Friday, February 22, 2019

One Expensive Venture

Tim Galaxi's day started off with a bang.

Agent Minx Mattel ganked Tim's Venture because the miner didn't have a permit. Tim lost around 4 million isk, but that's not much money--even for a highsec miner. It could've been a lot worse.

Thing is, miners have a way of making things worse for themselves. Tim managed to bring his loss up to 604 million isk for the day.

A better question might be, "Why didn't you buy a permit before getting yourself blasted?"

What began as a routine post-gank conversation took an interesting turn: Tim planned to circumvent the Code by hiring other carebears to do his mining for him. Usually people just buy ore from Jita, but whatever.

Agent Minx was ready for him. Yes, it's illegal to hire others to commit Code violations. Don't try to be clever, carebears. Buy a permit--it's the cleverest thing you'll ever do.

Luckily for Tim, he happened to be ganked by a permit-seller. Minx is a full-service ganker.

No matter where you look, no matter what direction you turn, all roads lead to the same destination: the Code.

When her convo with Tim ended without a permit sale, Minx sent the miner a form EVEmail. You might be surprised how much good you can do with a little copy-pasta.

Tim poured out his heart to the Agent. She sensed that he was one step closer to Code-compliance.

As usual, our Agent talked sense. It worked. Before long, Tim put Minx in communication with the miner's CEO and half-brother, Los Galaxi.

Highsec smiled as Agent Minx rang up the sale of four new mining permits.

They say that every time a miner gets his permit, an Anti-Ganker sheds a tear. This may be true, but it's difficult to establish causation: Anti-Gankers are always crying and failing daily. There's definitely a correlation, though.

More satisfied customers. Do these look like the victims of griefing, bullying, extortion, harassment, etc.? I thought not!


  1. I am mining now, come find me.

    This is the official start of the code elite vs. The antigankers hunt.

    I am leaving Jita and heading off to a random system in high sec.

    Which of the code elite will catch me and kill me?

    Or will antigankers find me and "save" me?

    Happy hunting.

    1. Q. HA HA I am mining ice right now, you can't stop me!

    2. Actually the idea of the hunt is for them to find me and stop me. A challenge of skill to see which of them can be the first to hunt down and kill a miner who is actively monitoring for their actions.

      This is intended as a fun challenge that will also keep their skills sharp as they pursue other miners who are doing the same.

      Indeed this will be entertaining and good for those who need skill refreshers, killing afk miners doesnt have the same feel as a hunt now does it.

      Perhaps make even better agents.

      None the less the idea of opening it up to antigankers was an intriguing idea, although I am not hopeful to be "saved" by them, and set out to challenge even antigankers to find me out.

      This isnt a smear or middle finger to the agents of the new order but instead a fun challenge to give them an actual running target rather than a bot aspirant, afk, miner.

      If you are mining ice right now why not drop some hints as to your whereabouts and see if you can be found.

      P.s. I am now in the verge.

      Happy hunting.

    3. I am now mining and stationary in everyshore

      Happy hunting

    4. I am mining in the giatole constellation

      Happy hunting

    5. Silly miner can't even recognize a line from the Code. Not to mention the one describing his favorite way of acting like a moron.

      I bet he thought he managed to invent a genuine, original idiocy that James didn't think of 7 years ago.


    6. If you're not up for a hunt then dont hunt.Not everyone can do it.

      Happy hunting

    7. No gank nor a savior today.
      Perhaps tomorrow will provide a more entertaining hunt.

      Till next time

      Happy hunting

    8. Jamey and his chode. slaves, failing daily.

    9. AG didn't find me either therefore this hunt has not yet been won by either team. That means nobody has lost yet.

      I suggest you inform the AG that this little in game hunt is going on, I would post to their blog and board but they dont have an active one.

      Happy hunting

  2. Excellent work Agent Minx! Praise James for you and the awesome work you do! \o/

  3. Excellent! Agent Mattel displayed remarkable empathy while dealing with that miner and the result was first-rate. It's not common to sell a site license permit. Though we all know the miner's feelings were silly, that didn't make them any less real to the miner.

  4. "Will just hire a mining corp if I need some in the future"

    Smart advice! Leave it to people like myself who can absorb the cost of mining (including being blown up and podded). We guarantee the ore a player contract agrees to will not only be mined without risk to them, but will also be delivered. Spacemen of the Deep, a loose association of individuals like myself and industrial corporations, have been doing this for nearly 5 years now and we're not alone. There are many players who realize how mining has become more dangerous and want to pass that on to players who are willing to do the work.


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