Saturday, October 27, 2018

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #169

Need your brain de-fogged? I've got just the thing: Another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

An hour earlier, MosquitO it said rude things to one of our Agents. Karma is delivered speedily in New Order territory.

Time to go see your niece, miner.

We do not yet have a Dutch translation of the Code. Maybe try to work from the German version until one becomes available?

Lazershark sent me 10 million isk, along with a somewhat cryptic EVEmail. If he's sincere, the protection provided by the Code is all he'll need.

"I would have purchased a permit if..." A hypothetical permit can't save your ship, miner.

Everyone says it's safer to mine in nullsec, yet all of these alleged nullsec residents are mining in highsec. I guess they come here for the less-valuable ore, then.

Miners who think it's fun to spend all day mining asteroids can't imagine the fun in shooting at a spaceship. Would you believe me if I told you ganking carebears is relaxing?

For some reason, Aleskii Periannath asked our Agent to explain the birds and the bees. I suppose it's better to get that sort of information from an Agent than an Anti-Ganker.

Friend, in highsec, getting your Retriever blown up is a "friendly message".

Why do miners say "come at me" after already losing a fight?

I was copied on this message for some reason. I'm sure there's more to the story here. Then again, maybe there's less.

More miners should thank people--sincerely thank people--for pushing them away from mining. Highsec (and the world) would be a better place.


  1. Ganking miners is a public service. Like picking up a piece of trash at the beach.

  2. ehnemapoo, you are simply the most useless, impotent shitter in game. You are constantly making out like you are someone important, but you're just ghetto alpha shitter. You're a braggart, with nothing to back it up.

    No one cares about your blog that nobody reads. You are like a panhandler, begging for clicks to your poorly written tears.

    Why don't you just quit, like shardani? You never hear him crying like a bitch anymore, you could find some self respect too. And finally get off welfare.

    You're still a perpetual societal leech.

    IRL ofc.

    1. And once again your CD is skipping. New song please!

    2. Lol, made the ghetto shitter cry.

      Why change the tune when the shitter it mocks has not changed?

      When ehnemapoo decides to sub-up and stop being a perpetual societal leech then the music may change. Until then she is still a useless pos.

      Seriously, ehnemapoo, EVE is not for your kind, and no one here likes you. You would be much better off quitting, like shardani. He was also a perpetual societal leech, then one day he tired of being a shitheel bum, and decided to make a change.

      Change is good when it comes to 'people' like shardani, and ehnemapoo.

    3. AnonymousOctober 28, 2018 at 2:51 PM: And the skipping continues....:P

    4. Made the ehnemashitter cry again lol!


    5. AnonymousOctober 29, 2018 at 3:49 PM, I don't know what's worse: your lack of creativity in coming up with a retort, or the fact you won't do it under your EvE Online alias. Don't tell me you are frightened of a carebear industrialist!

  3. I want to know more about the Ponzi scheme and why I was never invited.

  4. James 315, you clipped off the original message Aeonna sent me which was attached to the mail you were copied on. She claimed one of your Agents, as thanks for supporting your treasury and for being a loyal CODE supporter (God only knows why!), kicked her out of the channel because he was having a PMS moment.

    Way to go for backing your contributors and further proof CODE honours no one.

    1. We don't need cheerleaders in minerbumping chat. I seem to recall that Aeonna never posted any kills. Then he proudly admitted to being 'harmless'. At the time it reminded me of how carebears sometimes display that ASCII art of a bear saying 'don't shoot!' and think themselves clever. It was conduct unbecoming of an Agent and a timeout was merited.

      I seem to recall being banned once by Agent Gankenheim, early in my career. I can't remember the details. I took it in stride and solved the problem in a private convo. It involve me admitting that I was entirely wrong and that LvG was entirely right, which was in retrospect both true and fair.

      If an unceremonious ban by Agent Gankenheim was enough to make Aeonna give up for good, then he just didn't have the sort of grit that it takes to be an Agent. If you still communicate with him, tell him to HTFU.

    2. Professor, support for a cause comes in many forms. Some forms involve being on the front lines. Other forms involve supplying the bullets and rallying the troops. There was no question Aeonna was a strong supporter, despite what you thought of the joke made.

      Such devotion, which I still question with a headshake deserves a better handling of the situation. Simply put, it was a jerk move done by a jerk Agent of a jerk Alliance. I said that before and I say it again without apology.

      You can deliver that message yourself. I'm no one's errand runner. At least not for free. The last time I spoke with Aeonna was in Abudban doing a mining op. As usual Aeonna was bumping miners and canflipping. Sounds to me like the player is doing just fine without CODE, albeit with a lighter wallet for being foolish. At least a lesson was learned. Don't trust the word of CODE or its followers.

    3. There are indeed many ways to support The Code. I'm glad Aeonna upholds the spirit of The Code from outside of CODE. while enjoying some PvP while he's at it. I appreciate that you are eager for a martyr to hold up but this one doesn't seem to be particularly serviceable. Playing EVE as it was meant to be played is its own reward.

    4. Carebears who attempt to "rally" Knights of The New Order are rightfully trampled underfoot.

    5. Hey alt00, you still doing that agress/warp highsec trick you were bragging about?

      Care to back up those claims?

      Guess what, ehnemapoo makes a lot of bullshit claims too, that she can't prove either. Seems like you two would get along better, birds of a feather and all.


    6. Hey Alt 00, that's a different tune from the one you sang from over a year ago. According to your reply in this EvEMail, you seemed rather appreciative of Aeonna's generosity before.

      AnonymousOctober 28, 2018 at 2:57 PM, my claims are backed by screenshots and logs. All you need to do is take the time to read and compreh...oh, forget what I just said. Sometimes I ask too much of certain folk.

    7. You bring back happy memories, Ehnea! That Noctis was flying on microwarp - T2 Coercers with Scorch S were able to bring it down by warping to a scout ahead.

      It's sad however, that your fellow scavenger friend chose desertion. Agent Lament rightfully punished her for her attempt to bribe the New Order with 300,000,000 ISK.

      At least she went on to bump miners and enforce James 315's written word, in all but name.

    8. That wasn't a bribe. From the essay Aeonna wrote at

      there was nothing in Aeonna's support that requested compensation.

      The concept of bumping and canflipping predates CODE's existence by years. While CODE would like to take credit for every bitflip and buffer lock on Tranquility's operation, the fact of the matter is that CODE is simply an RP-driven Dune-style reboot of Helicity Boson's Hulkageddon events. The tactics used are old-school tactics I've seen as far back as 2010. Nothing original to see here folks.

      The player was an idiot to give CODE money and I won't apologize for my harshness but I will commend that same player for seeing the light and breaking ranks. Aeonna is doing just fine being an independent player and not a useful tool for funding.

    9. Well, at least someone considers me some sort of threat to be classified.

    10. On a more serious note, the statement:

      "Into this void marched the mighty New Order. We were the first to employ miner bumping in any serious way, and we saw fit to breathe life back into the corpse of miner ganking"

      kinda proves my point. The moment Hulkageddon stopped, there was indeed a void. All CODE did was fill in a space left vacant. A square hole being filled by a square peg. Nothing innovative or different. Being bumped by a CODE agent wasn't any different from being bumped by say someone like Ansgar Thorulf who participated in the Hulkageddon events. A bump is a bump is a bump. Same thing with the ganks. A simple DPS vs CONCORD response time race with the ship being used as a throwaway alpha strike.

      I will give it a +1 for creativity, though. This was the first time I've seen RP used on a large scale in EvE Online's history.

    11. lol that ehnemapoo shitter is unbelievably ignorant.

      No one cares what a ghetto alpha shitter thinks, ehnema.

  5. another miner grab bag? Oh boy!!!!

  6. OMG, it's more concentrated than Dead Sea salt cubes


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