Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Guess the Pod, Round 4

Hey, hotshot: Do you have what it takes? Agent ST0NER SMURF and his friends have smashed so many pods and collected so many tearmails that we can present you with another round of Vrix Nation's Guess the Pod challenge.

First up: A blingy pod, weighing in at half a billion isk. The juicy implants belonged to one of the following five tearmail authors. The rest of them had empty pods but mailed in their tears anyway.

The hunt begins.

Arran Knoydart fancies himself a loyal nullsec soldier. A well-provisioned line member would certainly have the money to buy some implants. Then again, if you fight in nullsec, maybe you're used to going without.

Flora Vida disguises her anguish with contempt--as if a carebear can look down on someone who just bested her in PvP.

Danken Master at least took the time to read up on the mining permit requirement after losing his pod. Was he secretly tempted to obey the Code?

Amy Taiidan is another carebear whose true loyalty belongs to a nullsec empire. Unlike the previous example, Amy didn't pretend to be getting ready for a PvP engagement. Does she spend all day carebearing in highsec?

Otto Bismark8899 kept it short and bitter. That's not an uncommon response to losing a bully pod, but maybe losing the bling pained him too much to write more.

There you are, ladies and gentlemen. Have at it.

Final warning before the answer is revealed. Lock in those answers now!

The owner of the 573 million isk pod was Otto Bismark8899, who had nothing left after his painful gank but a single F-bomb.

For this next group, we're going to change things up again. You see, sometimes people send in tearmails without having been ganked. Four of these carebears lost pods to Vrix Nation, while one of them did not. Can you guess whose jimmies were rustled vicariously?

Iceacid Frostpacker claims our Agent was lucky, but is otherwise cryptic. The language barrier may be a hindrance to your sleuthing on this one.

Tharkadark doesn't hesitate to dip into the autism well. If he wasn't a gank recipient, he sure looks like one.

Rollo Solette is yet another "new returning player". Or is he? Rollo could be offering something in the vein of a "gf"--or cleverly angling for reimbursement.

The salt flows freely from Draconis Malicite's tearmail. Sounds like another satisfied customer.

Crux Novelic confessed his guilt before he even reached the end of his first (un-punctuated) sentence. A sure sign of a gank, there.

Think carefully before you lock in your answer, dear reader.

If you've made your decision, feel free to read further. If not, what are you doing?

The correct answer is Iceacid Frostpacker, who didn't lose a pod to Vrix, but did suffer a gank from the mighty CODE. alliance a few weeks earlier. Helpfully, he was the only one in the group whose EVEmail subject line wasn't "Re: Violation of The Law of CODE." If you caught that, dear reader, your skills are being sharpened. If not, pick yourself up and get ready for the next fight.


  1. No amount of feigned contempt can make up for the shame of being a Goofus.

  2. Q: how did you lose your pod mate?

    A: it got popped by a smurf at niarja.


    Get rekt

  3. The second one was pretty easy as Iceacid was the only one who wasnt replying to a legal notice.


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