Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reports of My Ban Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

One of the advantages of being the leader of a popular movement is that I get intel from people across the spectrum of EVE who support the cause. One of the ways you can become an Agent of the New Order is to provide me with information that you think might prove useful. It would be a cliché to say I have spies everywhere, but I have spies everywhere. Sometimes I get reports of the same incident from multiple spies, which helps confirm their accuracy. This is one of those reports.

After I won multiple battles in Kino, I logged out to go be awesome offline. Once I had departed, the Kino rebels burst into a heated, hours-long discussion about me. I would have had no idea this occurred, if it weren't for my little birds--who provided screen shots for your amusement.

In total disregard for the Code provision against it, the miners had been filing petitions against me. I suppose that's what happens when carebears are unable to defeat you in battle. To my face, miners love to tell me how ineffective I am. Behind my back, they tell another story: I'm an unstoppable force that must be permabanned for the sake of all EVE. After miners confessed to petitioning me--condemning themselves to the Red Pen list--someone got the idea that I might have logged off due to being banned.

Then the amazing part, which shows just how detached from reality highsec mining can make a person:

That's right, they thought I was banned because they had some trouble linking my name in local. Yes.

This isn't the first time miners have been gripped in the fever of such rumors. Recall that back in Kamio, after someone else bumped miners, thy assumed it was me trying to evade a ban. Now, thanks to the bizarre "I can't link his name" claim, the rumor spread like wildfire in Kino.

In filing the petitions, miners sent the GMs links to this website. Fine by me--I could use more Agents on the GM staff!

The miners continued to celebrate my alleged ban. I guess this next quote means I'm Abraham Lincoln?

And finally, this gem from a miner explaining why a ban was in my best interest:

Remember kids, highsec miners are the good guys! (Special thanks to the Agents who contributed to this report.)


  1. Hey James, if you're not band, how about you come and visit us today?

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, banned! I assume the invitation has been rescinded though. :(

  3. dear lord am i glad i was saved from the horrors of being a high sec carebear literally two days into opening my account.

    i can only imagine how being that retarded would have damaged my real life education and career.

  4. I admire your work, and we have the same first name, so have an internet cookie.

  5. "stupid angry little man". Heh. I haven't seen any such language from James or its valued colleagues as of yet. The only ones raging are these immature roid-suckers such as yourself. Please do refocus your short-tempered attention back to your roid before you find yourself in your pod - which will certainly make you cry even louder!

  6. As a one-time high sec miner, now null-sec miner who can still deal with situations like a mature adult, and not go crying to a GM every time someone "prevents me from playing", I strongly support your message and everything you stand for.

    Keep up the fight of sending the retards back to WoW.

  7. heh... I challenge the Anonymous up the reply chain to name one person I've "harassed".


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