Wednesday, October 31, 2018

When the Code Comes Knocking

Meet Drugs McFarland. He's an Agent of the New Order and an avid bumper. In the course of his Code enforcement career, Drugs has developed some special skills.

We've all seen them: Blingy drones have infected highsec. Countless miners have become addicted to them. When Agent Drugs detects them on his scanner, he flies into action.

In a flash, our Agent visually confirmed the presence of illegal drones. Thanks to his bumping prowess and some knowledge of EVE game mechanics, Drugs soon separated an unlicensed Orca from the drones.

Confiscating drones can be a rewarding activity--especially since it allows an Agent to punish an Orca pilot without requiring a gank fleet.

And if you do it enough, it can be financially rewarding, as well.

Orca pilot MedusaGalactic oO-V-Oo eventually returned to his keyboard. He was astonished. Drugs McFarland was playing EVE on a level that MedusaGalactic didn't even know existed.

When the miner finally understood the full weight of what happened, how would he react?

A lot of highsec carebears react with anger and blind hatred. Others can't help but admire our Agents.

MedusaGalactic lost his drones, but his eyes had been opened. He knew Drugs was an elite PvP'er. He wished he could be like that.

These days, the supposedly pro-carebear theme parkists are only concerned with ensuring that CCP gets the carebears' money. Who actually teaches the carebears how to play the game? Our Agents do.

Though 250 million isk poorer, our Agent left the miner better than he found him. Player retention rates went up that day, I think.

But not everyone reacts the same way.

Miners, when the Code comes knocking, how will you answer?


  1. Next the police will knock on the door in snowflakeland and arrest you for ganking a miner who has a heart attack while being ganked in a video game.

    Thanks shardani.

  2. It's a good thing that even miners are aware that CODE. people are loving, considerate fellows who'd definitely condone the actions of a rogue agent who takes blingy drones from carebears who just had a heart attack!

    What a strange definition of honor..

    1. Maybe miners should be encouraged to display any relevant medical condition in their bios, along with their mining permits.

    2. This is another example of how incredibly bad it is for your health to simply not obey the code.

      Any miner reading this should take notice.

  3. Lothar is a confirmed credit card warrior and cowardly carebear.

    Take all his shit, he'll just buy more, and then brag about how much RL$$ he spent on PLEX.

  4. I made over 3 billion isk in the month of October, mining in various hi-sec systems. Not one CHODE. slave 'came knocking'.

    Jamey and his slaves truly are irrelevant to the vast, vast majority of EO players.

    1. ...but, did you have fun?

    2. How many pepsi bottles did you fill with urine mining non stop in high sec this month?

      When you answer this question truthfully to yourself, you might get how dumb you are to the rest of eve, let alone to folks in minerbumping.

      How sad.

    3. It took you a whole month to mine 3b? That's about an hour in delve.

    4. Yes I had fun. Mined while watching the World Series, the start of the NBA season, and various football games on the television.


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