Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Welcome to MinerBumping.com

Hello everyone! If you don't know me, I am James 315, and I will be your guide through an exciting adventure in EVE Online. What kind of adventure, you ask? Stick around and you'll find out!

As for the rest of you, welcome to my new blog. It's hard to believe it's only been about a month and a half since I first took control of a little ice mining system in highsec called Halaima. So much has happened since then. If you'd like to take a little trip down memory lane, check the Links section to see all of the past forum threads in which our adventure unfolded.

You may ask, why create this blog? Well, first off, there's the convenience. When I began bumping miners out of the Halaima ice field when they refused to pay their mining fees, I could simply refer them to the original Halaima thread. As our business has grown, I have seen a greater need for one centralized location for all bump-related materials. Now whenever a mackinaw pilot expresses his confusion/anger, I can refer him to this website--where he can pore over a wealth of material about how he fits into the New Order of Highsec.

But it's much more than that, of course. I wanted to shift to a format where I can make shorter, more frequent updates about what's going on as I go about bringing civilization to highsec. The blog format is also better suited for posting pictures, chat logs, etc. from my travels.

Finally, I hope a blog will enable me to speak directly to the people of EVE. Shareholder Reports are useful for relating lots of information, but they tend to put a bit of distance between me and the readers. With this format, I'd like to bring EVE players closer to the front lines of the struggle, with a more conversational style. Though I may hold an exalted position as the Supreme Protector, I don't want to be off in an ivory tower somewhere. I'm one of you, a man of the people.

To that end, this blog will have an open comments section. Blogger allows you to post comments using various types of accounts, but there's also an option for anonymous comments. Since I believe there is value in candor and the free exchange of ideas, I do not intend to moderate the comments sections of my posts. Don't make me regret this. Just kidding, I know you won't.

With the mission statement out of the way, I hope you'll stick around and return frequently. Join the conversation as we build a better highsec together.


  1. Thanks for this fine service to the Eve Online Community, James 315! I believe the game's economy has you to thank for the recent period of deflation. With perseverance, we can make all of New Eden a prosperous, productive Empire.

    Another nice feature of the new blog is that I can post comments about the New Order without concern of my trifling ban status over at CCP's Eve Online Forums! I want to personally thank you for bringing down the barriers of free speech.

    By the way, CCP Soundwave said of LP for PVP in Faction Warfare "I kind of hope this goes horribly wrong," in a video interview for TenTonHammer! I guess thanks to Aryth and crew, he got what he wanted...

    Finally, to the subjects of High Security's New Order:

    May your overlord be vigilant. May you dream of mining your ways to freedom. Such is the hope of the New Order Space Serf.

    All hail the New Order, or bleat while dying (in-game of course).

    1. Yes, it's true that another advantage of a third-party website is not worrying about censorship. Not an ISD member in sight!

  2. Hochu ty seš totální debil, měl by ses léčit a ne špinit EVE svou mrzkou existencí. Ty jsi rakovinou nejen téhle hry, ale přímo celého lidstva!

    1. Google Translate suggests this remark was written in Czech and is broadly insulting to me and what I do. Surely that can't be the case.

  3. Finally someone takes care of the Eve economy. These AFK miners need to pay the price and become compliant with the CODE.

    Thanks again for doing this dirty work for all of us serious Eve inhabitants!

  4. I'm just glad I got some bumpers banned.

  5. Antiganking is non-stop failing daily

  6. Been reading this blog since the start. When I come back to EVE from a break, I catch up on all the stories. New Order, Conference Elite etc are playing their part in keeping this great game alive and kicking. May you long continue creating content.

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  8. This is where it all started... I'll miss this blog
    I MISS JAMES :(((


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