Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Guess the Pod, Round 2

Already being hailed as an instant classic, "Guess the Pod" is back for a second round--by popular demand. As before, Guess the Pod will challenge you, dear reader, to discern something about the identity of carebears who sent tearmails to Agent ST0NER SMURF or one of his friends in Vrix Nation.

Let's get started.

Today's carebear didn't start off as a pod autopiloter. No, this carebear was a covert ops autopiloter. Specifically, the bot-aspirant lost a Buzzard. But the Buzzard was not killed by a member of the mighty CODE. alliance; the ganker was someone else working upstream.

Now Buzzard-less, the pod continued its journey for another two jumps, until it was ganked by our Agent. The pod contained over half a billion isk worth of implants at the time of its demise.

By contrast, as with the previous round of Guess the Pod, every other person who sent our Agent a tearmail lost an empty pod, worth nothing.


Ready? Here we go.

Izverybad quickly fired off a flippant message to our ganker. That might be typical of someone who lost a "bully" pod, but he also said "your [sic] welcome"--for an expensive killmail?

Matrax Eisenhoff was invested enough to write a fair amount. He was also bitter about the honourable PvP he engaged in.

Leo XIII, like so many other gank recipients, was defensive. While on autopilot, his performance in the 1v1 didn't reflect his true skill.

Our Agent touched a nerve with Wendi Renee. Surely an empty pod wouldn't be enough of a casus belli to spark a crusade ending with the total destruction of Vrix Nation?

Darth Violence should be easily dismissed from consideration. After all, he specifically pointed out that his pod contained no implants.

...And so did Just a Driver. But would a lying carebear be above falsely claiming that he'd lost nothing of value, even when discovery of his deception was just a killmail link away?

G3ntle sent our Agent an EVEmail with an empty body, reserving merely the subject line of the message for his tears. What does that say about our carebear? The reader must fill in the blanks for himself on this one.

NEROBOY SKYWALKER is an old-school carebear, so he invited our Agent to go to lowsec. Lowsec PvP is somewhat known for its more frequent use of combat implants, compared to nullsec PvP, which is plagued by bubbles. Then again, that's probably a stretch.

linkasys pretended to be happy to take the Pod Express to Jita. However, if her pod contained no implants, why didn't she self-destruct in order to send herself on the Pod Express?

RETA EMREPS was utterly unimpressed with her gank and the form EVEmail that accompanied it. If genuine, this is suggestive of a bully pod.

Okay, sleuths, that brings us to the end of the round. Get crackin'!

Spoilers ahead. Do not proceed until you have firmly and completely locked in your answer.

There she is, Wendi Renee, the loser of an 86 million isk Buzzard and a 567 million isk pod. Wendi promised to erase Vrix Nation from the skies. That was last year. Too bad her tearmail didn't include a timetable.


  1. My bet was on Leo XIII, fug.

    1. They all sound the same to me...

  2. Could this be the end of Vrix Nation? To be continued....

    -Sun-Tzu R


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