Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing, Part 1

Another day, another glorious victory--or two, or twelve, or fifty--for the New Order.

The mighty CODE. alliance smashed an unlicensed freighter cruising through highsec. Its pilot was almost certainly AFK at the time.

That may seem like a lot of CODE., but these days giant CODE. fleets are common. Bot-aspirants can't build a ship that we don't have the firepower to destroy. With so many CODE. in that system, where was Anti-Ganking?

...Busy failing, as usual.

The anti-Code rebels are powerless to stop our brave, elite warriors. Our Agents' biggest problem: What to do with all of the loot.

When this particular freighter exploded, it dropped a nice, fat Fortizar. But surely the Anti-Gankers could at least interfere with the looting of such a large cargo?

In the pre-Crimewatch days, a ganker could send his own freighter to loot the wreck. Under the old rules, only the wreck's owner (i.e., the gank recipient himself) would be allowed to shoot the looter. That system made it very easy for the ganker--or anyone else nearby--to loot wrecks without retaliation. CCP eventually changed the rules so that anyone could shoot a looter. In theory, an Anti-Ganker can trap and kill a ganker's freighter when it tries to loot a fat wreck.

So the gankers adapted--as usual.

...And the Anti-Gankers whined. As usual.

Anti-Ganker Equ Snc was furious when she learned that gankers had found a way to more effectively transfer large amounts of loot from wrecks. It still involves substantial risk on the part of the ganker, but anti-Code types want ganking to be impossible.

As Equ Snc bemoaned the mechanics, she was challenged by fellow Anti-Ganker Knowledgeminer. If that name sounds familiar, there's a reason:

As we've seen in previous posts, Knowledgeminer is known for skewering his fellow rebels for their incompetence, laziness, ignorance, and bad attitudes.

It's a wonder the Anti-Gankers keep him around. Probably due to a shortage of rebels.

Equ Snc wasn't willing to be silenced without a fight. Without a fight in chat, at least.

To be continued...


  1. The amazing thing about Knowledgeminer is that he is able to walk the fine line between helping and criticizing without getting banned from the ag channels. The other amazing thing is that he still finds it to be worthwhile to try. I guess he likes being a big fish in a small pond.

    1. I always felt he's a spai alt of an Agent. If he wasn't it'll be an interesting case study to see how can someone be touched by the wisdom of The Code, while still being goofus and ag.

      (my assessment is based on MB posts alone, I didn't want to ruin the guessing-game by looking into the fellow)

  2. He has miner in his name.

    Dead on sight. It is that simple.


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