Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goodnight Moon, Part 1

Previously, on MinerBumping... Highsec fell in love with the fiery eccentricities of Moonsong Miner, whose unique way of expressing her anger about the New Order endeared her to all.

Though Moonsong herself had requested Part 3 of the "Mad Moon Rising" series, to rehabilitate her image after the first two parts, it ended up having the opposite effect.

Moonsong began to contemplate a final chapter to the story: The death of Moonsong's heavily-tanked Mackinaw.

But her ship's EHP, combined with her charm, prevented the New Order from taking action against her.

Once more, Moonsong declined repeated offers for her to join the New Order.

Moonsong didn't want to deal with our so-called "cult". The word "cult" has so many negative connotations--that's why I prefer to speak of the New Order "family".

After the first two parts of the Mad Moon Rising series were published, Moonsong moved to a quiet little system where no one spoke. But MinerBumping is read in every corner of highsec, so she was quickly recognized. For some reason, Moonsong's answer to this problem was to go to Brapelille, the epicenter of New Order activity.

Again Moonsong challenged the brave Knights to attack her Mackinaw. But they did not.

As Agents of the New Order counseled Moonsong, rebel Inspektor Cluseau crashed the party with some unwelcome advice.

Moonsong warned everyone that dark days were ahead, and that only James 315 would survive.

What she could be referring to, I have no idea. But I'm glad to hear of her confidence in my longevity.

I've noticed that people's complaints about me are always generalized. No one can ever think of a specific instance in which I wronged them. I wonder what that means?

Suddenly, a cadre of Knights simultaneously undocked from the Brapelille HQ. Destination unknown.

Zounds! Moonsong found herself surrounded, caught in the act of mining without a permit. Could she talk her way out of this one? Would her tank hold up?


There is no tank strong enough to ward off a gang of determined Knights. Once their focus is set, they do not rest until they achieve their objective.

Agent Melody Amatin normally hogs the pod killmails for herself, but graciously let me in on Moonsong's pod. Would this death be the wake-up call Moonsong needed, and would she finally come to her senses?

To be continued...


  1. Continue resisting, Moonsong. Your english is laughable and broken, but your heart is in the right place!

  2. Anonymous a New Order supporter said in the comments yesterday that New Order agents might have certain 'health problems'. Sadly this post doesn't prove him wrong.

  3. Moonsong might be a rebel miner, but unlike many, she at least knows how to tank her ship. As an agent I find myself feeling a little sorry for her, she has provided some great entertainment and at least engages with us.

  4. Yeah I like Moonsong.

  5. There is nothing wrong with Moonsong Miner's English. At times she puts many native English speakers to shame. And I think most of us in the New Order are really quite fond of her.

  6. I miss moon terribly. For a non-compliant miner she's pretty fantastic. That said, private showings of her frozen corpse can be arranged upon request.


  7. Poor Moonsong. Maybe she needs to upgrade to a mining Rohk. She certainly got her "ass dunkey" handed to her.

  8. Fierce as fire, wild as the wind, merry as a drunken moon beam. That is the elemental force that is Moonsong and Jajudo Song. I look to the day of sharing a toast with you both when New Order are no more. We shall dance our space ships and sing poems as we mine in peace. - IC

  9. Moonsong is a great lady.

    I just wish she would buy her mining permit and join our family. She would be a great addition to it but, unfortunately, she feels that she cannot.

    I know that, in time, she will change her mind and join us.

  10. Ah yes, the night Moonsong kerploded. I was deeply saddened by her gank. There we were, out among the ice chunks of Brapelille, when suddenly there were fireworks. If only she had listened to us, and gotten her mining permit, it would have never come to this. We could have sat there and watched fireworks together.

  11. 'Poor Moonsong. Maybe she needs to upgrade to a mining Rohk. She certainly got her "ass dunkey" handed to her.'

    Not a rohk but a skiff. You lose a slight amount of mining speed and a fair amount of the ore hold (from 35000m^3 to 15000m^3) but the knights are incapable of destroying (by ganking) a even moderately tanked skiff. Insert kill mail to prove me wrong but lets face it were not talking about highly intelligent people in the New Order are we!

    1. A gank Brutix can take a skiff down solo, and still come out with a positive kill efficiency.

    2. Agent Trask - Lol. You are welcome to try and prove your statement. A Brutix kill would be a welcome addition. Inspektor Cluseau.


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