Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Alternative

A few days ago I wrote about the temper tantrum Gehb Ormand threw in response to the improvements we've made to highsec. A lot of the miners we encounter begin from the same starting point, a state of rebellion.

Meet Nate Kane. He was ardently opposed to the Code, particularly the proscription on AFK mining.

Nate sounded exactly like Gehb, even threatening to quit the game. But Whiskeytango al'Thor offered him an alternative: Why not pay? Whiskey had just recently purchased two permits for his own mining characters.

Whiskey and Nate illustrate an important contrast: Whiskey thought in terms of how to run his mining business, while Nate took the emotional approach.

Gehb himself was present for the conversation. Like all rebels, he failed to see the economic wisdom in Code-compliance.

Highsec mining systems are an unhealthy environment for impressionable new players. They're filled with people like Inspektor Cluseau, who promote all kinds of poisonous beliefs.

Agent NoseCandy recognized Nate from a Mackinaw killmail. Was that the reason why he was so upset about the Code? Such a selfish prism through which to view a much broader philosophical picture.

Nate was becoming radicalized. He feared that if CCP didn't allow miners a risk-free AFK money-machine, the game would be ruined. He thought bot-aspirancy was the only thing holding EVE together!

I sauntered into local like the rock star I am.

Nate continued to bitterly complain about the direction the New Order is taking EVE. I leapt into action with some words of encouragement:

If the story ended here, you would think Nate ended up like Gehb Ormand. But the story has a happy ending. Our Agents worked tirelessly to educate and reeducate him, focusing on repairing his problematic thoughts and beliefs.

In the end, it was all worth it. Nate embraced the Code, purchased his very own mining permit, and embarked on a journey of self-improvement. You can almost see the happiness and optimism radiating from his character portrait. Thank goodness we have an Order that knows how to lift people up, even its former enemies!


  1. Another successful convert to the cause! It's a shame I still have not been successful in converting Inspektor Cluiseau. He seems hell-bent on a path of self-destruction and self-immolation.

  2. It's really amazing the way so many come to our cause. Kind words and encouragement always beat the vile vitriol spewed by the bot-aspirants.

  3. As log as Inspektor Cluiseau is spewing at us, he is at the keyboard and aware.

    This is a victory.

  4. meeting Whiskeytango al'Thor and his alt was one of my favorite parts of the James 315 CSM 8 Announcment Roam and Happy Fun Time.

    people just couldnt understand why this one guy was HAPPILY mining til his hearts content right in the middle of a bump fest.


  5. Thug protection racket, same shit different game.

    1. I'm honestly curious (because I'd like to check them out) what other games can you do cool stuff like this in?

  6. So what happens if the paying miners get bumped by someone else?

  7. If they're abiding by the code they will see the attempt and be able to do something about it.

    There are of course many options.

  8. >you gankers make it so that people have to sit in front of their computers to enjoy the game

    >you must play the game to enjoy playing the game

    Oh lord, no. Tell me it ain't so.


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