Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Showdown in Juddi, Part 1

Important news from the front: The New Order scored a big win in the Juddi system!

The dashing Agent Kalorned launched a daring forray into an asteroid belt, where he came upon an unlicensed Mackinaw. The pilot in question, The Roak, was able to prove that he was not AFK. This was a good sign, since miners are much more likely to pay their dues if they're at the keyboard.

But it's not good enough to be at your keyboard when an Agent asks you a question. You need to remain at your keyboard for the full length of the conversation. Compounding his rudeness with a Code violation, The Roak went silent immediately after being asked to purchase a permit. His remarkably fail-fit Mackinaw was bound to die. (Yes, that is a Tracking Enhancer in the lowslot.)

Death was just the incentive The Roak needed to return to his keyboard. Though podded, he remained in the same system.

Perhaps laying the groundwork for a reimbursement claim, The Roak exaggerated his loss. The implants were worth only one billion isk. And to be honest, as a miner, he really didn't need most of those anyway. You'd think he would know better after spending more than five years mining in highsec.

Half a decade is plenty of time to pick up a few bad habits and pieces of misinformation. Somewhere down the line, The Roak got the impression that Juddi was a free system. (Or more precisely, a "fucking free system".)

As the Agent on the spot, it was up to Kalorned to share the good news. Juddi was better than free--it was a New Order system. Now The Roak would have the chance to follow a set of rules, rather than sitting around mining all day with no idea what to do.

Kalorned knew well what the pre-Order gankers did not: Winning the peace is much more difficult than winning the war. Kalorned earned his stripes as an elite PvP'er with his ingenious use of Catalyst alts in the Battle of Juddi. The winning of the battle was brilliant; Kalorned accomplished his mission to remove The Roak's Mackinaw from the asteroid belt. Now what?

Introducing the Code had the desired effect. The Roak was somewhat pacified. However, The Roak did not yet accept responsibility for starting the war. He gave a bunch of excuses for not responding, claiming that he'd been busy looking up Kalorned's profile.

Kalorned is the CEO and sole member of Psychedelic Llamas, a corporation loyal to the New Order. If The Roak really did spend his time looking up Kalorned's info, he should've immediately recognized that Kalorned was trustworthy.

The Roak disputed Kalorned's official report of the circumstances surrounding the gank. The Roak believed he was given only 2 seconds to reply after the permit request, while Kalorned estimated it was closer to 2 minutes.

Kalorned reviewed the timestamp evidence. It confirmed he had been well within his rights to call in the airstrike. It wasn't even close; it was a slam-dunk. Would The Roak admit his guilt?

In fact, the carebear's mental state began to deteriorate. It was a symptom Kalorned knew well and recognized immediately: The Roak was rejecting the Code. Things could go either way. The next few minutes would be critical for the Juddi system.

To be continued...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Venture Killing Contest: Submit Your Entry!

August was a very fine month for killing Ventures, thanks to Anal Canal's Venture-killing contest, sponsored by CODEdot. We saw a lot of funny Venture kills, such as the 70 million isk Venture with a bunch of women's clothes, and this freighter, carrying 184 Ventures:

Now it's time for all the participants to submit their entries. By September 3rd, please EVEmail Anal Canal and/or loyalanon the following info:

- A link to your character's zKillboard.com board
- The number of individual Venture pilots you killed in August

Remember, it's not the number of Ventures, but unique Venture pilots, that counts. (The freighter kill didn't count for the contest; I just thought it was funny.) The contest coordinators will double-check the winners' scores, but you'll help them out a lot if you do the counting for your own results yourself.

Since the contest was open to all players, not just members of CODEdot or the New Order, I don't think anyone knows how high a score you'll need in order to claim one of the prizes. Send in your entry and find out! See this post for the list of prizes.

The Carebears Killed Nullsec PvP

Another weekly dose of Sasha Nyemtsov to keep you going: Sasha has recorded the next section of the Manifesto II, originally written nearly two and a half years ago. This section relates to how the carebears' treachery and the risk/reward imbalance affects all areas of EVE, not just highsec.

It's remarkable how much progress we've made since the Manifesto II was written. At the time, most of its ideas were dismissed as crackpottery, tinfoil hattery, and nonsense. Today, they are accepted everywhere as conventional wisdom--by both the carebears and those who oppose them! The truth always wins out. Let that fill you with hope, if you're on the side of the New Order. Let it fill you with dread, if you're one who would deceive.

Over Four Hundred Two Billion in Shares Sold

The isk keeps flowing into the New Order Treasury. It also keeps flowing out of the Treasury and into the wallets of our gankers, which is kind of the point. As long as the good people of EVE keep buying shares, our gankers will have plenty of supplies.

Tippia, better known as the Queen of EVE-O, purchased 1,000 shares. At last, Tippa earned a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. She sent us over the 401 billion isk mark.

Sasha Nyemtsov, who loves collecting Supreme Protector's Tips of the Hat™, earned another Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ today. His purchase of 1,000 additional shares put us over the 402 billion isk mark.


I know you all love behind-the-scenes stuff, so here are a few programming notes regarding the share purchases since the last update.

Sasha's purchase of 1,000 shares occurred at the very beginning of September, so you won't see that amount added to the "This Month's Top Supporters" list just yet. The list will be switched over from the August contributors to the September contributors a few days from now. If you want to be on top, you'll at least need to beat Sasha's one billion isk contribution.

Ned Thomas bought 20 shares for CCP Falcon. It was a very thoughtful gesture. Players are allowed to buy shares on behalf of other players. Notably, someone purchased 1 share for Chribba (he wasn't thrilled, from what I hear), and someone purchased 315 shares in the name of James 315. Even permabanned characters, such as Erotica 1, have been gifted shares.

However, I'm afraid I had to veto Ned's CCP Falcon share purchase. Ever since the notorious CCP t20 debacle, employees of CCP have been required to keep a respectful distance from the in-game power brokers. If CCP Falcon or another CCP employee were to gain ownership of New Order shares, it might create a conflict of interest.

Finally, newly-minted Agent Ilithyia Borgia sent me a nice EVEmail about her purchase of 100 shares. It wasn't enough to earn Ilithyia a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™, but I thought you might find it worth reading:

Well put!

Top Supporters for August 2014

Each month, MinerBumping immortalizes its top isk contributors in a hall of fame post. The "Month's Top Supporters" sidebar will begin showing the current month's supporters in a few days. You can view the August 2012, September, October, November, December, January 2013, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January 2014, February, March, April, May, June, and July top 10 lists at the appropriate links.

Here are our top isk contributors for August 2014:

August 2014

#1. Tora Bushido
3,150,000,000 isk

#2. Matrea D
2,500,000,000 isk

#3. Sasha Nyemtsov
2,000,000,000 isk

#4. Lovely Dumplings
1,000,000,000 isk

#4. Tippia
1,000,000,000 isk

#4. TrueVolley
1,000,000,000 isk

#7. Colonel Falkenberg
500,000,000 isk

#8. 412nv Yaken
315,000,000 isk

#8. Gorilas Blog
315,000,000 isk

#10. Biafra Republic
216,000,000 isk

Want to be remembered in EVE Online--for the right reasons? Do something heroic. The ten men and women you see pictured above did just that. Their legacy will never be forgotten.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kills of the Week

Citizen, have you ever wondered what it would be like to participate in a New Order freighter ganking fleet? Agent enterprisePSI recorded some footage while participating in such a fleet last week. Watch the action for yourself! Spoiler Alert: Expensive stuff gets blown up, and despite the fact that it's all predictably in the Uedama system, rebels can't do a thing to stop it.

Now let's see some nice kills from the week of August 24th @ 00:00 EVEtime through August 30th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

A lot of expensive freighters were popped this week, including LittleBar's 8.5 billion isk autopiloting Providence. But my favorite freighter kill is clockodile's Providence, valued by zKillboard at 4.3 billion isk. clockodile triple-anti-tanked his freighter so he could have enough cargo space to carry two BPOs. You can carry those blueprints in anything but a pod, yet clockodile couldn't spare a lowslot on his freighter for a little tank. Classic bot-aspirancy.

Yikes! Sleeth Carrigan's speed-fit jump freighter was dogpiled by 24 Catalysts and 2 Brutixes. You can't outrun justice in highsec--not anymore. Over ten and a half billion isk was vaporized in the attack. How do you accumulate that much wealth and not know how to fit your ship? Really, an overdrive on a jump freighter?

Sleeth's cargo included nearly 2 billion isk worth of laser crystals. Was it really necessary for Sleeth to carry around so many of them? Freighter and jump freighter pilots, the next time you're preparing to transport goods around highsec, ask yourself these questions: "Do I really need to make this trip? Would James 315 approve? Is my license up-to-date?" That way you can avoid returning to your keyboard and asking other questions, like, "Where did my 10.6 billion isk jump freighter go? Can I petition this?"

One of the most gruesome spectacles this week was marvo minner's 5.1 billion isk Orca. It was tanked, sure--with a bunch of expensive modules. That's like trying to avoid getting mugged by wearing body armor made of cashier's checks. In New Order territory, modesty beats decadence every time, especially when you refuse to pay me 10 million isk for a permit. marvo's motto was, "Billions for bling, but not one isk to the king." Look where that kind of thinking got him.

Aigel put E.B.O.L.A. back in the headlines with a fail-fit 1.1 billion isk Mackinaw ORE Development Edition. At least the ship had plenty of capacitor and CPU. Before it exploded, I mean.

You know how carebears always complain about the New Order ganking ships that can't shoot back? Vincenzo Castigliane's armed-to-the-teeth faction battleship had plenty of guns. Contrary to popular opinion, guns and money aren't enough to win a fight. You need heart. And the Agents of the New Order have the most generous hearts I've ever seen. Vincenzo lost his 2.5 billion isk Vindicator, along with a 400 million isk pod, for a total loss of about 3 billion isk. No matter how many weapons you bring against us, the CODE always wins.

Speaking of the CODE always winning, Agent Rabe Raptor's www.lawofhighsec.com reported that on August 27th, the CODEdot alliance exceeded 6 trillion isk in all-time inflicted damage.

Putting this into perspective, Rabe noted the following tallies of ships destroyed by CODEdot since it was founded, just over a year and a half ago:

Mining Barges killed: 10,727
Exhumers killed: 6,706
Orcas killed: 371
Freighters killed: 418
Jump Freighters killed: 21
Capsules killed: 15,132

Think about that. Tens of thousands of EVE players have been helped by CODEdot. We're making a difference in highsec. Can you feel it? Those people we killed sure did.

Special thanks to those who contributed their antimatter to the featured kills this week: Agents 412nv Yaken, Aaaarrgg, Anal Canal, Angry Garsk, ATM Pro Asanari, Bishop Hudson, Bone Dome, Catelyn Stoneheart, D400, Desmond Strickler, DJentropy Ovaert, Doomchinchilla, ELicken, Gino Rinehard, grebnedlog kram, hellyeaz, Jerry Rin, John E Normus, Kain Felmont, karma balancer, Krios Elchamino, Lady Ati, Levi Holdings Stoffer, Likeable Lulls, loyalanon, Luck Of-The-Irish, Michele Bachmann, Mildron Klinker, Nanny State, Nitetime Video, Olivia Hardrocks, Pine Onzo, Pod-Goo RepoWoman, Rabe Raptor, Rakeris, reaper Shardani, Shhh Don'tSeeMe, Six Beavers, Snarky Samaritan, Supremacyy, the reaverkiller, Unmirth Mirthyful, Vik Flagge, Walter Kramer, and Yucan Blome.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Falcon Punch: CCP Fights for Its Soul

The buzz is all over EVE-O. Everyone is talking about it. They're calling it the "Falcon Punch".

No, not that kind of Falcon Punch. This kind of Falcon Punch:

To begin with, a little background info. The New Order's crusade to revive the practice of suicide ganking has been tremendously successful. The carebears have had enough, and they're begging CCP to put a stop to it. The evidence is all over the official EVE forums:

Marathon tear threads have been posted. I've got news for all the carebears who have reached their limit: We're only getting started. We're just getting warmed up! The latest complaint thread, started by Duchess Amarrian, blames CCP for not providing enough protection in highsec. Duchess cried:
"Last night my hauling ship got blown sky high. I was flying a prorator and doing some deliveries. The person that shot me down organised it really well by setting up contracts and sucking in the person accepting the contract. I wont go into detail here. As i was making the delivery and just 1 second from being docked into station my ship got blown sky high. From what ? a minmitar Battleship that was so many km's away. It took 2 people to stop me.

I keep hearing that ccp wil be doing something about this. I've just had enough of it. Seriously I'm trying to find some fun in this game and seeing that the others always have the edge over miners and haulers in high sec is a real joke. I don't mind if it had happened in low sec and null but when your playing by ccp rules to me it seems there are no rules and high sec is really a joke.

At the very least give miners and haulers some big guns like you give others and maybe will balance things well."
The next few pages contained the usual EVE General Discussion fare. But things got interesting when CCP Falcon jumped into the ring:
"Why should CCP provide protection for your haulage in high sec?

CONCORD offer a level of deterrent just the same as any law enforcement agency, but as with any police for they're reactive and punitive rather than proactive.

If you want your haulage to be safer, bring the guns. If you don't have any guns, sacrifice some of your profit margin and hire someone who has them to escort you.

Welcome to New Eden, you just learned a very valuable lesson in being prepared and covering your back.

It was a stunning rebuke--from a CCP developer and community manager, no less! But the carebears weren't going to let up. Quoting Duchess Amarrian's comment that "high sec is really a joke", fellow bot-aspirant Kiandoshia replied, "This, essentially."

CCP Falcon responded:
"Being unprepared and putting all your eggs in one basket to make a nice juicy target for a suicide gank is the joke here, not highsec.

There are a multitude of ways to protect yourself from suicide gankers, people just automatically assume they're "safe" in highsec, then get annoyed when they lose a ship because of their own lack of spatial awareness."

Falcon Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

Sensing the momentum had shifted against them, the carebears rallied and began trotting out the old "gankers have no risk" myth. Syn Shi bitterly complained:
"Gankers have already accepted the fact that they are going to lose a cheap ship. There is no deterrent for them at all. Risk is a myth that CCP keeps preaching hoping some will drink the cool-aid. Only thing left is reward and acceptable losses. Acceptable losses are easily replaced, just buy more plex. Telling new players there is something they can do is just lying to their face and hoping that they believe long enough to buy another plex."
Normally this is where everyone would surrender to the carebears' faulty logic. Not CCP Falcon. Not this time. He wrote back:
"Tell that to all the guys who suicide gank someone, and end up making a heavy loss because everything they wanted to loot gets destroyed in the ship destruction.

By this point, a crowd was forming. Onlookers couldn't believe their eyes as CCP Falcon knocked out one carebear after the next. Yet the whiny miners kept crawling out of the woodwork. Sentient Blade continued preaching the "no risk" myth:
"Risk vs Reward doesn't really apply to gankers ol boy. It's cost vs reward, a straight equation weighted massively towards reward. Risk implies a probability of something happening, which is increased if you're not paying attention. A hauler takes risks. A ganker knows he or she is going to lose their ship, exactly how much it will cost, and a fair approximation of what will drop and be recoverable."
Was CCP Falcon going to let that nonsense slide? Not a chance:
"Because he's prepared himself, done the work and knows exactly what he's doing, how to achieve his objective, and knows the risk if the stuff he wants doesn't drop.

I say fair play to him if he cuts a profit from someone who's half-assed a ship fitting and AFK hauled across space with a sizeable chunk of ISK in their hold.

Honestly, doing that in EVE is like dressing up in red, diving into the ring with a bull and complaining when you spend six weeks in hospital because you got the horns.

This might be internet spaceships, but it's not rocket science to protect yourself and fly with a little common sense."
Ouch! Still, the miners and AFK haulers of highsec had one last card to play. It's the carebear's doomsday weapon: The argument that if CCP doesn't continue to make highsec safer, everyone will leave the game and CCP will go out of business. Showing truly wretched form, carebear Tam Althor threatened CCP Falcon, tell him he'll lose his job if ganking isn't nerfed for the umpteenth time:
"Remember CCP Falcon, the level of protection that concord provides players is the same level of job protection you have when the high sec players decide to quit. Will you survive the next 20% layoff when it happens?"
It was a disgusting comment to make, and so typical of the toxic, entitled carebear attitude. What CCP Falcon said next would go down in EVE-O history:

CCP Falcon wrote:
"I love EVE and the core of what the game stands for. That's why I've been dedicated to it and its community for over 11 years now.

Risk vs Reward is a huge part of that.

Honestly, if that changed, and the game started to soften out and cater to those who want to have their hand held all the way through their gameplay experience, I'd rather not be working on the project regardless of how many subscribers we had, than sell out the core principles that New Eden was built on.

That's a sentiment that I hear a lot around the office, because we are all invested in what makes New Eden so compelling - The dark, gritty, hard reality beneath the pretty ships and nebulas.

EVE is built on the core principle that you are never 100% safe, no matter where you go or what you do. When you interact with another player, you roll the dice on whether they're going to screw you over or not. That's a massive part of the social engineering behind the very basic underpinnings of the EVE Universe.

Sorry, but your scaremongering counter argument makes no sense to me and carries no weight :)"

'Twas the Falcon Punch heard 'round the world. You can see it clear as day: the New Order philosophy, grounded in the Code and built upon the foundation of its Saviour's Manifestos. It is alive today, even in the corridors of CCP headquarters. This didn't just happen. We made it happen.

Deflated carebear DeMichael Crimson moped, "Well, that wasn't surprising. Thanks for confirming Eve Online has turned into Grief Online." CCP Falcon smiled and wrote back,
"Suicide ganking has always been possible. Nothing's changed for 11 years. Sorry to burst your bubble, but EVE hasn't changed in this respect."

Agents of the New Order, take another victory lap. We're fighting the good fight. We're fighting for the future of highsec and all EVE. And you know what? We're winning.