Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The New Order Represents the Highsec Population in EVE's Premiere News Website

Earlier this week, the world of EVE journalism was rocked by the unveiling of Its eponymous founder, The Mittani, is known to all EVE players as the leader of the GoonSwarm Federation. The most famous personality in the EVE universe, The Mittani is also known for being the former Chairman of the CSM, an elected body of EVE players that deals directly with CCP. (The Mittani was elected with 10,000 votes, by far the most of any candidate in EVE's history.)

Although there are a number of minor websites online that report news on the EVE galaxy, The Mittani saw a void in the market yearning to be filled. To fill that void, he intended to gather an all-star team of EVE journalists and writers from across the EVE playerbase and create the first world-class EVE news website. That he did. Within hours after its unveiling, had already established itself as the premiere news site of EVE.

How to cover a galaxy as big as EVE? Previous news sites have attempted it, but have always gotten bogged down, suffering from the biases of their narrow base of contributors. The sheer star power, talent, and diversity of's writing staff easily sweeps aside every past effort. was in the planning stages for many months, and its development was one of the most closely-guarded secrets of EVE--particularly considering its contributors came from so many alliances, some of whom are fierce competitors. When the time came that The Mittani needed someone to represent the highsec population, he knew where to turn: The Supreme Protector, the Father of the New Order, the Saviour of Highsec himself, your humble correspondent, James 315. I was contacted by The Mittani and was sworn to secrecy about this project until now.

When given the chance to represent highsec players, I was humbled by the honour and awed by the sense of responsibility it carried. Yet I knew that I was the perfect person for the job, so I couldn't say no. As the representative of highsec on EVE's premiere news website, I will always strive to serve all the players under my watch to the best of my ability. Having been bestowed with the task of speaking for highsec, it's just another piece of evidence that I am a legitimate ruler, not some tinpot dictator on an ego trip.

My first column for, on the subject of the exhumer rebalance and what it means for EVE, can be found at this link. I look forward to continuing the battle for positive change in highsec.


  1. *puts on tinfoil hat* You're The Mittani!

  2. Still available here:
    Was harder to find the archive as the URL has changed over the years from truth-behind-exhumer-rebalancing to truth-behind-mining-ship-rebalance-part-1


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