Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Interactive Lecture, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Siegfried Cohenberg spotted an unlicensed freighter flaunting itself next door to Uedama. Siegfried heroically bump-tackled the vessel. When the freighter pilot, Aldur Aldent, refused to pay what he owed to Agent Siegfried, it seemed the freighter's destruction was imminent. However, Aldur was contacted by Amadeo Giannini, who offered to web the freighter to safety--if a duel was accepted, of course.
Aldur Aldent > I knew it.
Amadeo Giannini > dont panic
Amadeo Giannini > its not over yet
Aldur Aldent > your killing me. its over.
Once the duel was accepted, Amadeo was free to open fire on the freighter without CONCORD interference. Aldur's worst fears--that Amadeo was actually an alt of Siegfried himself--seemed to be confirmed. But now was definitely not the time to panic.
Amadeo Giannini > nono
Amadeo Giannini > just read what I'm gonna say
Amadeo Giannini > I dont want to kill your obelisk
Amadeo Giannini > so I'm going to offer you this
Amadeo Giannini > If you eject from the obe, I will pay you, 2.5 billion isk
Amadeo Giannini > I dont want to cause you any loss
The freighter's hitpoints were being slowly stripped away by Amadeo's Hurricane. Then, unexpectedly, Aldur caught a lucky break.
Aldur Aldent > what? why?
Amadeo Giannini > Its just a unique eve experience
Amadeo Giannini > Because it would suck for you
Amadeo Giannini > is that a fair deal?
Aldur Aldent > losing the Obi at all will suck.
Amadeo Giannini > well yeah sure
Amadeo Giannini > but you can go to jita with 2.5b
Amadeo Giannini > and buy a new one
Aldur's encounter with Siegfried and Amadeo was putting him through an emotional roller coaster. He couldn't believe that Amadeo was offering him a windfall 2.5 billion isk payment to eject from his freighter.
Amadeo Giannini > think of it like a lesson in eve
Amadeo Giannini > that wont cost you much isk
Aldur Aldent > transfer the isk first. thats my caveat.
Amadeo Giannini > oh
Amadeo Giannini > no
Amadeo Giannini > you need to eject first
As good as Amadeo's deal sounded, though, it did carry some risks. What if Amadeo simply ran off with the freighter and didn't deliver the isk payment as promised? Aldur was determined to eliminate this risk.
Aldur Aldent > pay me, ill eject, and leave. or kill me. you have already fucked me once. its not happening again.
Amadeo Giannini > uhh
Amadeo Giannini > ok so you dont want to
Amadeo Giannini > get paid at all then
Aldur Aldent > money first.
Amadeo Giannini > you have to eject first
Originally, Amadeo was supposed to web Aldur's freighter so it could escape Siegfried's bumps. Amadeo's decision to attack the freighter instead raised serious doubts in Aldur's mind about whether the good Samaritan could be trusted.
Aldur Aldent > no. youll take the obi and not pay me for it.
Amadeo Giannini > let mee xplain how ship ejecting works
Amadeo Giannini > so that you know its not a big deal
Amadeo Giannini > when you eject from the ship
Amadeo Giannini > you can re enter it instantly by right clicking it and clicking board ship
Amadeo Giannini > I have to wait an entire 60 seconds
Amadeo Giannini > because of my weapon timers
Amadeo Giannini > Does that make sense?
Amadeo understood and empathized with Aldur's concerns. While still shooting at the freighter, Amadeo tried to put Aldur's fears to rest.
Aldur Aldent > but your alt doesnt have to wait.
Amadeo Giannini > The machariel cant fly freighters
Aldur Aldent > so you say.
Aldur Aldent > you already lied to me once.
Amadeo Giannini > I promise man
Aldur Aldent > your word means nothing.
Aldur wanted to trust Amadeo and get his 2.5 billion isk payday, but considering everything that had happened, he just couldn't do it. He made a firm decision not to eject from the freighter unless he was paid first.
Amadeo Giannini > ok so you get nothing then lol
Aldur Aldent > better than giving it away for free.
Amadeo Giannini > it wouldnt be for free
Amadeo Giannini > but ok sure
Amadeo Giannini > if you want to think that
Aldur Aldent > how can i take your word for anything.
Having made his decision, Aldur had no choice but to reject Amadeo's deal. It was a disappointing result, but he simply could not justify handing his freighter over, no matter what Amadeo said. End of story.
Amadeo Giannini > easily
Amadeo Giannini > you just do it
Amadeo Giannini > take that leap of faith
Aldur Aldent > I did, and you lied to me.
Amadeo Giannini > well sure
Amadeo Giannini > but I'm quite serious about this deal
Amadeo Giannini > no intention in fooling this time
Amadeo still wanted to save Aldur's freighter, so he encouraged him to reconsider. While it was true he'd broken his word in the past, this time would be different.
Aldur Aldent > how do i know you are not lying again?
Amadeo Giannini > well you have to take my word for it
Amadeo Giannini > thats how you know
Amadeo Giannini > you have to come to that conclusion yourself somehow
Amadeo Giannini > I cant force you to believe me
It was an incredibly difficult situation. Both men readily agreed that the freighter should not be destroyed. In order to accomplish that shared goal, Aldur would need to have faith.
Aldur Aldent > move the other ships off.
Aldur Aldent > warp them away.
Amadeo Giannini > ok
Amadeo Giannini > they're gone
Aldur Aldent > have the tranfer window ready. i will eject, if they come back, or you lock my pod, i will reboard.
Amadeo Giannini > ok
Finally, Aldur suggested a compromise. He wouldn't get the payment before ejecting from his ship, but certain other measures would be taken to ensure that he wouldn't get ripped off. Amadeo agreed to the new terms. It was a breakthrough.
Aldur Aldent > I knew it.
Amadeo Giannini > what did you know?
To be continued...


  1. Another prime example you can never trust even one word from the code. This entire site is made by muslim terrorist goatfuckers.

  2. Replies
    1. Siegfried is well known for dealing with freighter pilots in a fair and ethical manner.

      After all the mentoring I have bestowed upon you, it is disappointing to see you making cheap remarks against a pillar of the highsec community.

    2. My remarks are not cheap, I offer them free of charge. I haven't seen you around Nakugard lately. You taking time off or something?

  3. I would have paid the money for sure, without all this debate. Getting caught in a freighter is an embarrassment. Better to just get the whole thing over with and give the isk to someone who knows what to do with it.

  4. That freighter became Agent Cohenberg's property the moment it undocked without a permit.


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