Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kills of the Week

It's a fact that a large number of highsec miners and other carebears read MinerBumping on a regular basis. Carebears, I've got a great idea for you: Let's all make a pact--that every one of you becomes 100% Code-compliant by the time you finish reading this post. Agreed? In the meantime, we can examine what happened to some carebears who failed to obey the Code during the week of September 18th @ 00:00 EVEtime through September 24th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Ah, good old Crazy'Ivan. He's an Anti-Ganker who doubles as a blingy gank target. Which is convenient, since he essentially delivers his bling-boats right to where the gankers are. Crazy'Ivan got into a fight with Agents Ben Li and Pandorath. He assumed that he'd win, since people always tell him that the New Order only shoots ships that can't shoot back, etc. That's a myth. In fact, our Agents love shooting combat ships so much that a bunch of them decided to crash the fight. Agents Winnie Po0h, Jason Kusion, Justin Kusion, Joel Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Jake Kusion, Joshua Kusion, Jackson Kusion, shootyou longtyme, Joseph Kusion, Sex K1tten, Fiddly Pop, Jeremiah Kusion, Jayson Kusion, Adelaide Brooke, Milkmypigeon, Rico Orlando, KoHfeTHbIu TpoLLb, Johnathan Kusion, Allise Soprano, and Le Plebo showed up and helped finish off the target.

In addition to the 2.2 billion isk Proteus that Crazy'Ivan lost, his 2 billion isk pod was also snatched up. Another massive failure for Anti-Ganking.

Wraithwrath Ichosira's name was quite intimidating, but Agents Ryet Cyreene and Spine Ripper were too courageous to leave his Mackinaw alone. It was equipped with a pair of illegal ORE Strip Miners, after all. They destroyed the pricey exhumer and its 1.3 billion isk pod.

As if Anti-Ganking couldn't fail any more! A'stral's fellow Anti-Gankers were always telling her that ganking is overpowered and needs to be nerfed. "There's no risk in it," they said. Based on that, A'stral assumed it would be easy to gank Agent STONER SMURFETTE's Thrasher. Since STONER SMURFETTE didn't have negative security status, a suicide gank was required. So A'stral fitted out a gank Thorax and opened fire--and completely failed to kill her target. Apparently ganking isn't as easy and risk-free as A'stral had been told.

It got worse, though. Because of A'stral's gank attempt, there was a kill right on her, which our Agent made publicly available for 25 million isk. A'stral realized that ganking was too hard for her, so she wanted to return to a life of carebearing. The kill right was activated and Nero Nappins, Osakura, and Vitality Command Unit took her down. While she was flying a freighter.

Maybe one of A'stral's Anti-Ganker friends could have purchased the kill right for 25 million isk so she wouldn't need to lose a 1.3 billion isk freighter. But we all know how selfish and stingy the Anti-Gankers can be.

Whoops! Shane Hakomairos equipped his 6 billion isk freighter with a trio of nanofibers and breezed into Uedama like it was no big deal. Here's the thing--to our Agents, the Code is a very big deal. Agents KoHfeTHbIu TpoLLb, Justin Kusion, Joel Kusion, Jayson Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Jake Kusion, shootyou longtyme, Adelaide Brooke, Milkmypigeon, Sex K1tten, Chapo Muerte, Winnie Po0h, Rico Orlando, Le Plebo, Joseph Kusion, Johnathan Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Zula Terra, Jayden Kusion, Joshua Kusion, Fiddly Pop, Jason Kusion, and Allise Soprano seized the freighter and tore it apart.

It seems that Shane was familiar with the Code. I wonder what his excuse was for disobeying it, then?

By now, everyone in highsec should be aware that ORE Strip Miners are forbidden. And, obviously, the same goes for ORE Expanded Cargoholds, which are a truly infernal invention. Patrick Deneys was sitting in an asteroid belt with a 1.4 billion isk Iteron V. Nearly all of that 1.4 billion was spent on anti-tank modules. Agent Dante Fasttackle pounced on the hauler and made short work of it.

All that extra cargo space was needed because the hauler wanted plenty of room for Veldpsar. About 4 million isk worth of Veldspar was stored in the hauler before it was destroyed. Incredibly, Patrick's corp lost another 1.4 billion isk Iteron V a week earlier. And less than half an hour after Patrick was killed, his corp lost yet another 1.4 billion isk Iteron V sitting in the next asteroid belt over. It was a corp-wide doctrine fit. One can only shudder.

And yes, it gets even worse.

Patrick Deneys spent 6.2 billion isk on implants to make him that much better at hauling Veldspar in highsec. Agent Dante Fasttackle sunk his teeth into the juicy pod.

Oh, now it makes sense. The implants made the hauler warp a little faster when moving Veldspar around the system. That extra efficiency totally makes it worth it--as long as he can go a few centuries without losing his pod.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #115

You know what that means--time for another Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Darwin Arji thought of himself as some sort of narrator for his own gank. But his true colors soon emerged:

There isn't enough space to include the entire EVEmail here, but you get the idea. Darwin's the type of guy who would tell you, "I AM calm!"

Our Agents are righteous swords, though.

More than 99% of gank recipients lack a permit. The remaining <1% spend ten million isk on a permit and act like they're above the law.

I'm sorry, but owning a ten million isk permit doesn't make you some big-shot VIP or something. Not when highsec actually has people with genuine rock star status like our Agents do.

Frajer Alland felt so important that he violated the Code, went AFK, and showed insufficient deference to Agent Kalorned. And he thought he could get away with it because he once spent ten million isk.

Frajer didn't learn his lesson when he was ganked for non-compliance. Once again, a gank was just the thing to bring a miner's true colors to the surface.

Frajer was promptly booted from his corporation.

Why do I get the feeling that Rowdy - Yates also belongs to the Frajer Alland school of thought when it comes to permit ownership?

Carebears don't want to work for anything anymore. They PLEX for instant isk, they get skill injectors for instant skillpoints... Miners are getting so impatient these days. You can even see it in their (in-game) death wishes.

Ah, the nihilistic miner on full display. He sat in an asteroid belt just waiting for his inevitable gank.

People ask what the Saviour of Highsec does. Well, forgiveness is a big part of my job. And I hope all you highsec carebears out there realize that seeking my forgiveness is a big part of yours.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Why You Are Dead, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping...

Micheal Cardineal considered himself "ready to handle any combatant," but he hadn't counted on the fierce might of elite PvP'er Agent Semtex Attor. Micheal's fail-fit Tayra was lost, along with some mining equipment. The carebear demanded reimbursement and denied being a miner. Engaged in a chat in the "Why am I dead?" channel and an exchange of EVEmails with Semtex, Micheal's vaunted verbal skills began to fail him, too.
Galaxy Duck > apparently there's a deal in the works to sell you back your yacht
Galaxy Duck > with a permit included
Galaxy Duck > I'd take it, personally
Micheal Cardineal > I dont even have 20 million, how is that a fair fucking deal???
Micheal's Tayra had been hauling his most prized possession: A Victorieux Luxury Yacht, which survived the gank and was recovered by our Agents.
Galaxy Duck > can't you borrow some ISK?
Micheal Cardineal > No i can't, I don't know anyone to borrow from
Galaxy Duck > that sucks
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > You need some good friends.
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Let James 315 become your friend.
Galaxy Duck > ^
Highsec miners tend to be solitary. Then disaster strikes and they need help from someone. The Saviour of Highsec is that someone.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:34
To: Semtex Attor,

Two of the ships, including the one you just destroyed, were Haulers, and another was a second Retriever that I lost to a second player gank, just as I did the first, and under similar circumstances to the first Retriever I lost
Despite claiming not to be a miner, Micheal confessed that he'd lost two Retrievers while mining in highsec. The pieces were all coming together.
Galaxy Duck > The New Order always has it's arms wide
Galaxy Duck > ALWAYS
Micheal Cardineal > Wow you guys are a piece of work
Micheal Cardineal > "here, imma blow up your ship, take your stuff, hold it for a permit ransom, then offer friendship"
Micheal Cardineal > and even better, your so damned smug about it
Micheal Cardineal > its the sickest joke i've ever seen
Micheal was in need. The New Order offered its friendship. The offer was rejected.
Galaxy Duck > I don't mean to be smug, only friendly
Galaxy Duck > just because we blew you up doesn't mean we can't be buds
Galaxy Duck > I mean, you flew through our space illegally, and we're not holding it against you.
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > No one is your real friend in EVE before they've blown you up a couple of times, after all.
Galaxy Duck > ^
Our Agents supplied Micheal with emergent content and good advice. Everything he needed, really.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:38
To: Semtex Attor,

I'm aware of the specs, but I don't deal in small shipments, I deal in several 1000's of m3 of goods. that Yact was more of my relaxation ship. I got it for purchasing a long term subscription, so I like to look at it in station because it's pretty.

I would never take it out into space unless I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn't lose it, and now I'd never take it out if I still had it.
Micheal wasn't interested in friendship or learning how to play EVE. He was obsessed with glittering material things. He owned a yacht for the sole purpose of "relaxation". He was an isk-hungry, decadent carebear. And yet, in the long run, going down that path had only led him to poverty.
Micheal Cardineal > Here's the thing.
Micheal Cardineal > I've been living in High Sec a long time now
Micheal Cardineal > and not ONCE have I EVER heard anything about this
Micheal Cardineal > never been ganked in high sec
Micheal Cardineal > never got a memo
Galaxy Duck > have you been living under a rock (in highsec)?
Micheal Cardineal > but i get on this week and lose three ships in the last week in high sec
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > It's never too late or too early to learn about the Code.
Micheal cursed the injustice of it all. It's true that highsec is not yet perfect. However, a perfectly just highsec requires that everyone is 100% compliant with the Code. Micheal's refusal to buy a permit wasn't going to make the world a fairer place. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:42
To: Semtex Attor,

Had you, instead of blowing up my ship, just held me in place and told me about this, I might be a little more apt to do the whole permit thing. Maybe.

But no. Without warning, you simply blew up my ship and took my stuff.
Meanwhile, other carebears are begging CCP to remove bump mechanics that allow us to hold people in place (sort of) and tell them to buy a permit.
Galaxy Duck > I will say that it is indeed an oddity that you've never heard of us, especially living in our domain for so long.
Galaxy Duck > but now that you have, we can move forward
Micheal Cardineal > Move. Forward??
Galaxy Duck > well sure
Micheal Cardineal > You think I wanna pay 10 million ISK just so I don't get ganked in any space??
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Sounds like a good deal.
Micheal's patience ran out. He left the "Why am I dead?" channel and stopped exchanging EVEmails with Semtex. With nothing but his empty pod, Micheal slowly traveled back to his home base. A few minutes later, Agent Molly Klinker popped the pod.

Micheal's story might have ended there. But then someone told him about this series on MinerBumping.

Micheal renewed his correspondence with Semtex--to thank him.

Before, Micheal considered the Code to be a sick joke. Now he had mixed feelings. Progress!

Once again, the combined efforts of our Agents--and a timely MinerBumping article--helped an EVE player expand his horizons. The New Order is making highsec a better place with better people.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why You Are Dead, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Micheal Cardineal was shocked when Agent Semtex Attor told him he'd been ganked for failing to get a permit for his Tayra. He was skeptical, but the Agents in the "Why am I dead?" channel confirmed it was all true. Micheal was bitter about the whole experience and claimed no one had told him about the Code. Moreover, he denied being a miner despite having been caught with mining equipment in his cargo.
Galaxy Duck > It's a crime to fly in Highsec without James 315 giving you the go-ahead.
Micheal Cardineal > wow
Micheal Cardineal > im
Micheal Cardineal > im speachless
Galaxy Duck > this is all old news, friend
Galaxy Duck > 4 years now
The Code is long-settled law. You'd think all the carebears would've gotten with the program by now.
Micheal Cardineal > im speachless that you guys have the audacity to kill players and take their shit because you cant earn you money the honest way
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > What's the "honest way" in this game, anyway?
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > The entire production carried out by players is military industry.
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > We are all death dealers here.
Micheal received sage counsel whether he wanted it or not.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:07
To: Semtex Attor,

Again, I'm not a miner! How many times do I need to tell you!
Meanwhile, Micheal continued trading EVEmails with his new pen pal.
Micheal Cardineal > I make my honest living in this game by trading, but since you guys blew up my hauler, i am now out of business
Micheal Cardineal > on top of that, all of the rest of my gear is back in Arlek, and, according to yall, i can't get to where I was trying to now without a permit, so if i try to fly the rest of my stuff there, ill lose it too and be even worse off
Galaxy Duck > you need a permit, buddy
Galaxy Duck > don't worry, they're cheap!
Thanks to Semtex's perfectly executed gank, Micheal was nearly broke. It suddenly dawned on Micheal that things could get even worse: What if he got ganked again when he went to retrieve the rest of his stuff?
Micheal Cardineal > Cheap my ass! I dont have that much money at the moment becuase I have to get a new ship and gear for it now! Thanks to you guys!!
Galaxy Duck > Sorry friend, but as law enforcement officers, we can't make special considerations and play favorites
Galaxy Duck > The law is the Law.
Micheal Cardineal > So does this "law" extend to Arlek?
Micheal Cardineal > Cause if so, I was already leaving there anyways and want to get out without having any further issues.
Knowing the extent of the New Order's reach was crucial. If our Agents patrolled Micheal's home system, he was in danger of losing everything.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:13
To: Semtex Attor,

I really think you are musjudging me in your attempt to get my money. Now, I want my stuff back free of charge. I am already going to have to replace my ship and all of my mods on it, which will cut into my availible funds for trading.

So I would appreciate it if I could get my stuff back. At minimum, the Luxury Ship, as it is very important to me.
While Micheal peppered our Agents with questions in the "Why am I dead?" channel, he played hardball with Semtex. He demanded immediate reimbursement. As leverage... something something.
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > New Order of Highsec only governs the highsec systems. You should ask around about the local laws and regulations in your home system separately.
Micheal Cardineal > So this is all of High Sec??
Micheal Cardineal > Seriously?
Galaxy Mule > Micheal Cardineal I understand that you're frustrated, but you'll have to come to terms with the socio-political situation in Highsec.
Galaxy Mule > the New Order isn't going anywhere. We
Galaxy Mule > We're here to stay.*
The other shoe dropped: The Code applies to all of highsec. Micheal was completely surrounded.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:17
To: Semtex Attor,

How far does this "law" reach?
Before throwing in the towel, Micheal asked Semtex for confirmation of the bad news.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:19
To: Semtex Attor,

So you mean to tell me that if I tried to leave Arlek right now with the rest of my stuff to go to Low Sec, theres a high possibility that I would have that stuff confiscated too??
The carebear's mind was racing. Danger lurked behind every stargate. If only he'd purchased a mining permit.
Galaxy Duck > Micheal Cardineal you there?
Micheal Cardineal > yes -_-
Galaxy Duck > how are you doin' bud?
Galaxy Duck > chin up
Micheal Cardineal > If I return to Arlek right now and gather what little i have left
Micheal Cardineal > and attempt to go to low sec
Micheal Cardineal > will you guys show up again and take the rest of my stuff?
Micheal Cardineal > or are yall gonna let me leave freely?
As long as Micheal was in contact with some Agents of the New Order, there was no harm in asking about the possibility of safe travel. Even if they lied and said he was safe without a permit, it would be a comforting lie. Micheal would be able to calm down, at least for a while.
Galaxy Duck > we will most definitely gank you again
Micheal Cardineal > oh
Micheal Cardineal > oh that
Micheal Cardineal > that's just great
Micheal Cardineal > cool
Micheal Cardineal > been living here for over a year, never heard of you, but the second i find out and want to leave peacefully, im effectively stuck here
Micheal Cardineal > cool
...But our Agents never lie.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:29
To: Semtex Attor,

I've lived and operated in High Sec for over a year and have had 0 issues. On top of that, I've traveled more than 30 jumps away from my home station and never had an issue in High Sec before this week. So if you guys are as omnipresent as you proclaim to be, you either have shitty lower management or are a bunch of pompous trolls who love picking on little guys for no reason.
Now Micheal Cardineal's whole future in EVE was in doubt.

To be continued...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why You Are Dead, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Micheal Cardineal's Tayra was dismantled by Agent Semtex Attor for lack of a permit. Micheal was furious. He wanted answers, and before long he was receiving them from both Semtex and the Agents manning the "Why am I dead?" channel.

I have it on good authority that real-world governments are viridescent with envy when they read about how quickly and thoroughly we're able to engage with our citizenry. Also, no mistakes!
Micheal Cardineal > i just want my shit back
Micheal Cardineal > the mining gear, yall can keep, i at least want the ship i was transporting
Micheal Cardineal > minimum
Micheal Cardineal > and a few other items among the shipment that was recovered
In the "Why am I dead?" channel, Micheal attempted to change the subject. They'd been talking about his responsibility under the Code, but he wanted to focus on getting his stuff back. And his greed only grew as he penned his wishlist.
Galaxy Duck > we can discuss reimbursement
Galaxy Duck > but only with legal residents of Highsec\
Galaxy Duck > you need to obtain a permit
Micheal Cardineal > ...
Galaxy Duck > then we can talk replacement
Agent Galaxy Duck was too seasoned an Agent to let Micheal indulge his isk-driven fantasies.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 19:53
To: Semtex Attor,

inform myself???

you pompous ass, who the hell do you think you are?
Semtex took the brunt of Micheal's frustrations. If bearing this burden allowed his fellow Agent to make more progress, Semtex was willing.
Galaxy Duck > We're not allowed to even negotiate with Code-violators unless they reform their ways ang get legal.
Micheal Cardineal > what??
Micheal Cardineal > "code violators"??
Micheal Cardineal > you've got to be kidding me
After being punished for disobeying the Code, it's not uncommon for carebears to actually see themselves as the victim, not the perpetrator.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 19:55
To: Semtex Attor,

im not a fucking miner i just owned a mining ship

im a hauler primarily, but i was moving my stiff from one system to another and you guys ganked me and took my stuff!
Micheal denied he was a miner, despite being caught with mining equipment. He admitted that it was his. He didn't even try the "I was only hauling it for a friend" excuse.
Galaxy Duck > the Code is the law of Highsec as set forth by James 315 himself.
Micheal Cardineal > since when did he get to reign over high sec???
Galaxy Duck > 4 years ago
Galaxy Duck > where have you been, mate?
Micheal Cardineal > really now?
Galaxy Duck > ask anyone
Micheal was shocked to learn about the Saviour of Highsec. Galaxy Duck was equally surprised that Micheal didn't know about EVE's second-most famous player.
Micheal Cardineal > i was playing about a year ago and never heard of him
Micheal Cardineal > and ive even passed though this sector countless times
Galaxy Duck > brb
Micheal Cardineal > with mining gear and never had an issue
How can someone be so disconnected from his own environment that he can live in highsec and not know about the Code? Bot-aspirancy, that's how.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:01
To: Semtex Attor,

I own a mining ship becuase I started out as a miner then started hauling when could afford it.

And ya know what buddy, put yourself in my shoes and try your hardest not to cuss someone into the dirt.

I've been playing this game for over a year now IN THIS ARE OF SPACE and have made NUMEROUS trips through Bei, Hek, and several other places surrounding Bei and have NEVER had an issue, with or without mining equiment or ships, and I have NEVER been told of these "rules" or "regulations".
The miner's attempt to get reimbursed by Galaxy Duck wasn't going anywhere. He went back to exchanging EVEmails with Semtex. Interestingly, the more Micheal lost hope of getting money out of Galaxy Duck, the more polite he was to Semtex.
Galaxy Duck > back
Galaxy Duck > sorry about that
Micheal Cardineal > It's fine
Galaxy Duck > now where were we...
Micheal Cardineal > Me getting my gear back
Micheal Cardineal > for being falsly called a damned miner
Galaxy Duck > I think you were about to purchase a mining permit, no?
Galaxy Duck returned from being AFK. (Rebels and skeptics, save your whining--he was docked at the time.) The miner and our Agent had two very different views of where they were in the conversation.
Micheal Cardineal > im not a miner!
Micheal Cardineal > im a hauler! i just own a mining ship and equipment!
Galaxy Duck > the term "mining permit" is used interchangeably with "highsec permit"
Galaxy Duck > they are the same permit
Micheal Cardineal > again.... not a miner
The miner doth protest too much, methinks. One of the biggest successes of the New Order over the years has been to restore the proper stigma to highsec mining. Nobody wants to be considered one.
Galaxy Duck > a hauling permit then, whatever you wish to call it
Micheal Cardineal > so what, i need a permit to do anything in highsec??
Galaxy Duck > indeed
Galaxy Duck > ever since the reform
Micheal Cardineal > do i need one to breathe?
Galaxy Duck > breathing is allowed
Micheal Cardineal > cool, cause i never got the memo about this reform
Galaxy Duck > but not excessively
Galaxy Duck > we don't want you hyperventilating
Everyone knows reform is a good thing. Why do so many carebears resist it when it comes to them?
Micheal Cardineal > knock if off and give my stuff back
Micheal Cardineal > cause from what im understanding, its a crime to be a miner withough a permit
Micheal Cardineal > and im not a miner
To be continued...

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why You Are Dead, Part 1

Twentieth-century philosopher Ferris Bueller once observed, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." Highsec carebears are too busy grinding isk and going AFK to truly experience EVE.

Once in awhile, however, our Agents force carebears to stop and look around. That's what happened to Micheal Cardineal, whose weirdness-tanked Tayra was blapped by one of Agent Semtex Attor's famous Vexors.
Micheal Cardineal > are you fucking kiddint me
Semtex Attor > Miner, calm down
Micheal Cardineal > who ever the fuck just ganked me get a god damned life
Micheal Cardineal > im not a miner
Semtex Attor > profanity is not needed in here
Thus, Micheal embarked on a great journey. He wanted answers and wasn't afraid to go looking for them. Given Micheal's toxic attitude, though, Agent Semtex gracefully guided the carebear out of Bei local and into a more calming environment.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 19:40
To: Semtex Attor,

Wait what the fuck??

You took my stuff becuase I passed through your space without a permit???
Actually, Micheal was quite a lucky fellow. His quest for truth would proceed along two different tracks simultaneously, both provided by the New Order. First, Micheal received informative EVEmails from Semtex. At the same time, he was invited to join the in-game "Why am I dead?" channel, where he would be assisted by other helpful Agents.
EVE System > Channel MOTD: Persons found in breach of the Law of Highsec will henceforth have their equipment decomissioned. This communications frequency should be utilized to discuss said punitive actions and to determine a preventative plan of action to ensure future compliance.
Micheal Cardineal > Okay so I just got attacked in Bei and had my shit jacked
Micheal Cardineal > anyone mind telling me why??
Micheal Cardineal > Cause I don't get what the fuck just happened
Galaxy Duck > o/
Galaxy Duck > I can help
As is always the case, an Agent was standing by.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 19:44
To: Semtex Attor,

I don't even know who the hell that is and when i did this.

you have no right to take my shit unless you can prove i did this.

and no, i dont want to buy a damned permit.

if it helps, i literally was on my way to dodixie to meet up with a contact of mine for potential work, not sticking around Bei
As it turned out, Semtex had caught the carebear in a foul mood. Whatever was the cause of Micheal's testiness, he took it out on Semtex.
Galaxy Duck > can you link your loss?
Micheal Cardineal > Kill: Micheal Cardineal (Tayra)
Galaxy Duck > hmm
Micheal Cardineal > I got a message saying i passed through James 315's space
Micheal Cardineal > ive never heard of this jackass
Galaxy Duck > hey hey hey
Galaxy Duck > we do not speak of the Savior of Highsec like that
Micheal Cardineal > im sorry but im pissed and this is the third time this week ive been ganked, twice in highsec
Meanwhile, Micheal apologized to Agent Galaxy Duck for using inappropriate language. At least he understood he couldn't go around antagonizing every Agent he met.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 19:47
To: Semtex Attor,

illegal????? really???? since when? and that equipment is my personal equipment that i purchased in HIGHSEC
The carebear only pretended to be calm in the "Why am I dead?" channel; he vented his anger in EVEmails to Semtex. Micheal revealed a sense of entitlement--and selfishness, frankly.
Galaxy Duck > I see
Micheal Cardineal > all of my gear was for a ship i haven't been able to move yet
Galaxy Duck > ah hmm
Micheal Cardineal > all of i i bought for myself for when i first started out.
Galaxy Duck > I think I've figured out the root of your troubles
Galaxy Duck examined the carebear much the same way a doctor would his patient. Then came the diagnosis.
Galaxy Duck > You have no permit
Galaxy Duck > You need a permit to fly through James 315's territory.
Micheal Cardineal > ...
Galaxy Duck > The New Order controls Highsec (James 315 space)
Micheal Cardineal > seriously
Micheal Cardineal > are
Micheal Cardineal > are ya kidding
Upon hearing the diagnosis, Micheal proceeded into the first of the stages of grief: Denial.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 19:51
To: Semtex Attor,

i never heard of needed a damned permit to fly through high sec space

this is complete bullshit
If Micheal wanted a second opinion, he certainly got it. Semtex reached the same conclusion Galaxy Duck had. Micheal needed a New Order mining permit. Micheal wasn't any happier to hear the news from Semtex. Getting a third opinion would've been unnecessary, since it likely would have yielded the same result.
Galaxy Duck > It's as simple as that, friend
Micheal Cardineal > high sec is supposed to be a safe haven
Galaxy Duck > says who?
Galaxy Duck > no seriously, who told you that?
Micheal Cardineal > says the damned game, hence why concord deleted the guy who attacked me
Galaxy Duck > says the game?
Galaxy Duck > where?
Our Agent's suspicions were confirmed when Micheal revealed that he had non-compliant ideas about the game.
Micheal Cardineal > if i was supposed to have a damned permit, why didnt i hear about this sooner?
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Because you preferred not to listen?
Galaxy Duck > You really should have heard about it, everyone knows us
Galaxy Duck > we're totally space-famous and awesome
Agent Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri noticed the activity in the channel and occasionally interjected some sage remarks when appropriate.
Micheal Cardineal > yeah, well sorry pall, i just came from Arlek and havent heard of you
Micheal Cardineal > sooooo
Galaxy Duck > well, now ya know
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Now you have - congratulations!
Galaxy Duck > \o/
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Wooooo!
Micheal Cardineal > ....
Micheal was receiving wisdom from two different directions: His EVEmail exchange with Semtex and the superb customer service provided by the "Why am I dead?" channel. The race was on. Which Agent would sell a mining permit first?

To be continued...

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Skiff Is Not a Permit, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Neuromancer X abandoned his mining permit in favor of a Skiff, only to be taken down by a New Order gank fleet that very same day. Agent Alt 00 offered Neuromancer chance after chance to make things right. But the miner refused to see reason.

Word spread of Skiff deaths in and around the Hek trade hub.

The miner had refused Alt 00's generous offers to let him return to the fold. Our Agent still wouldn't give up, though.

Highsec miners tend to blind themselves to the reality of life in EVE. They can rarely see beyond the asteroid sitting in front of them. The only content they get is the content we give them.

Alt 00 cautioned Neuromancer yet again. She and her fellow gankers had made it obvious that there was no such thing as an invincible mining ship. If Neuromancer wanted to mine in highsec, the Code was the only option.

There could be no doubt about the extent of Neuromancer's nihilism. Alt 00 wished the miner well--but had little hope of rescuing him from his self-inflicted annihilation.

But after a few days, Neuromancer saw the light.

This is why the New Order never gives up. Our Agents know from experience that the CODE always wins. Always! Alt 00 was delighted to learn of Neuromancer's change of heart. Even so, Neuromancer's crimes weren't merely against Alt 00 and the Hek asteroid belts. Neuromancer had rebelled against the Saviour of Highsec.

It was only appropriate, then, that the miner sent an apology directly to me. You might be surprised how many apologies I get in my inbox these days.

Alt 00 allowed Neuromancer the privilege of restoring his mining permit to his bio. This time, he put the permit right at the very top--where it belonged.

Neuromancer made a wise decision, for Alt 00, Lawrence Lawton, and their fellow Code enforcers continued to target non-compliant Skiffs for destruction. The Code requires miners to fly tanked ships, but a Skiff hull is no substitute for a permit. The New Order's control of highsec grows stronger by the day.

And as for Neuromancer X? He soon realized that highsec mining, even as a Gallant miner, isn't a great way to spend one's time. He abandoned the highsec asteroid belts and went in search of adventure in nullsec. Alt 00 had rescued him after all.