Saturday, April 27, 2019

When Roleplay Gets Real

The enemies of the New Order accuse us of being a (fantastically powerful and efficient) hivemind. In fact, each Agent enforces the Code with a style of his or her own.

Take Hero Of HiSec, for instance.

Agent Hero is known for doing things his own way. Miners don't always appreciate Hero, but our Agent is utterly unflappable.

One fine day in Isanamo, Hero heralded the imminent commencement of a gank. He wasn't particularly subtle about it, but I'm sure plenty of miners would accuse him of "not warning them" anyway.

Even as Hero was savoring his latest kill, local miners went about their business--apparently oblivious to the Code.

Agent Hero grew concerned that Raidn Alexander was showing signs of complacency. In keeping with Hero's personal code of chivalry, he posted another warning. It was ignored.

...Or so it seemed. Actually, Raidn took several minutes to browse MinerBumping. He claimed to like what he saw.

But Raidn's professed love of roleplay would soon be tested. One minute after he sent Hero the EVEmail, Hero ganked Freya Black.

Freya Black just happened to be Raidn's alt.

Suddenly, Raidn had second thoughts about Hero's roleplay.

The "new returning player" quickly became an "old departing player".

Agent Hero was unfazed by Raidn's threats to quit the game. His mission remained the same.

Hero's derring-do had saved Isanamo once again. But the villain he had so valiantly vanquished had some parting words:

Raidn was horrified to discover what Hero was really doing. It was all fun and games when Hero was roleplaying a knight who ganked miners--but roleplaying a mobster who ganked miners? Absolutely unconscionable. For Raidn's sake, I hope he was only roleplaying a Goofus.


  1. Verily didst yon miner trembled within the feare of All-Mighty Saviour!

  2. The Code verily doth succeed!

  3. Huzzah! Raidn must have assumed the "roleplay" was consensual. Imagine joining a game with EVE's reputation and then becoming a miner. The rigs on that Hulk served no purpose. O Hero Of HiSec prithee uploade thy plentiful triomphs unto zkille tither!


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