Monday, February 18, 2019

Carebear Don't Care, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... AMARR DontCare went to the MinerBumping channel to demand an explanation for why Aeryn Hanaya lost her Hulk to a group of New Order Agents. Even as our Agents were explaining Aeryn's Code violations, the miner lost a second Hulk. Then she, too, joined the channel.
AMARR DontCare > at least its only a bit of isk lost. making it up in the next hour or so
Slutzilla > ships already been replaced.... i know.
Aeryn Hanaya > ofc it is i need to have fun with it
SWAGGZENEGGER > its not Sylvite mining season
Aeryn Hanaya > i mine watever i find
Aeryn Hanaya > i like veldspare
Though Aeryn started off ranting about Agents "violating their own Code", the miner was easily distracted.
Aeryn Hanaya > Lewak placed 315,315 ISK in bounty on your head.
Aeryn Hanaya > dont you have more isk ?
AMARR DontCare > lol omfg thats lame
SWAGGZENEGGER > thats not a bounty lady, thats a symbol
Lewak > its the Mark of James
It soon became clear that there were good reasons why Aeryn managed to lose two Hulks in the course of one day: She and her CEO knew nothing of our Order.
Aeryn Hanaya > ahahhahahahaa
Aeryn Hanaya > check my decorations .. thats is a symbol ^^
Lewak > for your code violating behaviour as well as disrespecting Mark of James your permits has been revoked and price for new permits increased to 30m isk, carebears.
Aeryn Hanaya > yup come to my spot to collect your 30 mil :)
Lewak > some agents already did, twice
As CEO of the dontcare Corporation, it was AMARR DontCare's duty to keep Aeryn in line. He showed little interest. And the full depth of his criminal nature was about to come to light.

At that very moment, yet another member of dontcare Corporation was ganked by a trio of Catalysts. Before dying to CONCORD, all three Catalysts recorded something else:

On each Catalyst lossmail, a member of dontcare Corporation was seen attempting to thwart the gank--including AMARR himself. Since CONCORD jammed the Catalysts before they were destroyed--and because the Covetor target was killed--the interlopers had no effect. Yet they were still guilty of obstruction of justice.
Aeryn Hanaya > and find a job :) this 30 mil is nothing for me ... i can aways buyt ples
Aeryn Hanaya > plex
AMARR DontCare > lol
Lewak > do you wish to buy new permit AMARR DontCare ?
AMARR DontCare > nope
Failing to save his corpmate from justice, AMARR tried to play it cool.
AMARR DontCare > why
AMARR DontCare > lets make a sport of it
Lewak > i explained why
AMARR DontCare > yeah cause you cant read
AMARR DontCare > and cause i did nothing wrong
D34dly D34dly > Kill: MasterDreamer LeRoux (Covetor)
...Yet the evidence of guilt was impossible to ignore.
Larsulrik Napsterbane > AMARR DontCare you are not being very respectful....
Larsulrik Napsterbane > and flying augmented mining drones as well....
AMARR DontCare > Larsulrik Napsterbane dont have that either
Lewak > AMARR DontCare you corp members been very disrespectful towards agents of the new order
AMARR DontCare > and ?
AMARR DontCare > you know how miners get.
There was no denying it: Aeryn's double Hulk loss was no isolated incident. Something was rotten in dontcare Corporation.
Lewak > you are responsible for them
AMARR DontCare > really.
AMARR DontCare > how you figure that?
Lewak > good corp leader wont tolerate code violating behaviour
AMARR DontCare > good corp leaders dont work with shit
And, as they say, the fish rots from the head.

In Part 1, readers already perceived that this highsec mining corporation was a den of iniquity.
Aeryn Hanaya > if there are no miner you will fly only a pod
SWAGGZENEGGER > Aeryn Hanaya u can always get a rookie ship if u dock in a npc station tho
Aeryn Hanaya > Aeryn Hanaya gots aways the best ships .... she got isk not shits
Aeryn Hanaya > ok now say to me "happy birthday"or i will be upset !
SWAGGZENEGGER > we already wished u happy bday twice...
In spite of her losses, Aeryn showed not the least bit of remorse. Nor did she appear concerned for her corpmate's loss.
SWAGGZENEGGER > didnt u like the present?
AMARR DontCare > SWAGGZENEGGER there was no candles. come back and bring candles
SWAGGZENEGGER > the explosion are the candles
Aeryn was completely self-absorbed, just like every other bot-aspirant miner in highsec. I doubt it ever occurred to her to praise me--not even when she was losing her Hulks.

As Aeryn indulged in frivolous talk about her birthday, she lost a Mackinaw, her third exhumer loss in barely an hour and a half. Would her dead Mackinaw finally snap her back into reality?

To be continued...


  1. "at least its only a bit of isk lost. making it up in the next hour or so"

    Yet another reason why Jamey and his chode. slaves mean nothing to the vast majority of EO denizen. Their 'glorious ganks' and 'enforcing the chode' are practically meaningless. Like a gnat biting the back of a bull.

    1. Chodeanon, failing at antiganking since 2013.

    2. We hear your desperate pleas for content Chodeanaon. I believe we're close to finding you! Don't give up! We will destroy the shackles of your self-imposed slavery!

      The Code will set you free miner!

      Praise James!

  2. this 30 mil is nothing for me ... i can always buy plex

    Yet another miner of limited perspective who sees EVE as a farming simulator. Anyone who would spend RL$ to replace gank losses sustained in order to suck more rocks in highsec (and brag about it) is gravely misguided. While we may never understand what draws them to EVE in the first place, we know that they can be rehabilitated by repeated punches to the wallet. Because above all else, miners are lazy misers.

  3. I gotta say, this group of agents are some of the biggest bad-asses in the game. Talk about setting the standard.

    Especially Lewak, that dude is a Code enforcing beast!

    1. hell yeah!
      he makes me want to change my panties.... every day!

  4. And the socialist nature of Jamey and his chode. slaves becomes clear.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This one thinks 'socialist' is an insult XD

      Socialism is characterized by the the sacrifice of freedom of individuals to protect those incapable of protecting themselves, uniform equality under law, and the tendency to give everybody the benefit of the doubt regardless of merit. In socialism there is a secure place for everybody and nobody is exceptional. That sounds suspiciously ag's guiding vision.

      Highsec society, on the other hand, is characterized by meritocratically delineated classes with fluid inter-class mobility, a firm guiding boot to the underclasses to promote upward mobility, and oppressive restriction of those unable to rise to the challenge. In highsec the exceptional are celebrated and the unworthy are trodden underfoot.

    3. As it should be, lefty miners i will be back to take out the trash soon.

  5. Gankers of New Eden Unite!

  6. "And, as they say, the fish rots from the head."

    In any broth... the scum always rises to the top!
    Praise James... head of the New Order!

    1. Calm down miner, everybody knows a miners place is at the bottom.

      A miners life cycle is akin to that of a parasite.

  7. My comment made it into this post, guys! This made my day for sure. Long Live the Code! :)

    1. Congratz fellow anon! That's a great day for us anons, all thanks to you! And the Savior of course, but that's only natural.


    2. That was my comment Kenny

  8. Dear James,
    What would happen if ag actually managed to stop a gank?

    Your's Truly,

    NOL GankerAnon, Esq.


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