Saturday, February 16, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #177

There's nothing scarier than an EVE player who's left the game. Time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

After losing his Venture, Kabajachi sent our Agent a message in Russian. Here's the Google translation:
a message to the fag
From: Kabajachi
Sent: 2019.02.04 10:02
To: Falllon,

Feel better? treat your ragged ass, and then angry, you throw at people
Some people say Ventures shouldn't be ganked. However:

...They may not read the Code every day, but these guys know they're guilty.

Who needs critters when you've got the Code on your side?

Every so often, I receive a surrender offer from one of the many corps and alliances that get wardecced by the mighty CODE. alliance. After speaking with the Agent responsible for this particular wardec, I was authorized to take the carebear's money--if he had any.

...Never trust a carebear, especially when it comes to isk.

Highsec miners whine, "If you want PvP, got to lowsec." Agent Magalaus Shardani nicely turned it around on some lowseccers who didn't belong in highsec. I won't comment on Fixy FixIT's response, but it was dumb.

If Michael Grims had a tanked Skiff or Procurer, why wasn't he using it?

...Oh, he was saving his tanked ships for a special occasion.

Diplomacy is important to CODE. That's why we only use tech II diplomats.

You can tell a conflict has been satisfactorily resolved when a mining ship explodes.

That's a question I don't normally get asked. Everyone knows my name. The bad people tremble at it.

A lot's changed in EVE in the last 10 years. And all the stuff that's changed for the better is because of us.


  1. What would happen to us if Light Neutron Blaster II wasn't our head diplo? Scary thought.

    1. Mr Small Focused Pulse Laser II will gladly help cover the work of Light Neutron Blaster II should he for whatever reason is unavailable.

  2. I am really impressed by all the good work all the Agents are doing! Keep up the good work Agent Aiko, Lewak, Falllon, Xan, Magalaus and Guybertini!

  3. all galaxy will worship the critter!

  4. Highsec Miner Grab Bag is always good for a laugh :D
    Angry and dull-witted is a hilarious combination.

  5. Hahahahahaha marmite wanting to be set blue as usual.

    Why did tora bushido fail to 1 v 1 with loyalanon?

  6. Shortly after speaking to Guybertini, Mr. Grimm was then blown up in Dodixie due to a sudden case of wardec, and then took a vow of silence right before his CEO booted his moronic ass from the corp he was in at the time.

    I understand he makes sandals from Lego's nowadays.....



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