Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Minx Mattel DESTROYS Non-Compliant Miner, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Minx Mattel destroyed Alerianne's Venture with a Thrasher--and Alerianne's argument with logic and facts about the Code. Yet Alerianne accused Minx of being the Code violator instead.

Alerianne admitted that she hadn't seen Agent Minx enter local because she'd been too distracted with her work on another ship's fit. One would think that this confession would be immediately followed by an apology and a payment of 10 million isk.

However, Alerianne seemed to think that it was perfectly natural and appropriate for a miner to ignore her surroundings.

The miner's basic assumption was that multitasking in this manner was acceptable behavior because it was safe--because nothing bad could happen to a mining ship in highsec. Meanwhile, the Venture would presumably gather materials all by itself over a lengthy period; the process would be virtually automated. There's a term for this philosophy: Bot-aspirancy.

Our Agent judged that Alerianne was yet another miner who had fallen victim to the Phantom Provision. With any luck, the MinerBumping post would sort her out.

It was just as Minx feared:

...The Phantom had taken another miner.

Without pausing to take a breath, Alerianne went on lecturing Agent Minx about proper Code enforcement procedures. She didn't even bother reading about the Phantom Provision; she was too busy acting it out!

Our Agents are elite and powerful for many reasons, but one of the most important is that they have authority on their side. Legal authority, moral authority--you name it.

Incredibly, Alerianne--who had not stopped to read the linked MinerBumping post--complained that Minx wasn't doing her reading. It was as if the miner inhabited some sort of mirror dimension. Weird!

When confronted, Alerianne claimed to have read the post multiple times. The timestamps certainly told a different story, though. Even a miner takes longer than a few seconds to misinterpret a MinerBumping post.

Our Agents never back down from a fight. Minx stood her ground, forcing the miner to allow our Agent to speak. But was Alerianne incapable of absorbing the Code's wisdom, no matter how skillfully it was delivered to her?

To be continued...


  1. Illiterate Goofus DOUBLES DOWN on Ignorance and HOPES for the Best!

  2. wow just wow antiganking is failing hard right now

    1. wow just wow you can't think of anything new to say right now

    2. From what I hear they failed last night. And not even a GF afterwards. What a bunch of scrubs.

    3. Getting a GF in local after the gankers fails is rare lol trust me rofl They leave system not even saying good bye lol

    4. Anti-ganker lies. New Order agents are the noblest of pvprs.

    5. Bloody Bear, whoring on CONCORD's killmail with 0% damage does not constitute participation in 'the fight'. You have to do better than that.

    6. He has to undock first too.

    7. LOL! The salty anti-ganker has blocked me! XD

    8. Whoring antiganker GLOATS, Gets Verbally SLAUGHTERED by Righteous Agent!

  3. Why did CCP permaban Brisc Rubal?

    Is it because they found out that they had elected James 315 to the CSM and went into a flat spin?

    James 315 for CSM.

    His crentials as landlord of highsec are impeccable.


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