Thursday, November 29, 2018

Over One Trillion Six Hundred Twenty-One Billion in Shares Sold

We've written a fair bit about corporate responsibility and how a corp can be a good citizen of highsec. With diffusion of responsibility an ever-present issue in large groups, one point on the subject must never be forgotten: Corporate responsibility begins with responsible corp members.

Wade Wi1son is the newest member of New Order Logistics, a proud member corp of the mighty CODE. alliance. It would seem that Wade knows how to make a good first impression. His purchase of 1,000 shares on behalf of the corp took us past the 1,621 billion isk mark and earned NOL a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

Now imagine if everyone in highsec did the same thing whenever they joined a corp?


A few weeks ago, we took a tour of the banners used by MinerBumping over the years. We also discovered that one of the original banner designers, Medar Uith, had contributed an additional three banners to the site--and to EVE as a whole.

Did you notice that MinerBumping is flying a new banner? Of course you did. It was the first thing that caught your attention as soon as you loaded the website. And you couldn't take your eyes off of it, either. That's a good banner.

This is the second of the three new ones created by Medar. Good art sends a message. This banner speaks to the New Order's proud spirit of defiance against bot-aspirancy and carebearism. EVE was well on its way to ruin until our Agents stood up and fought back.

The final banner, which has not yet been revealed, is also amazing. When the time is right, it, too, shall be emblazoned across the MinerBumping header.


  1. The New Order Treasury consists of less ISK than has been donated this month!
    It is great to see the high turnover, means ships are getting replaced and miners are getting ganked!

    1. Praise James! \o/

    2. It is indeed a concern when the treasury becomes full of ISK - and hugely reassuring to see it has nearly all been spent on killing carebears!

      Praise James! \0/

  2. Agent Wade Wi1son made an enormous and selfless donation in the name of his corp. He's a hero!

  3. I love the new banner!

  4. The new banner is pretty dope.

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