Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Carebear Don't Care, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agents of the New Order taught Aeryn Hanaya of dontcare Corporation how to care about the Code. It took three ganks and 1.5 billion isk worth of losses, but the miner finally began paying attention to what was important in EVE.
Aeryn Hanaya > remove it !!! at ones
Aeryn Hanaya > dont make me use ugly words
Karma Bad > thats a belief in Code, that doesnt mean we are accepted into CODE.
Aeryn Hanaya > then remove it
Aeryn Hanaya > CODE got guts you dont
Though Aeryn was thinking about the Code, she did not yet have the capacity to think about the Code correctly. Instead, she made a spectacle of herself in the MinerBumping channel.
Larsulrik Napsterbane > Aeryn Hanaya have you read on how to become an agent of the new order?
Aeryn Hanaya > not i dont want to be a angent
Larsulrik Napsterbane > lol
Aeryn Hanaya > i like mining
Aeryn Hanaya > after 12 years pvp i dont want to pvp anymire
Larsulrik Napsterbane > yeah i bet.
The miner tried on a new excuse for her bot-aspirancy: She'd retired from PvP and was only interested in AFK PvE now. This would be like someone sitting in a corner during a Call of Duty match because they'd already logged too many hours in combat.
Aeryn Hanaya > so i got quiet mining hero
Larsulrik Napsterbane > you did indeed.
Aeryn Hanaya > ofc im ...
Lothar Mandrake > Aeryn Hanaya - you'll need a mining permit, may I recommend Aaaarrgg sell you one?
Aeryn Hanaya > Lothar Mandrake they did revoke my permit
Larsulrik Napsterbane > well technically you invalidated it with your ships fitting....
Regardless of her allegedly storied past as an elite PvP'er, Aeryn had no right to violate the Code.
Aeryn Hanaya > and Larsulrik Napsterbane wants 3x the price so ... nop :)
Karma Bad > Aeryn Hanaya it is true, you need to have a official permit on record, and also recorded in your bio
Aeryn Hanaya > better to pay plex to CCP
If enough miners had Aeryn's attitude, the New Order could become CCP and Pearl Abyss's favorite organization! The mighty CODE. alliance might just get a Community Spotlight yet.
Aeryn Hanaya > i can tell you about some bots in my okd system
Aeryn Hanaya > 1 with 17 acc mining ice all day and night and 1 with 13 mining all the asteroid belts
Aaaarrgg > Relentless Excavation are they members of this corp
Aeryn Hanaya > nop they are inactive
Aaaarrgg > so not really relentless, more zzzzzz
Next, Aeryn pulled out a common carebear tactic: She attempted to deflect attention toward some other Code violators.
Aeryn Hanaya > nop
Aeryn Hanaya > they stoped playing 1 year ago or so
Aeryn Hanaya > as my previous corp :(
Aaaarrgg > well mining does that to folk
Why, you might ask, do people report bots to CODE. instead of CCP? Because deep down, they know we're the ones who fight for the good of highsec.
Aeryn Hanaya > my previuos corp was all over pvp
Aeryn Hanaya > nothing else
AMARR DontCare > i wonder what they will do if all miners stop mining and no ships are build and no miners to gank. They will most likely turn on themselfs and kill each other till only pods are left and play pod bumper cars lol
Aaaarrgg > nope we will play eve and mine and fight over resources aas it was designed but not afk
Aeryn's CEO, AMARR DontCare, tried out another carebear canard: "Without miners, you'd have no ships!" Our Agents can shoot down that myth faster than an anti-tanked Bestower.
AMARR DontCare > i never play afk but that does not mean anything for you. so its irrelevant.
AMARR DontCare > you will just use bots to mine like you all are used 2
Aaaarrgg > we kill bots
AMARR DontCare > if you say so
AMARR DontCare > i have reported so many times of botters and yet you ignore it meaning you dont do what you say.
Aaaarrgg > why didnt you kill them then
It's fascinating to see how much the ordinary players rely on CODE. to deal with the botter problem these days. So much for CODE. being "bullies", "griefers", and "torturers".
AMARR DontCare > and ccp will never ban bots due to it producing funds for ccp
Aaaarrgg > Agents are otherwise engaged killing bots elsewhere
Lewak > larsulik you killed Aeryn Hanaya third time?
Aeryn Hanaya > yup
Lewak > Praise James!
As time went on, more Agents were drawn to--or returned to--the conversation. It was getting difficult to stay up-to-date on all of Aeryn's losses.
Aaaarrgg > oh damm didnt realise :)
Aeryn Hanaya > as i see you re a gang of ************ ppls :) nice
Aeryn Hanaya > you dont respect your CODE
Larsulrik Napsterbane > Lewak there were something like 3 battleships and a battlecruiser guarding him. Major Antiganking fail....
Disgusted by the obvious lack of reimbursement isk headed her way, Aeryn and her CEO left the channel in a huff.
Lothar Mandrake > This local chat message I received last week was so good, I slapped it in my Bio. LMAO! "- Oh no, why do you support CODE.? - Because no one else comes running when I find BOTS that need to die. Until you are willing to jump in a Catalyst and lose your security rating cleaning up High Sec, STFU!"
Nevertheless, it was clear that Aeryn and AMARR were aware of their guilt. If they wanted to help deal with the bot problem, they could start by clearing the bots and bot-aspirants out of their own corporation.

Aeryn chose to remove the mining permit from her bio rather than risk punishment for displaying an invalid permit. She claimed to be a happy miner. But as we all know, there is no long-term happiness in highsec without the Code.


  1. "Why, you might ask, do people report bots to CODE. instead of CCP? Because deep down, they know we're the ones who fight for the good of highsec."

    It's true! Praise James! \o/

  2. Aeryn Hanaya, I don't like that you are a miner. I also don't believe you're happy.

    There, I said it. I did my daily good deed by fulfilling the request of a miner.

  3. I'm mining right now, come and get me so I can have something more to do today.

    1. Sure, just put your character's name in the name field of your next post, and an agent will be with you shortly.

    2. It's Laika Utrigas, we've already ganked him and he's upset because he wants attention.

    3. *crickets chirping when challenged.

    4. It's no fun if I give you all the info, your the elite ones, consider this a way of staying sharp.
      Next time I'm out mining i will give less details to see if anyone can track me down.
      Happy hunting

  4. That miner sure made a lot of excuses for being a shit pilot.

    1. #idontcarecuzalreadyreplacedagainexceptohshitiranoutofisk

  5. RIP Blood Raider. Hope you are reincarnated into someone equally awesome. Perhaps the chosen one of James 315. :)

  6. CCP is advertising Eve in terms of "Billions of Tons of Ore mined" this goes to show how irrelevant CHODE. is to most miners

    1. Wait does it say " High Sec" ?

      I didn't think so. Plus we are the most relevant organization in YOUR life Chodeanon, and that is a win.

      The Code Always Wins.


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