Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Honour of TEST, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent KrazyTaco bore witness to the destruction of two highly decadent pods owned by Rayn Audeles and his alt. Rayn negotiated the purchase of a "TEST Dyno-Mite™ Mining Permit", which involved ejecting from his Mackinaw. Unexpectedly, the Mackinaw was taken by a shadowy figure.
Rayn Audeles > and somebody already stole the ship...
Impunitus Umbra > Someone stole your ship? I'm so sorry about that!
Rayn Audeles > yeah right...
Impunitus Umbra > Who stole it?
Rayn Audeles > considering it was just nicked while i was on the way to get it, i'm assuming it's one of your people...
Rayn became wary of the TEST members he was negotiating with; he suspected them of being involved in the Mackinaw theft. In fact, Agent Kalorned took possession of the ship and discovered contraband inside: The allegedly poor miner had roughly a billion isk worth of Harvester drones stashed away.
Rayn Audeles > i'll make sure everyone in these 3-4 systems knows you guys are running a racket here
Rayn Audeles > nobody random did it, you're group did it
Rayn Audeles > same stuff as the "code" they linked to
Impunitus Umbra > I will also send you 500m out of my own pocket due to the massive amount of problems you've been dealing with tonight
Rayn Audeles > well that's a start at least, but still leaves me around 8 plex in the hole at this point
The TEST representative promised to reimburse the miner. All he had to do was follow a few simple instructions.
Rayn Audeles > I'll believe it's legitimate once i'm repaid in full
Impunitus Umbra > Thats ok, you're going to get roughly 6b in cash from pod insurance, a new ship as well as 500m from my personal wallet
Rayn Audeles > i'll believe it when the cash hits
Rayn Audeles > i'm going to be a lawyer ... shit doesn't mean anything until it happens
About two weeks later, Rayn would tell Agent Lawrence Lawton he was a lawyer already. Lawyer or not, the miner was growing increasingly skeptical. He only believed in the assets sitting inside his hangar. He had zero faith.
Impunitus Umbra > The 500m will be deposited once Kristi From Accounting has the contracts up to her
Rayn Audeles > the only reason you wanted the APIs was to see what else you could bilk me out of
Rayn Audeles > just be mindful having an IT background if i really wanted you i'd already have you
As part of the process, Rayn produced an API key so the TEST group could determine his actual wealth. They learned he had another expensive mining drone and a Leopard-class shuttle.
Rayn Audeles > probably explains why nobody flies in this sector eh?
Impunitus Umbra > What do you mean by that?
Rayn Audeles > I mean, this system is usually empty
Rayn Audeles > and now i know why
Impunitus Umbra > If you want you could just contract the drone and I'll use that as collateral
Rayn Audeles > or, you'll just end up taking the drone and walking off with it
Now the TEST reimbursement officer wanted Rayn's drone and Leopard, to be transferred via contract for less-than-market prices.
Impunitus Umbra > I have offered to take money out of my own wallet for you, has anyone else?
Rayn Audeles > but you are taking something else, and won't actually pay the money
Rayn Audeles > in essence a contract without consideration
Impunitus Umbra > It is simply just a hold. Once Kristi From Accounting has the contract up I will press ok on my deposit
Rayn Audeles > just know that if i don't get every dime of that back, i'll make sure everyone in the next 5 or so systems knows who you are and what racket your group does
Impunitus pointed out that Rayn would receive real isk in exchange for the items. The miner wasn't persuaded.
Rayn Audeles > well considering your group has already bilked me for over 300m in addition to all the stuff they blew up or took, that's plenty enough
Impunitus Umbra > Which is why I'm giving you 500m in cash out of my pocket because of their wrong-doing
Rayn Audeles > except that the drone is worth enough you'd still come out way ahead
Rayn Audeles > i'm familiar with the uniform commercial code as it is, and frankly there should have been a reimbursement and paperwork in connection with the permits and everything else if this was done correctly
The parties reached an impasse. Rayn wanted 500 million isk for the items; Impunitus was willing to offer less than 100 million.
Impunitus Umbra > As it stands. Once that contract is changed to under 100m in cost you will recieve 7b in pod insurance, a replacement ship for the one that was stollen from you due to the fact that it was insured as well as 500m from my personal wallet
Rayn Audeles > except that those drones are worth a lot more than 100 million anyway
Rayn Audeles > they are selling for around 500m
Impunitus Umbra > Hey I need to go soon. The sooner we wrap this up the better it is for you
Rayn Audeles > one sec
Rayn Audeles > it's up
Nothing like a deadline to help people come to an agreement.
Impunitus Umbra > You seem to have forgotten the one Lepoard. Could you also put that up, either in the same contract or in a new one with no cost?
Rayn Audeles > well i've already paid your group over 200 mllion from penalties and the permits
Rayn Audeles > and if you guys don't honor the permits our ceo will have to reach out to your leader about not honoring the permits
Rayn Audeles > and it will be the CEO's call whether to hire someone to push you guys out for doing this damage
Impunitus was no dummy. He quickly noticed that the Leopard was missing from the contract. Was Rayn trying to scam him, or was he just greedy?
Impunitus Umbra > You CEO will never even have to think about making that kind of decesion. Have faith in the process and you will recieve
Rayn Audeles > and i have nothing to show for it
Rayn Audeles > well then your organization has
Rayn Audeles > by extension
Rayn Audeles > whether guardians of the veil or TEST or whoever you are
The miner's skepticism and bitterness only grew as he realized all of the material things he'd lost that day. Now he even doubted whether TEST's sovereignty in nullsec was legitimate.
Rayn Audeles > but this deal you have brokered through this Kristi person is a sham
Rayn Audeles > thus far your group walked off with my ship without permission and blew me up while i was under a valid contract
Rayn Audeles > you do realize, within around another couple months i'll be making enough money to just pay somebody from null sec to nuke you over and over as a personal job for awhile if they don't square this up
As a fail-safe, Rayn had a plan to get revenge on TEST if they didn't reimburse him: He'd hire mercs with an endless stream of PLEX. Rayn would have no problem getting money for PLEX, because he expected to get hired for a high-paying job in a few months. But as Rayn himself once said, "shit doesn't mean anything until it happens."
Impunitus Umbra > You need to put it up for 50m now or its going to be dropped even further. There is one thing that doesn't stand in TEST and that is shennagins like this
Rayn Audeles > TEST already had breached a contract with us
Rayn Audeles > i had a permit and you shot me out anyway
Rayn Audeles > TEST itself sounds like a scam
Impunitus was losing his patience. Rayn still owed him a Leopard, and the miner's sullying of TEST's good name wasn't helping.
Rayn Audeles > you aren't helping anything, you are trying to talk me into setting up a contract worth less than 25% of the goods
Rayn Audeles > in hopes that you will pay back what i was already screwed out of because your group didn't honor a permit
Rayn Audeles > that's breach of contract here in america
Rayn cautioned Impunitus. He might not be a real lawyer yet, but he was certainly a space lawyer.
Impunitus Umbra > I have a 500m payment destined for your wallet now
Rayn Audeles > and but for the fact this is a game i'd ahve sued you into oblivion for it
Rayn Audeles > and that mackinaw would have been considered unjust enrichment too
Impunitus Umbra > Dreddit is Recruiting!
Rayn Audeles > i'm sure they are
In the end, Rayn chose to walk away. It was an expensive decision; the miner lost out on a whole pile of reimbursement isk. The butcher's bill for Rayn and his alt totaled over 10.5 billion isk for the day. In spite of everything, he consoled himself with the belief that his Dreddit/TEST permits protected him against future ganks. That assumption would be put to the test only a few weeks later. Rayn had an abundance of confidence in himself and his interpretation of space law, but he had little regard for the Code. And EVE can be a very difficult game for those who lack the Code.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Honour of TEST, Part 1

In a MinerBumping post from earlier this week, highsec miner Rayn Audeles claimed to have purchased a mining permit from TEST corp Dreddit. This sparked much curiosity among our readers--and no small amount of interest from members of TEST, who wanted to defend their alliance's honour. I personally received a full report from Agent KrazyTaco, who is also a member of the TEST Special Interest Group (SIG) called the "Soviet Union of Gank".

It all started with the destruction of Rayn's alt's Mackinaw and 3.4 billion isk pod, which included a Michi's Excavation Augmentor. Though not on the killmails in question, KrazyTaco was an eyewitness to TEST's encounter with Rayn in the exotic Kooreng system.
Rayn Audeles > hello
KrazyTaco > hi
Rayn Audeles > you do realize you just did around 3 billion in damage?
Rayn Audeles > and i wasn't afk either...
Rayn Audeles > i just don't normally monitor local chat because nobody is usually ever in this area
According to KrazyTaco, Rayn was offered the chance to buy a "TEST Dyno-Mite™ Mining Permit" as part of a special program to protect miners from TEST gankers who aren't part of the New Order.
Rayn Audeles > considering now it's going to cost me around $60 to replace what you just did
KrazyTaco > Yes, but you've incurred penalties since we had to enforce on you already
Rayn Audeles > in total?
KrazyTaco > 150m penalty
Rayn Audeles > i don't even think our corp has that much
Rayn Audeles > and the guy that runs the ore isn't even online
It's rare to see an organization other than the New Order selling mining permits, but those who do usually charge much more than 10 million isk. Incredibly, the carebears still complain about our price being too high!
Rayn Audeles > let me double check everything
Rayn Audeles > our total assets are 232,660,448 but a lot of that isn't mine
Rayn Audeles > i have the screenshot but i've never sent one on here
KrazyTaco > That's ok, I trust you
Despite Rayn's alt having a decadent pod, Rayn's corp was very poor.
Rayn Audeles > and how am i supposed to recover the 3 billion we just lost????
KrazyTaco > If you eject from the mackinaw we can call it even
KrazyTaco > Otherwise we're going to have problems
Rayn Audeles > that's worth more than that amount anyway
Rayn owned a Mackinaw, just like his alt used to. KrazyTaco was willing to accept the Mackinaw in lieu of the TEST permit penalty payment.
Rayn Audeles > how do i know you won't just end up stealing the ship anyway
KrazyTaco > You have to trust us - I'm a member of TEST alliance, we're a major null sec entity
Rayn Audeles > and what proof do you have of who you even are? people scam all the time in this game...
KrazyTaco > click my name
Rayn Audeles > I see who you claim to be, but today is the first i've seen of anyone like you
In the early days of the New Order, highsec miners used to talk about two nullsec groups: Goons and TEST. Often, miners thought the two were one and the same. Much has changed since then; many of today's highsec dwellers aren't familiar with TEST. But TEST is slowly making a comeback.
KrazyTaco > How can I not be TEST if I'm in the TEST alliance according to the game
Rayn Audeles > i've never even heard of TEST is my point
Ion Fury > I've been in TEST alliance for over a year, KrazyTaco's word is our word
Impunitus Umbra > We are good people
Rayn Audeles > but yet your code seems to honor gankers too
Two other members of TEST vouched for Agent KrazyTaco. That, along with the fact that TEST owns some sovereignty in nullsec, was enough to convince Rayn to eject from his Mackinaw.

Rayn's pod floated next to his now-pilotless Mackinaw. His loitering earned him an expensive pod loss. The supposedly impoverished miner had owned 5 billion isk worth of implants--including another Michi's Excavation Augmentor.
Rayn Audeles > that's what i get for listening to ya eh?
KrazyTaco > You didn't have the Dyno-Mite™ pod insurance
Rayn Audeles > you never said anything about that...
Rayn Audeles > bunch of lies
KrazyTaco > Yeah, completely slipped my mind till it was too late
Rayn Audeles > scamming dirtbag... you aren't anything but a ganker corp anyway... it's all smoke and bullshit
The miner cursed the unfairness of the system. However, it's hard to separate his claims of unfairness from his frustration with losing an expensive pod. Thus, his complaints can be safely disregarded.
Ion Fury > I will start filling out an incident report.
Rayn Audeles > and what good will an incident report even do
Rayn Audeles > my own wallet is empty right now and im not the one that runs the ore for the corp either
Ion Fury > Well, if you asked your CEO or someone who can assist you? I am doing the best I can to offer this to you
Ion Fury > I will put the paperwork in and you will see the amount of 6,000,000,000 isk refunded to your account within 6-9 months.
TEST offers a generous reimbursement program, but like most nullsec programs, it's very slow. Fortunately, Impunitus Umbra offered expedited processing for the price of 100 million isk.
Rayn Audeles > our corp doesn't even have that money left anymore
Rayn Audeles > I'll be reclaiming my Mackinaw as well, since i was already told i could
Impunitus Umbra > Sure that is not a problem
Sadly, Rayn couldn't afford to pay for expedited processing--unless he cashed in his Mackinaw, which was still floating pilotless in space. The TEST members prepared to return the Mackinaw to its owner...

...When suddenly, a mysterious interloper appeared out of nowhere and made off with it!

To be continued...

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Code-Approved Sights and Sounds

Elite PvP--such as the elite PvP practiced by Agents of the New Order--is an art form. In fact, our Agents excel at all forms of art. They say good art often comes in threes, and today is no exception. I am pleased to present three excellent works of art.

Part-time musician and full-time Code scholar Sasha Nemtsov has arranged another treat for the ears. Enjoy!

Of note: When our Agents laugh at silly carebears, it's always good-natured and sportsmanlike. I commend them.


The New Order of Highsec allows people to realize their greatest ambitions. Behold, Agent Alt 00's latest (crowning) achievement:

Approachable and casual, yet still dignified. Not everyone finds that balance an easy one to strike. For some reason, I've never had trouble with it.

As always, you can revisit all our Agents' artwork on the Links page.

Ah, that was a fun post.

...What's that? Oh, you were wondering about the third piece of art? Why, it's The Code, of course. The Code is always there.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Breach of Contract, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Lawrence Lawton was stunned when gank recipient Rayn Audeles claimed to have already purchased a 200 million isk mining permit from Dreddit corporation. As Lawrence went forward with his investigation, he uncovered disturbing information about Rayn's attitude and lack of tank modules. The purportedly Code-compliant miner grew increasingly hostile.

Agent Lawrence wasn't interested in Rayn's threats. He wanted to get the miner focused on the Code. Everyone knows that Code-focused miners perform better in highsec.

Alas, Rayn could not be swayed. He was intent on becoming a full-blown space lawyer.

Rayn had a two-track system for getting justice for his Mackinaw. One part of his plan was to spread anti-Code propaganda in local to dissuade other miners from getting a permit. The rest of his time would be spent suing the New Order for fraud because Lawrence didn't honor the Dreddit mining permits.

As the space lawyer brainstormed, he developed part three of his plan. Before long, the New Order's gankers would spend so much time dealing with red tape that they'd scarcely have the opportunity to shoot spaceships.

Lawrence tried to direct the miner's attention to his own breach of contract--a total failure to obey the Code. But Rayn was too busy writing his own villain origin story.

It was with a heavy heart that our Agent revoked Rayn's alleged mining permit. The miner barely noticed.

The space lawyer was already preparing to appeal the matter directly to CCP. Just wait until CCP found out about this whole "Code" business!

Earlier, Rayn had denied being a space lawyer. He certainly sounded like one, though.

Lawrence sighed. There was a very real chance that Rayn wouldn't be sending him 10 million isk at the end of this conversation.

For an Agent of the New Order, the Red Pen list is considered the nuclear option. But Lawrence had no choice.

Shockingly, the miner remained unapologetic even after being added to the Red Pen list.

Rayn Audeles had become nihilistic. According to Rayn, losing ships doesn't matter if the game is free to play. So much for that lawsuit, I guess. Agents, remember that one. If a carebear gets too upset after you destroy his ship, try calming him down by reminding him that the game is free.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Breach of Contract, Part 1

If ganking miners were as easy as the rebels and skeptics say it is, then everyone would do it. No, ganking miners is elite PvP. And you can imagine how a ganker feels when he's told, after performing an outrageously well-executed gank, that the miner must be reimbursed.

Rayn Audeles contacted Agent Lawrence Lawton and demanded to be repaid in full for the gank of his yield-fit Mackinaw. Lawrence and the Poddington family were still celebrating the gank an hour later when Rayn returned to his keyboard and sent a chilling EVEmail:
Subject: I had a permit, Dreddit collected over 200 million in the name of these permits
From: Rayn Audeles
Sent: 2016.11.28 02:38
To: Lawrence Lawton,

I had a permit, and was never told what to put where they told me they kept a list, I've paid well over 200 million for those.. you made a kill of someone holding a valid permit, and your code indicates that I am to be reimbursed for that.
Rayn's claim was based on alleged permits sold by Dreddit, the primary corporation of the TEST alliance. A quick check of Rayn's killboard reveals that he'd previously suffered the loss of a 5 billion isk pod, ganked by members of TEST. It appeared in a Kills of the Week post.
Rayn Audeles > Dreddit sold me one charging over 200 million
Rayn Audeles > for both myself and my alt
Rayn Audeles > they said nothing about putting it in the bio either
Rayn Audeles > they said they kept a list
Lawrence Lawton > I'm not familiar with Dreddit. What kind of permit did they sell you?
There was evidence that Rayn had indeed been ganked by Agents in the past. The matter was serious enough to warrant a private convo.
Rayn Audeles > and they pod killed me too
Rayn Audeles > costing over 8 billion isk
Lawrence Lawton > Wow
Rayn Audeles > made up some bunk pod insurance too
Rayn Audeles > but if you actually follow that code i'm supposed to be reimbursed for this
Lawrence was sincere in his effort to gather evidence about Rayn's so-called Dreddit permits. Rayn was holding himself out as a Code-compliant miner, but Lawrence couldn't help noticing he was being a bit pushy.
Lawrence Lawton > Also forward me a copy of whatever else they may have sent you as far as permit and proof of payment.
Rayn Audeles >
Rayn Audeles > but they never gave me "proof of anything"
Lawrence Lawton > That's OK. So it is the Code.
Lawrence Lawton > Excellent. I'm a senior Agent in the New Order. I should be able to get this sorted out.
Rayn Audeles > bluntly, if this turns into a scam like the Dreddit idiots were doing, i'll make it my personal hobby to sit in Irnin and make sure nobody falls for this ever again
Despite Agent Lawrence's cooperation and generously undivided attention, Rayn had a hostile attitude. He muttered threats--which, to put it mildly, is not the typical behavior of a Gallant miner.
Lawrence Lawton > Could you please tell me why your client closed as soon as your mackinaw popped?
Rayn Audeles > because i didn't manage to warp in time, and i was trying to get the other one out of the area, handling two clients is hard
Rayn Audeles > bear in mind, setting up representations of a contract and not honoring those even in an environment like this is fraud
Rayn Audeles > i can get those pages taken down by the provider legally
As Lawrence continued to collect information about Rayn's case, the miner began to show his true colors.
Lawrence Lawton > Hold on, there's no need to go all space lawyer yet. Let's examine the facts.
Rayn Audeles > as furthering material misrepresentation and fraud
Lawrence Lawton > Why did you client disconnect the instant your mack was popped? I noticed your name disappear from local and your pod warped off.
Rayn Audeles > it's not space lawyer at all, i'd have to find out the jurisdiction of where the pages are based
Rayn Audeles > you made a contract and didn 't honor it
The miner wasn't interested in helping Lawrence fill out his reimbursement claim. He was a space lawyer.
Rayn Audeles > how do you think your leader will feel when he gets a cease and desist from his host?
Lawrence Lawton > That's awfully suspicious. I'm going to go right out an ask you. Are you running automation software?
Rayn Audeles > no I'm not, and i'm rather offended that you are acting that way
Rayn Audeles > and I don't care whether you find it suspicious or not, I find it suspicous someone is charging millions in the name of your order
Rayn Audeles > and you let it happen
No wonder the miner had been behaving so strangely. He'd been spending all his energy putting on a front, trying to suppress the symptoms of his bot-aspirancy. It left him with no energy to spend on being polite.

Now that things had escalated, Agent Lawrence started screenshotting the conversation. He wanted to make sure everything was done by the book. When dealing with a space lawyer, the case has to be airtight.

Rayn's story was changing. It was a confusing, muddled mess.

Lawrence asked a perfectly reasonable question about the lack of tank on the supposedly Code-compliant miner's Mackinaw. Rayn got defensive, angrily deflecting the question.

To be continued...

Monday, December 5, 2016

Fly to Die

They say there are no titans in highsec, but that's not quite true. The Agents of the New Order are highsec's titans.

Our Agents frequently get mail from people they don't recognize. GLORIA PRIDES sent a cryptic message to Agent Alt 00. Since Alt 00 didn't remember GLORIA, she shrugged it off and moved on.

The next day, Alt 00 received another EVEmail from GLORIA, who indicated this was the beginning of a long-term relationship between the two parties. Now it was worth it for Alt 00 to investigate the history of GLORIA PRIDES.

Our Agent had ganked GLORIA's Endurance. Interestingly, the gank took place a few days prior to GLORIA's first EVEmail. Either the miner was taking multiple days to calm down, or she'd been AFK for a few days and only now discovered her ship loss.

Upon further investigation, both possibilities seemed equally likely.

GLORIA was in luck. Our Agent had lots of experience in helping miners.

Maybe Alt 00 misjudged GLORIA. The next day, the miner vowed revenge--and claimed to have reinforcements at her disposal. The hunter was about to become the hunted.

Of course, anyone who's lived in nullsec knows that it can take time to assemble a fleet. GLORIA kept herself busy by sending a series of EVEmails.

After some rapid-fire tears, GLORIA took a well-earned break for a few hours. Then she started up again. But GLORIA was still tired, so she went silent for a few more hours.

When our Agent logged on, she had a large backlog of mail to go through. Alt 00 is very diligent. As she reviewed the correspondence, she gathered some materials together and sent them to GLORIA in one helpful package.

Alt 00 succeeded in breaking through. GLORIA communicated her main objection to the New Order. She was upset that she'd been killed when flying an unarmed ship. However, Alt 00 knew better. The whole controversy had been based on a misunderstanding! Now the Agent and the miner could put their differences aside. There was no more reason for GLORIA not to obey the Code.

After a brief pause, GLORIA decided she wasn't interested in reconciliation.

The miner no longer had the luxury of believing she'd been unfairly killed. She knew she was on the wrong side of things, but she didn't care. At the very moment she should've been putting all her energy into self-improvement, GLORIA directed her anger outward. And Alt 00 was a convenient target because she'd made herself available to the miner, to help her. What a sorry state of affairs.

But the miner's anger burned itself out just as suddenly as it had been kindled. GLORIA vanished into the ether, never to write again. The miner's promised revenge never came to pass. Maybe GLORIA's huge fleet of allies from nullsec talked some sense into her. And maybe--just maybe--the next time she sends an EVEmail to Alt 00, it will be accompanied by a payment of 10 million isk.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Kills of the Week

When you were growing up, perhaps you asked a parent or a teacher what a word meant, only to hear the reply: "Look it up in the dictionary. If you look it up yourself, you'll remember it." That's sort of the same principle we use when teaching carebears how to obey the Code. Except that instead of making them grab a dictionary, we kill them. Here are some carebears who will always remember--if not follow--a lesson from the Code. From the week of November 27th @ 00:00 EVEtime through December 3rd @ 23:59 EVEtime...

Endrin Tremmel was excited about the new Orca changes, though that excitement apparently waned quite a bit by the time he got around to choosing modules for his midslots. Endrin hauled a bunch of equipment while AFK. He was killed by... Oh my...

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Uedama. Agents Jayson Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Joel Kusion, Jake Kusion, Justin Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Joseph Kusion, Jason Kusion, Joshua Kusion, and Johnathan Kusion circled the Orca and tore it apart in a frenzy fueled by thirty days of unjustified bannage.

supanover knew he wanted to lose an expensive Hulk, but he wasn't sure where to find blingy Hulk mods. No matter, Agents Votre Dieu and Narl' Amhar were going to kill him for illegal mining anyway.

supanover's Hulk contained a pair of Skill Extractors. What a terrible fit. What, no PLEX? What if your subscription runs out in the middle of a mining op?

siena murasame was more experienced than supanover; she knew how to make a mining ship properly decadent. Her 1.4 billion isk Mackinaw proved a juicy testing ground for an all-Atron gank fleet comprised of Agents Keraina Talie-Kuo, Krominal, Kibbera, Viktor Rahl, Hero D Man, Jay-r Maulerant, and Krandor Dermaezaf.

I still think the 'Anguis' mods are missing an "h". But our misguided friend siena also brought along some outrageously expensive--and fragile--mining drones, one of which was still in the bay. It could've been worse, though.

Yes, Nohdachi managed to lose a Hulk worth 1.5 billion isk. Just look at that fit. Don't look away--you need to see what's going on in highsec. Agents Viktor Rahl, Sco Nolander, Keraina Talie-Kuo, Krominal, Hero D Man, Krandor Dermaezaf, Jay-r Maulerant, and Kibbera returned to the Dantan system after killing that Mackinaw earlier. They noticed the system still needed a good scrubbing.

Four Harvester Mining Drones were contained in the Hulk's Drone Bay at the time of its destruction. Something is rotten in Dantan.

Hakki Mika took the "dog's breakfast" approach to her Occator fit. Needless to say, Agents Tax Collector Emile, Australian Excellence, Tax Collector Richard, Taxman Daniel, and Tax Collector Zakard weren't impressed. Carebears, if you're in highsec, failing to impress our Agents is a fatal mistake. The Occator and the fleet it was carrying all went down in flames.

Alt2172's Obelisk trudged through highsec with some expensive cargo. Weighing in at nearly 12 billion isk, it was bound to meet its fate sooner or later. Agents Eugenie Brazier, Bob Painter, Lawrence Lawton, Gea Stormbound, Pure Whyte, Yojiro, Darnoth, Liz Cadelanne, Unfit ForDoody, big brutor one, Another ShadeOf Whyte, ClearLove, Perlo Tissant, big brutor two, Inspector Implant, Mack Poddington, Skiff Poddington, Hulk Poddington, Vigilion Imagan, Yuliana Tang, Skeezy McSkeez, Urban Worrier, Grant Bant, and Sorg-frae carried out the execution in a calm and dignified manner.

This is another one of those "Engineering Complex" thingamajigs. You know, highsec is a wonderful place. We celebrate highsec in all its vibrant diversity. But the Code does not tolerate unlicensed thingamajigs.