Monday, November 5, 2018

Guess the Pod, Round 5

On April 11, 2015, Elena Byrne lost a 34 million isk pod. A lot of carebears would say, "I didn't want those implants anyway. They've already been replaced." Not Elena.

Nearly two years later, Elena reminded our Agent that he "owed" her reimbursement of the lost implants.

It's a yearly tradition, in fact. Elena remains un-reimbursed. Maybe she'll wise up and buy a permit in 2019.

When a carebear loses something, they never forget it--hence all the hatred for the mighty CODE. alliance. This shall serve as the introduction for the fifth round of Agent ST0NER SMURF and Vrix Nation's sponsored Guess the Pod series.

Let's see how honed your skills have gotten, dear reader. For today's round, you'll need to identify the owner of a 124 million isk pod. This is sort of a medium-sized pod. It's not blingy, but it's not empty, either. An Agent who pops pods regularly can expect to see a pod of roughly this value quite often.

One of the following tearmails was written by the (former) owner of this pod. The rest shared their tears despite losing empty pods with no implants whatsoever.

Ready? Begin!

Omni Fear went to the autism well and drew forth a common variant of the clich├ęd jibe. A lack of creativity for a lack of implants?

As his name suggests, YOLO Visteen didn't care too much about his loss. Or, at least, that was the impression he wanted to make.

Mortaliza, too, wanted very much for our Agent to know how much he didn't care. Such was his lack of concern that he yawned in the subject line. Lucky he didn't fall asleep from boredom before sending his EVEmail!

Kiale Onzo took a different approach. Does a threat of revenge suggest that at least some implants were lost here?

okasukin xyz struggled to be understood. If only he put as much effort into warping between stargates. Alas, this autopiloter only woke up after losing his pod.

Hippie Zullo's tearmail is the most enigmatic of the bunch. His "21st ult"? Deciphering what he meant by that may be the key to solving this puzzle.

In retaliation for being ganked, unknown Dorgiers activated his Caps Lock key. Or maybe that's just how he rolls.

The moment of truth, dear reader.

Do not proceed unless and/or until you have locked in your answer.

The owner of the 124 million isk pod was one Mortaliza, who yawned and claimed "Nobody gives a shit." The miner could not convince our Agent; he couldn't even convince himself. That's no surprise, really: In the long run, the Code is the only persuasive idea in all of highsec.


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