Friday, February 1, 2013

Top Supporters for January 2013

Each month, MinerBumping immortalizes its top isk contributors in a hall of fame post. The "Month's Top Supporters" sidebar is reset early in the following month. You can view the August, September, October, November, and December 2012 top 10 lists at the appropriate links.

Here are our top isk contributors for the first month of 2013:


#1. Daniel Plain
5,000,000,000 isk

#2. Saphira Basenjies
3,100,000,000 isk

#3. Analogy Dichotomous
300,000,000 isk

#3. Lazors Pew
300,000,000 isk

#5. Tom Fortross
156,000,000 isk

#6. Mrs Brisby
150,000,000 isk

#7. Erialor Godsent
100,000,000 isk

#7. Kaiser Krieg
100,000,000 isk

#7. Leia Jadesol
100,000,000 isk

#7. Manny Moons
100,000,000 isk

These brave men and women are the most responsible for all of that lovely isk that keeps our Agents in Catalysts, and keeps our enemies in lossmails. Well done!


  1. I sent 100M and no credit :(

    1. A lot of people tied with 100 million, so it ends up being alphabetical, and I always cut off after 10. If you send 101 million, you'll be ahead of the pack!

  2. All hail Virm Pasuul!!!

    Our fifth and greatest #7!!!



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