Friday, October 16, 2015

Your POS or Your Honour

On occasion, highsec miners get uppity and start taunting the New Order in local. Apparently they do this because they've heard too many times that we don't shoot ships that can shoot back. It's a myth, but one the carebears take comfort in--as do the nullsec alliances looking to salve their wounded pride when they compare their own killboard stats to CODE.'s own immeasurably more elite killboard stats.

The Support Group had more than a dozen pilots, some of whom owned combat ships. They rebelled against the New Order, encouraging others in the Finid system to mock the Code and refrain from buying permits. Their insolence earned them a wardec from Failkin and his temporary wardec corp, Kouavich Innovations.

It didn't take long for The Support Group's pilots to suffer. On the first day, a Raven was destroyed.

Their non-combat ships didn't fare much better. The Support Group's corp size was in the "sweet spot": Too small to defend and too big to evade the wardec with a quick dissolve/reform. A freighter packed with illegal ore was incinerated on the second day.

The first two days had proven costly. With billions lost, The Support Group was running out of willpower. Because of its anti-Code stance, The Support Group did manage to attract some war allies, but they could offer little.

The corp's CEO, Tet'Zahn D'Hadji, made a fateful decision. He began kicking all of the members of his corp. He was getting ready to dissolve the corp. Seen here, EveWho preserved the corp description. Like so many other carebear corps, they proclaimed a willingness to fight--until they actually lost ships. It's almost as if the carebears can only shoot rocks that can't shoot back.

In The Support Group's final hours, our heroes laid siege to its strongholds. Both towers collapsed.

Then came the recriminations. You see, the wardec allies weren't very pleased by Tet'Zahn's decision to have everyone leave the corp. Combat, one of the allies, chastised him in local.

The frustrated wardec ally began placing bounties on the heads of all The Support Group's former members. Astonishingly, Combat felt that the New Order was more honourable than the carebears! That's a new way of thinking for an anti-Code rebel.

The Support Group's CEO defended his wartime leadership in local. His rebellion had been crushed in only three days. Now Finid local reaped the benefits.

As the tears continued, wise observers undoubtedly reflected on the futility of resisting the Code.

Combat wasn't satisfied by Tet'Zahn's explanation. Combat was still sore about how the wardec allies had been left high and dry, and told him so. Tet'Zahn abruptly logged off in a huff.

The wardec allies had suffered, too. After The Support Group's towers fell, Failkin's merry band also destroyed one of the wardec allies' POS.

Tet'Zahn logged back in and inquired about the wardec ally's losses.

Tet'Zahn officially dissolved what remained of his corp, ending the wardec. With all the loose ends tied up, the New Order basked in the glory of its great victory in Finid. As for all you carebears out there who have entertained fantasies of rebelling against the Code: There's a lesson to be learned here.


  1. That lesson being that the Code always wins, always!


  2. I love the smell of infighting, it's smells of ...


  3. You either pay, join, leave, quit or die.

    These people chose to Die. And die they did.

    And then they quit.

    A Double CODE. Victory!!!

  4. Tet'Zahn, as a self acclaimed industrialist/businessman, he failed management 101 with how he handled that!

    Good stuff, shows the Carebears that words are not always cheap.

  5. Ladies = left hand, right hand, and mum carrying sandwiches to him in the basement

  6. Congrats on taking out the various towers and getting the allies to bounty the people they came to assist. I will be the first to acknowledge CODE likely has the greenest killboard in the entire EVE cluster.

    However, since it's built on "opposition" as described in this report, to call it "an immeasurably more elite killboard." is simply a joke. You're shooting targets that by your own admission can't fight. How does beating them make you 'elite'? This was no great victory.

    You set the bar so low a worm could wiggle over it, so don't crow about how your stepping over it makes you a big shot. You aren't, you look foolish, and you're a fool if you believe your own propaganda.

    1. Miner, calm down. If the bar is so low.. go ahead and "wiggle" over it. I'll wait.

      Meanwhile... take a look at our killboard and do some research before you spew more nonsense and get your foot stuck further into your mouth.

    2. Our enemies choose to be defenseless when they undock in untanked non-combat ships. They're just as capable as us of bring equivalent ships to do battle with us. I can only imagine that miners like to roleplay as perpetual victims for fun. Why would they do it otherwise?


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