Friday, August 10, 2012

Kino Suicide Attacks Thwarted

The New Order of Highsec scored another victory in the newly-acquired Kino system on Friday as I repelled two attacks against my Invincible Stabber; the failganks involved a total of three hostile ships.

After my peaceful, profitable arrival earlier this week, one might have gotten the impression that Kino's miners had a better attitude toward the New Order than their counterparts in Kamio and Halaima. Not so. Since then, the system has been convulsed by rebellion and disrespect aimed against the new regime.

The desperation of the insurrectionists is clearly seen in the bizarre lengths they went to in conducting their recent attacks. First, a merlin inexplicably attempted to kill me with smartbombs.

After this failed to bring my shields below 99%, the attacker re-shipped, opting for a more traditional ganking ship: a thrasher.

As usual, the gank was poorly executed. However, bringing a sliver of damage to my shields prompted another treasonous miner to think it was time for a popular uprising. He seized on the opportunity by using his stabber--intended for counter-bumping--to attack me.

As you would expect, he didn't have much luck either, and his ship underwent the wreck transformation process for which all who oppose me are destined.

What's notable here is not that these attackers failed miserably--there's certainly nothing new in that. Rather, it is the unorthodox use of non-ganking ships and utter disregard for things like DPS, EHP, and common sense. If this is the best our enemies have to offer, it's no wonder why my Invincible Stabber remains undefeated and the New Order has expanded without breaking a sweat.


  1. Yup, you sure were "invincible" totally hiding behind concord from two idiots that didn't even plan an attack. How about you mention you didn't get shit for money today either. You know, after you tried to bump 15+ afk miners for 10mins getting nothing you just went on and harrassed another getting NOTHING. Hey "stock holders" your boy is failing at his job. You should fire his ass instead of paying him money.

    Fail code is fail, you couldn't even follow your own code today. Go ahead and delete this post too, since it's against you and not for you.

    1. Such anger in this one. Tell me, where did James bump you on this doll??

    2. Oh, I love him bumping me, feels good bro, lets others mine too. The point is, he's not making anything, after 10 minutes of bumping me and not paying him, he left to bump another that wasn't going to pay him, so I went back and made another 50mil.

      He's failing, can't even uphold his own code, or make money.

    3. If you're so not worried about it, why take the time out of your obviously so awesome life to come to his blog to bash what he does?

      Oh, right. Cause your life isn't awesome. Got it.

    4. Nah, I'm AFK mining, and I have the time, because he's failing at his job. lol

    5. @ Anonymous
      Ravock Seti, is that you? Nice smartbombs!

    6. Yeah, take that James 315! You're not making money from these extortion attempts. The fact that this isn't your main source of income and that the mining fee is only symbolic, we'll just ovelook that!

  2. I haven't seen more propaganda, lies and cover up even in American media!

  3. Ahh, Kino. One of my favourtie ganking systems. I shall have to revisit soon.

  4. For those who have trouble understanding the miner's comments above, I have a translation:
    "RAGE, gets angry at James for hiding behind CONCORD (yet when a miner hides behind CONCORD, they're defenseless?), RAGE RAGE, Old Meme, embarrassed RAGE."
    Crap, I hope to meet this guy in EVE. He alone could get me Miner Bingo.


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