Monday, April 22, 2019

A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... The mighty CODE. alliance did what it does best: Punishing Code violators in spectacular, innovative ways. This drew the anger of an Anti-Ganker named Equ Snc, who was furious at CODE. for adapting to the various nerfs to highsec PvP. As Equ filled the Anti-Ganking channel with her complaints, she found herself opposed by Knowledgeminer, who urged her to git gud.

Equ was on the defensive. But just when it seemed as though no one was willing to help her debate Knowledgeminer...

...Thomas en Chasteaux entered the fray.

For half a decade, Thomas has been making unsuccessful attempts to organize an anti-Code resistance. He is notorious for being one of highsec's most long-term Goofuses.

Knowledgeminer brushed off Thomas' warning and resumed his lecture about Equ's failures.

When discussing EVE's game mechanics, Anti-Gankers like Thomas generally spend their time doing two things:

1. Begging CCP to make highsec 100% risk-free without nerfing highsec rewards.
2. Complaining that the risk-reward balance unfairly favors gankers.

One may pity the CSM member who gets "petitions" from Anti-Gankers. There's a silver lining, though: If Anti-Gankers spend their time petitioning CSM members, EVE's GMs get a reprieve from the nonsense.

Countless carebears believe that CODE. and Goonswarm Federation are one and the same. Despite the passage of time, conspiracy theories about collusion between the two alliances have never gone away.

Thomas decided that if anyone was going to beat Knowledgeminer in a debate, it would have to be him. He could not allow a heretic to preach in the Anti-Ganking channel unopposed.

The truth is that when it comes to game mechanics, Anti-Gankers are always disingenuous. No matter how many times highsec PvP gets nerfed, they claim it needs One More Nerf™. Their endgame is absolute safety in highsec--which is why they're never satisfied by the latest nerf.

For whatever reason, Knowledgeminer is still permitted to speak in the Anti-Ganking channel. However, many of the regulars have long since put him on block.

Though Knowledgeminer bashed Equ and Thomas, he was not able to persuade his fellow rebels. Nothing changed.

The truth is, Knowledgeminer wastes his breath. The only thing that has ever created real, lasting change in highsec is the Code.

The Equs of the world cannot be talked into becoming productive citizens. They are hardened criminals who must be brought to justice.

If you're a rebel who's tired of failure, there is but one path to happiness: Gank your fellow rebels and experience the joy of playing EVE the way it's meant to be played.


  1. These antigankers behave like the Goodlife in Saberhagen's "Berserker Fury". They were only "good" from the perspective of the Berserker bots that were trying to exterminate humanity. They were a sniveling lot of sycophants who bickered and undermined each other in order to curry favor with the bots. The Badlife actively resisted their own eradication.

  2. I'm awaiting the day when Knowledgeminer finally snaps and starts ganking his foolish peers.

    1. It's really only a matter of time. Once he embraces the Code he will become the greatest ganker High Sec has ever seen.

      Knowledgeminer is the chosen one of James.

  3. Petitioning for changes to the game rules in your favour is PvP. It's very unsportsmanlike PvP. But even worse than that, it's utterly hypocritical because it demands a risk-free win for *one side*, exactly what these people claim they oppose.


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