Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Interactive Lecture, Part 1

If you bring an unlicensed freighter into highsec, there's a really good chance that you're going to run into this guy:

Or, rather, he'll run into you. Agent Siegfried Cohenberg has been bumping freighters for years. He's good at it.
Sergei Cohenberg > howdy
Sergei Cohenberg > how are you
Aldur Aldent > what do you want?
An Obelisk pilot named Aldur Aldent made his way into the Sivala system, right next door to Uedama. He must've heard that it was dangerous, so he remained at his keyboard. But he failed to purchase a permit.
Sergei Cohenberg > 300m
Sergei Cohenberg > or we're ganking your obe
Aldur Aldent > why?
Sergei Cohenberg > because we hate you
Sergei Cohenberg > thats why
Aldur Aldent > ok.
Aldur Aldent > thats a really good reason.
Aldur pretended not to know why he was being bump-tackled, so our Agent sought to test the carebear.
Sergei Cohenberg > so
Sergei Cohenberg > pay or gank
Sergei Cohenberg > what is it
Aldur Aldent > how much?
Sergei Cohenberg > 300m
Aldur was given the opportunity to drop the facade, admit his knowledge of the Code, and confess his crimes. Instead, Aldur chose to disconnect from EVE. He hoped that by doing so, his freighter would emergency warp and automatically escape from the bumps.
Amadeo Giannini > need any help? you're being bumped by that asshole
Aldur Aldent > if you can.
Aldur Aldent > i would appreciate it.
Amadeo Giannini > sure
Five minutes later, Aldur logged back into the game, only to find that his freighter was still bump-tackled by Siegfried. But fortune smiled upon Aldur--he was contacted out of the blue by a courteous stranger, Amadeo Giannini.
Amadeo Giannini > do you know how webs work?
Aldur Aldent > yes. but i am not accepting a duel. you could be his alt.
Amadeo Giannini > I'm not his alt. I hate that guy, hes the reaosn why haulers like us even need webbing alts
At first, Aldur was suspicious of the good Samaritan. For all he knew, Amadeo was Siegfried in disguise.

Then again, that was unlikely. Their monocles aren't even on the same eye.
Aldur Aldent > will webbing while being bumped work?
Amadeo Giannini > yes
Amadeo Giannini > I need to do it occasionally when my freighters get caught
Amadeo Giannini > you just need to make sure you dont stay in warp all the time, you gotta cancel and re warp every couple seconds
Aldur Aldent > What webs do you need to do it? i have an alt i can bring in.
Aldur was willing to at least hear what Amadeo had to say. Webbing his freighter seemed like the only escape from Siegfried's grasp. Still, he preferred to have his own alt do the webbing, rather than trusting a mysterious stranger to do it.

Then something unexpected occurred--something that changed the equation entirely. Amadeo sent Aldur 10 million isk. You read that right: The stranger was giving 10 million to the freighter pilot, not the other way around.
Aldur Aldent > ok. ill trust you.
Aldur Aldent > what do you need me to do?
Amadeo Giannini > try and warp to a station
Amadeo Giannini > and I will need the duel, concord just kills my hyena
Amadeo Giannini > Its a real pain in the ass to get back security status and a new webbing hyena >.<
Aldur Aldent > I uderstand.
As it turned out, 10 million isk--though it may not sound like much--was just enough money to serve as a demonstration of trust and good faith.

Aldur accepted the duel request from Amadeo. This allowed Amadeo to web Aldur's freighter without CONCORD interference. However, if Amadeo had different intentions, the duel would also enable him to destroy the freighter.
Aldur Aldent > where did you go?
Aldur Aldent > I knew it.
Amadeo Giannini > dont panic
To be continued...


  1. "Amadeo Giannini > dont panic"
    I love cliffhangers, i hope for the best.

  2. That's incredible. This wasn't a case of a totally oblivious hauler falling for the duel web trick, this guy knew that it was almost certainly a trick to kill him. And yet he was so cheap that he'd rather accept the very high risk of losing his freighter than pay for a 10 million isk permit (and a small 300m isk bumping tip for Siegfried, of course).

    Carebears are so greedy it doesn't even make economic sense.

  3. I'm sure the carebear will receive a lesson so invaluable that he won't mind what it costs him.

  4. what happened next? was the freighter rescued by the webber, or is there a plot twist?


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