Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Choice

Everyone in highsec must make a choice. Today, we'll take a look at Rathor Gro-Kash and how he made his.

Rathor was an Anti-Ganker. He despised fellow rebel Knowledgeminer. As we saw in the Rising Star series, Knowledgeminer rubs many Anti-Gankers the wrong way.

Clearly, Rathor didn't enjoy spending time in the Anti-Ganking channel. Luckily, he wouldn't need to spend any more time there:

Within a couple days, Rathor had been kicked from the "Highsec Militia", a faction of particularly incompetent Anti-Gankers.

Why had Rathor been expelled? Let's rewind the clock by one week.

Rathor reported to the MinerBumping channel and announced his intention to quit being an Anti-Ganker. Apparently he found nonstop failing daily to be a bit boring.

Since he knew the rebels were on the losing side--and that they never had any fun--Rathor decided to join the New Order. But given his history, he'd need to prove the sincerity of his intentions.

Agent Lewak was honest with Rathor: The Agent had spotted a few red flags.

Rathor was adrift. He knew he didn't like Anti-Ganking, but for whatever reason he didn't seem ready to embrace the Code, either.

Lewak made the reasonable request that Rathor purchase a mining permit. The former(?) rebel balked.

It wasn't about the money, Rathor insisted. He'd surrendered isk before. However, as we all know, losing a spaceship is not the same as voluntarily handing over a sum of money to an Agent. There are carebears who lose tens of billions of isk but still refuse to pay 10 million for a permit.

Rathor was perplexed. He'd joined the MinerBumping channel to become a Code enforcer, yet there was something inside him that resisted the very truth that undergirds the Code.

Agent Lewak could see that Rathor was still a rebel in his heart.

Faced with a black-and-white choice, Rathor could only confess that he didn't have the Code in him. He would not join the New Order. Even so, news of this conversation made its way to the Highsec Militia, and he was cast out from the Anti-Ganking channel, too. Rathor couldn't make a choice, so he found himself alone.

As I said, everyone in highsec must make a choice. Will you make the right one?


  1. Carebears never learn.

  2. Such a tragic loss for the Militia

  3. > u dont get what i want

    The Code doesn't allow much wiggle room for snowflakes to negotiate. Surprised he didn't know that.

    1. There is some wiggle room... after all agent may give a day (at agents discretion). But first he would need to name what he actually wants - most likely something he doesn't have a slightest idea about.

  4. Meh seems made up

  5. "Apparently he found nonstop failing daily to be a bit boring."

    - comedy gold!!


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