Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kills of the Week

The New Order is the center of all EVE today. Everyone who plays the game knows this. Yet when we imagine the New Order and its Code, we don't visualize a giant star around which everything else revolves (some picture me this way, which I find flattering but don't officially endorse). Instead, we see the New Order as a thousand points of light--countless Agents doing good work across highsec. Let's look at some of the points of light that shone during the week of November 16th @ 00:00 EVEtime through November 22nd @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Agent BeBopAReBop RhubarbPie put together a photo album of screenshotted freighter ganks. The photos are 5760x1080, so I can't do them justice in this space. Check out the photo album yourself and enjoy.

At first glance, Baalsebub lost a 2.9 billion isk freighter while blundering through my territory without a permit. On second glance, we notice that his blueprints were originals. Whoops...

zKillboard values the loss at over 15 billion isk. Naturally, Baalsebub used three cargo expanders on his freighter, maximizing cargo space and minimizing hitpoints. Which would make sense if highsec were 100% safe and we all wanted to play EVE like bots. Agents Clarice Avrill, Klapen, Oshrog, Braggs Seyllin, Duramah, loyalanon, Immortalis Vitium, Martyr Oira, Sasha Cohenberg, BeBopAReBop RhubarbPie, BlackSack, Nikko Salters, Bypbyp, Ahab Of Pequod, and Zephia Soprano enforced their own different perspective on the game.

Kiriene didn't lose the most expensive of the jump freighters suicide ganked this week, but her Anshar loss was notable for another reason:

Sixty-eight participants, acting as a kind of United Nations of gankers, took part in this kill. Many alliances were represented, including several that are at war with each other. Topping them all was our own Agent Dekiranu of New Order Logistics, who inflicted the most damage. You can read the rest of the honour roll on the killmail.

What ever happened to keeping one's belongings in a station? Dors Venabili Seldon speed-tanked her Orca and packed in all her EVEly possessions--six and a half billion isk worth. She was doomed even before she left her keyboard. When she chose not to purchase a permit, an expensive Orca killmail became inevitable. Dors was executed by a motley crew of Gavrila Master, wzI, FautzX, Artem Ice, Stella Uta, Dichzor, Serafin Falcon, Kanonissa Selena Agna, Xae Kae, Dekiranu, Virtum, Sova Omaristos, HABEPHO, Komuto Huevato, and ChangKaiShi.

Rhoagan Johanson of Grasping At Straws corporation lived up to her corp's name when she fit out her 4 billion isk Golem. She could've chosen a proper PvP ship to run her little missions or whatever, but she wanted something she could put a bunch of tractor beams and salvagers on. Not today, friend. Agents FauztX, Kanonissa Selena Agna, Dekiranu, Sova Omaristos, Raimor, Dichzor, Artem Ice, SPIwere, Narl' Amhar, Baboon Copper, Prototype 288, Nik Makeev, Megamaks T44, Slash Jet, Lexx Min, Unprecedented, Gavrila Master, Casey Acura, Xae Kae, Djokart, Benglish, Kosaki Shi, Njals, RazDDva, Andre Crow, and HABEPHO cooked this turkey--just in time for Thanksgiving!

Kurgal Wolf lost a triple-anti-tanked freighter. Nothing new there. But unlike the rest of the loot piƱatas, Kurgal's freighter wasn't popped by a huge gank fleet...

A single Agent of the New Order, empowered by his or her conviction in the Code, can move mountains. Or destroy freighters. The irrepressible Bing Bangboom remarked, "I decided to get into that freighter killing business. It wasn't as hard as people make it out to be."

Speaking of things that aren't as hard as people make them out to be, how about buying a New Order mining permit? They're only 10 million isk and available for purchase all year 'round. You'll be so glad you did. Judging by the kills this week, you could be awfully sorry if you don't.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hive of Bot-Aspirancy, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Highsec miners Ryuu Rockefeller and shaneduce were horrified to learn that CODEdot was renewing its wardec against their corp. Instead of turning to the Code, they sought salvation in the Anti-Ganking channel.
Roysefus > wow lol its true though. Code says play our way or else... no the anti gankers do too?
Agent Tom > no but u do not troll in here and u my god sir is a code troll
Roysefus > lol nope
Agent Tom > then why troll
Ryuu Rockefeller > Agent Tom sir you will have code alts in here carefull
Suriv Virus > u act like 1 now Roysefus
No matter how many times Ryuu tried to redirect the conversation toward the wardec, he was thwarted. The Anti-Gankers' infighting continually derailed everything.
shaneduce > our corp is less than 20 people that just do mining so why we a threat to them?
Aidan Hawking > He has a point you know
Aidan Hawking > He's not really trolling
Aidan Hawking > Just stating his opinion
Suriv Virus > i would cal it trolling.......
Aidan Hawking > Stating an opinion that is inverse to what you believe is trolling then, interesting.
Suriv Virus > if u talk in favor of code i would say it is
The atmosphere was as tense and toxic as ever. The primary topic: Who was and was not a New Order spy. A stray remark was enough to put anyone under suspicion.
Agent Tom > so u guys think its ok to start picking on those ho like to fighet code and is asking fore help that is trolling in my bok
Roysefus > I never said anything in favor of code. Im just tired of all the or elses going on everywhere
Aidan Hawking > I'm no supporter of CODE, but Roy has a point. All this 'do this or else' BS is fucking annoying.
Agent Tom > the leaver
Kalynn Shardani > only person trolling is Aidan Hawking - he is Norek Crendraven alt
Agent Tom > yes we know
Ryuu Rockefeller > so this channel must be cleaned from code alts
After a potential New Order spy was identified, Ryuu and shaneduce made another effort to request help:
Ryuu Rockefeller > these bullied in school code kids cant understand that industrialists are the backbone in this game
Ryuu Rockefeller > they are just making selling fake permits..and want to destroy the game in my opinion
shaneduce > its called extorshion
shaneduce > the mob in america did it
They were preaching to the choir. Complaints of bullying and extortion are the wallpaper of the Anti-Ganking channel. Now that everyone was on the same page, could their corp receive assistance in the wardec?
Vector Symian > Well well well
Vector Symian > what do we have here
Kalynn Shardani > lol here come the trolls
Vector Symian > there no way of telling who is who
Ryuu Rockefeller > just keep and eye and watch them smart sir
Vector Symian > truth
...Apparently not. Each time someone new entered the fray, the channel reverted back to spy-hunting mode. The Anti-Ganking community erupted into a new series of accusations.
Ryuu Rockefeller > well for once corp is a small pve corp giving a nice resistance to code...if someone is whiling to join the fun and help us pls contact me
Ryuu Rockefeller > this is the 2nd round..and they are not willing to leave us in peace
Vector Symian > have we though of a counter propoganda machine against the code
Ryuu Rockefeller > hello Kalynn Shardani
Kalynn Shardani > hi
Ryuu Rockefeller > War: CODE. vs. Star to Star Inc any kind and polite anto code joiners would be apreciated and thanful
Finally, a break. Ryuu met Kalynn Shardani, a prominent rebel who makes New Order Agents snicker by calling herself a "highsec mining consultant".

Recently, Kalynn promoted herself from mining consultant to "Senior Specialist". She claims to be able to undo the New Order's trillions of isk worth of ganks simply by sending useful information to gank victims. Her EVEmails basically tell miners to fit tanks and not go AFK--in other words, to obey the Code.

According to the latest rebel blog, "Highsec Militia", Kalynn is a pretty big deal.

Don't worry if you've never heard of the Highsec Militia. There's plenty of time to get caught up with their tear-filled posts.
Vector Symian > Is it possible to simply attack them we know who supports them?
Vector Symian > mabe a escort service should be offered
Ryuu Rockefeller > no war profiters plz..the profit is to clean our fav game from these kids
Vector Symian > identify prime targets that codeys drool over..and protect them
shaneduce > mining ops
Ryuu Rockefeller > you really want to protect this channel with a password and allow only tested members to join sir
Suriv Virus > Ryuu Rockefeller we got other cnls to....
Ryuu Rockefeller > safe?
Vector Symian > they will find it..they simply throw alts in and you will recruit them
shaneduce > well problum with that is u start trusting no one
Before Kalynn and Ryuu could engage in a productive talk, Anti-Ganking was once again swept up into a discussion of security issues.
Vector Symian > you see the clever codeys are sitting quitley in here watching
Vector Symian > so do the same
shaneduce > dang that a way to shut up a room
Ryuu Rockefeller > Vector Symian u sir cant even stay and talk to see who is code and who isnt
Vector Symian > gawd damit
Highsec carebears are known to be prickly and entitled. The slightest inconvenience sends them over the edge. Imagine an entire channel filled with that sort of person, and you'll begin to understand Anti-Ganking. A fight broke out between Vector Symian and the two miners. Someone slighted someone else, or something.
Ryuu Rockefeller > how old are you?
Vector Symian > my friend the question is
Vector Symian > if i was a really clever codey
shaneduce > Code fuckers read my Bio
shaneduce > enuff sead
Vector Symian > no it isnt...not any more
Vector Symian > no corp...if you hate em go vigilante on thier ass
Vector suggested shandeduce's profanity-laden bio wasn't enough to stop the New Order. He recommended using combat ships. This was enough to cause another argument:
Ryuu Rockefeller > you know... Kalynn Shardani sent a mail to me so i want a convo
Ryuu Rockefeller > but you sir Vector Symian acting like a kid and not respecting this channel's main movement
Vector Symian > i am speaking the truth
Vector Symian > they are clever
Ryuu Rockefeller > then why trolling me and showing off at this channel then
Ryuu Rockefeller > ofc they are and i dont give a shit tbh
Vector Symian > you have a thin definition of trolling
Ryuu Rockefeller > as long as im speaking in this channel with 100+code alts im a main target..but you keep troling
Feelings were hurt. It was simply impossible to put together a coherent anti-Order strategy. To make matters worse, Senior Specialist Kalynn went AFK--they lost their heavy-hitter.
Suriv Virus > Vector Symian pro-code talk is trolling
Vector Symian > really
shaneduce > yep
Vector Symian > hmmm
Ryuu Rockefeller > Vector Symian u seem to be the clever codey in here tbh
Ryuu Rockefeller > playing the "diplo" right now
Vector Symian > i seem to be in the wrong channel
Vector Symian > good bye
shaneduce > the several I've talked to fully belive that CCP uses NPC to buy and sell items that if they get rid of all rescorse gathering players that eve will still be the same
With that, Vector left the channel. Ryuu and shaneduce also left the channel in a huff. They concluded that the Anti-Ganking community wouldn't protect them from the Agents of the New Order. They were right. When our Agents set their minds to accomplishing something, nothing can stop them--certainly not a bunch of irate carebears. The good news is, the bot-aspirants don't need to be protected from our Agents; they need to be protected from themselves. If they give up their bot-aspirancy and embrace the Code, all will be well.

Now that's something they won't tell you in the Anti-Ganking channel.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hive of Bot-Aspirancy, Part 1

CODEdot's new Glorious Revolutionary Armed Forces of Highsec corp has been busy sharing the wardec experience with highsec miners. Some say the wardec mechanic offers an unfair advantage to the attacker, because they get to choose the target. However, CCP succumbed to the pleadings of carebears, and the mechanic was changed. Now the recipient of a wardec can call in allies. Consequently, the attacker no longer exercises full control over who's involved in a wardec. Imbued with their new ability to call in allies, most carebears chose instead to continue their whines about wardecs. They can't be bothered to call in allies, as that would require them to return to their keyboards for a while and play EVE.

Nevertheless, some wardec recipients do look for support during wartime. Ryuu Rockefeller's corporation, Star to Star Inc, was beaten bloody by a CODEdot wardec. When the war was renewed, Ryuu went looking for help. In all the wrong places.
Ryuu Rockefeller > is that a real anti-code movement Sirs ?:)
Suriv Virus > Aidan Hawking r u supoting code???
Suriv Virus > u got a mining-permit.... that is suporting
Aidan Hawking > I didn't actually 'buy' this permit
Aidan Hawking > I just copied from some other scrub that did hahaha
Aidan Hawking > I'm an orca pilot, can't be too careful
Agent Tom > remove it
Specifically, Ryuu went looking for help in "Anti-Ganking", the most toxic channel in EVE.
Ryuu Rockefeller > so this is a real Anti-code movement..GG
Aidan Hawking > I don't get it though, why do I have to remove it? Like I said, I didn't actually pay for it
Agent Tom > remoe it ore u get kicked from channel
Hiw Gyfgwa > gives the wrong ipression
Suriv Virus > yep
Aidan Hawking > But I'm effectively stealin' from em' ain't that the point?
Hiw Gyfgwa > appearance is the point
Ryuu could barely get a word in edgewise, as the residents of Anti-Ganking were busy accusing each other of being New Order spies.
Ryuu Rockefeller > anyone is interested to join us in a 2nd round wardeck against CODE ?the profit will be to show them that miners and indys are the backbone of this game
Ryuu Rockefeller > My corp is a Pve corp..they decced us and we did most kills in the last 10 wars
Ryuu Rockefeller > im here to respect everyone who is against them
Ryuu Rockefeller > and ask if someone willing to gather a nice force against them around metropolis
At last, during a lull in the conversation, Ryuu was able to make his request for help. He offered the hope of victory, claiming that his corp "did most kills in the last 10 wars".

It wasn't clear what Ryuu was talking about. There was one previous war with CODE., and Star to Star Inc had been outclassed.
Chip Mint > Ryuu Rockefeller sorry I'm not a code supporter in the slighest but im looking at your war report and you clearly lost thelast code war? What are you on about?
Chip Mint > you have 5 defender kills
Ryuu Rockefeller > ofc we did but we gave them a nice resistance...isnt that good
Ryuu Rockefeller > ?
Chip Mint > I thought you put you got most kills?
Ryuu quickly leased some heavy construction equipment and moved the goalpost. His corp was resisting, he said. Though futile, the decision to resist put Star to Star Inc in the top 1% of the top 1% of highsec carebear corps.
Ryuu Rockefeller > im asking if someone can help and have fun with us against these cunts
Ryuu Rockefeller > and i m polite as much as i can
Chip Mint > Well good on you for fightingback anyway
Ryuu Rockefeller > ofc..i wont quit my fav game cuz of these cunts
shaneduce > the cunts are coming back to bleed more
Another member of Star to Star Inc came to Anti-Ganking to assist Ryuu: shaneduce. In Ryuu's bio, we saw the soft poetry of a man writing in pale blue text and asking if he could "find himself". shaneduce was a more traditional carebear:

Like many disgruntled miners these days, shaneduce defined himself by his opposition to the Code.
Ryuu Rockefeller > so im asking if someone wants to join Metropolis war
Azozae > where is it
Chip Mint > Ryuu Rockefeller are you mailing htem and swearing at them in local?
Chip Mint > As that just makes them do it more
Ryuu Rockefeller > many offered help but mostly profiters and code alts
shaneduce > we are not
Ryuu Rockefeller > ofc not sir
As he continued to request support, Ryuu lamented that among the many entities who offered to join the war, most wanted money, or were suspected of being New Order Agents. Anti-Ganker Chip Mint offered some tactical advice, recommending the miners not swear in local or send profane EVEmails. It's good advice--and required under the Code.
Chip Mint > plus they would just report you for abuse
Ryuu Rockefeller > im NOT doing it
Chip Mint > ok just make sure no matte rhow mad u dont
Chip Mint > just cos im seeing a lot of c bombs
shaneduce > we are trying to just play the game
Ryuu and shaneduce were defensive. They insisted they were professional at all times.
Agent Tom > Chip Mint stop trolling
Roysefus > or else lol
Ryuu Rockefeller > i just came here to join the real anti-code movement..and ask for war joiners around Hek
Agent Tom > Roysefus added to list sorry
Roysefus > wow lol its true though. Code says play our way or else... no the anti gankers do too?
Agent Tom > no but u do not troll in here and u my god sir is a code troll
Before Ryuu and shaneduce could get any recruits, or even any additional information about fighting CODE, the channel once again descended into paranoia. The conversation ground to a halt as the Anti-Ganking crowd accused each other of being New Order spies. Was there any hope for Star to Star Inc?

To be continued...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Team Effort, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... A team of elite New Order Agents went to work helping a miner named The Feet. After destroying a billion isk worth of his stuff, they invited him to a conference to teach him the Code.

When people think of the New Order, they think of class and sophistication. Agent Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri played Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 4 'Italian' to add a little atmosphere.

Despite the atmosphere, The Feet continued to act like a brute--like a bot-aspirant brute.

The Feet didn't recognize our Agents as the mentors they are. He saw them as the enemy. He could only think about the money he'd lost. He even accused our heroes of stealing his ship's rigs.

Seven years of mining in highsec didn't earn The Feet enough isk. He always wanted more. He couldn't bear the thought of having lost, well, however much time it takes to mine a billion isk of ore in highsec. However much time that is, it's far too long.

The answer to The Feet's quandary was a mining permit and a good attitude. Wallowing in bot-aspirancy for seven years left a stain on The Feet that wasn't so easily scrubbed, however. The New Order arrived not a moment too soon. Imagine if we didn't start saving highsec until a few years from now--it might have been too late.

Our Agents helped The Feet out by giving him a 15-minute break to think about what he'd done. It was a sort of global criminal timer for the channel. But The Feet was not silenced so easily. He retaliated with a bold masterstroke that forever altered the balance of power in New Eden:

...Either that, or he changed his personal standings and pretended it meant something. Miners do this all the time. But The Feet knew he was working against a team of Agents, not just one. And so, like jolly old Saint Nick putting a lump of coal in each stocking, he began sending out standings notifications to all of the Agents in the convo, each with a personalized message.

One for Agent Rabe Raptor...

One for Agent Kalorned...

One for Agent Tisiphone Dira...

...And one for Agent Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri.

The day's lesson with The Feet had ended on a dramatic note. A lot of people would look at those standings notifications and assume The Feet meant to cut ties with the New Order. They might also assume The Feet would never buy a mining permit or get right with the Code. Fair assumptions, perhaps. But remember The Feet's bio. We shouldn't assume ANYTHING without talking to The Feet first. Could a mining permit be in his future, after all?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Over Four Hundred Eighty-Five Billion in Shares Sold

Things are getting interesting in highsec these days. There's a certain--I don't know quite how to describe it--a certain something, a kind of rumbling going on. If you keep your ear to the ground, you can hear it. There's a tense excitement and anticipation. Go around highsec and you'll see what I mean.

Here's a piece of good news: Cato XIII was ecstatic when he heard about MinerBumping passing 3 million hits this last week. To celebrate, Cato purchased 3,000 additional shares of New Order stock. This put us over the 481, 482, and 483 billion isk marks and earned him a coveted Triple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

Etienne Achasse was also excited, but not specifically about hit counts or anything. He purchased 1,000 additional shares and sent us over the 484 billion isk mark. Etienne earns a regular--though no less coveted--Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

Yet another shareholder increased her holdings by quite a bit: Rouge Drex purchased 1,500 additional shares and sent us over the 485 billion isk mark. She gets a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™, too.

Less than 15 billion to go before we reach the long-awaited half-trillion mark. The New Order is known for having really decent, quality people associate with it. They can't send us isk fast enough. Due to our unique accomplishments and contributions to the game, everyone in EVE is paying close attention now. They all want to know who will be the shareholder who puts us over the 500 billion mark.

Will it be you?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Team Effort, Part 1

The New Order is no stranger to teamwork. We know that together, we are much more powerful than we would be alone (though even alone we're extraordinarily powerful). Consider, for instance, CODEdot's history-making Alliance Tournament team. Or the team effort employed in rescuing a young highsec miner named The Feet.

Agent Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri and his fellow Knights were hard at work, patrolling highsec. Then they found The Feet. (Salah's recommended sound track for today's episode was a link on YouTube for Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 4 'Italian', performed by the Chamber Orchestra of Europe (COE, not to be confused with CODE.).)

The Feet was ganked by Agents Gallie Crendraven and Gohman Patrouette. As you can see, The Feet was flying an illegal Hulk, which was not tanked to New Order specifications. The Feet also lost his 177 million isk pod, for a total of about half a billion isk lost.

Gallie and Gohman had made a lot of assumptions. They assumed the Code would be victorious. They also assumed The Feet was just a typical young carebear embarking on a path to bot-aspirancy. However, The Feet's bio warned them against making any assumptions. Our gallant gankers therefore decided to forward The Feet to the New Order "Behaviour Correction Department".

Before interviewing The Feet, they asked him if he had any questions of his own. He did.

Agent www lawofhighsec com hardly began her explanation when she was met by four more rapid-fire questions from the miner. Obviously The Feet needed more help than the average carebear, so additional Agents were invited to the channel.

Remember what The Feet's bio said about assumptions? The young carebear was no proper newbie. He began mining in highsec over seven years ago. Now he was back, awakening to find himself in a new era of highsec--the New Order era. So much had changed.

Ownership of empire space had changed hands while The Feet was away. The torch was passed from total anarchy to James 315. Most people are very happy with the new government. I'm flattered.

The Feet managed to be a bittervet and a highsec carebear, all in one. Unfortunately, he chose to express his feelings in an inappropriate way.

Each Agent draws upon the power of the EVE Terms of Service in a different way. Agent www lawofhighsec com, for example, petitions those who use abusive language. Others never petition anything. Regardless, it's best to follow the Code, which requires miners to speak politely.

Immediately after The Feet left the convo, another ganked miner was invited to the channel. Like something out of a Monty Python sketch, he insisted he was fine.

The matter of The Feet remained unresolved. Maybe The Feet would have disappeared into the mists of obscurity, were it not for New Order teamwork. Agent Tisiphone Dira found him!

As I said, much has changed in highsec. Hek is a New Order stronghold, and local was filled with random players encouraging The Feet to follow the Code. Would peer pressure encourage The Feet to buy a permit at last? Or would he continue to rebel against modern culture and get left behind?

To be continued...

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Right to Kill

When the "Crimewatch" "expansion" was released two years ago, carebears rejoiced. Highsec hadn't been safe enough, so One More Nerf™ was required. The new kill rights system, they said, would help them put a stop to highsec content. (They said the same thing about the bounty system.) Yet kill rights have never been a problem for the New Order. Instead, kill rights have been used by our Agents against the most foul of the carebears. This is karmic justice.

Agent Kalorned came across a rebel miner named Arttu in the Gelhan system. Arttu had difficulty understanding the need for a permit. Kalorned set his mind to helping the poor miner find his way.

Without warning, the miner's Hulk alt ambushed Kalorned with a suicide attack! It was a most unusual gank fit:

Yet the suicide Hulk was not truly a suicide Hulk at all. CONCORD never arrived. Kalorned had no choice but to keep the miner bumped out of warp alignment while his light drones did CONCORD's job.

CONCORD's inactivity puzzled our hero. Kalorned doesn't believe he was criminally suspect or had a kill right activated against him. Kalorned's understanding of the situation seems to be confirmed by the fact that Arttu's stealth bomber was CONCORDed when it tried to join the Hulk in the attack against Kalorned. This must be considered one of EVE's unsolved mysteries. If you have any information on this case, write to us at MinerBumping. You need not give your name.

A few days later, Arttu had forgotten all about the loss of his Hulk and stealth bomber. He'd also forgotten about Kalorned's new kill rights. Arttu's Orca and his alt's Hulk left the safety of their POS and began stealing ore from a belt. Kalorned activated the kill rights on the Orca and the Hulk alt, and he tackled them both. At the moment the Orca was tackled, Arttu suddenly became interested in a grand anti-Order alliance. His fellow miners ignored him.

Arttu attempted to bribe our valiant Agent. Though Kalorned was holding a Hulk and an Orca worth about a billion isk, Arttu would only spare 20 million isk for ransom. My word, carebears are getting so stingy these days.

Arttu had the last laugh. He deprived Kalorned of an Orca killmail by self-destructing. At least, that's what Arttu thought would happen, despite being warned otherwise. Self-destructed ships still produce killmails. This didn't used to be the case, but the system was changed to be more intuitive for new players.

The lovely Orca killmail reveals Arttu's anti-tanked bot-aspirancy. Arttu's alt's Hulk was also destroyed. You can witness the glorious battle for yourself: It was immortalized in the The Code Is Forever #10 YouTube video.

Satisfied by the enforcement of the Code, Kalorned returned to station for a well-earned rest. Arttu had lost a billion isk and the ability to mine in the system. As long as Kalorned was around, he was too petrified to leave his POS. He consoled himself with an "As long as you're bumping me, you aren't bumping anyone else" Miner Bingo variant.

Arttu also kept himself busy by fantasizing about being a good EVE player. Carebears, there's no need to do this. You could become an Agent of the New Order right now and bring your fantasies to life!

Before the "you're picking on new players with billion isk mining ships" crowd becomes too restless, I must mention the secret that Arttu revealed. He has been playing EVE on the Arttu character for nine years. Yes, it's another person who has spent most of a decade mining ore in highsec. His encounter with the New Order was the first memorable experience he's had in this game.

The New Order won the day. Kill rights were used to create content, rather than discouraging it. The bad guys were blown up and the Code was upheld. The highsec experience got a little sweeter. No wonder EVE players are starting to get more optimistic these days.