Friday, May 22, 2015

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #80

When you ask a miner if they can speak English, you might want to be more specific.

...Because they may only know Miner English.

Riggy Lancer demanded reparations, or else he'd have someone bring down New Order Logistics or even the whole of CODEdot. Absurd. No one has someone who can do that.

Impressive EVEmail/username combo.

...But not all miners believe I can save them from themselves. It's not unanimous yet, but we're getting closer.

A suggestion to all the carebears out there: Don't try sarcastically praising our Agents. They're too used to receiving genuine, earned praise. Your sarcasm might get lost in the mix.

Some miners say that without miners, we wouldn't have any ships. They love to play the martyr, as if we benefit from other players doing boring work. But if they're so altruistic that they perform thankless drudgery in a video game, why do they suddenly become so selfish when we ask for 10 million isk?

Unlicensed carebear Verik dra'Har reported that the contents of his MTU were confiscated by Agent Revis Owen. Verik recommended that Revis be fined 10 times the value of the goods. I rejected the advice. Instead, Revis gets a hi-five.

You know what grinds my gears? Gearbox Pedel refused to acknowledge the PvP prowess of our Agent, despite witnessing it first-hand. Fortunately, Myevil Gankalt was prepared to use logic to fix Gearbox's misconceptions about the game:

Gearbox attempted to build a retort of his own, but logic wasn't in his toolkit.

EVE legend loyalanon took some time out of his busy day to congratulate fellow PvP participant Falk Kaundur on a fight well fought. However, the miner wasn't yet calm enough to appreciate it.

Falk really lucked out. loyalanon was willing to wait for the miner to calm down. It would be a tragedy if Falk missed out on an opportunity have an intelligent conversation with a highsec celebrity.

Alas, the stars were not aligned. Falk wasn't at his best that day.

Don't knock the New Order permit system 'til you try it. Pessimism kills.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Design the CODEdot Alliance Logo

Friends, this has been a long time coming. It is time for the mighty CODE. alliance--the most talked-about alliance in EVE--to get its own in-game logo.

I know what some of you are thinking: "Didn't we already design an alliance logo, like, a long time ago?" Aye. Many, many moons ago, our artists created a bunch of logos, a shareholder vote was held, and a logo was submitted to CCP for review.

Then CCP stopped approving new alliance logos.

For various reasons related to copyright law, CCP put a temporary freeze on logo submissions. For over a year, EVE players clamored for their alliance logos. At long last, the logos are back.

"Why don't you just re-submit the previous design?"

The logo requirements have changed significantly. Among other things, the resolution has been bumped up (if you'll pardon the pun) to 512x512. So we've got to submit a new logo design. This means that all you New Order artists have a chance to become a part of EVE history. Anyone and everyone can come up with a logo and the best one will be sent to CCP. Another shareholder vote may be necessary; we'll see.

You'll have free reign to come up with a design, but the basis of the design will be the same as before.

Namely, my face.

Yes, it's the face that changed highsec. When people see a picture of my face, it reminds them of my face, which reminds them of me, which reminds them of hope and all good things.

Here's a link to the full-resolution portrait of my face. Now do with it what you will. And no, all you rebels and skeptics out there, that is not an invitation for you to be disgusting. Be a Gallant for once.

For CCP's new requirements, you can read the dev blog on the new alliance logo requirements or the EVE-O thread on alliance logos. You can also view the list of alliances with approved logos.

Submitting a logo to me for New Order review is easy: Simply upload it to Imgur and EVEmail me the link.

The winner will be celebrated on MinerBumping, or if we receive many submissions, we'll have a shareholder vote. Artists should feel free to work in teams or send in multiple submissions, if they like.

Here are CCP's "Submission Technical Requirements:"

- Logos must be submitted in 512x512 resolution.
- Formats accepted are 4 channel .PNG or .TGA with three color channels and one alpha (transparency) channel.
- DO NOT use premultiplied alpha.

If you don't know what all the channel/alpha stuff means, don't worry about it. Make a 512x512 image and if it finds favor, we'll have someone work out the details.

Because CCP is free to reject any logo it doesn't like, consider the art requirements below. The art department may not be as strict as the rules suggest, but keep them in mind. If the New Order community loves a logo and it gets rejected because it doesn't fit with the proper EVE "theme" or "colors", we'll need back-ups.


Design & Theme:

- Alliance logos should be designed so that they look and feel like they belong within the futuristic, dark and dystopian EVE universe.
- Logos with themes like warfare, corporations, science and space have a higher chance of approval.
- Reference to historical themes or imagery should be subtle. A well designed and modified version of a historical object that is designed to fit in the EVE Universe will in most case have a higher chance of approval than the definite interpretation of it.
- Many concept and ideas from earth have evolved or been forgotten in the EVE Universe. Remember this when designing your logo.
- Common everyday motives/objects like mobile phones, modern guns, modern vehicles that fit poorly within the genre should be avoided.

Art Style:

- Cartoon images have a lower chance of approval, but if they are well produced and follow all the other requirements, then they will more likely be approved.
- Simple flat and abstract designs fit best in the EVE setting and have a higher chance of approval. They are also more recognizable, easier to read from the distance and work better when scaled down.
- Try to use classic, modern or futuristic fonts. Fonts like Papyrus, Lucida Handwriting and Brush Script don't fit in the EVE universe.
- Use of Comic Sans will result in liberal application of spaceship violence.
- Avoid using Photoshop filters like Lens Flare, Emboss, Blur and other such filters.
- Textures should be avoided in your logo submissions.


- Colors should be chosen within the color range used in the EVE universe. That means colors should generally not be too saturated or bright or they will look like they belong in a different color space than the ship and its surroundings.
- Try to keep color harmony in mind. Try to use analogous colors and not too many complimentary colors together.
- Punch colors/complimentary colors: sometimes a single color can be a little brighter or more saturated to make the image "pop" or look more interesting.


There you have it. There's no particular time limit for sending in entries. After a time, I'll post potential logos on a MinerBumping post and then maybe set a deadline for any additional submissions. Again, make a 512x512 image based on my face, upload it to Imgur, and EVEmail me the link.

Good luck! And remember, highsec is counting on you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Super Diplomacy

You know your organization has hit the big time when it has its own diplomats. For quite a long time now, the New Order has had diplomats working around the clock. Their tireless efforts have contributed greatly to the image and reputation enjoyed by CODEdot and the New Order as a whole.

I know what all you skeptics out there are thinking: "Doesn't every wannabe corp/alliance have its own official 'diplomats'? Even the highsec industrial corps?" Maybe so, but our diplomats are different:

New Order diplomats get their hands dirty. Or clean, if you like. Agent Super Perforator went into a 1.0 system and ganked a Venture pilot during February's Venture-killing contest. Another diplomatic victory for the New Order!

The vast majority of the highsec citizenry understand the importance of destroying even the smallest Code violators. Killing Gavin Keikira's Venture was a smart move, from a diplomatic point of view. But Super Perforator wanted to go the extra mile, to convince Gavin himself that it was good he was ganked. Gavin sent a reply, hinting at revenge.

Aspiring diplomats, take note. Agent Super didn't beg for Gavin's approval. She wasn't obsequious or phony. Super Perforator is an Agent of the New Order. She let the miner know that she was in charge.

Gavin immediately withdrew his idle revenge threats and went the "didn't want that ship anyway" route. He was a bit hesitant to go all the way, though. Maybe he'd been spooked by Super volleying back his earlier spin. If Gavin had been totally committed, he would've said "this loss has already been replaced", like they say in nullsec.

Now we see some of the subtleties of Super's diplomacy. She maneuvered in such a way that Gavin backed himself into a corner: By claiming to have destroyed the ganking vessel, he couldn't whine about being someone "who can't shoot back". Brilliant!

The bully card was played. Absurd. When was the last time you met a bully who worked as a diplomat?

The New Order is resilient. Opposing us is like banging your head against a brick wall. No matter what the miner said, Super Perforator remained positive, closing each EVEmail with "Praise James!" By contrast, Gavin didn't praise me at all, despite having multiple opportunities to do so. What a Goofus.

Gavin wasn't on board yet, but at least he knew who I was. That's an important step. Only the most bot-aspirant of bot-aspirants don't know me.

Eventually, Gavin lost the willpower to continue his correspondence with our diplomat. The Venture pilot vowed to destroy our great movement. Super reassured the miner that he would be treated according to the laws and customs of highsec. Less than an hour later, Gavin purchased a new Venture and somehow got himself ganked again by some random people. I prefer to believe that Gavin got distracted, that he was preoccupied with thoughts about the Code. The New Order diplomat had given the miner much to think about.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Moderation in the Pursuit of the Code Is No Virtue

Of all the complaints I see from the bot-aspirants, my favorite may be the one that goes, "The New Order used to stand for something good, but now they've lost their way." Granted, it's an insincere complaint; it only comes from random carebears, not from people who ever actually supported the New Order at any time. Even so, the argument makes me smile, because it's pretty close to an admission of the New Order's dominance in highsec. Remember when carebears used to say the New Order didn't exist, or that the Code was a joke? Now they admit it was right all along--but claim it is corrupted.

Here we go. Elayne Feather accused our Agents of departing from the Code. Elayne went further than most in professing her support for my "original beliefs". She supported the true spirit of the Code with all her heart, she said. Caution! Carebears don't always have hearts as big as yours or mine:

Elayne's heart didn't take her very far. She had no mining permit and was caught flying an untanked Retriever. I shudder to think of what Elayne would do if her heart was less than 100% in the Code, or if she opposed us.

Elayne was caught red-handed. Instead of apologizing, she saw in her punishment a jumping-off point for a rant about the New Order and its Agents. But even on this occasion, the proud miner couldn't quite bring herself to admit that she'd lost a 39 million isk Retriever--she was "set back 25 mil".

Then Elayne confessed that it wasn't even her Retriever to begin with. Somehow I doubt she apologized to her CEO for the way she'd misused the mining barge. She probably asked for another one, and then told the CEO she had growing doubts about his leadership style.

Before Elayne wrote to me about her disappointments, she penned an essay in which she lectured some of our finest Agents about the Code.

It became clear that Elayne was one of those "moderates" you sometimes hear about. While claiming to support the Code, she had a very different vision of the Code's history. Compare it to the true history, as documented in the pages of MinerBumping and other canonical works. One can hardly recognize this kinder, gentler Code of hers! Gone was the urgency, the moral imperatives, the calls for justice, the antimatter and brimstone.

Elayne couldn't conceal her biases. The valiant warriors who bested her Retriever in mortal combat were accused of being "second rate suicide gankers". Everyone knows our suicide gankers are first rate. In any case, they were good enough to kill her.

In a few haughty paragraphs, the miner dismissed years of indispensable New Order traditions that good highsec citizens have built their lives around. Then, with the utmost disrespect, she cast down our sainted Agents. In their place, she raised up her own, utterly unorthodox views of the Code. This was turning out to be one shocking EVEmail.

Elayne's missive did not go unanswered. Agent Kalorned leapt to the task, putting the miner straight by quoting from MinerBumping posts such as the stirring conclusion to Who You Gonna Call? Part 2:
There it was. Taylor Who--the new player who had never heard about the New Order or the Code or Agents or James 315 or tank modules or any of it--showed his true colors. He admitted he'd heard about the New Order. What he heard wasn't flattering or true, but he had heard of us. Even the new miners know about the Code. The New Order's presence is too big to ignore, even for a bot-aspirant. They don't need a "warning" before they get ganked. They've already been warned. Carebears of highsec, the time for warnings is over. The time for payment has come.
Powerful stuff. Even Elayne couldn't deny it. And this is why the New Order has established such a vast educational apparatus--so that the miners of highsec are not carried away like chaff in the wind by every new heresy that comes along.

The truth is, the Code has never been soft. Our Code is not about leaving miners in peace, but driving them to submission. If they don't like it, I hear there's some good rental space out in nullsec these days.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Grace of the Code, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Luiz Zirud seemed like a hopeless bot-aspirant. Agent Tisiphone Dira ganked Luiz while he was hauling two PLEX in a shuttle. But when Luiz was hauled into a court presided over by Lament von Gankenheim, the miner seemed to want to turn over a new leaf. Judge Gankenheim commanded the miner to pause his training of Mining V.

Within a few minutes, the miner found himself in a fleet channel with the very Agent who had ganked him.

Courtesy of the New Order, Luiz was provided with a fitted gank Catalyst, free of charge. Tisiphone walked Luiz through the basics.

Tisiphone's scout alt quietly approached an unlicensed Venture pilot. Tension mounted. Luiz prepared to take a bold step toward his new future.

BLAMMO! Luiz successfully ganked the Venture and popped its empty pod, all on his first try. Another victory for the New Order!

The tables had turned completely. Luiz, the autopiloting PLEX shuttler, had enforced the Code.

Luiz tabbed over to the courtroom channel and reveled in the glory of the Code. It was the first time he'd scored a kill in EVE.

Tisiphone invited Nanoni Evotori, the Venture pilot, into the channel. Luiz Zirud had climbed a mountain that day. He'd made it through ordeals and come out a changed man. Now, in looking upon his own gank victim, Luiz came face to face with the shadow of his past, dark self.

Over in the fleet channel:

Now Luiz saw EVE for what it was. All it took was a radical change in prospective--one only made possible by the grace of the Code.

Only a few hours earlier, Luiz might have found common cause with that carebear, that wicked bot-aspirant. He was rescued by Tisiphone Dira and her fellow Agents. Luiz's outlook on EVE would never be the same again.

And so the transformative power of the Code shone brightly once again. Each day, highsec is changing. Before the New Order, no one could ever have imagined such a thing. Now they can't escape it.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kills of the Week

What's this whole New Order thing all about? Yes, we claim control of all highsec, but why? What's our vision for highsec? You could write volumes on the subject--and some of us have--but there are ways to simplify it. The tl;dr version is, we want to see highsec live up to its full potential. Now then, did highsec meet our expectations during the week of May 10th @ 00:00 EVEtime through May 16th @ 23:59 EVEtime?

In a word, no. Not when the people of highsec are suiciding dozens of freighters into Uedama.

Among the many dead was Miss NBT and her 9.3 billion isk jump freighter. Look at the nanofibers on that Ark. Those aren't the kind of fittings that say, "James 315, I respect you and your vision for my EVE career. This is me living up to my full potential. Did you get my 10 million isk payment before I purchased this vessel?"

Agents Chenshar, loyalanon, Bratok Srayona, Kusotarre, Aaaarrgg, Talon Calais, Pod-Goo RepoWoman, R4 Scarr Gill, Sasha Cohenberg, Sophia Soprano, Asia Leigh, Aide Royale, Six Beavers, karma balancer, Chocolate Mooses, and reaper Shardani rode to the rescue and did away with this Ark. May the next one be stronger.

Remember when CCP was asking itself what kind of new ships people wanted, and they made another big hauler? Verity Dawn did, and she made use of the Bowhead to move a bunch of stuff through highsec. Granted, she had three EHP-boosting mods in the lowslots. But as I'm always telling my Agents, look to the rigs. That is where you'll see the carebear's true desire. Verity created a speed-fit Bowhead. It didn't pass muster, though. Agents loyalanon, Braggs Seyllin, Talon Calais, John E Normus, Zane Arnolles, Sasha Cohenberg, Rakeris, Mildron Klinker, Aaaarrgg, Pilot Solette, Mark Eting, Pod-Goo RepoWoman, Morrigan Laima, Ammutseba Gangulur, Shaari Aviata, Molly Klinker, and AeleDeux rejected it and burned it to cinders.

You all know me. I'm old school. I started playing EVE over 9 years ago (or as a miner would say, I'm a new player). When you ask me about battleships, I'll tell you about Megathrons or whatever. I was surprised to see Yotsuba Btulip die in a "Barghest", which is apparently a new battleship. Barghest. Sounds more like something a miner screams when you blow up his Retriever. But anyway, Agents Sophia Soprano and loyalanon saw one of these autopiloting through Hek, so they killed it. 1.4 billion isk battleships for autopiloting. What will they think of next?

One of the great things about the New Order is that we enable our Agents to realize their dreams. Agent Jaxi Wreckful was telling me about his earnest wish that mission runners would get more compliant, or die at his hands. Thus was born the "The Elite Murder Squad". They help make sure mission runners are held accountable for what they do or don't do. Sergey Antipov was lounging around in a 2.2 billion isk Golem. Agents John E Normus, Aaaarrgg, loyalanon, Jaxi Wreckful, AeleDeux, Jeni Savage, Mark Eting, Sophia Soprano, and Dr Caroline Johnson formed up and took Sergey down the first, difficult, step toward Code compliance.

Speaking of realizing one's dreams, Aya Nix's Mackinaw doesn't look like anything special. On its own, it isn't. But you see a different picture if you look at the totality of Agents Rick Therapist and Brutal Anna's kills:

Rick Therapist (assisted by his partners, Brutal Anna and Carebears' Nightmare), have killed a lot of Exhumers. Aya Nix's Mackinaw was the 1,000th exhumer they destroyed. That's a lot of lives to touch. Every day, our Agents make sure EVE is an unforgettable experience.

Earlier, CCP handed out a bunch of Genolution implants and drove their prices down. Suddenly, the carebears of highsec had much cheaper pods. Somehow, Dad Fox still managed to lose a 2 billion isk pod. His crystals were shattered by Agent Aaaarrgg, who popped him in a 1.0 security system. Carebears, don't hide behind CONCORD. We'll find you every time. Seek shelter in the Code.