Monday, November 12, 2018

The Accidental Advocate

If you're on the EVE subreddit and you want to read the comments on a thread, always scroll down to the bottom first--that's where the best replies are. It's usually where our Agents' comments can be found.

Someone made a thread asking for advice on how to steal the loot earned by highsec gankers when they kill a carebear. Agent Minx Mattel offered a compelling alternative.

What followed was an exchange between our Agent and a user by the name of "TheGigaBrain", copied into text by EVEmail for superior readability. Though not the original poster himself, TheGigaBrain was inexplicably infuriated by Minx's comment.

TheGigaBrain seemed to be an example of The Manipulator, a Code-hater who claims not to mind gankers but wishes that our Agents wouldn't get tied up in all that "Code" stuff.

Given the chance to disavow the Code and gain a random Redditor's approval, Minx refused. She instead gave the Code a ringing endorsement in a stirring speech.

Incredibly, the Redditor ignored the passion and sincerity of Minx's words. He refused to embrace the Code, instead composing a point-by-point objection to Minx's speech. What a cynic!

TheGigaBrain was incensed. It was bad enough that someone might be roleplaying in a MMORPG. But to not even be able to tell for certain whether someone was roleplaying? That was a nightmare, one that inspired in TheGigaBrain the most intense hatred for the Code.

As the conversation unfolded, the Redditor linked his EVE character's zKillboard record as proof that he wasn't a miner.

Agent Minx did a quick search of the killboard and found something shocking.

A year earlier, when the Redditor was a member of Pandemic Horde, he engaged in the ganking of newbies. One was only a day old at the time. Another, less than a week old, was ganked in the Akiainavas system. That struck a chord with Agent Minx.

As we saw in the Forever Young series, CCP's rules on "rookie griefing" offer newbies special protection in the Akiainavas system. Agent Minx herself had gotten yelled at by a crusty old miner who tried to claim immunity under that rule.

Thus were the anti-Code forces pitted against one another. How would TheGigaBrain respond to this apparent contradiction? Would he admit his own guilt, or would he be forced to take an even harder-line position in favor of ganking than CCP and the gankers themselves?

There you have it. A self-professed hater of the Code says it's okay to gank newbies in a rookie system. Perhaps his space lawyer and the Anti-Gankers' space lawyers should get together and fight this one out?

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Kills of the Week

From the very beginning, the Catalyst has been the mainstay of the Code-enforcing ganker. It's such a fitting name, too, for the Catalyst has been the catalyst for so much good in highsec over the years. And though the New Order has made use of all kinds of ships, the Catalyst has a special place in our hearts. With that in mind, let us reflect upon some victories from the week of November 4th @ 00:00 EVEtime through November 10th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Apparently Anguis Comedenti was aware of our Agents' love for Catalysts, so he used one to disguise his hauling activities. Agent Votre Dieu wasn't fooled. Now let's see what Anguis was hauling.

And it had better not be what I think it is.


Interestingly, even before losing 7 billion isk worth of skill injectors, Anguis was carrying ten containers already filled with his tears.

Claas Stoertebeck could've fully tanked his Skiff; it would've had an impressive number of hitpoints for a mining ship. Instead, he chose to bling out his lowslots until the Skiff was worth 1.4 billion isk. As if an unlicensed mining vessel isn't already irresistible to gankers. Agents Augustus De Morgan, Max August Zorn, Niels Henrik Abel, Felix Hausdorff, and Ernst Steinitz had no trouble removing this criminal from our territory.

Highsec is home to many noble houses: The Kusions, the Tax Collectors, the Rozeis, the Fizzleblades, and so many others. TheKlotz met another fine family when he autopiloted his Fenrir into Niarja without a permit--and without a plan. Agents Georgia Rackner, Yan Rackner, Jani Rackner, Kirra Rackner, Ashlee Rackner, Globby Rackner, Emily Rackner, Jemma Rackner, Phoenix Rackner, Celestia Rackner, Kimberly Rackner, eviserater Adoudel, Ivy Rackner, Zoe Rackner, Rebecca Rackner, Charlotte Rackner, and Benji Rackner proved that family values are alive and well in highsec.

Iron Warry is undoubtedly among the carebears who have whined about gankers who "shoot ships that can't shoot back". In fact, our Agents have found no shortage of weapons on the ships they gank. The problem isn't a lack of guns; it's a lack of pilots. Iron chose to go AFK and found himself locked in a battle with some people who play EVE from their keyboards: Agents Votre Dieu, Ariku Orenuk, Rungerd, and Narl' Amhar.

Late last week, Expanding Borders corp found itself wardecced. They weren't interested in participating, so they all docked up and probably unsubscribed--or so I'm told. Luckily, their structures couldn't dock up. Agents Entelligente Ente, Astrahus Gunner, Keepstar Gunner, Fortizar Gunner, Sotiyo Gunner, Azbel Gunner, and Entelligente enjoyed the wardec despite the poor sportsmanship of the defending side.

No buyers, I guess.

Miho Sucz should've known that anyone who plugs in implants in highsec without our permission is rolling the dice. Miho lost her bet when Agent Eva Mavas pulled up alongside her in a shiny new Catalyst. The battle was brief, but memorable.

Some put their trust in shield implants; others trust in the Code. The results speak for themselves.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #170

Either LoNeNg wants our Agent to die in-game, or he's practicing his German. Welcome to yet another thrilling edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

How do so many carebears end up finding this "phantom" provision of the Code that requires an Agent to send them a warning before ganking? And why do they always miss the actual provision about buying a mining permit? Mysterious.

Miner, taking a blingy loss doesn't earn you a permit. There is a bright side, though: Our Agents enjoy juicy killmails.

Keep up the good work... dog.

The rule of thumb is, if you're not sure whether you're in New Order territory, behave as though you're in New Order territory.

Poor grammar, or just Russian? The )) gives it away every time.

The mighty CODE. alliance has destroyed over a quarter million ships already, so destroying a thousand from a single person is not outside the realm of possibility. In fact, maybe it already happened in a Bonus Round or something.

When an EVE player experiences a "Eureka!" moment, it's invariably followed by a permit purchase.

It's the truth. I hope there are still people at CCP who understand that PvP keeps people interested in their PvP game.

Sounds like another retained player. Let's up the ante a bit:

Where can the "ganking is bullying" crowd go to feel safe, when you can see a conversation like this in the Anti-Ganking channel?

The CODE always wins.

Foreva and always!

Friday, November 9, 2018

The Great War

The news hit Reddit like a thunderbolt.

A spokesman for The Initiative., one of nullsec's biggest alliances, announced that it was declaring war against the mighty CODE. alliance.

Its sister alliance, too, was joining the fight. Over five thousand battle-hardened nullsec dwellers--members of the formidable Imperium coalition--were going to take the fight to highsec.

The EVE subreddit, long a bastion of carebearism and bot-aspirancy, responded with cheers.

...And upvotes. The Initiative.'s announcement soon hit the top of the subreddit. Carebears were ecstatic. At last, CODE. was finally going to get what was coming to them. Their days were numbered.

But was it false hope? After all, there had been so many disappointments before. Reddit didn't think so. This time was different. For once, their powerful friends in nullsec were truly on their side. These were serious empire-builders with a reputation for crushing their opponents. We're not talking about a bunch of incompetent Anti-Gankers.

There was some confusion about the politics of it all. Conspiracy theorists have long believed CODE. to be a bunch of Goon alts. Some have even accused The Mittani himself of secretly being the Saviour of Highsec. No matter. What was important is that the New Order's gankers, after so many years of ruling highsec uncontested, were finally going to meet some real opposition.

CODE.'s imminent demise at the hands of an Imperium member would have wide-ranging consequences. There was much analysis to be done. It would be a long time before it could all be digested.

However, there was another angle here, one missed by Reddit. Namely, why The Initiative.? The owner of the Reddit account that proudly announced the wardec was none other than Brisc Rubal, a member of The Initiative. who also happened to be a current CSM member. If that name sounds familiar, you might remember him from the most recent CSM minutes.
"CCP Larrikin pulls up activity data for players of corporations that have wars declared against them and it shows considerable activity drops in all activities during the war. They also show that the low activity continues after the war ends. Brisc Rubal noted that the numbers here were so stark, it would justify immediately removing war decs as a mechanic and promising a fix after the fact."
By chance or by fate--or by design--it was none other than the CSM member who most loudly pushed for an end to wardecs. As you'd expect from a nullsec entity, The Initiative. only very rarely files wardecs against other alliances; it's almost always the recipient of wardecs. But now The Initiative. was wardeccing CODE. just one day after the conclusion of the Truth About Wardecs series was published on MinerBumping.
"Brisc Rubal speculates that the war mechanics are heavily tilted towards the attacker and CCP Fozzie says this is indeed the case.... The current system is extremely skewed in the favor of aggressors."
The odds didn't look good for the mighty CODE. alliance. All the experts and statistics said so. And nobody knew that better than Brisc Rubal himself. Perhaps using the grossly unfair wardec mechanics would send a message that he'd been right all along? The destruction of CODE. in this manner would certainly be a powerful rebuttal to the essays about wardecs on MinerBumping.

As the killmails came in, it was clear that... Wait, why isn't there a CODE. member on this CODE. wardec killmail?

Oh yes, the "heavily tilted" wardec mechanics.

When Brisc announced the war on Reddit, it drew attention from some alliances that actually use wardecs. And as they knew, wardec mechanics are tilted in favor of the defender, who gets to call in allies. As it happened, they all felt like offering to join in on this particular wardec for free.

As a result, the wardecs against CODE. simply resulted in kills like this. Members of The Initiative. and Initiative Mercenaries, used to roaming highsec in safety, were preyed upon by wardeccers who got to shoot them without needing to pay the usual fee for wardeccing a big alliance. Meanwhile, CODE. didn't have to do anything.

Indeed, both wardecs passed unnoticed among the CODE. members, who may as well have been nonparticipants. Maybe, just maybe, the wardec mechanics aren't so tilted in favor of the aggressor after all.

Then again, the results can be explained another way: The CODE always wins. Always!