Monday, November 26, 2018

The Interactive Lecture, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Siegfried Cohenberg bump-tackled Aldur Aldent's freighter. A mysterious stranger named Amadeo Giannini came to Aldur's rescue by offering to open up a duel that would allow him to web Aldur's freighter to safety. Unexpectedly, Amadeo chose to attack the freighter instead of freeing it. However, rather than destroying the freighter, Amadeo suggested that Aldur eject from it.
Aldur Aldent > I knew it.
Amadeo Giannini > what did you know?
Aldur Aldent > that you would attack me.
Aldur Aldent > that you were lying again.
Aldur ejected from the freighter with the hope that Amadeo would hand him a promised 2.5 billion isk payment. If Aldur detected hints of any funny business, he'd board the freighter again. But then this happened:

Amadeo podded him and took the freighter.

With the Obelisk firmly under his control, Amadeo was now in a position to inspect the ship for contraband. The podding was an unfortunate surprise, but would Amadeo at least give Aldur the 2.5 billion isk?
Aldur Aldent > dude, all of my isk was tied up in that load.
Aldur Aldent > you have literally robbed me of everything i had.
Amadeo Giannini > Don't worry Im gonna pay you
Aldur Aldent > i dont believe you.
One of the things that the people of highsec have learned over the years is that in order to benefit from New Order rule, faith is required--preferably full faith. Aldur distrusted Amadeo at every turn, and his negative thoughts seemed to be manifesting themselves like some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.
Amadeo Giannini > Look all you need to do is write a mail to James 315. explaining what happened, and he will send you the 2.5b
Amadeo Giannini > I've already sent him the money with what needs to be done, and he'll get it all settled.
Amadeo Giannini > Think of it a giant learning experience and a fun day of eve online
Aldur Aldent > what the hell does that mean?
Luckily for Aldur, Amadeo was still committed to giving the freighter pilot the promised 2.5 billion isk payment. Subject to certain terms and conditions, that is.
Amadeo Giannini > James 315 Write a mail to this guy, titled, 2.5b reinbursement.
Amadeo Giannini > And write like a summary of what happened here
Aldur Aldent > you said you will pay me.
Amadeo Giannini > I sent him the isk already with a note saying to give it to you if he receives a mail
Amadeo Giannini > Yes, I am paying you. Its just a bit more convoluted
Yes, there was a catch, Amadeo conceded. But compared to the payout, it was negligible.
Aldur Aldent > why?
Amadeo Giannini > You'll see why when James 315 replies to you.
Aldur Aldent > why cant you just send it to me?
Amadeo Giannini > Well I would, but I already sent it to James 315 . You're going to have to appeal to him for the money
With the funds already gone, Amadeo was no longer capable of just handing it over to Aldur. He was in an ironclad bargaining position.
Amadeo Giannini > Oh and when you write the mail, can you CC me it as well? Just to make sure it is written correctly.
Amadeo Giannini > I mean you dont lose anything by writing a mail, you just need to type for a bit.
Amadeo Giannini > You're ALMOST there
Aldur Aldent > there.
Aldur gritted his teeth. I'm guessing.

Aldur's message was dripping with pessimism. He confessed that he had absolutely no faith in Amadeo. He just knew he was going to be ripped off.
Aldur Aldent > how long will this take? or is it really anothere scam?
Amadeo Giannini > Its not another scam
Aldur Aldent > it feels like it. i also feel like im going to be recieving some sort of lecture about how i shouldnt have been flying a freighter.
Then, at last, the other shoe dropped. All along, Aldur had feigned ignorance of the Code. At no point did he ever hint that he knew he was supposed to be carrying a New Order permit. But his remark here laid the truth bare. He was guilty. And he knew it.
Aldur Aldent > whats the rest of this scam?
Amadeo Giannini > Its not a scam
Aldur Aldent > then what is it?
Amadeo Giannini > Its a reinbursement letter
Aldur Aldent > was it good enough?
Amadeo Giannini > hm
Aldur invited Amadeo to judge the contents of the letter he'd sent. Amadeo opened up the EVEmail.
Amadeo Giannini > You may want to rewrite it so it isnt quite negative.
Aldur Aldent > its not negative. its straight forward. and succinct.
Amadeo Giannini > Well maybe more positive.
Aldur Aldent > kid, im too old for bullshit. if its a flowery itteration of how wrong i was, or how excited i was to be taught a lesson, you aint getting it sunny.
Aldur Aldent > you taught me something, but im not going to be excited about the experience.
Amadeo gave the freighter pilot some more good advice. As usual, Aldur ignored it.

Let us now consider the matter of the 2.5 billion isk. Shall I grant Aldur his request?

You know, it's a funny thing. I was going to give him the isk, but now I won't. You see, something was missing. Remember when Aldur claimed that Amadeo had taken everything he had?
Aldur Aldent > dude, all of my isk was tied up in that load.
Aldur Aldent > you have literally robbed me of everything i had.
Ah yes, that's right. Yet it wasn't entirely true. We know this because...

Before the duel was accepted, Amadeo had given the freighter pilot 10 million isk as a show of trust. We know that Aldur had 10 million isk. Which, as it turns out, is precisely the amount needed for the purchase of one New Order mining permit. If he had only taken that money and bought a permit, I would have gladly handed over the 2.5 billion isk. Alas, it was not to be. And so Aldur missed his chance.

It looks like Aldur wasn't the only freighter pilot to be tested in this manner. Such is life in highsec.



  1. Ingenious. The 10 million is such a nice touch.

  2. Bonus Room harassment without the Bonus Room.

    Jamey and this CHODE. slaves have stooped to yet another low. And they still don't realize how irrelevant they are to the vast, vast majority of EO denizens. I made a couple billion ISK this past weekend, mining in various high security systems while watching some truly epic college rivalry football games. Not a CHODE. slave to be seen.

  3. Agent Siegfried and James 315 worked together tirelessly to give the freighter pilot every opportunity to redeem himself.

    Yet he was so determined to break the law that to strip him of his possessions, board his ship, pod him, and freeze his financial assets proved the only ethical course of action they had left.

  4. > I was going to give him the isk, but now I won't.

    Miner bingo karma best karma. How many times over the years did Aldur have an opportunity to get right with The Code but chose to bank the ISK instead? His hens really came home to roost.

    The New Order Mining Permit is the best investment in New Eden. It's like ship insurance that lasts for a year!

  5. He broke the first rule of Eve: never fly what you can't afford to lose.

    Drammie Askold

  6. Just shows how much of a cuck the average miner is.


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