Friday, October 5, 2018

Speak Their Language, Part 1

A lot of miners mine ice...

...But nobody knows how to break the ice better than an Agent of the New Order.

Agent Lawrence Lawton entered the Kausaaja system and found himself thrust into an altercation with Alexa Chong.

Alexa was a nullsec miner who had apparently gotten lost or something. Lawrence didn't know what her problem was. He hadn't even ganked her yet.

Our Agent's first instinct was right on the money.

On occasion, an angry miner will get someone else to plead their case after being ganked. Alexa was Banthex's spokesman.

Banthex finally worked up the nerve to speak in local on his own behalf. He wanted that sweet, sweet reimbursement isk too badly to remain silent.

Alexa and Banthex chose not to go the space lawyer route. Instead, they pretended to be space thugs. If Banthex didn't get reimbursed, Lawrence would die. And miners accuse us of extortion!

Agent Lawrence refused to be pushed around by a pair of space punks. However, the miners weren't content simply to whine in local chat. They had another plan...

...To whine in a private chat.

Now that they were in a secure channel, Alexa could speak freely with Lawrence. So she took the opportunity to repeat the same threats.

Though Lawrence was confident in the security of his Jita stronghold, Alexa had a lot of resources to draw from. She had connections in nullsec alliances, highsec mercenary organizations, pirate gangs--you name it.

The convo ended without a deal being reached. Before long, Jita would be blockaded. No one would be able to get in or out without Alexa's say-so.

Then again, maybe diplomacy could still work. Was there a chance that Alexa and Banthex would come to their senses and buy mining permits?

To be continued...


  1. Real honest to goodness space thugs, quite the Friday treat!

  2. I bet both will buy permits at the end!

  3. 315 Mil. ISK destroyed on that mack :)

  4. The places you have to go to find cockroach miners to kill these days.

  5. Now that Jita is blockaded, the economy of Eve has been thrown into turmoil...


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