Saturday, October 10, 2015

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #90

Don't you feel privileged to be able to witness the transformation of highsec? Enjoy a slice of modern highsec life in this edition of the Grab Bag.

Freighter pilot 22Ryu22 was having a bad day. This is surprising, since he allegedly met up with TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet's gang.

It sounds like there's more to this story...

...Though I have a feeling you can guess how it ends.

Statisticians proved to CCP's satisfaction that ganking improves player retention. Though we don't have access to all of their data, our anecdotal evidence confirms their findings.

A few minutes later, Alexandra Macdonald lost her 6.5 billion isk jump freighter. Never tempt the New Order.

CommanderKern maintained a positive attitude, despite losing his implants.

On second thought, he had a rebellious attitude. The Code requires compliance in thought, deed, and emotional state.

Anti-Ganker NutGravy went on a rant about something entirely unrelated to the Code. This was odd, as normally highsec is completely preoccupied by the New Order. We're all that anyone ever talks about. Somehow, NutGravy was going to make a segue. Would it be an ugly one?

Topical, but ugly. The Anti-Ganking "community" is as toxic as it gets.

More than one interested buyer has approached me about real-life mining permits. However, I do not create them, and the artist responsible has chosen to remain anonymous at this time. v0v

Cause and effect, logic and reason: After his freighter was ganked and he lost 3.4 billion in collateral, Kozar Benzo did the rational thing. He bought a mining permit.

You know how carebears are always threatening us with kill rights? It never comes to anything. But here, Agent Tisiphone Dira demonstrates how kill rights are supposed to be used.

"My corp is boring and AFK all the time." It's a lament we hear all across highsec. The solution is not to grant those terrible corps immunity from wardecs, as the theme parkers would have it. Rather, we must reach out to as many of the corps' members as possible, and give them the Code.

Fifty-five mining permits sold in a batch, bought by someone who cared. EVE can be a cold, harsh universe, but there's good in it, too. It's us. We're the good in EVE.


  1. "Go some your pole"

    I like that. It sounds like an insult without actually meaning anything when you analyze it. I've got to try inserting that randomly in everyday conversation.

  2. Agents zopi and Snigie enforce the verge, get your permit today!

  3. Phew, 90 Miner Grab Bags!


  4. I have no time for this nonsense - I'm too busy organizing Kanye West's presidential campaign!

  5. Glad i got my permit laminated!

    1. Rawwr. Heya seagull, do your next video in the nude and i will watch it in the nude. Promise

  6. Hey, you know what's awesome? Going on places like slack and looking for CCP impersonators like Stunt Flores and then going after their IP after asking the webmaster for access to all their files so we can ultimately get them banned for posting irrelevant, funny pictures in places that aren't controlled by CCP.

    Oh, those in game screenshots of people making death threats that are posted every Saturday on Minerbumping? Those are nothing to worry about. Why would we look into that?

    1. Would be funny if CCP actually followed up on all the death threats issued by raging carebears.

    2. The precedent for banning players for out of game communications was set with the E1 nonsense. People were happy with it, so CCP has continued to do it. Now they're mad about it.

      No sympathy. You get what you ask for.

  7. Ha! They gonna haz our ip's!


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