This page contains links to the posts I made concerning how the Knights of the Order operate. Each link is followed by a (very) quick summary of the post.


The Knights of the Order
An introduction to the purpose and philosophy of the Knights, who fly in gangs of suicide Catalysts without regard to sec status or cost. Miners who are unaccustomed to ganks in today's environment will find themselves victim to highly-memorable demonstrations of why they should follow the Code.


Evolution of a Catalyst Pilot
A thorough list of the skills that a ganker alt should train, roughly in order. The post also contains a list of the comparative bonuses that the skills provide, along with the bonuses provided by meta/tech II mods. (NOTE: The starting skills have changed, so see the post below.)

Catalyst Training Under the New System
An updated list of the skills that ganker alts should train.

Advanced Skill Training: Terror Weapons
A list of the skills that may be trained once Knights have finished training their Catalysts. Future operations may involve the limited use of Brutixes and Taloses (and possibly Thoraxes and Vexors), though nothing is set in stone yet.

Thrashing and Vexing
How to kill autopiloters with an artillery Trasher, and Sabriz Adoudel's essay on gank Vexors.


How Do I Join the Knights of the Order?
An unknown but aspiring Knight may prove his loyalty to the cause by reporting to an active location and undergoing Baptism by Concord.

Reimbursement for Knights of the Order
Some rates have been changed since the post was written: Knights can EVEmail James 315 for reimbursement of lost Catalysts at a rate of 3m, 5m, and 10m for tech I, meta, and tech II fit Catalysts, respectively. In addition, Thrashers can be reimbursed at the same rate. Cruiser-sized gank ships such as Vexors, Mallers, and Moas qualify for reimbursement at a rate of 15m for named/tech II fits.

Supplying by Corp Contracts
Knights may be supplied off-market by contracting ships and equipment to New Order Logistics. Once in the corp, a Knight can easily see what private contracts are available and where.


Concord Manipulation
Concord can be moved away from the miners they guard (within a 150km range), enabling further ganks. The nearest Concord squad in the system responds. Multiple Concord can be moved by simultaneous crimes. Undocking with aggression in a rookie ship or shuttle is a quick way to move Concord or even spawn Concord in a neighboring system.

Brapelille Concord Disposal
When there are multiple stations nearer the ice field than they are to each other, Knights with aggression can undock multiple times and to draw more Concord from the ice field.

Dealing with Faction Police and Other Busybodies
Faction police and campers are dealt with by undocking together and fleet-warping to an insta undock bookmark. A station bookmark is also helpful for getting pods home safely. Target campers can be thwarted by attacking in multiple systems or by concealing the target by bookmarking warp-ins to the FC.

Fleet Commanding
Screenshots of the FC's interface are provided. FCs also need to know how to estimate whether their gang can take down a target. A demonstration of EFT is provided.

Basic explanations for how to scout, including the Ship Scanner, locating targets, and timing covert warp-ins. Methods to avoid scout-campers are highlighted. Use bookmarks to create warp-ins next to targets and then trade them to the FC. The scout can watch from a distance to ensure the bookmarked target is still present, and can even provide a second warp-in by sitting next to a target on the other end of the belt.