Monday, August 27, 2012

Tears of the Day: Peace Negotiations

Previously, on MinerBumping...

A corporation loyal to the New Order wardecced some disobedient miners who refused to follow the Code. In response, the miners' buddies in a corporation called Mjolinar Shipyards wardecced our heroes. Mjolinar's CEO, Ahkala Dheorin, blamed me for everything and opened up a private convo in which she demanded an explanation. Shortly afterward, the New Order loyalists successfully executed a number of deadly attacks against Ahkala herself, costing her a faction battleship and all her implants.

When I learned of this, I decided to open up peace talks with Ahkala. Given the level of damage inflicted upon her, I felt her surrender was imminent. Because I believe in mercy, I wanted to give Ahkala a way out of the war in which she could also save face in front of her troops. Given the fact that I had not encountered any of the miners involved, I was perfectly positioned to mediate the dispute; I had not fired a shot or even bumped anyone. Therefore, there was minimal risk of personal grudges or hostility getting in the way.

Ahkala didn't give me so much as a "hello" before she made her hard-line stance clear.

...And there went the diplomacy rulebook right out the window, less than a minute into our talks. I assume she wanted to see me strung up on a pole and left for the animals in-game.

I still held out hope that her shoe-banging, "we will bury you" style of diplomacy was just a negotiating tactic. If she would let me know specifically what her grievances were, perhaps we could collaborate and find a mutually satisfactory answer to the crisis.

...But the difference between our two positions was too great.

With that, Ahkala broke off all contact with me. Result of peace negotiations: Inconclusive.


  1. I got one for you. You're just a griefing troll and instead of just admit it you hide behind your righteous code, which you can't even follow yourself. It's all bullshit and people see right through it. Why don't you just admit that you get your shits and giggles from being a griefer and trolling miners, for profit. I'm sure many people would have less issue with you, I know I would.

    It's still a business, No CCP on your ass, I just get tired of hearing your "I'm supreme protector because I said so and I'm really honestly trying to help all of you" spiel. It's bullshit James, just admit it.

    1. The Code gives you purpose, a sense of self & honour in your chosen profession. There is no need for the Supreme Protector to admit to that which is not true, but there is a need for you to adhere to the Code that your black heart so desperately desires. So I say to you; Live by the Code, join the order & you shall be free.

    2. Really even if this IS just a griefer, it would not be nearly as entertaining if it wasn't for morons like you posting angry messages to these blogs. You and your ilk are really devaluing the price on tears.

      Also what's wrong with his Code? Even those of us who do not partake of his code think that this blog is funny as shit because of it.

    3. To be honest, your resisting the Code does not seem to make you a happy person. That's normal: you lack guidance and purpose. Just submit and the Protector will set you free.

  2. Oh my Protector! How dare I only just discover this blog today. Hilarious.

  3. The fit of his stabber for those who want to engage:


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