must approach, if not claim, the record.) After quoting the nine different types of rule violations, Buldath wrote, simply, "No."

One of the rules cited did not bode well for the new sheriff. Annoyed by the closure of his thread, Foxbolt dashed off a petition to CCP:
"Dear CCP,
I caught into the following tread being put out in the open to discredit my efforts to help CCP Games....

I wrote the following tread to further show my company's support for CCP... and you will continue to have our support through every storm....

We hope to encourage the crowd that actually cares about the work and effort that CCP's staff commit to in order to keep EVE fully active."
Foxbolt pointed to the thread devoted to mocking him, and his own thread. (Both have since been deleted from EVE-O, hence the links are dead.) It didn't escape Foxbolt's notice that the anti-Foxbolt thread had been left open nearly ten times as long as his own thread. Now Foxbolt began to lose patience with CCP's lack of support for its player retention specialist:
Dear CCP & "Senior GM Cid",
The following email was sent to "ISD Buldath" for "Restricting Freedom of Speech". ISD Buldath abused his power by closing a tread when it wasn't even open for 15mins. The following letter was sent to him....

I noticed how you guys allowed a negative post regarding myself, and how you allowed it to remain up for at least 2 pages...However as soon as I post a tread exposing the light on some things that needed to be said.... you seem to think it's ok to restrict a person's freedom of speech..... all of your reasons can be countered..... but I'm not going to waste my time probing and making and example out of you at this time from a legal stand point.

Your not going to suppress the truth..... if you think you truly have power, and you attempt to silence me again, I will make a legal and moral example out of you.

You think about that while your being a prick behind the keyboard the next time you think it's a good idea to step on me.

Admiral. Foxbolt"
Less than two days had passed since Foxbolt's client's Hulk had been ganked by the New Order. In that time, Foxbolt was making more enemies than he ever could have imagined. He wouldn't be deterred, not even if the ISD stood in his way. Lions don't run. But why would Foxbolt's supposed allies at CCP be turning against him?

To be continued...

Monday, November 23, 2015

Crazy Like a Foxbolt, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent loyalanon faced his greatest challenge yet when Admiral Foxbolt un-biomassed himself and declared that he'd received a license from CCP to help improve player retention. Foxbolt's first act was to demand the reimbursement of a Hulk pilot's loss and submit a detailed proposal to CCP on limiting suicide ganks in highsec. After Foxbolt filed his proposal through the petition system, he threatened CODEdot with all-out war.

It truly was, as Foxbolt said, a clash of the titans. The convo crackled with power. It was as if the world might split open at any moment.

The stakes were nothing less than the future of all highsec. loyalanon offered to sell Foxbolt a mining permit one last time before the convo came to an abrupt conclusion. Foxbolt readied himself for war. But his next challenge would come from unexpected quarters...

Thanks to EveSkunk, news of Foxbolt's threats against CODEdot were made public the very next day. The Crime & Punishment subforum on EVE-O became host to a thread about Foxbolt. The author went to Foxbolt's corp's official website to learn about the man's agenda. According to Foxbolt's website:
"A lifetime pc gamer who got tired of the cruel and inhumane treatment of good and moral players getting harassed and becoming victims of cyber-bullying, he took a stand and created his own company driven in building a team of experts in human relations to help players as human beings in building healthy and sustainable social and emotional relations among the gaming community. Before going into his own full-time business, he worked for the Department of Justice as a Federal Law-Enforcement Officer. After 12-years of law enforcement experience, he turned in his badge to pursue his passion for helping the gaming community. His passion and love for this product is what lead to the creation of "Battlestar Gaming, LLC". He is driven in helping CCP's monthly retention-levels by simply treating and caring for the players as human-beings."
Foxbolt wasn't kidding around. His corp really was devoted to player retention, not mining or mission-running.

Thermal Damage spoke for most observers.

The thread was closed, so Foxbolt struck back with a thread of his own.
"I must admit in all my years of playing EVE that I've learned something very important about the personalty profiles of people. We all have a "Physical Reality Profile" and we all have a "Virtual Reality Profile". It is my belief at this time that our " "Virtual Reality Profile" is our true profile even in the physical reality. For the most part, if your a vindictive ******* in the virtual, that's honestly who you are in physical reality..... however you wear a mask and obey society's laws (while law abiding people are watching) in order to not get locked up.... and most of these "true assholes" keep their physical mouths shut because they don't want to get their teeth knocked out.

I read the entire tread... I saw nothing positive, yet people who simply desire to be negative and striving to tear down something that truly aims to help humanity. I forgive you......."
Foxbolt took center stage, roundly condemning the previous thread and speaking with passion about his mission to improve player retention. What motivated him so? Now Foxbolt revealed the secrets of his past, the origin story of this unlikely hero.

Admiral Foxbolt has been biomassed a number of times. His corp, BATTLESTAR FEDERATION, had also been dissolved and reopened on numerous occasions.

Through its many iterations, Battlestar Federation has evaded many a wardec. Only its values remained constant.

Joseph Grafton was Admiral Foxbolt's alt. One look at his employment history tells the tale.

Over and over again, Battlestar Federation has been shut down, only to be reborn. It's hard to imagine that anyone would bother joining such a corporation, other than Foxbolt and his alts. And yet there was. One EVE player joined Battlestar Federation as his first corp.

Who was it, and what kind of a man would that experience make? WARNING: Plot twist incoming!

No... Not you...

It can't be...

To be continued...

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kills of the Week

According to Greek mythology, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades each drew lots to determine their role in governing the universe. Supposedly Hades got a raw deal, being selected to rule the underworld. But when you think about it, far more people are dead than alive. Similarly, the vast majority of EVE players reside solely in highsec. As Agents of the New Order, we reward and punish the carebears according to their actions and our Code. Let's take a look at some players who were especially deserving of punishment during the week of November 15th @ 00:00 EVEtime through November 21st @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Achillia Trebaculous managed to lose a shuttle worth nearly a billion isk. For someone who belongs to a corp called "Shield Nation", she didn't use much tank for the job. Her alliance name, on the other hand, was spot on. Yet Achillia might've gotten away with her foul crimes, had it not been for Agent Brutal Anna's quick thinking.

The shuttle contained these blueprints. My advice? Always bet on the Catalyst.

Agent Kalorned's latest elite PvP video was featured on MinerBumping last week. yoda algeche attempted to assassinate Kalorned with his Drake Navy Issue after Kalorned repeatedly bumped it out of range of the rats he was trying to kill. You saw the video, but now you can see how fail-fit the faction Drake was. Apparently yoda was going for a "power" fit. Nice try, but real power is only found in the Code.

Dan Mile also had a ship capable of shooting back. He was confident that he could destroy Agent Zopiclone's Catalyst. In addition to an impressive structure tank, Dan had a trump card up his sleeve: He had a kill right on Zopiclone! But Dan's Brutix Navy Issue was doomed to fail. He was incinerated by Agent... well...

Dan Mile > jfuckoff, yu are next
Zopiclone > gf Dan Mile
Zopiclone > good way to waste a Brutix
Dan Mile > dont know why the bastards took me out, i had a kill right on you.
Dan Mile > oh well.
Dawn DiDacyria > Did you activate your kill right Mr Mile?
Zopiclone > Dan Mile you should Join CODE
Zopiclone > We will teach you Elite PVP
Mastering highsec PvP is always more difficult than the rebels assume.

ShiKirah was the latest to employ an increasingly popular method of tanking her industrial: Fitting no modules, also known as the "lazytank". This technique is known to boost your EHP beyond what an anti-tank fit offers. Best of all, it costs nothing, so the carebear doesn't need to spend any of her precious isk. Agent HotShotX Warcastle objected to ShiKirah's fit. Highsec isn't meant to be free.

Another popular hauling method: Carry everything you own in one trip.

A philosophical question: Does this count as one ragequit or two?

Agent HotShotX Warcastle was on fire this week! So were the carebears, at least after HotShotX torched them. Ameansob piled 1.8 billion isk of garbage into his heavily anti-tanked ship. Should've gone with the lazytank. Once again, a bot-aspirant was caught in the Inaro system. Hmmm...

Blood and Ice Cream Industries corp invested in some structures, but they never got around to telling us about it. Without obtaining permission, permits, or defenses of any kind, their plans were bound to end in tragedy. Agents Aaaarrgg, Pod-Goo RepoWoman, FightMeNow, and Pod-Goo Repairman had no choice but to destroy their most prized possession.

There's more than one way to gank a freighter. Blood and Ice Cream Industries would probably have sent someone to complain about "not being warned", but even that would've been too much trouble. They didn't learn their lesson. The next day, our heroes returned and inflicted an additional 350 million isk of losses by removing their remaining structures.