Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Mind Over Miner

Highsec is karma-rich space. When you tell a rebellious carebear to obey the Code, he may laugh at you. But then, in the day of judgment...

...The carebear's mirth turns to sorrow.

Captian JackSparrow thought he could get by without a permit. He thought he could outsmart our Agents--even though that's obviously impossible. The prideful delusion cost him everything.

Sick or not, Captian's son was thrown directly under the bus. Carebears, take a wild guess at how many reimbursement requests have been granted on the basis of your family members being to blame for your decision to go AFK.

Captian ranted in local until someone came along who was willing to speak with him.

It was Agent Overmind Niminen. Once, he vowed to liberate the miners of highsec by destroying the mighty CODE. alliance. Then he realized that the only way to truly save highsec was to enforce the Code and punish any miners who refused to obey it.

Overmind's kindness was not reciprocated. Captian cursed our Agents for ruining his otherwise perfect day. (Perfect aside from the vomiting child, that is.)

The carebear denied the existence of the Code, but the destruction of his ship was real enough. Carebears, sticking your head in the sand won't save your neck.

In the course of his Code enforcement duties, Overmind ganked around 200 non-compliants. Some of these bot-aspirants had shockingly bad fits. Not satisfied with an ore bay, Kathleen Vance equipped her Retriever with three cargo expanders!

Kathleen attempted to deflect blame away from herself and onto the person who had ganked her. The strategy worked about as well as her shield tank.

The miner had no warning and no idea how to buy a permit. The Anti-Gankers should be ashamed of themselves. Why don't they do a better job of warning miners about us?

Kathleen was in no mood to listen to our Agent. Her enlightenment would need to wait for another day. Regardless, it wouldn't come from Overmind.

After spending a few months performing hundreds of ganks, Overmind apparently had a sudden change of heart--again. Without warning, he took up the guise of a peaceful miner who had no knowledge of the Code. Would his fellow miners ever be able to trust him after so many ganks? One thing is for certain: If there is any hope for Overmind, he must embrace the Code in a more effective and more permanent way.


  1. Overmind, sure hope you come back from the dark side brother. You were an excellent agent and a good friend.

  2. This must be a ruse. Unlike miners, we recognize a ruse. Overmind is going to be a crowd-favorite!

  3. Overmind numbnuts sounds mad enough to come to the comments section and develop a 1 minute refresh rate whilst crying juvenile tears.

    So many failures in eve it actually is hard to correlate the obsessive butthurt to just a few anononamice.

  4. I totally missed whatever drama caused Overmind to flip back to the dark side. What a shame.

    And these miners. Today's episode is a great cautionary tale for those who would laugh at the Code.
    "Sticking your head in the sand won't save your neck." —James 315, 06.Feb.2019

    1. You say funny things Kenny

    2. Nah there was no drama. He used stratios scout, and didnt want to use anything like a magnate, and we saw right away why cuz he wanted to fight the rats when he went to loot. We could all see it coming, and one day he just relapsed, "I'm a miner, I'll always be a miner." The last we saw of him he was whirling around in a VNI.

    3. The main lesson Overmind learned from CODE is that their alternatives to the Orca. :X

    4. I can't process the fact that one can still be a miner under such a solid and convincing agent-persona.

      Hope he'll stop by and educate us on how such things happen.

  5. Awww so very tearful Kenny
    Need a hanky Kenny

  6. I'm not sure if this kennyanon pleb thinks he is trolling both sides? A successful troll usually means you genuinely upset someone and/or got an inflammatory response.

    Kennyanon is more of a mild amusement to all parties involved. But thanks for bringing up our viewer counter with your constant refresh XD!

    1. And you all wonder why i keep the choker chain tight around my miners neck.

      Give a miner a meter and they will drift a kilometer.

      I would use a digital cattle prod on them if one existed to keep them in check.


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