Become an Agent

Do you support the New Order of Highsec? Do you agree with the principles set forth in the New Halaima Code of Conduct, share James 315's vision of a brighter future, and wish to see him succeed in his mission of reform? Do you believe the miners of highsec need to be saved from their self-imposed boredom, misery, irrelevance, and oblivion?

If so, then you have come to the right place.

The New Order transcends corporations, alliances, and coalitions. There's no membership application or skill requirement to join. Everyone in EVE who takes any action to support our cause is an Agent of the New Order. Whether it's something big or small, once or many times, within or outside of official EVE channels, whether it's taken by someone I know well or by someone I'll never meet--each action intended to influence others for the advancement of the New Order is the action of an Agent.

Already, there are Agents everywhere: Players who joined the game less than a week ago, anxiously training up bumping skills. Players who have been around since the Beta who are looking for something new. Players who trade in Jita 4-4 and never undock. Players who pirate, scam, grief, can-flip and wardec for a living. Industrialists and mission-runners who want to liven up their home systems. Players living deep in nullsec who can't remember the last time they've been to highsec. Players who live on the forums and can't remember the last time they've logged in. And, one wonders, employees of CCP itself?

Yes, there are many Agents of the New Order out there. Their numbers are growing daily. Would you like to join them? There are many ways to support the New Order. Below is a list of just some of them. EVE is a sandbox, after all--perhaps you'll invent a new method of your very own.


- Bump miners. All those who mine within the territory of the New Order are deemed to have agreed to obey the New Halaima Code of Conduct. The Code also applies to miners outside the New Order territories, if you have a system beyond our borders that you'd prefer to help. If miners refuse to pay you isk, bump them out of mining range. Looking for a good bumping ship? Please see this post for valuable information on how to bump and successfully extract mining fees from the miners.

- Decommission illegal mining equipment (i.e., suicide ganking). While bumping is a glorious vocation synonymous with enforcement of the Code, the innumerable successes of New Order bumpers have gradually rendered many habitual Code-violators resistant to the long-term psychological effects of being bumped. In these cases, the New Order calls upon its most dedicated and indefatigable enforcers: the Knights of the New Order. These hard-line defenders of high-sec's dignity have selflessly renounced the convenience of good standing with CONCORD and sworn an oath to remove illegal mining equipment from asteroid belts and anomalies throughout high-sec, even at the cost of their ships, and yea, sometimes even their very lives. If your commitment to saving high-sec from the sin of Code-violation overflows from within and drives you to give more than just your time and your love, consider contacting a New Order representative for more information, training, or the chance to prove your loyalty by participating in a Code-enforcement fleet. See the Gank page for more info. (Description courtesy of Agent Iorin.)

- Become a shareholder. By contributing isk to the cause, you don't merely purchase a voting interest and get in on the ground floor of a growing enterprise--our Shareholders take a stand. Being listed as supporters of the New Order, they strike fear into the hearts of disobedient miners and Code violators everywhere.

- Selectively attack. Suppose you are the sort of player who enjoys highsec PvP, whether it be suicide ganking, scamming, can-flipping, corp infiltration, wardeccing, etc. Odds are, you have a variety of targets you could attack at any given moment. Let your victims know that they have been attacked in the name of the New Order and provide them a link to this website. Remember, when you inflict damage on a player in highsec, it becomes a revolutionary act if it's done in the name of the New Order.

- Espionage. Agents of the New Order provide me with eyes and ears everywhere. If you have intel on our enemies or catch them attempting to plot against me in secret, pass along the info. Corp infiltration or "awoxing" of carebears in the name of the New Order is always appreciated as well.

- Voice your support. If you find yourself in New Order territory--whether it happens to be on your trade route or you deliberately made the pilgrimage--you have the opportunity to add your voice to the chorus of support for the Supreme Protector of the system.

- Make some art. If you are artistically inclined, or if you simply have a paint program and a bit of free time, you can express your enthusiasm in the form of artwork such as this poster made by Shareholder Sun Win. (All artwork submitted to me is currently available to view in the Links section. I will create a separate art section if I receive enough of it.)

- Spread the word. If you support our vision, there's a good chance you know other people who are favorably inclined toward the cause as well. Let them know about the New Order and about this website. Mention it in chat or on forums, link it in your bio, link it in your EVE-O forum signature. The more the merrier!