Friday, November 2, 2018

Adventures in Video Game Journalism

Agent Aiko Danuja happened upon a new article about EVE Online.

I mean, how bad could it be...?

Pretty bad.

Distinguished video game journalists continue to push the anti-wardec narrative with remarkable synchronicity. In the Truth About Wardecs series, we saw a PC Gamer article that was published immediately after CCP announced its intention to nerf wardecs. You remember the line that article took?

"Conflict is the lifeblood of EVE Online, but..."
"EVE is a sandbox meant to have as few restrictions as possible, but..."

Let's see if Kotaku did any better.
"EVE Online is a game that thrives on war. Players love to clash with each other, attempt to wrest control of territory from one another, and expand their influence in the game’s universe. These wars fuel the spectacle that surrounds EVE, drawing all eyes towards the game when an insane battle occurs."
"But some wars might be doing lasting harm to EVE by driving new players away."
As you might have guessed, the Kotaku article comes from precisely the same perspective as the PC Gamer article.
"...a new player might find themselves getting attacked constantly by powerful veteran players, with no recourse other than to leave the corporation or quit the game entirely—which, according to CCP Larrikin’s data, a great many of them do."
Fake news. As we saw, CCP was conspicuously silent about players unsubscribing due to wardecs. Unlike the study from years ago about ganking and player retention, they didn't release any information about that all-important statistic with respect to wardecs. Another missing piece is that CCP didn't say whether players continued to be tracked if they dropped corp. No matter, though. In the absence of statements from CCP on these two key issues, Kotaku can simply fill in the blanks with whatever suits their message.
"Wars need to exist for EVE Online. Even in the relative safety of Hisec, player conflict is the lifeblood of the game."
"Predatory wars that serve only to punish players for being new to the game, or focusing on the game’s PVE aspects, need to be curbed."
Maybe I'm old fashioned, but back in my day, journalists were supposed to deliver the truth--to give people the facts. And the fact is that an EVE player who wants to engage in PvE in highsec must obey the Code.

Then there are the comments.

Unsurprisingly, many of the Kotaku commenters are bot-aspirant carebears. And although it's not primarily a wardeccing alliance, you can guess the focus of their rage:

...the mighty CODE. alliance, of course.

Not doing anything to risk things? Miner, disobedience to the Code is the riskiest thing of all. No permit, no ship.

The good thing about the comments section for articles on EVE Online is that they offer carebears a platform where they can demonstrate why the Code is so necessary. Can you imagine if there wasn't anyone to keep these miners under control? "HomerNarr" continues:

Four and a half years later, Erotica 1 continues to extract tears from the carebears. Extraordinary.


  1. New players in part are likely turned off by the spectacularly dull and archaic missions that EVE invites them to participate in. Both CCP and EVE's increasingly irrelevant older playerbase need to recognise that the game in it's current form is not indefinitely sustainable.

    Yet another 'improved new player tutorial' is no longer sufficient. Walking in Stations would open up a whole new avenue for new players, offering an ostensibly free-to-play 'theme park' inside Jita 4-4 for new and casual gamers, with avatar and environment customisation options. Outside the station viewing platform, the EVE universe awaits those who can handle it.

    Adapt – or deservedly die.

    1. We already have a spectator viewing playform in highsec.

      It is called a frigate or rookie ship with a single ecm drone 150kms off gate where fat whales explode.

      I think the spectators refer to themselves as ag.

      Good for you shardani.

    2. It's an unpopular opinion, but I like captain's quarters. It was comfy.

  2. i don't recall anybody in CODE. by the name of homer.

    Must have been new order logistics.

  3. meh appears made up

  4. Ortikon has hit on a point I've raised many times, and that is CODE does RP. They can deny it, they can believe in it as some sort of way of saving EvE from termination, but the styles and patterns of a RP group are unmistakable. Adopting personaes in a roleplay theme that was supposedly around forever, following a fantasy doctrine of sorts like zealot knights of a holy cause, praise this, hail kill and die. It's Manowar in spaceships.

  5. Wait a minute! James315 and The Mittani are the same person?!!!

    ***mind explodes

  6. Video game journalists are mostly cucks, not surprised.

  7. wow just wow. antiganking failing so hard right now.

  8. Games are adventures wether they are video gsmes or online gasmbling games. but indeed that the game in it's current form is not indefinitely sustainable and tutorial' got half of the information. Blackjack


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