Thursday, February 14, 2019

Carebear Don't Care, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Scandal rocked the MinerBumping channel! Highsec mining corp CEO AMARR DontCare accused Agents from the PKing Since Pong alliance of unjustly terminating Aeryn Hanaya's Hulk. Incredibly, the miner in question did own a permit at the time. But said miner was also found guilty of multiple counts of violating the Code.
D34dly D34dly > hmmm. you sure you remember who should give the gf?
AMARR DontCare > both
AMARR DontCare > im not here to argue, i understand and thanks.
Larsulrik Napsterbane > "- Upon being suicide ganked, a miner should congratulate the ganker on his success. A "good fight" or "gf" in local is customary."
Larsulrik Napsterbane > Quoting the Code.... no mention of the miner being congratulated.
The mining corp CEO thought he knew the Code. And maybe he was familiar with some of its provisions. But the Agents of the New Order are scholars--their knowledge of the Code is on a completely different level.
Piz Caldera > AMARR DontCare [x] decadent implants [x] decadent drones [x] no greeting [x] no "gf" [x] no tank + fail fit [x] excessive use of mining crystals [x] probably afk or semi afk Your member is guilty!!
Lewak > yeah so many violatins
Lewak > you must educate your friends AMARR DontCare
Lewak > and teach them how to follow the code
AMARR DontCare > lol all good people all good i checked and i agree,
The ganked Hulk pilot had zero chance of getting her loss reimbursed. Faced with a mountain of evidence of Aeryn's guilt, her CEO... agreed?
Lewak > gallant improves his ship ehp while goofus puts on blingy modules" - James 315
Berger Luckmann > Guys, what's teh ehp range of an obelisk?
Berger Luckmann > from antitanked to bulkheads? I don;t have pyfa on this pc
AMARR DontCare > oh hows the competition coming along?
AMARR DontCare > for most horrible fit and most valuable kill and all that
With AMARR seemingly conceding every point and changing the subject, things began to return to normal in the MinerBumping channel. The crisis had passed. And maybe no one would have given the matter a second thought, except...

...Aeryn lost another Hulk.
Larsulrik Napsterbane > Kill: Aeryn Hanaya (Hulk) repeat offender? surely not!
Lewak > he just died again? lol
Larsulrik Napsterbane > yeah... went back to mine at the same bookmark....
Lewak > unbelievable
At the very moment that AMARR was supposed to be putting his house in order, his corp member suffered another mystifying loss to the same gankers. Would he apologize again, or would he make a heel turn?
AMARR DontCare > well he does not have permit again or implants so
Lewak > AMARR DontCare u have some teaching to do
AMARR DontCare > well they not affiliated with CODE so killing spree here we come
AMARR chose to defend the indefensible. Incredibly, he even wanted Aeryn to get credit for not having decadent implants this time--because they had already been destroyed during the first gank!
D34dly D34dly > AMARR DontCare I never gank any permit holder (except when they are obviously breaking the Code).
AMARR DontCare > D34dly D34dly lol all good i like 8D
Aeryn Hanaya > ok for what did i was guilty the second time ?
Without warning, the controversy escalated further. Aeryn herself joined the MinerBumping channel and demanded an explanation for her latest death.
Lewak > everything the first time
Larsulrik Napsterbane > plus not having a valid permit.....
Aeryn Hanaya > afk ? augmented dromes ?
Aeryn Hanaya > nice and why di you not type anything in lockal as you need to ( from CODE)
In the eyes of the Agents, Aeryn was obviously guilty (again). The miner couldn't cover up her own crimes--so she accused our Agents of violating the Code, too.
Lewak > we dont need to
Larsulrik Napsterbane > Aeryn Hanaya no agent needs to type in local.
Aeryn Hanaya > everyne so far dose it :)
Larsulrik Napsterbane >
Larsulrik Napsterbane > James explains it here.
Alas, it seemed that everyone in dontcare Corporation misread the Code in exactly the same way. They all saw the Phantom Provision.
SWAGGZENEGGER > lady did u know how fast u where mining?
Aeryn Hanaya > SWAGGZENEGGER ofc i know
Aeryn Hanaya > im trying to mine as fast as i can because i got only 3 to 4 hours a day to play if im lucky
Lewak > you should not mine for 4 hours
Lewak > you just confessed to another crime of "excessive mining"
Miners, this is why you hire a space lawyer to represent you.
Aeryn Hanaya > what shoud i doo thenm ?
Lewak > dunno maybe enforce the code?
Lewak > lots of fun to be had in 4 hours of enforcing it
Aeryn Hanaya > you are beeng stupid right now
Aeryn Hanaya > i like mining its make me calm
Despite having lost all of her mining equipment, Aeryn was able to dig herself into a deeper hole.
SWAGGZENEGGER > are uy saying the code is stupid?
Lewak > miner, calm down
Aeryn Hanaya > and im on drugs to calm mysef
Lewak > enforcing the code can also be very calm and relaxing
Lewak > find some rets or vents in nice calm system
For whatever reason, Aeryn believed that EVE was all about mining. Our Agents knew better: EVE is all about the Code.
Aeryn Hanaya > nice :) next time try to understand the CODE ... its nice but you dont understand it
Aeryn Hanaya > o7
Lewak > lol
Aeryn Hanaya > yup
Aeryn Hanaya > "lol"as you like :)
Though she owned a mining permit, Aeryn was behaving like a Goofus in front of the entire MinerBumping channel. Yet she was convinced that everyone else was a Code violator. What was the source of this madness?

To be continued...


  1. Meh, definitely made up.

  2. Haha, Former Fans really are the best!

    "You don't understand The Code!"


  3. Mining makes me calm......

    Ohh my.

    Is this the same principle as the " giving an autistic person amphetamines " to put them to sleep?

    Most miners i swoop are constantly paranoid of everyone and everything.

    How is being scared of everything relaxing?

  4. "Miners, this is why you hire a space lawyer to represent you."

    Do any of the Agents provide pro bono legal services for miners on trial in the New Order court system? I thought they used to at one time.

    1. Yes, the arresting agent is automatically appointed as the miner's public defendant.

  5. It's impossible to gank a permit holder. A Code violation instantly invalidates the permit whether the holder is aware or not. Hence we can say obeying the Code is the surest way to become ungankable.

    1. Is a miner allowed to continue mining at all when a ganker entered the system? Even if they are on keyboard, greet the ganker, do D-Scan and tanked their ships?

    2. Certainly, Anon 3:43! An Agent will seldom feel the need to administer the Test of Tank if the miner has done the things you mentioned above and also has a permit.

      Two contrasting examples:
      A. I gate into a system and see a Hulk on dscan, discover it sitting next to a half-dozen jetcans with lasers on and augmented drones out, Local is crickets, and his bio contains only an ASCII art image warning "don't shoot I'm a carebear". I would be forced to take action in this case, for at least five different reasons.

      B: I gate into a system, receive a prompt and friendly greeting, find the miner orbiting a rock in a Skiff or Procurer, docking up regularly to empty his hold and his bladder, with his bio containing a well formatted permit at the very top. I would have no reason to suspect bot-aspirancy and would more than likely continue patrolling elsewhere.

      Which miner do you resemble?

    3. You know example B is just showing the permit as a supporter of the Code by choice. What would you do if the miner is as competent to follow most part of the Code except for the permit?

    4. Displaying a permit is a key part of following the Code and partial compliance is meaningless. The killboard is littered with examples of otherwise-compliant miners that have failed simply due to an empty permit slot. Flying through James 315 Territory without a permit is like flying through nullsec without being blue to the sov holder.

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