Friday, October 26, 2018

Drones Who Use Drones

The use of Harvester drones in highsec is illegal for good reason: It violates the Code's rules against bot-aspirancy. After all, a set of Harvesters costs billions of isk, yet the drones are easily destroyed.

...Or confiscated. Agent Nameless Insomniac spotted an Orca using a set of Harvesters and quickly bumped the offending vessel away. Once a sufficient distance was gained, the blingy drones became vulnerable.

Aramis Rosicrux knew his drones were at risk. Though expensive, a 500 million isk ransom would still be less than the cost of replacing the drones. But could he trust Agent Nameless?

If this guy vouches for you, I guess you must be okay.

Aramis claimed that he didn't have enough isk to make the ransom payment. If true, most of his money was tied up in illegal mining equipment.

Luckily for Aramis, our Agent didn't insist on the full 500 million isk. Nevertheless, once the agreed-upon 430 million was transferred, the drones were immediately confiscated. Aramis couldn't believe it. What a roller coaster this day was turning out to be.

Aramis made another claim: He was a permit holder! However, as everyone knows, mining permits are good for one year only. If he wanted three years of licensed mining, he would've needed to pay 30 million isk--a better investment than Harvester drones, I can assure you.

Agent Nameless did the miner a solid by offering to sell the drones back at Jita prices. Aramis wouldn't even need to actually go to Jita. The miner did not yet understand how lucky he was, though.

Alas, Aramis no longer had even his outdated permit in his bio--if he ever had a permit at all. Remember, miners, your bio belongs to the New Order.

If highsec mining is such a great profession, why do our Agents run into so many broke miners?

To Agent Nameless' disappointment, even more Code violations came to the surface during his conversation with the miner. Aramis violated EVE's most famous rule, one often quoted even by those who do not embrace the Code yet.

The discussion took a dark turn once Aramis realized he wasn't going to get his precious drones back. He would retaliate by putting an embargo on all sales to Nameless. From now on, our Agent would need to make do with whatever he could scrounge up in Jita.

When Nameless questioned the contribution that highsec miners actually make to the economy, it touched a nerve.

In the New Order, principles trump isk. One can only hope that Aramis will do a better job of setting priorities in the future.


  1. "I am confused. I trusted you, and you lied."

    I'm not confused, and not at all surprised. :>

    1. Your opinion is invalid because you are a perpetual societal leach.

      Maybe you should consider quitting, like shardani. You would be much happier.

      IRL ofc.

    2. Your CD is skipping Annie Anonymous. How about singing a new song I haven't heard before?

    3. This miner learned a valuable lesson, one that can save him untold amounts of isk. In other words, he's one step closer to becoming untouchable by total compliance.

      How about you? Have your prolonged presence made you consider buying a mining permit? Did you know that you could join the New Order licensed miners for only a yearly 10 million isk administrative fee?

    4. AnonymousOctober 26, 2018 at 11:14 PM, if the permit had something of actual value I can benefit from, like maybe fleet protection while mining in lowsec space, I'd pay 10 billion for that, not 10 million.

      As it stands, it's not even a guarantee I can mine peacefully in Nakugard or any other highsec system, without an alt of a CODE Agent --- ooops, excuse me, I meant a completely different player who has NOTHING to do with CODE...... blowing me up.

  2. It's shocking to see miners are still trying to scam our hard working Agents, by using ISK to divert attention away from their permitless bio's.

  3. Funny how the miner who "liked us for years" for enforcing The Code did an about face when he was found to be in violation. Three year old permit? Deleted to make room for a new bio? With harvester drones in space? Talk about being out of touch with reality.

  4. How did he manage to get his drones stolen, couldn't he just have recalled them. Also how did he manage to have his orca bumped that far off?


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